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The Data-Driven Countdown Clock to End Extreme Poverty [Episode 20]

Key Links Did you know 1.1 people escape poverty every second? In this episode, we talk with Kris Hamel, Chief Operating Officer at World Data Lab. World Data Lab sources high-quality data and then makes the data come alive in the form of interactive tools, such as the World Poverty Clock. Here’s a podcast summary: 1:45 What is the mission ofWorld Data Lab?8:15 What, and why did you join World Data Lab?13:00 Why did you choose Global Goal...


Keith Ippel - The Impact Ecosystem That Supports Early Stage Social Entrepreneurs On Their Journey To Change the World [Episode 19]

Key Links In this episode we’re talking with Keith Ippel, Co-Founder and CEO of Spring. Spring helps social entrepreneurs make an impact with their Incubator, Accelerator, Peer to Peer learning network, and their Funding Roundtables. 2:20 How Spring started3:30 Spring has worked with a LOT of entrepreneurs… how?5:45 What does it take to start a social venture?15:30 What are the top lessons Keith has learned?26:45 Keith’s proudest company wins37:30 Impact investing tips and the...


Six Real-Time Data Resources for Social Entrepreneurs [Bonus]

If you're listening to this podcast you're a social entrepreneur. As social entrepreneurs... We believe that we can use business as a vehicle to solve problems. One of my biggest takeaways from kenya is that you have to go to where you want to solve a problem to see it from the ground. If you don’t have the chance to go... You better have really good data about the challenges. And I've found that's pretty tough. So I started digging, and I found some amazing resources. Here are my favorite...


Empowering and Employing Talent in Africa [Episode 18]

In this episode we talk with Eddy Vaisberg, the COO of Fuzu. Fuzu is a career platform where 500k active users can discover their talent, get the skills they need to fully unleash their potential and find a career they love. We will talk about: 3:00 The unemployment challenge7:30 How Fuzu aims to help graduates and employers26:30 The technology behind Fuzu46:30 The business model48:45 The global goals they are tackling Find out how Fuzu tackles 3 Global Goals: Global Goal #8, decent work...


Powering Africa Sustainably with Solar Mini Grids [Episode 17]

In Kenya, more than 1.3 million households sit beyond the Kenya Power and Lighting Company national grid. In this episode, hear Nakul talk about funding mini grid development and the long term plan to shift Africa to sustainable power. 10:00 Why is a Power Grid Important?| Find out what life is like off the power grid, and what it takes to get power to people who live on less than $4 per day.14:30 African Resources| Africa is world’s largest geothermal resource, so why is expensive diesel...


Proving the Value of Impact Investing in Emerging Markets [Episode 16]

Key Links IFC Africa Ananya’s IFC portfolio group creates sustainable investment opportunities through partnership with the private sector. See how their investments impact education and healthcare in this episode. 2:00 How the IFC works| Investing in profitable AND sustainable ventures12:30 What kinds of investments does the IFC do in Africa?| How the IFC impacts a whole ecosystem with $5 million+ investments.18:00Healthcare &Education |How the IFC supports these two critical impact areas...


Ron Okello - The High-Impact Tech Platform for Goods Transportation [Episode 15]

Key Links Lori Systems In this episode, Chandler interviews Ron Okello, the head of product marketing and PR at Lori Systems. Ron shows us how Lori Systems solves a major economic problem in East Africa: the relative cost of moving goods across East Africa is one of the highest in the world. 4:30 How the Platform Works| Lori Systems is a logistics coordination platform that seamlessly connects Cargo Owners and Transportation.13:30 Why Does the Data Matter? |With data on transporter...


Maurice Otieno - Introduction To The Startup Ecosystem In Kenya [Episode 14]

Key Links: Mettā ----- Mettā is a network of entrepreneurs who share resources and mentorship internationally. In this episode, the Kenyan manager of Mettā helps us see what it’s like to address the Global Goals in an emerging market like Nairobi. 6:45 What is the startup landscape in Nairobi Kenya?The small population and scarcity of talent and resources impact which businesses thrive.18:45 What is M-Pesa and why is it such a big deal?M-Pesa is mobile money sent through text. It makes...


Announcing the Kenya Sessions Miniseries on the Global Goals Project [Bonus]

Over 783 people in the world are living on less than $1.90 per day, and half of those are in sub-saharan Africa. In this introduction, Chandler asks: what is it going to take to tackle the #1 Global Goal and overcome poverty? Chandler headed to Kenya to find out how access to the internet impacts development in emerging markets. The Global Goals Project will cover three main topics in the upcoming series of interviews with Kenya-based founders: Can we 80/20 the Global Goals?If we pooled...


Sona Shah - The IoT Technology Startup Tackling Infant Mortality [Episode 13]

Key Links: NeoPenda NeoPenda Crowdfunding ----- Three years ago, two biomedical engineers had the courage to travel to Uganda and discover why millions of newborns die of preventable causes. In this episode, hear how Sona and her co-founder Teresa created a social impact startup while still in grad school, and how you can tackle a Global Goal with field research. Sona’s Story to Become a Social EntrepreneurWhile still in grad school, Sona and her cofounder headed to Uganda and decided to...


Jonathan Nelson - The Blockchain VC Fund to Tackle Poverty [Episode 12]

Key Links Hack FundHackers and Founders After building the largest global network of tech founders, Jonathan Nelson took on the problem all founders face: funding. The Hack Fund platform uses blockchain technology to provide accelerated liquidity to investors and will transform access to capital in emerging markets. 6:30 How to Raise $5 Million: “I don’t know man, I’m a nurse!” Jonathan shares the journey of balancing nursing night shifts, coding, and running Hackers and Founders...


Tim Freundlich - Impact Investing For Everyone [Episode 11]

If you’ve been a social entrepreneur or impact investor for more than two minutes, you’ve probably heard of the SoCap conference. In this podcast, the founder of SoCap and ImpactAssets shares his journey to bring impact investing into mainstream conversation. Tim also covers the new frontier of impact investment: democratized, curated impact investing through the ImpactAssets platform. 2:15 What is ImpactAssets? Tim talks about how impact investing works, and what differentiates it from...


Adam Harriss - The Blockchain-Powered Platform for Global Problem Solving [Episode 10]

The internet is great at two things: breaking down big ideas into smaller topics and matching people. Adam and Chandler ask, can we solve Global Goal - sized problems with the internet? On this episode, we find out how can do just that. 7:00 | The 4 Keys to Solving a Massive Problem Adam tells us how integrates scoping problems, staffing teams, funding and executing projects within the platform. 18:30 | How does Blockchain fit in? Adam explains simply how the DoGood...


Patricia Chin-Sweeney - How Technology Plays Into Growing Businesses In Emerging Markets [Episode 9]

When 86% of an economy happens at local family markets, making a difference with tech and business innovation looks a little different. In this episode, Patricia Chin-Sweeney shares the keys to support development in East African and Latin American countries. The mobile marketplace holds enormous opportunity in areas with little computer access. Raising $80 Million in 45 Countries Patricia tells us how a group of passionate bankers, investors and managers have impacted 350 companies...


Brian Lim - Building Businesses in Space by Leveraging Satellites and Sensors [Episode 8]

Key Links Brian Lim - HyperCubes Founder ---------- Can one person make a difference in the UN Global Goals with exponential technology? In this episode, the founder of Hypercubes says yes. 2:00 Planet Diagnosis Data Hypercubes uses cutting-edge satellite, sensor and AI technology to take daily chemical analysis snapshots of the earth. With chemical data from all over the world, we can answer “The biggest integrity question.. why is the river still purple?” This episode covers how to...


Jalen Gildersleeve - Increasing The World’s Emotional Intelligence With AI [Episode 7]

In this Episode We Cover: The mission and vision of why MindHak was created and it’s ultimate goals.How the basics of the technology work behind the scenes of MindHak. This includes understanding the basics of how machine learning works. Global Goal 16- Peace, Justice, and Strong InstitutionsA high-level look at where Mindhak is now with their business and what’s next.


Dr. Nelli Garton - How is Supporting Organizations to Measure Their Impact [Episode 6]

In this Episode We Cover: Nelli’s background and story into becoming an impact investor.Learn about the transition into building out the impact measurment company, the basics of the technology work behind the scenes of current stage of business that is in and what’s next as they scale.Understand the mindset as they looked at the decision of whether or not to bring in investors. How they see participating in the Global Goals.


Keoke King - 3D Printing Solution to Reduce Inequalities by Supporting Those With Disabilities [Episode 5]

In this episode we cover: The story of how Keoke and the team atParticipant.Lifegot started in the Wheelchair industry and what they’re set out to solve.The current status of the wheelchair industry.Global Goal #10 - Reduce InequalitiesUnderstand the basics of how the Participant business model works and their plan to scale.A 101 on 3D Printing, the benefits of building a company using 3D printing, and overview of how the cost structure works.A high-level look at where Participant is now...


Patrick Kronfli - Creating Decentralized Movements to Tackle Every Global Goal [Episode 4]

In this episode we cover: The story of howUnifywas created and how it lead to their tech platform to inspire the world to create or join a movement.Learn about how their tech platform,RISE, works along with the business model behind it.Top methods behind what it takes to creates a successful global movement.Global Sisterhood Movement- Every new moon, thousands of soulful women in 80+ countries gather in Sister Circles to connect to their truths, empower one another, and catalyze the...


Christian Cotichini - Leveraging The Power Of The Crowd To Tackle The Global Goals [Episode 3]

In this episode we cover: How theHeroxplatform works and why crowdsourcing is so powerful to solve critical challenges.Examples of crowdsourcing from the invention of the modern canning movementto Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project.The three different kinds of talent to consider when bringing on people to help to solve your company’s challenges.A high-level look at the Herox business model and currently projects he’s focused on to scale users.How you can bring a challenge idea to HeroX and get...