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This is Get the Intel, the podcast which helps us find out what is going on in the field. We discuss tools, techniques, and approaches that you can implement to streamline operations and let you focus on your craft.


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This is Get the Intel, the podcast which helps us find out what is going on in the field. We discuss tools, techniques, and approaches that you can implement to streamline operations and let you focus on your craft.




Crafting Legacies With Grit and Mortar

Christopher "Chris" de Pierne is the Owner of TITAN Systems LLC, a team of contractors providing best-in-class coating installation to residential and small commercial markets. TITAN, founded in 2000, utilizes its extensive experience in the coatings and concrete repair industry to assist engineers, architects, and owners in planning and designing unique and functional spaces. Chris is also a Senior Estimator at the Baton Rouge branch of STRUCTURAL, an industry-leading concrete repair company. After starting his professional career as a forensic accountant, Chris transitioned to the concrete repair and restoration industry in 2006. Before becoming an estimator, he garnered experience working as a laborer, foreman, superintendent, and CE inspector. In this episode… Trade jobs are in high demand, and over 83% of respondents in a trades industry survey feel extremely satisfied with their career choices. Experts attribute this job satisfaction to the career path's stability, followed by competitive compensation and a flexible schedule. So, how can we encourage more people to consider trade careers? Industry expert Christopher "Chris" de Pierne highlights the importance of trade programs in high schools, reflecting on how he started early in the industry, having struggled with reading but excelled in math and had a sense of purpose when working with his hands. He leveraged his passion to take on more responsibilities, including project management, and finally advanced to a senior estimator in the construction industry. Chris shares his inspiring career journey, emphasizing the accomplishment and fulfillment the younger generation can find in trades. Tune in to this latest episode of Get the Intel as Chad Gill chats with Christopher "Chris" de Pierne, the owner of TITAN Systems, LLC, about his journey in the concrete repair industry. Chris reflects on his career trajectory from laborer to senior estimator, shares insights on career satisfaction strategies, discusses practical estimation in the construction industry, and highlights the importance of encouraging the younger generation to pursue a trades career.


Business Growth and Retention Strategies in the Roofing Industry

Freddy Deen is the President of Wild Construction, a full-service general contractor specializing in complete roofing systems and exterior remodeling. Wild Construction is a recognized GAF Master Elite asphalt shingle installer, offering the best warranties in the industry. With over 15 years of experience, Freddy leverages his expertise and passion for making things happen through construction. Before founding his construction company, he honed his management skills by working in sales and client development. In this episode… As a contractor in the thriving construction industry, do you find it challenging to keep your firm growing because you're constantly losing employees? Retaining employees is as important as acquiring new clients since your team is your business’s backbone. High turnover rates can result in increased expenses, reduced productivity, and low morale. How do you improve retention to ensure long-term success? Finding and retaining talented employees is an arduous task that most hiring managers need help with, regardless of their industry. However, having skilled and dedicated employees cannot be overstated. Roofing industry expert Freddy Deen believes that people want to belong to a place and feel like their work matters. Contractors must, therefore, be forthcoming and keep their workers involved, in addition to hiring right and delegating effectively. In addition, embracing project management software can also help streamline processes and ensure effective team communication. In this installment of Get the Intel, Chad Gill welcomes Freddy Deen, the President of Wild Construction. They discuss business growth and retention strategies for contractors and the importance of project management software for contractors. Freddy shares his entrepreneurial journey, his biggest challenges in the industry, and tips to ensure quality roofing.


Enhancing Construction Engineering Through a Hands-On Approach

Mike Bratten is the President of AXIS Structural, a full-service engineering consulting firm in South Central Texas. A professional structural engineer with expertise in design and materials testing, Mike's experience spans multistory buildings using concrete tilt-wall, structural steel, CMU, wood frame, and pre-engineered metal buildings. Before venturing into structural design, Mike worked as a project manager in the construction materials testing industry, gaining valuable experience in typical methods used in building structures. At AXIS, he leads a 13-member team, including drafting technicians, graduate engineers, and other professional engineers. His responsive, proactive, and hands-on approach to projects has earned accolades, including being named a SABJ 40 Under 40. In this episode… In the complex world of construction project management, recognizing that each participant — architects, engineers, contractors — has a distinct perspective is crucial. While specialized knowledge in their respective fields is essential, particularly for large and complex projects, an even more critical element is understanding how all these specialized roles interweave to bring the project to life. Structural Engineer Mike Bratten stresses the primary role of collaboration, particularly between architects and engineers, for successful building projects. He highlights the growing recognition of involving engineers early in the design process to consider factors like function, efficiency, structure, and technical limitations. Further, preferences for building types, such as retail or multistory offices, can impact material choices (concrete vs. steel) and facade complexity. So, engineers must carefully balance design preferences with safety and practicality, paying close attention to detail. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill hosts Mike Bratten, the President of AXIS Structural, to discuss the intricacies of structural engineering and construction management. Mike highlights the importance of understanding architects' ideas and taking a hands-on approach for effective project execution. He also reflects on construction engineering in Texas and why project managers should build relationships with local manufacturers.


[Global Speakers Academy Series] – Navigating Separation With a Focus on Kids

Beau Atkins is a divorce lawyer and the CEO of Evolve Family Law, a Canadian firm dedicated to protecting the interests of families through trusted and experienced family lawyers. Combining over a decade of experience with divorce, including his parents, Beau is passionate about helping parents separate while protecting their kids. After his frustrating journey navigating the family justice system, Beau leveraged technology and integrated it into all firm processes, law and business alike, to better serve his clients and the public. In this episode… Divorce or separation is hard enough, but it’s even more complex when children are involved. Research has shown that ongoing parental conflicts increase children's risk of psychological and social problems. Divorcing parents must come up with a plan to navigate divorce without harming their young ones. How can parents have an amicable separation? Family lawyer Beau Atkins witnessed his parent’s marriage degenerate as their relationship became toxic. Recalling the traumatic event of standing up to his father at 14, Beau emphasizes the importance of conflict resolution habits. He narrated the long-term effects of the conflicts on each member of his family and how an interview with his parents revealed unexpected memory gaps. To help others avoid the pains of a messy separation, Beau integrates technology into his family law practice, advocating for a process that helps people separate without lawyers or courts. He, however, recommends seeking personal counsel during separation to make the process less painful and help determine if the relationship is truly over. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill chats with Beau Atkins, the CEO of Evolve Law, about the impact of divorce and how to protect kids when navigating divorce and separation. Beau shares the traumatic experience of his parent's separation, the importance of seeking counsel for affected family members, and his aim of using technology to improve divorce proceedings.


[Global Speakers Academy Series] - Transforming Businesses Through Conscious Marketing

Anna Madill is the CEO and Founder of Avenue, a B Corp digital marketing agency for purpose-driven companies. Founded in 2016, Avenue’s proprietary suite of marketing products and custom services helps brands share their unique stories while growing sustainably and successfully. Anna plays a pivotal role in the company's vision and strategic plan, leading all operational and financial aspects of the business and empowering transformational change for her team, clients, and community. An impact entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and community leader, she has won multiple awards through her work at Avenue, including the Portland Business Journal's CEO of the Year 2023 and B Lab’s B Corp Best for the World (Workers) and Best for the World (Community) lists for 2022. In this episode… In an era where consumers make purchases based on a brand’s values as much as they do for quality, conscious marketing has become more crucial than ever. How can businesses effectively communicate brand messaging? Does authenticity still hold its ground in this evolving marketing space? For award-winning digital marketer Anna Madill, conscious marketing — aligning values and identities — is the best way to transform your business from the inside out. Reflecting on the growing pains experienced by her company, Anna says today’s marketing landscape goes beyond throwing a marketing message, a slogan, or a tagline out there. It entails integrating purpose and values into your operations and projecting them through your marketing and company culture. It's not enough for your audience to understand what you do; thoughtful marketing and community impact can help connect with potential customers and build trust. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill chats with Anna Madill, CEO and Founder of Avenue, as Anna shares her speaking topic of conscious marketing and how she helps companies grow through transformation. She shares case studies of businesses embedding values into every aspect of their operations, the advantages of heartfelt marketing, and how Avenue helps clients to be more intentional and thoughtful in their marketing.


Inspirational Leadership: Fostering Company Growth and Adaptation

Scott Tannen is the Founder and CEO of Boll & Branch, a company combining luxury and sustainability in the home goods industry. Founded in 2014 by Scott and his wife Missy, Boll & Branch has become the world's largest Fairtrade Certified™ organic cotton consumer, championing ethical textile production practices. Under his vision and direction, the company has grown into one of the largest e-commerce-first luxury home brands, serving millions of customers, including celebrities and US presidents. Prior to Boll & Branch, Scott spent several years in consumer marketing at Wrigley and Kraft Food's Nabisco before starting Fun Tank, one of the world's leading developers of casual online and mobile games. He has received numerous awards for his innovation in the advertising and creative industry, most recently earning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his achievements at Boll & Branch. In this episode… Inspirational leaders prioritize a supportive work environment by recognizing the potential in others and helping them to be their best. They encourage, challenge, and model open-mindedness, actively soliciting feedback. How can entrepreneurs maintain a clear and shared vision while creating an enjoyable and exciting work environment? Seasoned entrepreneur Scott Tannen reiterates the importance of risk-taking and exceptional leadership. Scott approaches his 10-year entrepreneurial journey with this mindset, preserving the value of building a culture of growth and adaptation. He emphasizes maintaining the energy and positivity of the early days as the company grows. However, there will come a point when a founder embraces a change in perspective and learns to rely on others, recognizing that people have diverse strengths and interests. Founders must break out of their comfort zones, learn from mistakes, build a collaborative culture that inspires growth, and mentor others to strive for greatness. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gil welcomes Scott Tannen, Founder and CEO of Boll & Branch, as they discuss Scott's career journey and his company's growth from an online retailer to physical retail stores and a furniture line. Scott unpacks the details behind his leadership approach, the inspiring company culture that propelled Boll & Branch to a market leader, and ethical and sustainable practices in the home goods industry.


Elevate Productivity With Custom Tools and Automation

Scott Weir is the Founder and CEO of SimplaDocs, a consulting agency specializing in optimizing workflows through automation and custom internal tools. He is also the Founder of The Coda School, an interactive course designed to take learners to expert levels in Coda automation and workflow. A school teacher turned tech entrepreneur, Scott is a Coda automation trailblazer who has built systems and led teams for companies in many sectors. He shares his expertise in streamlining business processes to improve productivity on his YouTube channel, The Coda Guy. In this episode… Over 94% of businesses perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks. To mitigate this, companies are investing in process automation. How can you leverage these workflow tools so you and your team can spend more time on value-added activities? No-code and low-code workflow automation has become a go-to for firms looking to collaborate effectively and build powerful tools quickly. This technology is not new, but it has become more prevalent in recent years due to its ability to improve team efficiency. According to workflow consultant Scott Weir, the pre-built templates, automation, and drag-and-drop interfaces offered by no-code tools speed up development and enable flexibility. In addition, custom tools can help business owners with scheduling and time management for improved efficiency. In this episode of Get the Intel, host Chad Gill interviews Scott Weir, a Coda automation expert and the Founder and CEO of SimplaDocs, on improving efficiency through custom tools and automation. Scott shares his journey from education to tech and the origin of his passion for business workflows and automation. Tune in to learn actionable tips on time management and how to supercharge your productivity as a business owner.


Building a Seamless Hiring Process With AI-Powered Tools

Piyush Jain is the Founder and CEO of Simpalm, an award-winning digital product development company with expertise in mobile app development, web development, and backend engineering. He is also the Co-founder of Ducknowl, a SaaS product that helps recruiters resolve screening and assessment challenges. With a PhD from Johns Hopkins University, Piyush aims to help firms leverage emerging technologies to increase productivity. His expertise spans mobile tech, Internet of Things, iOS, Android, and more. As a thought leader in tech, Piyush has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, YEC, and several online publications. In this episode… Hiring talents for your company can often feel like a daunting maze, but what if there was a way to leverage technology to create a seamless recruiting process? This is precisely where the power of Ducknowl, a hiring platform with a 70% reduction in screening time, shines through. The primary recruitment objective of any company is to hire the most qualified candidates. Thanks to the rise of AI, the hiring process is more efficient, less biased, and cost-saving. From conducting initial screenings to providing personalized recommendations to candidates, AI-powered platforms like Ducknowl are changing the recruitment game. According to a survey, companies that embraced AI in recruitment have seen their cost per screening reduce by 75%. Hiring managers can also conduct asynchronous video interviews and psychometric tests to assess candidates' skills and personalities and make informed decisions. Join Chad Gill in this episode of Get the Intel as he chats with Piyush Jain, the CEO of Simpalm and Co-founder of Ducknowl. They explore AI trends in hiring, the benefits of asynchronous interviews, and Ducknowl’s AI-powered tools for automating candidate screening and assessment tests. You’ll gain valuable insights into making informed hiring decisions, how to leverage digital tools to fast-track recruitment, and how to build a hiring system that candidates trust.


How To Enjoy Problems in Business and Life

Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Jr. is an author, business coach, and consultant with a unique ability to simplify complex problems and communicate complicated matters. As the Founder of Advanced Writing Resources, he revolutionizes writing by tapping into writers' natural language instincts. For over 20 years, Dr. Lybrand Jr. has been helping entrepreneurs and leaders master complex problem-solving by leveraging his expertise in communication, creative problem-solving, and leadership development. He has successfully led critical crisis resolutions across various industries and authored several books, including The One Success Habit. His newest book, Enjoying Problems, empowers entrepreneurs to find, love, and solve their challenges confidently and achieve their goals. In this episode… When facing a problematic situation, most people focus on the challenge rather than setting clear goals for what they want to achieve. Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to resolve a challenge? Embracing the mindset of 'enjoying problems' might be the solution you've been seeking. We encounter problems in all aspects of life, making problem-solving skills essential for career growth and personal development. To achieve success and reach desired outcomes, business coach Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Jr. recommends viewing challenges as opportunities for solutions. Having successfully developed innovative solutions for companies, he created the "simple six models" to help people define and solve problems more effectively. He empowers entrepreneurs to embrace a positive mindset towards challenges. Understanding that problems have advantages and how they work will empower you to tackle critical issues as they arise. In this episode of Get the Intel with Chad Gill, author and problem-solving expert Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Jr. unpacks the strategy behind complex problem-solving for entrepreneurs and the inspiration behind his book Enjoying Problems. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on a goal rather than assigning blame, breaking complex problems into smaller parts, and the value of clear communication in leadership.


Top Strategies for Exceptional Leadership

Mike Dooley is the General Manager at Columbia Precast Products (CPP), a precast concrete products company serving the greater Pacific Northwest. Operating from Woodland, Washington, CCP manufactures durable, reliable, and ready-to-install concrete products for the region’s rapidly changing infrastructure. In his over 18 years of experience in the precast industry, Mike has held several positions, including Technical Sales Rep for a concrete accessory vendor and leading teams as a safety director, business developer, and project manager. A graduate of Political Science from the University of Oregon, Mike served on the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) committees for safety and environmental subcommittees. When he’s not supervising projects, he loves spending time at car shows with Michelle, his beautiful wife, and their three children and enjoying the family’s Mustang 99. In this episode… Leadership is a game that requires exceptional skills and strategies to win, whether you’re managing a project, leading a team, or running a business. How can construction and manufacturing industry leaders inspire, motivate, and guide others toward a common goal? In his nearly 18 years in the precast industry, Mike Dooley learned the recipe for successful leadership in construction and manufacturing settings. This entails diligence, empathy, and communicating effectively with stakeholders and team members. Besides learning quickly and applying that knowledge in critical situations, outstanding leaders make sacrifices, deliver results, and build personal relationships. Another attribute that sets exceptional leaders apart is passion. For those new to the industry, Mike emphasizes the willingness to help and chip in, even if it means staying late or doing tasks outside one's job description. In addition, managers don’t have all the answers. The ability to seek input from employees fosters collaboration and open communication in the workplace. After all, a company is only as good as its team. Openness, empathy in leadership, and sharing stories of one’s struggles can motivate employees to grow and perform at their best. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill welcomes Mike Dooley, General Manager at Columbia Precast Products, to explore the intricacies of leadership, problem-solving, and personal growth in a manufacturing setting. Mike reflects on his career experiences in the precast concrete industry and shares insights on streamlining operations. He highlights the industry’s impact on America’s infrastructure, the value of servant leadership, and building a thriving team culture.


How To Boost Client Satisfaction Through Active Listening

Steve Jacobs is a speaker, instructor, and Owner of Nature Designs Landscaping, a general contractor company serving in San Diego. For over 40 years, Nature Designs has specialized in building and maintaining water-conscious landscapes, creating award-winning residential and outdoor living spaces. Steve earned his landscape contractor's license in 1988 and has since ventured into swimming pool and spa installation. He is a certified arborist, water manager, irrigation expert, and general contractor. In addition to having a degree in horticulture from Cuyamaca College, Steve has been teaching the Landscape Contracting class at the college since 2003. He is also a former president of the state chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA). An industry thought leader, Steve is passionate about speaking on design, horticulture, irrigation technology, plant disease, and pest control. He often holds seminars on water-conscious planting, how to save money in gardening, and firescaping strategies. In this episode… Poor communication between contractors and clients is one of the major impediments to successful project delivery. Have you ever wondered how successful contractors effectively handle demanding clients and projects? As the leader of a leading landscaping company, veteran horticulturist Steve Jacobs maintains the value of active listening in improving customer satisfaction. This approach shows you empathize with them and want to solve their problems. Steve has discovered that effectively implementing customers’ ideas entails asking open-ended questions to clarify their needs and expectations. Patiently attending to their requests and concerns and relaying back situations allows customers to feel genuinely understood and satisfied. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill sits down with Steve Jacobs, renowned speaker and Founder of Nature Designs, to discuss the value of effective communication in building trust and understanding with clients. Steve emphasizes active listening for project managers and provides insights on streamlining landscaping operations. He also reflects on his career path in horticulture and how he navigates the challenges of San Diego's hot and dry climate as a landscape designer.


Modular Protective Buildings for High-Hazard Environments

Karen Vilas is President of FORTRESS Protective Buildings, a new market offering that provides balanced protection for a full range of hazards. With over 15 years of experience in technical process safety consulting within the petrochemical industry, Karen is passionate about hazard and risk management to protect people and critical infrastructure in high-hazard environments. Her career began as a Principal Consultant at BakerRisk (FORTRESS’ parent company), and she recently served as the company’s Director of Regional Business Development for North America. Karen is in charge of bringing FORTRESS’ patented modular precast building to the market, providing next-generation technology for protective structures. In this episode… Modern industrial facilities and workplaces are subject to a range of hazards. Toxic leaks, explosions, and industrial fires are just a few of the dangers that protective structures must guard against. How can corporations operating in high-hazard environments identify hazards, manage risks, and keep personnel safe? Karen Vilas, President of FORTRESS Protective Buildings, shares insights on how to do just that using multi-hazard resistant buildings. Made with high-density precast concrete, they are more durable against acid attack, corrosion, explosions, and impact. Aiming to provide a turnkey building that provides balanced hazard protection, Karen and her team at FORTRESS created precast concrete blast-resistant buildings that identify potential threats and address site-specific risks in addition to hazard protection. Their gas detection and control panels, combined with their being extremely leak-tight, help prevent direct exposure to a toxic event. This allows personnel to buy themselves hours to safely shut down the unit and figure out the best way to evacuate. These blast-resistant buildings are excellent defensive solutions for personnel protection, peace of mind, and added security against a wide range of risks. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill sits down with Karen Vilas, President of FORTRESS Protective Buildings, to delve into the world of multi-hazard resistant buildings (MRBs). Together, they discuss the inspiration behind FORTRESS’ patented modular design and the construction process of modular precast buildings. Karen shares her thoughts on the challenges of finding a niche market for MRBs and the intricacies of managing a product-based business versus a service-based organization.


Designing Stormwater Management Systems for Maximum Performance

Doug Buch is the Founder of PaveDrain, LLC, a Wisconsin-based company offering sustainable stormwater solutions to prevent flooding and allow underground stormwater infiltration. A former farm boy who graduated from the University of Iowa in 1992 and landed in technical sales in the construction industry, Doug pivoted to focus on the precast concrete and masonry industry, including erosion control and stormwater management. He started PaveDrain, LLC, in August of 2009, manufacturing over six million square feet in 30 different block facilities across the US and Canada. Doug’s patented PaveDrain System, a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block (P-ACB) designed with open joints for a high infiltration rate, has earned accolades, including emerging as the winner of the China BlueTech award for market readiness in 2016. In this episode… As the world grapples with the effects of climate change and the need to protect water quality, managing stormwater effectively has become more crucial than ever. How can communities and developers better handle storing and monitoring stormwater runoff? In order to protect groundwater and surface water ecology, engineers are being pushed to design new solutions. Ponds have been effectively used in the past to manage stormwater. However, maintenance, escalating land values, environmental impact, and public safety have raised doubts about their use. Construction industry veteran Doug Buch advocates permeable systems that prevent flooding by allowing stormwater to infiltrate the ground while creating micro-ecosystems that thrive in the open-graded aggregate beneath these permeable systems. To improve the typical storm hydrograph while reducing stormwater infrastructure costs, he invented PaveDrain. This system incorporates a patented arch design in the middle of an articulating concrete block to create an internal storage chamber that can be filled with stormwater runoff. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill sits down with Doug Buch, Founder of PaveDrain, LLC, to discuss the intricacies of eco-friendly and functional stormwater management systems. Doug shares his transition from technical sales to inventing the award-winning PaveDrain System and the drawbacks of ponds in stormwater management. He provides insights on replenishing aquifers, the factors mitigating permeable drainage solutions, and the challenges of the concrete industry.


Simplifying Business Processes and Scaling Effectively

JJ White is a seasoned entrepreneur and Certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer, a business management toolkit used by over 190,000 thriving firms to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience that began as a franchise owner for Dale Carnegie Training at age 27, JJ helps leadership teams streamline business processes through a proven, simple system. He is also an investor and partner at F45 Fitness Franchises in the Richmond metro area, walking in the shoes of an entrepreneur and business owner each and every step of the way. In this episode… Scaling is a sign of success for a business. It means more revenue and profit as you achieve rapid growth and expansion. So why do some startups get stuck? Why do leadership teams hesitate? The answers may be more complex and fascinating than you imagine, particularly for small businesses. Having acquired his first fitness business at age 27, JJ White—a serial entrepreneur and executive coach—maintains the value of managing processes while leading people and simplifying business operations to scale effectively. People in management positions must prioritize overseeing the collaboration processes to foster creative thinking and unlock a scaling strategy. JJ has discovered that business growth occurs when you delegate tasks to a team of motivated individuals while simplifying operations with proven business management tools like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill interviews seasoned entrepreneur and Certified EOS Implementer JJ White to explore the intricacies of scaling in business. JJ emphasizes the importance of simplifying business operations through proven business tools, how EOS helps team leaders foster effective collaboration, and how companies can navigate the challenges of EOS implementation. He also reflects on his entrepreneurial journey and the role of effective people management in business success.


The Power of Confidence in the Workplace

Fahteema Parrish is the Founder and President of Parrish & Sons Construction, a general contractor company specializing in construction projects such as excavation and grading. Before starting her own company, Fahteema led a successful career in the technology industry, where she gained a diverse set of skills thanks to her experience in managerial and leadership roles. She translated her expert knowledge into creating a first-generation, 100% woman-owned, and family-operated business reflecting her strong family values. Fahteema graduated from Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley with an Associate of Arts, Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science, and Webster University with a Master of Arts in Information Technology Management. In this episode… Career changes are not uncommon, but for most people, they are unthinkable. Do you crave a fresh start but are afraid of starting from scratch? Investing in your future and career requires a lot of dedication, continuous effort, and the willingness to learn. Don’t fall for common misconceptions such as ‘it’s too late to change careers’ or ‘that you’ll have to start over.’ It’s never too late to take your professional growth to the next level, especially if it forces you out of your comfort zone. According to Fahteema Parrish, facing challenges with confidence is imperative for achieving success and developing a solid professional mindset. In this episode of Get The Intel, Chad Gill welcomes Fahteema Parrish, Founder and President of Parrish & Sons Construction, to discuss how to build effective workflows, address workforce development challenges, and the elements of successful scaling. Fahteema shares her incredible career transition from information technology to construction, the key systems and processes that make a sustainable business, and how she empowers more women to take leadership positions.


How To Work Less To Achieve More

Chad Gill is the Founder of Laminin Coach, a company that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on what matters most by offering specialized solutions that enhance their efficiency. As a veteran entrepreneur, Chad is also the President at Concreate and the Founder of Workforce Recon. His dedication to the construction industry has driven his continuous interest in developing innovative ideas by leveraging the latest technologies. In this episode… Do you ever wish you had more than 24 hours in a day? Sometimes, we fail to realize how overwhelming our work life is until we begin missing out on what truly matters in life. How can you preserve your ambitions and achieve success while finding time to enjoy life? Your career success shouldn’t come at the cost of your happiness. It’s possible to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance by learning skills that can help you gain focus and perspective. It’s essential to identify the obstacles that keep you from being efficient so you can implement the right solutions to unlock your full potential. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Franzen interviews Chad Gill, Founder of Laminin Coach. They discuss Laminin Coach’s guidance and implementation techniques, the benefits of having an executive assistant, how to work less and do more, and the importance of delegation and accountability in a business. Chad also shares his secret to a good work-life balance, why executive assistants are often overlooked, and what mistakes to avoid when hiring one.


How to Design Your Success Despite All Odds

Ethan King is the Co-founder of Zeus’ Closet, a company specializing in premium and personalized fashion embroidery that brings uniqueness based on each customer’s style. His commitment to excellence and ability to leverage creativity and personalization in fashion has made him a trusted name in premium embroidery. Ethan is also the past President of EO Atlanta, the author of the international bestseller Wealth Beyond Money, and a keynote speaker passionate about branding, business growth, and entrepreneurship. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's in graphic design. In this episode… Despite the volatile nature of saturated markets, it is possible to turn your passion into a successful career. The question remains — where to start? Though having a successful career as an artist is usually met with skepticism, it’s not as impossible as people think to leave your mark on the industry. Unleashing your creativity through entrepreneurial opportunities helps you design your future even in a saturated market. After all, who said artists could not be successful? Like everything else, it takes determination and willingness to grow to accomplish your personal and professional goals. In this episode of Get The Intel, Chad Gill sits down with Ethan King, Co-founder of Zeus’ Closet. They discuss the values of forum training, the six dimensions of success, the myths and truths surrounding artists' career struggles, and getting in shape without sacrificing your personal or professional development. Ethan shares his best tips on understanding and listening to your intuition and the essential elements of coaching that prepare you for success.


How To Restore Your Work-life Balance

Chad Gill is the Founder of Laminin Coach, a company that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on what matters most by offering specialized solutions that enhance their efficiency. As a veteran entrepreneur, Chad is also the President at Concreate and the Founder of Workforce Recon. His dedication to the construction industry has driven his continuous interest in developing innovative ideas by leveraging the latest technologies. In this episode… Many factors affect the success of a business, but uncertainty, stress, and lack of focus can cause a continuous strain on efficiency and productivity. How can you make your company thrive under the looming weight of responsibilities? We all know the overwhelming burden of stress, some more than others. The same is true for young entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to accomplish their goals. It’s not uncommon for businesses to find themselves with rapidly growing responsibilities and demands but with a decreasing amount of time to meet deadlines. When there is a disruption in the chain of command, only one thing can help. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Franzen interviews Chad Gill, Founder of Laminin Coach. They discuss the challenges entrepreneurs and businesses face and ways to deal with them, the most common stress factors of running a business, and the advantages of hiring an assistant. Chad also shares his advice on avoiding the most common mistakes business owners make and modernizing your mindset for continued success.


How to Harness Your Business Confidence

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint Inc., an award-winning brand of unsweetened flavored water. Kara also authored Undaunted which tells her inspiring story about the power of determination despite failures. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and active speaker, Kara also hosts her podcast The Kara Goldin Show where she interviews leaders and founders from various industries. In this episode… It’s only natural for people to experience personal or professional doubts in their lives. However, doubts in the workplace can be costly and sometimes affect our whole future. Is there a way to get out of that bad habit? It all comes down to making a choice. Finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone, take a chance, and work toward your own success. Knowing the right way to eliminate uncertainties can be beneficial to your professional growth by promoting healthy habits that can help achieve results. The change starts with you. In this episode of Get the Intel, Chad Gill welcomes Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint Inc. They talk about finding and maintaining the determination for success, the inspiration behind Kara’s book Undaunted, and how thinking outside the box can broaden one’s resolve to achieve one’s goals. Kara also shares her favorite insights on the importance of understanding consumer needs, staying proactive, and celebrating successes while maintaining a healthy level of ambition.


Why You Need a Business Coach

Chad Gill is the Founder and Owner of Concreate, a family-owned business that provides concrete polishing and custom staining for both commercial and residential projects. The company works with designers, architects, project managers, general contractors, tradespeople, and homeowners. Chad is also the Founder of Workforce Recon and the creator of the Field Recon app. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Military Institute and hosts the This is Concrete and Get the Intel podcasts. In this episode… Are you an entrepreneur struggling to streamline processes and systemize tasks? Have you thought of hiring a business coach? What do you need to know about these coaches, and how can you find one that suits your needs? Business coaches assess a company’s functions and implement systems that maximize consistency, automate processes, and delegate tasks to various team members. When instructing an organization, business coach Chad Gill recommends and integrates automated platforms and hires experts to train company owners to use software effectively. He maintains the importance of finding a coach who specializes in your company’s needs. In today’s episode of Get the Intel, Chad Franzen of Rise25 talks with Chad Gill, Owner and Founder of Concreate and Workforce Recon, about the value of a business coach. Chad shares why he hired a business coach and how he began coaching, his strategic coaching process, and his business’ target clients and services.