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Over $1 Billion dollars has been pledged to Kickstarter campaigns since its launch in April of 2009. Traditionally a site for funding Film and Music, Kickstarter has become a great place for anyone with a dream to see them realized. With Kickstarter you don't need a publisher or a big company, just the courage to ask.

Over $1 Billion dollars has been pledged to Kickstarter campaigns since its launch in April of 2009. Traditionally a site for funding Film and Music, Kickstarter has become a great place for anyone with a dream to see them realized. With Kickstarter you don't need a publisher or a big company, just the courage to ask.
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Over $1 Billion dollars has been pledged to Kickstarter campaigns since its launch in April of 2009. Traditionally a site for funding Film and Music, Kickstarter has become a great place for anyone with a dream to see them realized. With Kickstarter you don't need a publisher or a big company, just the courage to ask.






EP 316 Part 2 Ten ways I screwed up my Kickstarter campaign with Fabio Redivo

Part 2 How to screw up your Kickstarter project with Fabio Redivo. As a continuation of our previous conversation, Fabio outlines the other five things he did to contribute to the failure of his Kickstarter campaign. These are: 6 - Not having a playthrough video 7 - Not having a PNP 8 - Rely on artwork only 9 - A lot of money for the first project 10 - Count on friends and family 6, 7, 8 - Are in the same bucket. Fabio is a graphic designer and works as a brand director for a digital...


EP 315 Ten ways I screwed up my Kickstarter Campaign with Fabio Redivo Part 1

It isn't often a guest reaches out to share their spectacular success. But Fabio Redivo wanted to share his mistakes so others can learn from them. Fabio is a talented artist and graphic designer who decided to create a card game around his artwork. Usually, it is the other way around. A game designer seems to be always looking for a good artist, but seldom is an artist looking for a game. Fabio shares 10 was he screwed up his Kickstarter campaign. In this episode we cover the first...


EP 313 A Heart Throb Kickstarter to save Evil Dead 2 with Tommy Gofton

What's a hearth throb kickstarter campaign? Two years ago thousands of backers were robbed of their money for backing the Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter boardgame. Now, Tommy Gofton is trying to bring it back by having fans and vendors chip in to cover the costs and get all those thousands of people a copy of the game that never was made. Sounds a bit crazy...No, it sounds a lot crazy...but Tommy may be able to pull it off. Take a listen and determine for yourself if this is a real deal or just...


Richard Bliss Gets Married

Richard Bliss Got Married. Why the two-week hiatus? Because I was busy getting married. I occasionally share personal items in my show, but this episode was all about what is happening in my life. I also wanted to thank all of you for your support. Recent decisions in my life have made it possible for me to dedicate even more time to make the show a success. And when you, the fans, reach out and share your own stories, it helps keep me motivated to keep going. In this episode, I also ask...


EP 314 Building an audience for your Kickstarter with co-host John Coveyou

How do you find your audience for your Kickstarter campaign? It is a fluid thing on how to hone in on your core audience. Always remember it is better to find new products for your current audience rather than attempting to find a new audience for your products or services. This is why it is always a good idea to start small, to use your beginning as a learning experience and an opportunity to get feedback from your early adopters. Building a buyer's persona becomes much easier. Then...


EP 312 Brexit:The Real Deal Kickstarter with Laurence O'Brien

You have one week left in your Kickstarter and you're at 85%. What do you do? Laurence O'Brien from Wotan Games discusses actions and steps he is taking to generate the interest and engagement to reach that critical last 15%. And we ask several questions: Why do people back out before a project is finished and give the excuse that they will come back if the project funds? Also, if you surpass your goal at week two, but then backers cancel to drop you below your goal, did you fund? And...


EP 311 Kickstarter CrossCast with ComixLaunch and Tyler James

Comics and Kickstarter with Tyler James on the podcast, ComixLaunch. Richard Bliss is a guest on Tyler's podcast about Comics and Kickstarter called ComixLaunch. A lengthy conversation about a wide range of topics, and the impact Kickstarter has had on the Comic Book Industry.


EP 309 GAMA Live w/ Heather O'Neil and 9th Level Games

As a woman in the board game industry, and a successful Kickstarter project creator, Heather O'Neil, President of 9th Level Games hears has become a local resource to new Kickstarter creator, especially for women who are looking to raise money for their projects. Her advice is usually focused on getting a strong understanding on the financials necessary to create your projects, and it is oftentimes focused on the playtesting angle, making sure they have a strong project. One question I ask...


EP 308 Endangered and Nerdy Words with John Coveyou and Marc Specter

Co-Host John Coveyou and Guest Marc Specter join Host Richard Bliss to discuss the challenges of non-traditional board games on Kickstarter John Coveyou, with Genius Games, has launched more than a dozen Kickstarter projects, yet his current campaign, Nerd Words, made some mid-campaign adjustments due to the difficulty of convey the game's experience into a Kickstarter campaign. While the project has funded, it has not met the bar set by many of John's spectacularly successful hard-science...


EP 307 Aldo Ghiozzi and the merger of Impressions with Flat River Group

Host Richard Bliss and Guest Aldo Ghiozzi discuss the merger of his company, Impressions, with Flat River Group. Flat River Group is one of the largest distributors of board games online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart and even Bed Bath & Beyond. In addition, Flat River Group is one of the largest fulfillment companies for Kickstarter projects. Aldo discusses the theory of wholesale and distribution being 60% discounted and you use volume to make up the difference. Aldo...


Ep 306 Narek Vardanyan with The Crowdfunding Formula

Host Richard Bliss is joined by Narek Vardanyan, founder of The Crowdfunding Formula, a copy focused on helping crowdfunding project owners expand the reach and influence of their campaigns. Narek shares his insights on what it takes to be a successful campaign on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. What's interesting, is Narek's company is influencing and supporting projects all around the world, while being primarily based out of Armenia. He joins the show...


EP 305 Laurence O'Brien Brexit: The Real Deal - The breakup of the United Kingdom

Host Richard Bliss and Guest Laurence O'Brien from Wotan Games dig deep into Brexit and the mess it has become. But in this discussion we also talk about Brexit: The Real Deal Kickstarter project. A game about the consequences of Brexit and the break up of the United Kingdom. You can find the project here on Kickstarter: Brexit: The Real Deal Laurence and Richard have a great time discussing a wide range of projects, Past, Present and Future, as well as if I Richard should spend his...


EP 304 - Luke Gygax and the Emergence of Dungeons & Dragons as a streaming event

Host Richard Bliss is joined by Luke Gygax, founder of GaryCon and son of Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons. The conversation is centered on Luke's observations of the emergence of D&D as a streaming experience with fans by the thousands tuning in to watch. Discussed is Dungeons and Randomness, the previous guest, and the ability to make a living playing D&D. Luke admits that a little over a decade ago he did not see this aspect of his life developing. But now that it is here, he...


EP 303 Dungeons and Randomness with Jason Massey

Host Richard Bliss and Guest Jason Massey talk about the coolest job ever! In this episode of Funding the Dream on Kickstarter the topic is how to make a living as a professional Dungeon Master who plays live on his podcast. Jason Massey quit his day job and dedicated his working career to hosting a podcast called Dungeons And Randomness. In the podcast, he and many of his friends, play D&D in the world of Theria. What makes this exciting for me, is that Jason is able to support himself...


EP 310 Kickstarter Success to Failure to Success w/Brad Talton of Level 99 Games

Success through Failure on Kickstarter. Success on Kickstarter can be such a problem when it leads to so many failures. And a good failure can lead to long-lasting success. These are the lessons, Host Richard Bliss, takes away from his conversation with Guest Brad Talton of Level 99 Games. Brad successfully raised $25,000 on Kickstarter with no business experience and lost about $25,000 on the project. He discusses the three phases Level 99 Games has passed through on their way from...


EP 302 Robert Burke Games - Kickstarter Projects with Timed Stretched Goals

Host Richard Bliss discusses with Guest Robert Burke about creating timed stretch goals. These are called Flash Funding Stretch goals. How do manage a flash funding stretch goal? What happens if you don't hit your goal in the time limit. Robert talks about moving stretch goals around to respond to customer feedback. Robert's project is The Silver River, a 4x game. We discuss what makes a 4x game. Richard backs the project live on this episode and discusses with Robert which pledge level...


EP 301 The Success of Failure on Kickstarter with John Coveyou and Michael Mindes

Host Richard Bliss and Co-Host John Coveyou are joined by Michael Mindes from Tasty Minstrel Games. Michael had just launched and cancelled a Kickstarter campaign because he knew he had done something wrong. Within two hours of launching the Kickstarter campaign, Michael knew they had missed on the offer and needed to take immediate action. Within three days, Michael was close to his funding goal, but knew they needed to pull the plug. If they had crossed the funding goal, he would have...


EP 300 All About Patreon and Richard Apologizes for Abandoning His Fans

Host Richard Bliss and Co-Host Thomas Umstattd Jr. who hosts the Creative Funding Show podcast, deliver a CrossCast episode to discuss Patreon and the power of the crowd to deliver consistent financial support. In addition, Richard shares how he let his fans down and apologizes for how he handled the situation ( or failed to handle it), when life happened. The hosts cover the idea of Patreon and how you can take advantage of it. It is a fun conversation that you will enjoy as much...


EP 299 Live GAMA A.J. Porfirio Branding your Games and Licensing content

Host Richard Bliss and Guest A.J. Porfirio discuss game books and their live Kickstarter project. They have launched Graphic Novel Adventures Vol 2 on Kickstarter. A.J. and Richard discuss how to license intellectual property, how to maintain a brand. Van Ryder Games delivers strong narrative-based games with a solo-play angle. They have expanded into Adventure books because it continues with their brand of playing games that tell a story. How do you find intellectual property? How do you...


EP 298 Live From GAMA Tradeshow with Eric Price from Japanime Games

Host Richard Bliss and Guest Eric Price, owner of Japanime games, explain why to bundle three smaller projects/games into a single Kickstarter campaign. Eric has built a company with Kickstarter and continues to make Kickstarter tightly tied to the growth of their company. Their current Kickstarter project, Three Worlds of Mystery, is a bundle of three different games with a similar theme and artwork that brings them together. Eric has launched 20 Kickstarter campaigns, using the momentum...