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Join us as we talk firefighting and the issues. Fully Involved with Unified Fire will be a product of UFA's Information Outreach Division aimed at discussing a diverse subject matter. Our goal is to inform ourselves, our peers and our communities about all aspects of Utah’s largest fire department.

Join us as we talk firefighting and the issues. Fully Involved with Unified Fire will be a product of UFA's Information Outreach Division aimed at discussing a diverse subject matter. Our goal is to inform ourselves, our peers and our communities about all aspects of Utah’s largest fire department.


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Join us as we talk firefighting and the issues. Fully Involved with Unified Fire will be a product of UFA's Information Outreach Division aimed at discussing a diverse subject matter. Our goal is to inform ourselves, our peers and our communities about all aspects of Utah’s largest fire department.




Kronos Hack Part 2 Staffing

ON THIS EPISODE: The Staffing Office once again joins Fully Involved to discuss the Kronos Hack last December further. Captains Chad Simons and Brandon Boshard dive deeper and go in-depth about all the lessons learned. Thank you for listening to Fully Involved with Unified Fire. You can send any comments, questions, or suggestions to Nile at neaston@unifiedfire.org. Until next time! GUESTS: Captain | Chad Simons Captain | Brandon Boshard Co-Host | Aaron Lance FOLLOW US: Facebook |...



Kronos hack how did our Finance Division react and how did they get through?


The Staffing Office Talks About You Know What (Staffing)

ON THIS EPISODE: The Staffing Office joins us to discuss the ins and outs of staffing the largest fire department in Utah. Captains Chad Simons and Brandon Boshard, along with guest host Operations Chief Dusty Dern explain the challenges of filling 111 seats every day and the policies necessary to make that happen... including mandatory staffing. We hear how a shift in the department's staffing paradigm may have created a heavier load for the Staffing Office, but helps us provide better...


Build Strong Relationships at Home

ON THIS EPISODE: Health & Wellness Officer Captain Layne Hilton and Clinical Operations Director Darren Elkins of Blomquist Hale are back in the studio to discuss strengthening relationships at home. We talk about things shared between happy couples, and adjustments that can be made to strengthen a relationship that's struggling. How do you deal with the stress in your life? If you don't have an answer to that question... you may want to take action beyond listening to this podcast. The...


Managing Stress as a First Responder

ON THIS EPISODE: Health & Wellness Officer Captain Layne Hilton, and Clinical Operations Director Darren Elkins of Blomquist Hale are back this week to discuss stress. Stress is the number one killer of firefighters, and we talk about why. Depending on how we relate to the stress we're experiencing, the consequences in the body are different. We talk about the importance of having a creative outlet to assist with stress management, the impact stress has on the brain and body, and of course...


Station Visits with the Chief

ON THIS EPISODE: Chief Petersen sits down to discuss his station visits, and all that's learned through this lengthy, but invaluable process. He also gives us a glimpse into what he sees coming for next year's visits. GUESTS: Fire ChiefPublic Information OfficerFOLLOW US: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Episode recorded August 27, 2021.


Incident Review: 3 Alarm Fire in Millcreek (06.16.21)

ON THIS EPISODE: We review the June 16, 2021 three-alarm fire that happened at an apartment complex under construction in Millcreek. Nearly 60 firefighters and 20 apparatus from six surrounding agencies were utilized due to the size and complexity of the fire. News segment courtesy of Fox 13 Salt Lake City. You can view their full article, Massive construction site fire seen across Salt Lake Valley, here. GUESTS: South Salt Lake Fire Dept.) CaptainOperations ChiefCaptain Captain FOLLOW...


Incident Review: South Jordan Trench Collapse (06.15.21)

ON THIS EPISODE: South Jordan Fire Department joins us to review the June 15, 2021 incident when a man died after a trench collapsed at a construction site in South Jordan. GUESTS: South Jordan Fire Dept.) Deputy ChiefSouth Jordan Fire Dept.)Captain Operations ChiefCaptain Engineer FOLLOW US: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Episode recorded July 3, 2021.


UFA's Approach to IT Security

ON THIS EPISODE: UFA Information Technology provides the tools, systems, and hardware to support all employees in accomplishing their mission. Administrative and field personnel need the best tools to do their jobs as efficient as possible, and IT helps make that happen. In the past few years, UFA has experienced many changes in the IT Division. Business Technology & Intelligence Manager Ginger Watts joined the department about a year and a half ago, and Les Olson Company took over IT...


Post-Pandemic Emergency Management Division Update

ON THIS EPISODE: We touch base with Emergency Management to discuss their hands-on experience working through the pandemic and what their division's goals look like moving forward. This last year has been different than any other for Emergency Management. A 5.7 earthquake, the windstorm, civil unrest and of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has kept everyone working hard as we dealt with many unknowns. The positive for them through this has been the opportunity to use all that's learned in...


VEBA 101 - What is the VEBA & Why We Chose This

ON THIS EPISODE: We discuss a benefit available to all UFA employees upon reaching eligibility requirements. UFA is proposing to the Board a 2% addition to all VEBA accounts for eligible employees, which will create 212 new accounts for employees now added to this benefit. This 2% will give everyone the start to a VEBA account until meeting the requirement to reach the sick leave cap to begin investing. UFA and the employees of UFA own a Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA)...


Catching up with our Fire Prevention Division

On this episode: We catch up with our Fire Prevention Division. Division Chief/Fire Marshal Brad Larson along with Deputy Fire Marshals Dan DeVoogd and Stewart Gray explain the division's unique role in our organization. On a regular basis, Fire Prevention works alongside our community partners to assure that the planning and development of our jurisdiction's construction projects are safe and code compliant. This involves a lot of technical expertise and problem solving capabilities to...


Checking in with our Logistics Division - All things Fleet, Facilities and Supply

On this episode: We are checking in with our Logistics Division. Chief Zach Robinson talks through some of the work that's been done since he came into his position about three years ago. Some of the big picture improvements are the implementation of new software for fleet, supply and asset management - these have provided great changes for the division. Many people don't realize how vast the scope of work is that Logistics covers; each of the managers talk more specifically about the...


Get to Know our Special Enforcement Division

On this episode: We dive into the responsibilities of our Special Enforcement Division (SED) with Division Chief Steve Ball and two of our Investigators, Steve Bowen and Paul Larsen. Arson and Explosive related incidents are considered two of the most dangerous criminal activities that threaten our citizens. The team utilizes highly-trained and certified canines (K9s) that assist with accelerant and explosives detection. The SED houses an FBI accredited Bomb Squad and conducts...


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - We're Here to Help

On this episode: We sit down with Health & Wellness Officer Captain Layne Hilton and one of our Employee Assistance Program providers, Darren Elkins, to discuss the services available through our organization. The foundation of EAP is counseling to help with life's challenges. All employees and family members are eligible to receive EAP benefits. UFA recently switched to Blomquist Hale as our EAP provider because of their specialized First Responder Team. These providers are better equipped...


Incident Review: 3 Alarm Fire in Midvale (01.17.21)

On this episode: We review the 3 alarm fire UFA responded to on Jan. 17, 2021 at the Union Center Medical Complex in Midvale impacting 10 local businesses. Battalion Chief McBride talks through some of the challenges faced while fighting this fire related to problems with water supply and accessibility. Operations Chief Dern touches on the interagency coordination and how well we integrated working with our neighboring agencies. Fire Prevention Division Chief Larson speaks to how fire code...


Introducing UFA's New Medical Director, Dr. BZ

On this episode: We introduce our new Medical Director, Dr. BZ. The purpose of the Medical Director is to essentially watch over and make sure we are doing things correctly in the EMS world. We function and operate under their medical license. Dr. BZ trained as an Emergency Medicine Physician and joined UFA in December 2020. He is a member of the teaching faculty at the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics and is a member of Utah's FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Task Force 1. During the...


Service Delivery to our Canyons

On this episode: The Salt Lake Valley is known for its mountainous landscape and canyon recreation. As emergency responders in these areas, we face unique challenges providing service and protection to these communities. In this episode, we discuss the ways we are optimizing our coverage as we continue to see trends of increased call volume as more people use the canyons. We talk about the difference in the type of calls these crews go on and the importance of their working relationships...


Welcome Class 54 - UFA's Largest Recruit Camp Starts Today

On this episode: Today is February 1 - day one of recruit camp for Class 54. With 36 individuals, this will be the largest camp in UFA history. Members of our training staff and cadre join us to give an overview of what the camp will be like, what our recruits can expect, and the adjustments they've made to maintain a cohesive unit while splitting some weeks into two groups. We also learn more about our guests' backgrounds, the readiness they strive for Class 54 to achieve by graduation,...


COVID-19 Update and Vaccine Q&A

On this episode: In the first part of the show, we are joined over the phone by Specialist Bethany Bitter. She relays her difficult, recent experience with COVID-19 and what the lengthy recovery process has been like. Captain Greensides also talks about his experience and notes the similarities and differences between their cases. Later on, Dr. Graham BZ joins to discuss the vaccines available to our department and answer some of the questions people have who are hesitant to get...