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We’re interviewing inspiring business leaders to uncover tips – and tools – to help you break down the barriers that are keeping… you…. stuck.


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We’re interviewing inspiring business leaders to uncover tips – and tools – to help you break down the barriers that are keeping… you…. stuck.




Episode 158: Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate with Aetos Imaging

In today's episode, Mike chats with Connor Offutt, the innovative mind behind Titan Tennis Academy and Aetos Imaging. Connor shares his entrepreneurial journey and how his passion for technology and real estate led to the creation of Aetos Imaging. This company is at the forefront of changing the commercial real estate landscape through advanced technologies like drones, VR, and 3D scanning.


Episode 157: Navigating Healthcare Complexities: A COO’s Perspective

In this enlightening episode of Get Unstuck and On Target, Mike O'Neill sits down with Craig Worland, COO of Southeast Primary Care Partners. Drawing from his diverse experience in executive healthcare roles and his service as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Craig shares invaluable insights into the healthcare industry, particularly focusing on the shift towards Value Based Care and the challenges and opportunities in Mergers and Acquisitions.


Episode 156: Revolutionizing Retail: A Digital Transformation Journey

In this episode of 'Get Unstuck and On Target', Mike sits down with Doug Spiron, President of ThinkTime, LLC. With a career spanning over three decades in the retail industry, Doug shares profound insights on leveraging technology for retail transformation.


Episode 155: Navigating the AI Revolution in Stock Analysis

In today's episode, Mike talks with Gaby Diamant, a pioneering figure in the intersection of AI and financial analysis. Gaby shares his insights on how artificial intelligence is transforming stock market analysis, providing a new perspective on financial data through technology.


Episode 154: Zenbuild: Redefining Brick and Stone Buying

In today's episode of 'Get Unstuck and On Target,' Mike talks with Carson Combs, co-founder of Carson and his wife Sharon have transformed the way thin brick, brick, and stone are purchased online, guided by their innovative tagline "Measure twice, click once."


Episode 153: Mastering Risk: Lessons from a COO’s Journey

In this episode of Get Unstuck and On Target, Mike sits down with Rebecca Illsley, the Chief Operating Officer of Thermacell Repellents. With over two decades of experience in Consumer-Packaged Goods, Supply Chain, and Operations, Rebecca shares her profound insights into leadership, strategic growth, and mastering the art of risk-taking.


Episode 152: Harnessing HR Strategy for Organizational Growth with Josh Ewell

In this enlightening episode, Mike sits down with Josh Ewell, a seasoned HR leader with extensive experience in fostering organizational growth through strategic HR practices. Josh, with his unique insights from a 20-year career in the US Navy and current role as the Director of HR at LSINC, delves into the critical role of HR in shaping the future of organizations.


Episode 151: The Joshua Principle: Empowering Change in Healthcare

In this episode of 'Get Unstuck and On Target', Mike O'Neill speaks with Echo Vanderwal, co-founder of The Luke Commission. They delve into the transformative journey of this healthcare organization, which started with a team of eight and has now grown to 700 staff members, managing over 280,000 patient visits annually at the Miracle Campus Hospital and conducting 1700 outreaches across Eswatini every year.


Episode 150: Overcoming Your Inner Critic to Step Into Leadership

In today's milestone 150th episode, Mike talks with leadership coach Rob Kalwarowsky about getting leaders unstuck from limiting mindsets. Rob explains common reasons leaders self-sabotage, feel like imposters, or become destructive bosses. He shares his personal journey overcoming depression and burnout to find purpose.


Episode 149: Staying Humble as a Leader During Rapid Growth

In today's episode, Mike talks with Pete Srodoski, COO of and author of the book "Lead with Empathy." Pete explains his journey from retail management to small business and lessons learned about compassionate leadership. He shares how transparency, humility and empathy create engaged teams, even remotely.


Episode 148: Amanda’s Formula: Passion Plus Risk Equals Growth

In today's episode, Mike speaks with Amanda Windsor-White, president of Rugby ATL, who is currently transitioning after the club was sold. Amanda shares lessons from leading a sports startup, handling confidential information, and supporting her team during change. She offers advice for taking career risks, getting unstuck, and charting new directions. Tune in to hear Amanda's story of passion, leadership, and embracing the unknown.


Episode 147: Navigating Change and Enhancing Business Growth with Tyler Young

In this episode of 'Get Unstuck and On Target', host Mike O'Neill is joined by Tyler Young, the CEO of VersiTech. Their in-depth conversation explores various aspects of leadership, change management, and innovation.


Episode 146: Addressing Leadership Blind Spots to Get Unstuck

In this episode, Mike O'Neill talks about unlocking your potential as an elite leader. He shares insights on leadership blind spots, the power of journaling, and taking extreme ownership as a CEO.


Episode 145: Demystifying Franchises: Expert Advice for Potential Buyers

In today's episode, Mike talks with Jerry Bird, a franchise consultant with over 14 years of experience helping clients find the right franchise opportunities.


Episode 144: Unlocking AI’s Potential for Data-Driven Real Estate

In today's episode, Mike talks with Shobit Gupta, co-founder and CEO of MapZot, a company that uses generative AI to recommend optimal real estate locations for retailers.


Episode 143: The ROI of Investing in Your People: A CEO’s Perspective

In today's episode, Mike talks with Len Finkle, CEO of Profisee, a master data management company. Len helps leaders understand why employee engagement is a top indicator of sustainable growth and how to create a highly engaged workforce.


Episode 142: The Labor Movement is on the Rise, and NLRB is Leading the Way

In today's episode, Mike talks with Dan Gilmore, an experienced labor and employment attorney. Dan helps his clients understand the changing legal landscape around unions and organizing.


Episode 141: Leadership Lessons from Disaster Zones

In today's episode, Mike talks with former UPS VP Craig Arnold about disaster response logistics. Craig shares how UPS built partnerships with nonprofits to distribute aid globally, and why embracing failure, egoless collaboration, and humility enabled success. Lessons like involving wider teams beyond leadership apply directly to business partnerships, leadership, and teamwork.


Episode 140: The Power of Imperfect Ideas

In today's episode, Mike talks with Dr. Brett Jacobsen. As CEO of Mount Vernon School and Ventures, Brett helps organizations learn how to innovate. He believes learning can provide a competitive advantage over culture and strategy.


Episode 139: Peer Groups for Senior Leaders Provide Support & Perspective

In today's episode, Mike talks with Scott Bunce, a Vistage Chair with 25 years of leadership experience. Scott helps executives get unstuck by facilitating confidential peer advisory groups. His members learn to communicate more effectively, make big decisions with confidence, and become better leaders. He shares why lifelong curiosity and learning from peers leads to growth at every career stage.