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Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: Best of Season One

Best of Season One Yes, you read that right. We're taking a look back at our incredible first season and just in time to cure your podcast withdrawal and push you through these final weeks of winter! So turn back the clock with us and relive some of the most memorable moments and guests in [...]


Cold Blast: 16 Pin ECM Motor Run Test

16 Pin ECM Motor Run Test Start your holiday season off right with a brand new episode of Cold Blast! This week, Technical Advisor Lou Kummer breaks down the 16 Pin ECM Motor Run Test. It's a very important discussion you've got to listen to! As always, if you have a tech topic you'd like [...]


Cold Blast: American Standard Communication Systems

American Standard Communication Systems Struggling to make it to the weekend? We can help! A brand new episode of Cold Blast is here and you don't want to miss it. We're talking all things American Standard Communication Systems with Technical Advisor Lou Kummer! Additionally, if there is there a tech topic you'd like to hear [...]


Cold Blast: MXZ Operation Mode

MXZ Operation Mode Another new episode of Cold Blast is coming at you! This week, Technical Advisor Lou Kummer breaks down the Multizone Unit Operation Mode and why you should never put it into Auto Mode. It's some extremely important information you do not want to miss! Is there a tech topic idea you'd like [...]


Cold Blast: M-Net

M-Net It's Thursday and that means a new episode of Cold Blast! Technical Advisor Lou Kummer is back to talk about your burning tech questions and this week is no exception. We're breaking down the M-Net with hosts our hosts Brendan and Marybeth and having tons of fun conversation along the way! Have more tech [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #15 – Uber and VRF

#15 The wait is over... The season one finale of Full of Hot (and Cold) Air has arrived and we have a very exciting topic to discuss! So exciting in fact, it's been two years in the making and we couldn't think of a better place to announce it than right here! We have a [...]


Cold Blast: Static Pressure

Static Pressure Have you ever wondered about your static pressure? How do you know it? What does it mean? You've come to the right podcast! Technical Advisor Lou Kummer provides the run down and the implications it has for the life of your unit. Have more tech topic ideas you'd like to hear discussed? Let [...]


Cold Blast: Know your Airflow

Know your Airflow Bust out a pen and some paper for this episode because we're taking you back to school! Technical Advisor Lou Kummer walks you through the steps to know your airflow and spoiler alert...there's a little math involved. Brush up on an old subject and in the mean time become an expert in a [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #14 – Cultivating Culture

#14 Company culture is extremely important at CSIpgh. Naturally, its cultivation is crucial and something we pride ourselves in doing on a daily basis. Listen to some of our strategies and good practices for building strong relationships with everyone you work with! Also, remember to stay up to date and listen to all of our [...]


Cold Blast: Diagnosing a Five Flash Code

Diagnosing a Five Flash Code In this week's episode, Technical Advisor Lou Kummer walks through diagnosing a five flash code on an indoor unit. You'll learn whether its the inverter or the compressor plus tons of other useful information! Have a teach topic you'd like to hear us discuss? Let us know about it! You can [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #13 – Managing Growth

#13 It can be challenging managing the growth of a business. In this week's episode, Marybeth takes on exclusive hosting duties and Brendan joins his father, Dave, in the interviewees chair. The duo discusses how they've handled CSIpgh's growth over the last several years and where they see it moving forward. Don't miss it! Remember, [...]


Cold Blast: M&P Wiring Part 2

M&P Wiring Part 2 The next new Cold Blast episode is finally here! Technical Advisor Lou Kummer returns to talk more about M&P Wiring and how to make sense of it when there is an outdoor unit with a three board set up. Brendan is back too, taking on his co-hosting duties again, in an [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #12 – Women of HVAC

#12 Who run the world? Girls! This week's episode is all about women of HVAC. Marybeth is joined by Sarah Zuk and Krystal Shirk from the CSIpgh Office as well as Anna Turecki of Mitsubishi Electric. You don't want to miss it! Remember, you can listen to all of our podcasts by subscribing at https://csipgh.co/FoHApod. [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #11 – Customer Service

#11 Customer Service is a huge part of any business. Building strong relationships and working with your customers directly impacts the success of your company. The best practices for it can challenging to figure out though...and that's why we're here. Long time industry friend Carney Daley is stopping by to break it all down. [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #10 – Contractor Marketing

#10 What better way to learn about contractor marketing than with the ENTIRE marketing department of a local HVAC contractor? That's right, Tudi Mechanical's marketing manager and one-man-show Jeff Vandergrift stops by to talk about some of the marketing initiatives he's working on. It's fully loaded episode with tons of insight and discussion. Enjoy and [...]


Cold Blast: MXZ Wiring

MXZ Wiring We're back with our second episode! Technical Advisor Lou Kummer has returned to provide you with all the information you need to know about wiring an MXZ system with a branch box. It's extremely insightful and filled with great conversation. Also, please let us know if there is a tech topic you'd like [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #9 – Contractor Succession

#9 Have you given any thought to retirement yet? It's never too early to start and we've got you covered on what to expect and how to prepare. Scott Good from Goodco Mechanical and Contractor Succession joins us in a conversation you don't want to miss! Enjoy and please subscribe! -AP


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #8 – Search Kings

#8 What is Google Local Listings? How should I use it? Where do I start? If these questions are on your mind you've come to the right place! Our first ever international guests and incredible co-host team sift through all of the facts, analytics, and possibilities to help you best utilize this exciting tool. A [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #7 – Company Culture

#7 Core values.... company culture.... words on a wall? Or tangible, guiding factors that shape a company's success?? The latter... if you ask us, and our guest on this episode. Enjoy this discussion with Matt Bedard, CEO, from SG Torrice as we discuss company culture, core values, applying it to performance/goal-setting, and more! This was [...]


Full of Hot (and Cold) Air: #6 – Doing Business in the Digital World

#6 We've got our first recurring guest, Sarah Zuk, Marketing & Events Coordinator from CSIpgh... Also - MBH turns guest and BSH hosts alone... so, really.. anything could happen! We discuss what it takes to successfully navigate the digital waters and help your business thrive in the current (and future) state of the HVAC and [...]