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Founded Episode 4 - Max Effgen of SuperCritical Technologies

Episode 4 features entrepreneur, MBA, and co-founder of SuperCritical Technologies Max Effgen. SuperCritical—based in Bremerton, WA—is focused on using its PowerCube product to generate electricity using carbon dioxide to help “fix the world’s biggest machine.” SuperCritical CleanTech Grant (2:00), First Startup Experience (3:30), Disrupting the Power Cycle (5:15), SuperCritical Beginnings (6:45), Milestones and Mentors (08:30), Engineers and MBAs (10:15), The Northwest Advantage (13:00),...


Founded Episode 3 - Amber Ratcliffe of Nanostring/Decipher Group & the UW Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

Episode 3 features interviews with entrepreneur and strategic advisor Amber Ratcliffe who found huge success with Nanostring Technologies (and its $54 mil IPO) and the Decipher Group. We also talk with Jennifer Fan and student Jake Gober of the UW Entrepreneurial Law Clinic. Nanostring Beginnings (2:00), Tough Choices (3:28), Human Genome Project (4:45), Nanostring Partnership (7:20), Experience Yields Opportunity (13:00), Coaching CEOs (15:00), Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at UW (23:00),...


Founded Episode 2 - feat. Adrian Smith of Ignition and Greg Newbloom of Membrion

Episode 2 features interviews with a partner at venture capital firm Ignition and the CTO of Membrion, a cleantech company that found a new way to filter molecules in an effort to disrupt the marketing for existing alternative energy products. Topics include: Adrian Smith Backgroung (1:00), Connecting to UW (2:28), 1988 Biz Competition (4:50), Wireless technology (7:20), investing in people (10:30), Venture Scale vs. Small biz (12:00), Greg Newbloom background (16:00), interning at NASA...


Founded - Episode 1: Joe Chocolates and Deb Hagen-Lukens

The UW Foster School's Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship interviews Joe Chocolates co-founders Sam Tanner and Peter Keckemet, as well as Environmental Innovation Practicum instructor Deb Hagen-Lukens. Topics include: Joe Chocolates Beginnings(1:00), First Startup Experience (2:02), Learning from Failure (4:19), using lessons from childhood (8:08), Sam the singer (11:01), the Jones + Foster Accelerator (15:00), first customer order (18:30), partnering with Nordstrom (20:20), featured in...


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