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43 Kenny Fischer is the creator of FATTEBIKES

Kenny Fischer, is the founder of FattE-Bikes which stands for Fat Tire Electric Bikes. Kenny has started multiple business all of which have some form of eco or sustainable theme to them. Prior to FattE-Bikes Kenny produced one of the nations largest Upcycle festivals called PalletFest where the entire event was constructed out of old wooden shipping pallets. Now, Kenny is changing the way people commute one FattE-Bike at a time!


42 Exploding Your Blogging Traffic With Pinterest

Angie Gensler drives traffic to her blog with Pinterest and the tailwind application. She has three main key strategies that she follows and discusses it on the podcast. http://gobuildyourbusiness.com/42


Why Entrepreneurs Favor Podcasting Over Blogs

Tom Schwab is an entrepreneur and he discusses why entrepreneurs favor podcasting over blogs. Podcasting has craved out a foothold in mainstream media entertainment and education methods. People fill in a commute to work with a favorite podcast on something that entertains or educates them. It is a great method for businesses and entrepreneurs to find a podcast to be a guest on and get interviewed to get your message out to the world. https://www.gobuildyourbusiness.com/41


40 How To Increase Conversions Using Live Chat With Interchanges

Interchanges President Nelson Burton is on the podcast and explains how to increase conversions using live chat for businesses. Chatbots are limited to the preprogramed scripting and will lose customers if not able to field the question at hand. Live chat support has increased conversion as much as 70%. Show Notes: http://gobuildyourbusiness.com/40


39 How To Invent A New Product And Wow The Market

Adam Masters stumbled across a different way to enjoy going down a river that created a new thrill for him. Adam shares how to invent a new product and wow the market. From prototype to his current version has been one wild ride for Adam Masters and he discusses his journey of bringing a new product to market. https://www.gobuildyourbusiness.com/39 Adam Masters is the inventor the Bellyak, the worlds first kayak designed for paddling in the prone position. Adam was simply looking for a...


38 Leadership Style For Business

Cash Keahey is a global leader-architect and has worked with several Fortune 500 business executives and discusses leadership style for business on the go build your business podcast. https://www.gobuildyourbusiness.com/Leadership A 23-year professional career inside global Fortune 500s in diverse functions and industries exposed Cash to different corporate cultures with different styles of leadership. Through these experiences, Keahey realized the symbiotic relationship between...


37 Build Your Business With Niche Website Content Marketing

Jon Dykstra is a niche website content creator and owns several niche affiliate websites that draws over 1.6 million unique page views monthly to the sites. He has refined his process as he shares how to build your dream business with several niche website ideas. Jon started out in a brick and mortar business and started blogging for that business. That blogging eventually led Jon to leave his previous business and move into the niche website content model completely. His ability to drive...


36 Why Is It Difficult To Achieve Work Life Balance

Nichole Carlson works with leaders to develop self-mastery and creating massive transformation to unleash their true potential. Nichole is an absolutely unique coach that focuses on moving lives to extraordinary levels. She connects directly with her audience, as having been in similar situations of either having nothing or having it all. The discussion focuses on why is it difficult to achieve work life...


35 How To 10X Website Traffice Within 6 Months

Jeff Hall is a SEO expert creating overflow cafe helping website owners get ranked higher in search engines such as google, yahoo, and bing. Jeff explains how to simply 10X your website traffic with a few simple steps. Overflow Cafe knows what the engines are looking for and provides recommendations for optimization. https://www.gobuildyourbusiness.com/podcast/how-to-10x-your-website-traffic-within-6-months/


34 How I Failed My Way To $10Million With Ray Leone

Ray Leone knows all the ways to fail as a sales professional as he has failed his way to making millions of dollars as a sales pro and training others to do the same. Ray Leone is the author of Secrets of the Sales Funnel and is the host of the radio program “Winning the Game of Life.” He is a 25-year member of the National Speakers Association, and is a past president of NSA/Carolinas. As a businessman, Ray is President of the Leone Resource Group and SSS Publishing. He is an...


33 Kelly Roach Unstoppable Success

Unstoppable Success Kelly Roach is the host of the top rated podcast Unstoppable Success Radio, an International best-selling author, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching. As a former NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive where she was promoted 7 times in 8 years. Kelly brings a powerful combination of proven and profitable business growth strategies. She coaches clients with the mindset, wellness and productivity practices to help entrepreneurs build a profitable business around a...


32 Amy Lyle The Book Of Failures

If you are looking at the best selling funny memoirs on Amazon- you'll see Trevor Noah, David Sedaris, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer, but you'll also see our guest Amy Lyle. Amy is a mom to 4 wonderful children and lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Amy Lyle. Her "Book of Failures" has been on the bestsellers list since it was released in May. Helpful Resources! 1) Expert Secrets: Russell Brunson is giving away his “Expert Secrets” book (Just Pay S&H) 2) 100 Day Challenge – Set &...


31 Jacques Klempf Goes From The Egg Business To The Fine Dining Chophouse

Jacques Klempf sold his third generation egg business to crack into the world of fine dining in the historic section of Downtown Jacksonville. He owned and operated the Dixie Egg Company which sold in 2016. The building was built in the 1880s and to say he rehabbed the building would be a huge understatement. It was probably more of a labor of love for the top rated Cowford Chophouse. The Cowford Chophouse building was originally built in the 1880s and has seen the good times and the bad...


30 Ankit Shukla Going Global - The Adventures Of A Traveling Nurse

Don't Live The Good Life, Live The Better Life. Ankit's journey started with his parents as they lived in India where life was tough and difficult. His parents knew that a move to the United States would create a better life for them and their sons.


29 Phill Hellmuth From Poker Champion To Sharing His #Positivity Outlook On Life

Phil Hellmuth shares how he started in the world of poker and his remarkable success at the tables that continues to this day. Phil now wants to share his outlook on life with his new book #Positivity.


28 Lise Ode Monetizing My Blog Was A Piece Of Cake!

Lise Ode is the author of the popular food blog, Mom Loves Baking. She loves creating sweet treats, taking lots of pictures and sharing the step-by-step photos and videos on her website as well as her social channels.


Justin King shares how he started blogging for years before anybody noticed.

Justin King is the CEO of B2X Partners.com - an agency focused on helping distributors and manufacturers create amazing digital experiences for their customers. With almost 20 years working in eCommerce, Justin King has been on the forefront of the growth and trends in B2B eCommerce.


26 Dennis Shaver grew up on a farm with his brothers, learning and developing hard working traits that has helped him become successful in life. He has been able to help others focus on the right areas to create the success they want in life.

Dennis Shaver grew up on a farm with his brothers, learning and developing hard working traits that has helped him become successful in life. He has been able to help others focus on the right areas to create the success they want in life.


Marketing With The Influencer Effect with Greg Jameson

Greg Jameson discusses the methods of marketing from his book, "The Influencer Effect". Using the right type of influencer is key to getting your brand and product heard in the market place.


24 Andrea Waltz Teaches Go For No! Yes Is The Destination, No Is How You Get There.

Andrea Waltz is the co-author of Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. She has made her mission to liberate people from fears of failure and rejection, sharing an entire new mindset about hearing the word NO.