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One day I woke up and I was 50 years old. I don't know how it happened but it was pretty depressing. Especially since I had virtually no money saved for retirement and no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now, I'm on a mission to create financial independence, financial FREEdom and - since I'm too old to retire early - a long, happy, healthy life! With the help of fascinating guests who are expert investors, holistic health practitioners, coaches and speakers, we tackle the tough questions like: Why? and How? Join me on this ride for your life!


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One day I woke up and I was 50 years old. I don't know how it happened but it was pretty depressing. Especially since I had virtually no money saved for retirement and no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now, I'm on a mission to create financial independence, financial FREEdom and - since I'm too old to retire early - a long, happy, healthy life! With the help of fascinating guests who are expert investors, holistic health practitioners, coaches and speakers, we tackle the tough questions like: Why? and How? Join me on this ride for your life!






Illuminate your Future with Ben Hockema

Is your financial future in perfect condition? How will you pay yourself after retirement? Are you on track for your financial goals? What changes immediately in your life if you pick up a winning lottery ticket? Ben Hockema is your guy to get to that goal. Ben Hockema is the founder of Illuminate Wealth Management. Ben is a Certified Financial Planner and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Financial Planning Magazine, among others. From Ben: Everyone has uncertainty. What does the future hold? How do I balance today and tomorrow? How do I provide and plan for my family? How do I stop worrying about the financial side of my business and instead focus on creating the impact I feel called to make? I work with individuals, families and small business owners on their full financial picture; everything from cash flow and paying for education to saving and investing for big goals such as retirement, to individual and small business tax planning so that my clients can gain clarity and develop a path that is unique to their own goals, hopes and dreams. Do you know how your financial life fits into your LIFE? Are your finances working toward your fulfillment, or standing in your way? I work to empower my clients to make decisions about their money that helps them achieve their goals, find fulfillment in their finances, and prepare for their future, whatever it holds. Connect with Ben: Link to video: ⁠⁠


Men over 40, Lose Weight Easily with Brian Gryn

Are you a man over 40 years old? Is your belly as flat as you want it to be? Are you as fit and toned as you once were? Do you think that getting in shape has to be a part-time job? Want to feel great, look amazing and do it all without counting a single calorie? Meet Brian Gryn! From Brian WHAT SETS US APART Most men think that losing weight and inches after 40 has to be restrictive – counting calories, adding points or cutting out food groups entirely. When in fact, just a few small changes to the type of food they're eating and the timing of when they’re eating it would make the biggest and fastest impact. TRY OUR OWN SIGNATURE SYSTEM I have taken my 15+ years of experience in the health and wellness field along with my personal health journey to create a customized 6 month one on one coaching program designed to get results. We will focus on optimizing sleep, stress, nutrition, meal timing and building lean muscle. The Fat Burner Blueprint is designed for 40+ year old males looking to lose body fat around their waist, gain muscle without compromising joint integrity, and increase energy levels throughout the day. Connect with Brian:


Find your Franchise Fit with Scotty Milas

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Have you ever thought of franchising your business? What about taking advantage of others' experience by purchasing a franchise? But how can you decide between the 3000+ franchise opportunities? Scotty Milas is your GPS in the franchise world. Scott Milas “Scotty” has been an entrepreneur dating back to his teen years, where he started small businesses mowing lawns, raking leaves and shoveling snow. In his early twenties, he began a career with a major news organization as a cameraman for the White House Press Corp. Several years later, Scotty could not ignore the calling of his entrepreneurial spirit, and so left the news industry to pursue a career in business. After 35+ years of experience, Scott has been a significant contributor in various senior leadership positions. His tenure in franchising has landed him on leadership panels at several franchise conferences. Scott has also earned his certification as a CFE, Certified Franchise Executive, and CFC, Certified Franchise Consultant Scott is married and has three adult children and 4 grandchildren. His wife has 3 sons and 2 grandchildren. They reside in the Western Massachusetts area. When he is not consulting, you can find him with his wife Ewa, either on the beach, sailing, golfing or playing tennis. Link to video Schedule A Call Here Website LinkedIn YouTube Channel


Pay Yourself Forward with Adam Carroll

Link to video: Does your retirement plan include dying before your money runs out? Would you like to be able to afford to live forever? Adam says that most people can be 100% debt free - including mortgage - in 3-5 years! Is this guy crazy? In this week’s episode of Get Your FILL Podcast, Adam Carroll is going to blow your mind! Connect with Adam: About Adam: @adam.carroll Adam Carroll has decades of experience working with families and business owners who are interested in creating massive efficiencies when it comes to their income and wealth building capacity. With an unwavering commitment to helping people make the most of the money they make, while limiting risk, reducing tax liabilities, and increasing liquidity, Adam Carroll has spent 15 years helping people do more with the money they make. He is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert, author of three Amazon best-sellers, a two-time TED talk speaker with over 6 million views on YouTube and, and is the creator of the Broke, Busted & Disgusted documentary which aired on CNBC and is shown in hundreds of high schools and colleges across the country. He is the host of the Build A Bigger Life podcast, the curator of and founder of The Shred Method™.


Mitigate the Downside with Rich Kasparian

Link to video: Do you find yourself buying high and selling low? Are you steering clear of the stock market because you're afraid of volatility? Do you think protection is just money that the mafia extorts? Meet Rich Kasparian, a contrarian in the stock world. His programs and unique approach to stock investing will surprise you! About Rich: Garden City Financial Group is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping you work towards the goal of improving your long-term financial success. Our customized programs are designed to help grow and conserve your wealth by delivering a professional level of personalized service. Rich Kasparian is the founder of Garden City Financial Group Inc., a firm headquartered in Garden City, New York. The firm works passionately with individuals, families, and businesses to plan, manage, and pursue their financial goals with confidence. In 2009, Rich founded the firm because he knew there was a need for sound, personalized, and independent advice in the confusing world of financial planning that sometimes seems to lack common sense. Before Garden City Financial Group, he worked as a tenured Financial Advisor at Citi Smith Barney and covered multiple branches. He was also responsible for hosting numerous financial seminars for Citibank employees as well as outside corporations. Rich offers securities and utilizes the vast platform available through LPL Financial, the largest independent broker dealer in the country*. He is a graduate of St. John’s University, and holds Series 7, 63, and 65 licenses(registrations with LPL Financial) and is licensed as an Insurance Producer(Life, Accident,& Health) in various states. Connect with Rich:


(Self) Storage for your Investments with Jacob Vanderslice

Watch the video Looking for a place to store your money? Forget fancy investments! Store your money in the lucrative self-storage industry. Today's guest on Get Your FILL Podcast is Jacob Vanderslice. Jacob shares his introduction to self storage investing and explains that even though it's not sexy, it's definitely worth investigating. About Jacob: Jacob Vanderslice is Principal at VanWest Partners, a Denver-based real estate investment firm focusing on the acquisition and management of self-storage centers and other opportunistic real estate throughout the United States. By focusing on this conservative and growing real estate sector, VanWest has established a track record with over $238mm in real estate assets. Jacob and his partners’ success is driven by a commitment to delivering an expertly-executed, adaptable strategy with an institutional investment approach. The diverse background of VanWest’s principals allows the company to look at investments outside the traditional, single focus strategy of many companies. Uncovering value when the value is not obvious allows Jacob and his team to maximize investment performance to their stakeholders. Jacob is passionate about educating investors about self-storage, urban infill repositioning, redevelopment of distressed commercial assets, and other untraditional investment opportunities. He focuses on investments driven by data and reveals and maximizes opportunities to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of his clients and investors. Connect with Jacob


Be a Financial PowHERhouse with Nicholle Overkamp

Nicholle Overkamp, MBA, ChFC®, CDFA® is a certified Money BitchTM, a personal finance expert and business coach for women. She’s the Founder and CEO of Wilcox Financial Group and PowHERhouse Money Coaching and the Co-author of the best-selling book Money Bitch: A no BS guide for smart women to own their financial future. PowHERhouse Money Coaching focuses on business coaching for ambitious women, wealth coaching, and educational programming! Wilcox Financial Group is a comprehensive financial planning firm. The overarching mission is giving you the tools, education + empowerment to LIVE WEALTHY: doing more of what you want, when you want, with whom you want! Nicholle is the co-author of the best-selling book Money Bitch: A no BS guide for smart women to own their financial future. She's the host of business podcast, Becoming PowHERhouse, sharing tips and strategies entrepreneurs can implement in their business along with stories to empower you to become your version of a powHERhouse! Empowering women isn’t only a mission for Nicholle. She lives out her company’s mission personally as well, serving on the board for SheCAN! and The Girl Scouts of WNY. She’s a fitness fanatic, lover of the outdoors, caffeine addict and Audible obsessed. Watch the Video Connect with Nicholle:


Investing in Land with Brad Warren

You know that vacant lot that just turned into a huge housing development? Remember when that mall was just a bunch of weeds and a rusted car? What if you could see the future and invest in those assets before the value exploded? In today’s Get Your FILL - Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Brad Warren explains how his company is looking into the future and identifying those opportunities in time for you to jump on them. It’s a quiet path to wealth but it can be a very lucrative one -and totally passive! Link to video Connect with Brad About Brad Warren: Brad Warren is a national and international speaker, author, seminar leader, and business coach. He has traveled to 19 foreign countries and 27 of the United States over the last 25 years, teaching a wide range of business courses, including time management, customer service, communication skills, how to design and deliver powerful presentations, how to run better meetings, lead generation, and negotiation skills. He's also coached over 500+ business owners and sole proprietors on goal setting and accomplishment, business planning and implementation, and how to be more effective and productive (which means more sales and more revenue!). He is the 2014 recipient of the Bay East Association of Realtors Affiliate of the Year award, and the author of Just Sold! The Real Estate Professionals Guide to Selling More in Less Time. He’s spoken at the National Association of Realtors 2016 and 2017 Annual Conventions on Time Block Your Way to Success with Less Stress! He’s also certified to teach The ONE Thing, the all-day workshop based on the national best-seller of the same name by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. After 40+ years as a business coach, speaker, and trainer, Brad transitioned to a new career as a land banking consultant, helping patient investors build generational wealth by investing in land.


Send the Kids to College Debt FREE with Ann Garcia!

Planning for college isn’t impossible— and it is important! Ann Garcia has made it her goal to share her knowledge on the topic with as many people as possible. Ann Garcia has helped thousands of families save millions of dollars on college. Her book How to Pay for College offers a step-by-step process to get a great college education at a price that works for your family. Link to ⁠video⁠ Connect with Ann From Ann: Like you, I’m a parent. I have twins who are attending their top-choice colleges—one at an elite private school, the other at an out-of-state public school—because they were able to get scholarship packages that made those choices fit our family’s budget. I’m also a CFP® and owner of Independent Progressive Advisors, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in Portland OR, author of The College Financial Lady blog ( My blog has approximately 15,000 subscribers in various media (blog, Facebook). In addition, I’m regularly cited in national media (New York Times, US News & World Report) on the subject of college planning. I earned a BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and am a member of Phi Beta Kappa and of NAPFA, the leading association of fee-only financial advisors. Early in my career as an advisor, I noticed that clients had so many questions about college—and very few advisors were willing to tackle those questions. Since I kept hearing the same questions again and again (and wanted the answers myself), I started writing down answers in blog format, and The College Financial Lady was born. After seven years, I have developed a wealth of content on this topic through research, interaction with readers, and personal experience. Two years ago, I had an opportunity to put my knowledge to the test when the time came for my own children to apply to college.


Cover your Butt with Gold with Lynnette Zang

Zombies on Wall Street? Currencies devaluing? Global currency crisis? Is this stuff real? What can we do about it? How can we protect ourselves from the forces that be? On this week's Get Your FILL Podcast, Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading, talks about why we should all be including gold and silver in our investment portfolios. Lynette's mission is empowering and educating concerned citizens with the confidence to move through any economy strategically, hedging against inflation and winning the wealth transfer agenda of The Great Reset. Link to ⁠video⁠ Questions about protecting your wealth with Gold & Silver? Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Lynette's team: or Call 866-264-7788 Follow Lynette & ITM Trading: 🟩 ITM Trading YouTube: 🟩 Official Homepage: 🟩 ITM's Twitter: 🟩 Lynette's Twitter: Lynette Zang is the Chief Market Analyst of ITM Trading, a precious metals dealer focused on helping individuals strategically hedge against inflation and economic crisis. After her experiences in banking and the stock markets, Lynette deep dived into historic global currencies and their life cycles. This led to the uncovering of central bank corruption and the ongoing exposing of Federal Reserve Data, and her prediction of the Great Recession following the housing market crash in 2007. This multi-decade research effort resulted in understanding global economic policies and currency lifecycles far beyond the norm of financial advisors and many economists. After her subsequent work in long-term trend identification and asset class analysis, the plan became abundantly clear. Lynette started quickly creating a system to assist ITM clients in surviving and thriving the inevitable collapse of the USD, which will ripple across the entire global economy. Although Lynette was one of the first to speak about the “Reset” on YouTube. This has now become the known agenda for the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset”, and is now discussed at great length by the entire economic education ecosystem online. Before her career in banking, the stock markets, and her current position at ITM Trading, Lynette Zang attended Fairleigh Dickenson and University of Arizona, majoring in Business Finance. She has been involved with and researching financial markets and global economies ever since. With a passion for simplifying complex financial topics into understandable language, Lynette has been a keynote speaker on currencies at several educational events and forums throughout the country. She is the host of ITM Trading’s YouTube Channel, where she creates multiple weekly videos for over 175,000 subscribers to help expose the hidden truths which underlie complex financial and economic systems, so people can take decisive action and protect their future. Lynette believes strongly in the value of community and relationships for building a thriving financial future in the face of the global challenges we are facing.


Bank Collapse - Should I Panic?

Banks are failing! Prices are rising! Interest rates are all over the place! Is it time to panic? Is crypto the answer? Should I buy gold? Maybe the answer is just to stop watching the news and start listening to Get Your FILL Podcast! In this great conversation with financial guru, Byron Wolfe, we touch on everything from crashing banks to blockchain & crypto to why your small business should invest in a fractional CFO. Link to video: About Byron: Byron's gift for translating the complexities of business financial principles with a focus on small businesses into easily understood communication has made him one of the most highly sought financial and business consultants. He is the Founder of CFO - AF, a financial services and business consultancy firm specializing in industries ranging from construction to crypto. Byron is Chief Financial Officer at Black Tie Moving, an INC 5000 company. His certification in the Crypto, NFT, and the Metaverse space has led to many projects with DAOs and crypto companies and he is considered one of the first experts in crypto tax strategy. Connect with Byron: 1. Website: Social Media: 2. Facebook - 3. Instagram - 4. LinkedIn -


Unleash Your Power with Christina Woods

Watch the video Do you worry about making everyone else happy, and say yes to everyone else, despite what you want? Do you fail to trust your intuition, or your ability to make the right decisions? Do you wonder why you keep self-sabotaging your health and weight? Do you feel guilty when you do something just for yourself? The struggle is real. Christina Woods knows, because she’s been there. On this week’s episode of Get Your FILL - Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Christina shares her story and how she helps women to thrive. From Christina: Hi, I’m Christina. I help high-functioning women crush self-doubt and become unstoppable. To be totally free of self-sabotaging behavior, and step into their true authentic selves. I provide hypnotherapy and coaching and combine my qualifications in corporate leadership, Reiki, and life’s experiences in dealing with trauma, abandonment, setting boundaries, and how to love oneself. If you are ready to smash self-doubt and thrive, in as little as three months, book a complimentary Freedom to Self-Belief Call with me now! Connect with Christina Instagram


Give the IRS a Pay Cut with John Briggs

If you love paying taxes, do NOT listen to this podcast! If you’re an entrepreneur who thinks that paying yourself first is a crazy mythical and even irresponsible idea - this podcast is not for you! But if you’re even a little bit curious, tune in… Watch the video John Briggs is the founder of Incite Tax and the author of Profit First For Microgyms. He hates The IRS and believes business owners should keep more of their money to build long-term wealth. In this week’s episode of Get Your FILL podcast, John shares concepts that can be applied to any industry with great success. Connect with John: John Briggs Bio Achieving a highly lucrative financial position can be draining, especially with all the options out there that PROMISE they will grow your wealth. Which leads taxpayers feeling overwhelmed and often confused with which path will get them the level of income they’ve always wanted. Or not taking the practical steps to reaching their growth potential. Incite Tax saves people from the inevitable burnout they will reach without having a consistent strategy of wealth creation and provide them the steps to attaining true cash flow. So they can enjoy a bigger bank account, their life can THRIVE, and still have the freedom to focus on their passions. John Briggs is the Owner of Incite Tax and is on a quest to protect unfairly treated taxpayers from massively overspending on taxes. His model and strategies that he’s taught for over a decade have given the practical steps to reach people’s financial goals much quicker.


Learn Subtle Words that Sell with Paul Ross

Are you still relying on the same sales strategy that you’ve been using for years? Want to get more sales with less effort? What if your prospects could convince themselves to buy? On this week’s Get Your FILL Podcast, Best Selling Author of Subtle Words that Sell, Paul Ross, teaches us his secret to selling success! Link to video Connect with Paul: text COMPEL to 411-321 to receive the Invisible Influence Series. If outside the US, use WhatsApp and text COMPEL to 1-909-741-1321 About Paul Paul Ross is on a passionate mission to help reach for the top sales professionals and entrepreneurs skyrocket their revenue through tapping into the power of subconscious communication and subtle influence. Paul is an author, speaker, Master Hypnotist and Master Trainer of NLP


House hacker to Millionaire investor with Oliver Fernandez

How do you start with nothing more than a strong work ethic and end up a millionaire? On this week's Get Your FILL - Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Oliver Fernandez shows us exactly how he leveraged his time, money and energy into a successful real estate portfolio. Link to video Connect with Oliver About Oliver Oliver is a business owner and real estate investor that has successfully completed over $80M worth of construction projects, and accumulated a real estate investment portfolio valued at over $150M in the past nine years! He has been named contractor of the year, and is on a mission to help other top contractors to do the same! Construction and real estate shouldn't be a challenge for you, you just need the right knowledge in order to effectively leverage them!


Make Money Flipping Land with Mark Podolsky

Have you heard about people making money with raw land? Are you curious about how it's done? Are you ready to make some money? Enter Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek. On this week's episode of Get Your FILL podcast, Mark tells us step-by-step how he makes money flipping raw land! Link to video Connect with Mark About Mark: Mark’s current focus is solving his customer’s money AND time problems. His mission is simple – to help his clients achieve their greatest financial and life goals by teaching the most effective and efficient land investing practices. One of the key driving factors behind this mission is Mark’s passion for helping others break out of what he calls “Solo Economic Dependency.” Solo Economic Dependency is most simply explained like this: If you’re not working, you not making money. High-paid professionals, doctors, dentists, surgeons, freelance consultants, lawyers, accountants……people from all types of backgrounds find themselves in this predicament. By sharing his sharply-developed business acumen and his proven, time-tested strategies, Mark helps students break free from Solo Economic Dependency. Mark and his top students make money even when they’re not working……in fact, even while they’re sleeping. That’s real financial freedom, and that’s something worth striving for. Mark continually explores new ideas and technologies that make the systems he teaches smarter, faster, and more efficient. As all great coaches do, Mark continually challenges his students to grow and improve. Even if he has to dish out some tough love… the end of the day, students are treated like family.


Align with your Inner Vision with Petia Kolibova

Do you love your job? Are you in your ideal relationship? Do you believe that everything is always working out for you? In this week’s Get Your FILL - Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Petia Kolibova shares her journey from an unhappy person who attempted suicide to being a successful author and coach who can help you to connect your higher self. Petia Kolibova is an alignment women’s coach who guides women to intuitively connect with their inner vision so they can experience personal and professional magnetism and become unapologetically abundant. Her mission is to empower visionaries who are on the path to embody their fullest self-expression to soulfully expand into a quantum leap in all dimensions of their lives. Petia gives immense clarity + exact steps to unlock women’s divine feminine and abundance mindset. Through subconscious work as a certified breathwork facilitator, reiki, NLP & Human Design practitioner, she leads her 6 and 7 figure clients to their next level in life and business. If she is not interviewing fellow experts on her podcast Unapologetically Abundant, traveling the world with her husband, hosting retreats, or reading, you will find her in nature disconnecting from the world, connecting even deeper to herself. Watch the video Connect with Petia: Linkedin Facebook Group IG Website


Design your Life with Debbie Emick

Are you living the life you want to live? How are you doing, checking things off your bucket list? Is FIRE everything you thought it would be? Are you waiting for *that thing* to happen before you can be happy? On this week's Get Your FILL podcast episode, blogger and podcaster, Debbie Emick, shares her secrets to a long & happy life Watch the video About Debbie: Climbing 14,000+ ft. peaks seems scary. It can be. Sometimes it means stepping onward and upward in spite of that fear. More often, it’s exhilarating and exciting and even breathtaking–figuratively, yes, but often hard work that leaves you breathless. Something far scarier for us (Chris and Debbie) was taking chances with our lives–putting conventions and expectations aside and stepping toward our curiosity about living a less conventional life. We had built a life that was safe and secure, with steady paychecks, pensions, 401(k)s, two amazing daughters, two dogs–you know, the whole white-picket-fence type of life. This lifestyle allowed us to visit the mountains or the beach on weekends or our one-week(ish), work-granted vacation every year. Still, our hearts and souls called for something more. We began to question the necessity of it all. And even more, the plausibility of putting off our dreams–the things we genuinely aspired to do, the places we yearned to see, and all the beauty we desired to create–until traditional retirement. The thought of putting that off left us feeling hollow and incomplete. The absolute scariest thing that we have done–and continue to do–is to step toward our inquisitiveness and continue to define and build our dream life–our bucket-list life–TODAY, not someday. The very scaffolding of constructing our dream life is the desire to help others. To do this, we built GoBucketYourself. This is our platform to help Y -O-U design the life of your dreams. We’re inspired to help individuals, couples, and families overcome fear, adjust their mindset, handle their finances, and plan adventures in a way that allows you to quit putting your dreams on a waiting list and live your bucket-list life today. Connect with Debbie: Our website: Link to buy my book: My Instagram:


Crack the SEO Code with Brandon Leibowitz

What happens in that black box that we call SEO? How can you be more findable online? Do you feel like your business is floating around lost in the world-wide web? In this week's episode of Get Your FILL podcast, SEO Optimizer's CEO, Brandon Leibowitz, shares secrets of SEO to help your potential customers to find you more easily. Watch the video Listen to the podcast About Brandon: Increase Your Organic (FREE) Traffic From Google Using SEO That Converts Into Sales & Leads! For the past 14 years, I have been helping websites rank higher on Google using SEO strategies. I have helped hundreds of websites rank for hyper-competitive keywords that convert into sales and leads. I received my Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing for California State University of Long Beach. My name is Brandon Leibowitz and I run and operate SEO Optimizers. We are a digital marketing company that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic, which in turn converts into clients, sales, leads, etc. I got my start in digital marketing in 2007 after graduating from college with my degree in Business Marketing. In my first job, I handled the marketing aspects of an e-commerce website. The company that I worked for was a national e-commerce brand that had recently built their website and was looking to bring more traffic to it. I had no idea what I was doing and neither did they. I spent a lot of my time reading books and joining digital marketing forums to learn as much as possible about this new type of marketing. I helped them with the following tasks: search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns, creating an affiliate program, optimizing paid ads on Google AdWords, setting up social media profiles, and a bit of web design. You could say that I wore a lot of hats working for this company. In 2008, I realized that most businesses would need a website to stay competitive in the future. Having a website is only one piece of the puzzle. Ultimately, they need someone to help market their website to bring in traffic that will, in turn, convert to clients. I made the decision to stick with digital marketing and since then have started my own company, SEO Optimizers. A friend of mine built me a website in exchange for doing SEO for his insurance website. I got him ranked above government websites for all of his major keywords. I have always worked full time at ad agencies helping their clients with search engine optimization. At night after work, I would work on my freelance clients from SEO Optimizers. I was recently able to quit my daytime job to pursue my company full time. I am happy to help small and medium-sized companies get ranked at the top of Google by using search engine optimization tactics and bringing in traffic via social media, paid ads, etc. Connect with Brandon:


Add Fuel to Your Fire with Midori Verity

Do you make great goals but struggle to meet them? Do you know there is more inside of you than you're realizing? How can you become all that you are destined to be? On this week's episode of Get Your FILL, Financial Independence & Long Life, we're joined by Midori Verity. Midori is the CEO of Fuel to Fire, an accountability group for entrepreneurs like us. Whether we need a hug or a kick in the pants, Midori delivers. Watch the Video Connect with Midori On LinkedIn Midori's website About Fuel to Fire: The TOP accountability group for entrepreneurs & leaders with big goals. Are you a driven founder wanting to... ✅ Strategize with other cool people? ✅ Safe two-way mentoring in small pods with smart peers? ✅ Stop feeling lonely at the top? ✅ Feel safe to share your real challenges and obstacles ✅ New strategies for sales, marketing, tech, and business development? ✅ Accountability with high level, like-minded peers to AMPLIFY your GOALS and have MORE FUN? Apply for a membership invite to access... 💥 Weekly private peer accountability pods 💥 Fuel to Fire Accountability Method 💥 Monthly masterminds with wicked smart peers Check out: