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This is a podcast about startup founders, their visions for the future, and how the two collide.

This is a podcast about startup founders, their visions for the future, and how the two collide.
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This is a podcast about startup founders, their visions for the future, and how the two collide.








021 - Kate Swanson (CEO of Ensembl) on Kitchenware

I had a really great conversation with Kate Swanson who is the CEO of Ensembl, which pioneering a new type of cookware system. On the podcast, we covered a range of topics, including: What is Ensembl? The history of pots and pans ng What i… Read More Get on the email list at


020 - Jack Forbes (CEO of PadPiper) on Travel Mobility

In this episode, I talk to Jack Forbes, CEO of PadPiper. Yes, you read that right. The name is a spin off of Silicon Valley “unicorn”, Pied Piper. PadPiper is a platform that helps you find a place to live in a new city, hooks you up with … Read More Get on the email list at


019 - Mat Vogels (Founder of Zestful) on Employee Perks

On this episode of Forward Thinking Founders, Mat Vogels, the CEO and Founder of Zestful comes onto the podcast. Zestful is a company that rethinks how startups offer company perks. In this episode, we go deep into: What is Zestful? What w… Read More Get on the email list at


018 -Alex Beller (Cofounder of Postscript) on SMS marketing

Today, I had the pleasure of talking to Cofounder and President of Postscript, Alex Beller. Postscript is like Mailchimp for SMS. In this episode, we go deep into several different areas. This includes, but isn’t limited to: What is Postsc… Read More Get on the email list at


017 - Paul Koullick (Founder of Keeper Tax) on tax writeoffs and the OS of future of work

In this fantastic episode of Forward Thinking Founders, I interviewed Paul from Keeper Tax. Keeper Tax helps freelancers save as much as possible by maximizing the tax writeoffs they get. In this future of work certified episode, we talk a… Read More Get on the email list at


016 - Kashish Gupta (Founder of Carry) on Travel and the power of Trust

It's such a fun time when i get to jam about a whole bunch of different tech topics with other smart people. Kashish is 100% one of these people. He's the founder of Carry, which is a travel planner software that lives in your Slack. Need to book a flight and get a hotel? Just ping Carry and it's done. Amazing! This conversation took us well past Carry, though. Some of the topics we covered are: - How to build trust within your product - Why trust is so important to compete in 2019 - What...


015 - Nick Soman (Cofounder and CEO of Decent) on the Future of Health Insurance

Wow, it was such an honor to talked to Nick Soman about his vision for Decent, the startup he founded and is leading. Decent helps self-employed people get health insurance. Nick is a former exec of growth at Gusto and is one of the nicest guys I've talked to! On the podcast, we cover: - What is Decent? - What shifts in regulation happened which opened up an opportunity for Decent? - Why is getting health insurance so dang hard for the self employed? - What does he think of Libra and...


014 - Isaac Morehouse (CEO & Cofounder of Crash) on the Future of Job Hunting (and everything related to work/education)

My oh my, what a fantastic episode this was. I'm SUPER EXCITED to bring this episode with Isaac Morehouse, CEO of, to you all. Isaac has to be one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the topic of work and education. Of the WIDE RANGE of topics we cover, some of the include: - What is Crash and is it comparable to Product Hunt? - What broke down in the system to have a need for Crash in the first place - Why Isaac wants to turn the job hunt into an "event" - How the degree...


013 - Cadran Cowansage (Cofounder and CEO of Elpha) on the Future of Women in Tech

I had an awesome conversation with Cadran Cowansage, who is the cofounder and CEO of Elpha, an online community for women In tech. Elpha is going through the current YC batch. In today's enlightening episode, we dive into: - What is Elpha? - What problems does it address? - Is Elpha a movement more than a product? - How can founders can think about making sure there is equal representation among applicants? - What are the benefits and downsides of not having a diverse company? - Is the...


012 - Daniel Gross (Founder of Pioneer) on the Future of Games And Opportunity Democratization

Today, I got the pleasure of talking to Daniel Gross. Daniel is one of the smartest people I know of and you'll likely agree by the end of the podcast. Daniel is the founder of, former Y Combinator Partner, former director of AI at Apple, and it all started with his first startup, Cue. In today's episode, we cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: - What is Pioneer? - What has he learned about people since starting pioneer (and how does it affect product...


011 - Kristen Tyrrell (Cofounder of Catch) on the Future of Benefits

Today, we had a very insightful conversation with Kristen, who is the COO and Cofounder of Catch. Catch is the company that provides benefits to people who don't get benefits from their employer. Today we dive into all types of topics and answer questions, including but not limited to: What is Catch? What types of people need Catch? Is Catch like Gusto for contractors? What is the "employment stack" and how is it changing? What role does lifelong learning play in the future? Why do...


010 - Shaan Hathiramani (CEO of Flockjay) on the Future of Education

This is was an awesome conversation with Shaan Hathiramani about the future of education. Shaan is the CEO of Flockjay, the school that teaches you sales and helps get you job. Did I mention that you only pay once you get a job? Amazing. In this episode, we dive into: What is Flockjay? How do they fund the education ? The role of ISAs(income share agreements) in the future The stats of college success stories (or lack thereof) Making the case for traditional college An analysis into...


009 - Alex Bouaziz (CEO of Deel) on the Future of Compliance With Freelancers

This week, I jammed with Alex Bouazi, the CEO of Deel. Deel is a product that helps companies pay their freelancers in one click. They also handle compliance, which most remote companies aren't thinking about right now. In this episode, Alex and I talk about: - All about Deel - The process of payments and compliance in the future of work? - Dive into the mission of Deel - How crypto ties into the future of work - What does the future of work 20 years from now look like? - How people...


Tanya Breshears (CEO of Curious Fictions) on the Future of Storytelling

Today, I talked to the founder and CEO of Curious Fictions. Curious fictions is a way to discover new authors and readers who enjoying writing or consuming fiction. What is Curious Fictions? The role of AI in the creative process Universal basic income and single payer healthcare Why every company will turn into a tech company Automation vs. augmentation The value of "eyeballs" on the internet And many more topics!!! I hope you enjoy this episode of Forward Thinking Founders Get...


Leah Culver (CTO of Breaker) on the Future of Podcasting and Audio

Today, we have Leah Culver, who is the cofounder and CTO of Breaker AND one of the authors of Oauth. Breaker is the best social podcasting app on the internet. Today on the podcast, we talk abut: What is Breaker? The future of audio and podcasting Thinking about car ownership City living and transportations options Health and fitness options Is Peloton the future? Airpod APIs How to get started building the future + Much more!!!! I hope you enjoy this podcast episode of Forward...


Austen Allred (CEO of Lambda School) on the Future of Education

In this episode, I am VERY excited to have on Austen Allred, CEO of Lambda School. In this action packed 25 minute conversation, we cover a lot of ground. Some of the questions Austen answers are: - What is Lambda School? - What is an ISA and how it affects education in the future? - What do you tell anxious parents when they heart about Lambda School and their kid not wanting to go down the traditional path? - Do you see yourself as an investor? - What advice would you have to people...


Laura Behrens Wu (CEO of Shippo) on the future of Shipping & Logistics

In this episode with the insightful and thoughtful Laura Behrens Wu, CEO of Shippo, we talk about a varsity of far ranging topics. A few of them include: - The future of Logistics and Shipping - The evolution of a startup CEO - The API Economy - Machine/brain interfaces - The impact of Sci Fi Novels - Black Mirrors Bandersnatch and that type CYOA entertainment avenues - AND SO MUCH MORE I hope you enjoy the episode! Get on the email list at


Jonathon Barkl (CEO of AirGarage) on the Future of Real Estate

In this insightful episode with the Jonathon Barkl, CEO and co-founder of AirGarage, a parking operating company built for the 21st century. In this episode, we talk about: - The difference between Phoenix and SF - Parking operating software - The future of real estate - Scooters and other forms of transportation - How education will evolve into a an Uber model - The future of hospitals - And more!! 🚀🚀🚀 I hope you enjoy the episode! Get on the email list at...


Cooper Harris (CEO of Klickly) on the Future of Online Shopping

Today, we talk with Cooper Harris (CEO of Klickly) about the future of online shopping, AI, education, the sharing economy, and more! Listen into this insightful conversation from one of the smartest (and nicest) people i've ever talked to. I hope you enjoy :) Get on the email list at


Andrew Parker (CEO of Papa) on the Future of Healthcare

In this awesome episode with Andrew, we talk about his company, Papa, which he explains as Grandkids on demand. He wants to reimagine how elder care and general care is delivered...and he's starting with college students. Other than Papa, we dive into: - The future of healthcare and how Papa plays a role in that - How Apple is a leader in healthcare - How companies like BOOM Supersonic are reimagining transportation - How any person can get started on building the future Get on the...