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Launching a top UK podcast | S2 EP5

In this episode of the Go Far Fast Show, podcast expert Chris Taylor answers your podcast queries, and talks all about helping businesses tell their story one podcast at a time, from finding the guests, to recording and editing it.


Why discomfort is essential for personal growth | S2 EP4

In this episode of the Go Far Fast Show, the EcSell Institute's CEO and founder, Bill Eckstrom, talks all about his book 'The Coaching Effect', how coaches and leaders impact the performance of their teams, why stepping outside of your comfort zone is SO important for growth, and his 2017 TED Talk 'Why comfort will ruin your life' which inspired Farillio's founder Merlie to take the leap into entrepreneurship!


How to ensure your website meets your customers behaviour and needs | S2 EP3

In today's episode of the Go Far Fast Show, product design expert James Keal shares his advice on how to create a brilliant customer buying experience, what we should be doing with our websites to meet customers behaviour needs, and how to get customers to do what you want through on your website!


How to stop social media from harming our mental health | S2 EP2



How to recover from breaking point and smash success | S2 EP1

The Go Far Fast Show is back! In episode 1 of season 2, serial entrepreneur Lisa Laing talks all about what to do when business gets tough, how to bounce back, and how to strike a balance between running your business and being a mother!


Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life - how to achieve small business success | S1 EP12

In episode 12 of the #GoFarFastShow, Carl Reader (author of Boss It) talks all about entrepreneurship, taking back control, and how to be successful in business!


How to rise to social media success and the real pitfalls to avoid | S1 EP11

In this episode of the Go Far Fast show, social media whizz Katy Howell from Immediate Future tells us how to navigate different social channels and find the right space for your business. Hear all about follower metrics, trolling, where to put your money, and other great social media tips and tricks!


Why your marketing doesn't work, and how to fix it | S1 EP10

In this episode of the #GoFarFast Show, we chatted with no-nonsense marketing expert Louis Grenier all about the most effective ways to get your business seen. He answered our burning questions with great advice, from explaining the marketing basics, to sharing his unusual insider tips!


How to plan, pitch and innovate your business – and the amazing tool to get you there | S1 EP9

In this episode of the Go Far Fast Show, Joshua Bicknell from Validate talks all about business planning, building confidence in your idea, and Validate, the one-stop tool for imagining, testing, creating and pitching any business or start-up!


Nailing Financial Freedom: How Blackbullion has turned finance into fun | S1 EP8

In this episode of the #GoFarFast​ show, Vivi Friedgut from Blackbullion talks all about finance for students and real benefits a good financial understanding can have in the world of entrepreneurship and small business!


How to be confident and present well to win business | S1 EP7

In this episode, we chatted to the Impact Guru herself, Esther Stanhope all about how to speak with confidence and present yourself well on camera. We also got to hear all about her amazing book, 'Goodbye Glossophobia: Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking'.


What it takes to start and succeed in business with Jenna Davies | S1 EP6

In this episode, Jenna Davies from Pioneer and Birkbeck Futures chatted to us all about this amazing programme and how it can help entrepreneurs on their business journey. She also answered our burning questions on what it takes to start and succeed in business, how you can go about building a great community and the importance of a solid business plan!


The real secrets to startup success AND the best-selling book on it | S1 EP5

In this episode, business authors Gayle Mann and Lucy-Rose Walker talk all about their book, the Amazon best seller "Misadventures in Entrepreneuring", and give great words of wisdom on what it takes to succeed as a startup as well as how you overcome obstacles and thrive.


The future of banking and fair finance with Kevin Hollinrake MP | S1 EP4

In this episode, hear from Kevin Hollinrake, MP, and chair of the All-party parliamentary group on fair business banking, talk about the future of banking for small businesses, the government schemes and loans available to small business during COVID-19 and what is being done to try to achieve fair finance for the all important SME community.


Education's altered forever. How students are leading the change | S1 EP3

In this episode, hear from Zubair Junjunia from Znotes, on how education's altered forever and the ways students are leading the change. See how Znotes has taken the global student population by storm, and the ways Zubair and his team are supporting students in a COVID-19 world, and, most importantly, helping to plug the education gap!


The future of retail – tips for retail business owners, online and offline, in 2020 and onwards | S1 EP2

In this episode, hear from Chris Brook-Carter, CEO of the retailTRUST, on how the future of retail is looking because of Covid-19's impact, whether offline retail businesses should open online shops too, what support the retailTRUST offers to help the retail sector, how to find out what customers want, whether it's the right time or not to start a new retail business, and much, much more! Massive thank you to National Enterprise Nation for sponsoring the Go Far Fast Show – we're super proud to be supported by such a vital part of the business community. And, of course, sending a virtual fist bump to our awesome accounting extraordinaire, Aaron at Boffix, for being such a fun co-host! See you in the next podcast!


Need free support in business planning, cash flow & more? Alex Till on how NEN helps SMEs | S1 EP1

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Go Far Fast Show... the small business talk show that gets you places fast! In this video, hear from Alex Till, Chairman of the National Enterprise Network, on how you can get (sometimes free and locally available!) support and advice around getting started in making your business idea a successful, supported business... with support around business planning, cash flow forecasting and lots more. Take a look at how you can get support from the National Enterprise Network here: https://www.nationalenterprisenetwork... 22:44 – Are the government taking what’s happening with small businesses seriously? It doesn’t always feel like that to the small business on the street.. 26:24 - My business is struggling and I’m feeling like giving up. I’m gutted, but I’m exhausted, and it feels like there is no end in sight. Do you have any advice for me? Can you offer any glimmers of hope? 29:40 - I’ve been a freelancer, running my business as a limited company for years. I pay my taxes and I’ve always been really responsible about running my business. But I’d have been better off working for someone else or being a sole trader under the government’s relief schemes. Do you think what’s happening to the #ForgottenLtd businesses is fair? 32:33 - I’m hearing that help (money and support) in some regions is better than others. Is this true – and should I move my business to get a better deal? I really need help. 32:33 - I feel like nobody is really listening or really committed to helping small businesses and we don’t seem to have a real voice. People who say they represent us put a ‘spin’ on what we tell them and they never seem to report back what they’re doing and what that means for us. What’s NEN doing to help? 35:24 - How is NEN helping people with landlords – or can you help us with that? Paying rent is a big expense for most small businesses and my business is no different. My landlord is chasing me for rent that I just can’t afford to pay right now 38:20 - What’s the benefit of being a member of NEN? Why should I join up and what will it give me that other trade associations don’t? Massive thank you to National Enterprise Nation for sponsoring the Go Far Fast Show – we're super proud to be supported by such a vital part of the business community. And, of course, sending a virtual fist bump to our awesome accounting extraordinaire, Aaron at Boffix, for being such a fun co-host! See you in the next podcast!