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Ep49.1 – The #podinthepark Launch!

Missed out on all your festivals this year? Listen to the show & would like to meet the team? Perhaps you'd even like to be a guest? Maybe you'd just like an excuse to go to a beer garden on a Wednesday afternoon?! To celebrate our 50th episode, (no this one doesn't count) the gang are going to do a live show at the Anchor Inn, Irby on Wednesday 4 August 2021. The show starts at 3pm and all our welcome! We will also be steaming the show live on Facebook & Instagram so if you don't already,...


Ep49 – Which Platform should I use?

This week the gang discuss which social media platform they prefer and why so you might better understand the differences and how each one might benefit your business. Here are this weeks resource tips: Canva Publer If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email gofish@thepodstation.co.uk or check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn - @go-fishmarketing Other Episodes 28 Jul Go...Fishing, Podcasts Ep49.1 – The #podinthepark Launch! July 28,...


Ep48 – COVID has ended & all is fine now…isn’t it?!

We keep being told we are reaching the end of the tunnel after an 18 month nightmare for many businesses and perhaps not so much for others, but is that really the case? How are businesses doing now and if they are not at 100%, when might that be likely? In this episode the gang interview three business owners from three different sectors to see how they have been affected by the pandemic, where they are at now and what the future holds to perhaps uncover the truth in the SME world. A huge...


Ep47 – Analysing Analytics

Analysing your business, your prospects & customers is a great way to understand where your work comes from, where you might find new customers & how you might improve your service to attract even more! The problem is there is so much analytical data out there where do you start & do you have time & is it actually that beneficial? In this episode the team dig into the subject and debate the pros & cons of analytics to help you better understand the answers to these questions. This weeks Top...


Go Fish – Ep46 – Do Reviews really matter to your business?

We are delighted to unveil the debut episode of our brand new host, Ishtar Ali of Ancora Interiors! It is said that getting customer feedback is crucial to maintaining and evolving your service quality so, why do so many avoid it, and do those who participate fully utilise the benefits and/or ignore key pitfalls? With prospective customers able to easily check out reviews about the quality of your business' services, the Go Fish team discuss how important reviews are for attracting new...


Ep45 – Does your imagery capture your brand?

This week the gang are joined by Sarah White of Sarah White Photography to discuss the importance of imagery and more specifically, brand imagery. What does the images you use for your business say about your business, your brand and your service? Does it attract the right customers, get across the right message and if not, how on earth do you address these challenges? …well guess what, Sarah and the crew discuss all this and more in this episode. If you would like to know more about Sarah's...


Ep44 – Lockdown Stories

It's been a tough ol' 12 months for businesses but we wanted to inspire people with some stories about businesses who have faced down the challenges and come up with great solutions to keep things going. In this episode the team are joined by Rob McDowell of RM Roofing who talks about how they have taken advantage of demand in property improvements. For more information about RM Roofing's services you can contact them by email info@rm-roofing.co.uk or by calling 0800 6344 821 Plus branding...


Ep43 – Secrets to Effective Email Marketing

How many of you want a mailing list for your business? How many have a 'subscribe here' option on their website which never gets used? Would you like to correct both of these problems? In this episode the team are joined by email marketing expert Ian Brodie to discuss the secrets of how to effectively and legally build up your mailing list and then use it to generate work. If you would like to know more about Ian you can contact him on LinkedIn or visit his website ianbrodie.com You can also...


Ep42 – Has COVID-19 changed our social media behaviour?

Our use of social media has changed dramatically during the pandemic lockdown as people seek company and connection with friends and family, entertainment during the countless hours at home and information when looking to find or buy something online. In fact industry statistic show a huge increase in the time we spend on social media, but is what we now expect to see different to pre-COVID-19? Our team look at whether this is the case and how businesses can ensure their message meets...


Ep41 – Making the most of Zoom

If you do not know what Zoom is then where have you been hiding since March 2020?! Prior to the world pandemic it is safe to say most people had never heard of this online video conferencing tool, but since then probably the vast majority of businesses will have used it in some capacity. In this episode the team go through some of the features, provide tips and some warnings when trying to generate new customers for your business. Here is a link to this weeks tips: NewGen Networking Fiverr...


Ep40 – Solving the Headaches of Marketing from Home

Nobody wanted to start 2021 with another lengthy lockdown, but unfortunately the challenge of trying to run and market a business from home is one which many are facing. In this episode the Go-Fish look at what problems are faced by businesses in promoting their business with these restrictions, solutions to these issues and what unforeseen opportunities have arisen and how to best capitalise. This weeks recommended tools are: Acuity/Calendly Promo Republic Green Screen & Stand If you would...


Ep39 – New Year, New Plan, New Goals?

It's that time of the year everyone! New years resolutions are trotted out by people setting themselves goals for the coming months. The question is, what is a good goal to set yourself in the marketing world and how do you go about doing it? What are the pitfalls of setting an unrealistic target and how can you avoid doing it. All will be revealed in this weeks episode.... If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email gofish@thepodstation.co.uk or check...


Ep38 – The Art of Printed Marketing

In the digital age it is often too easy to forget the printed marketing strategies which have been around for a long time, with their successes equally surviving that period. In this episode the team are joined by print and marketing expert Mark Latham of Utopia Design & Marketing to discuss what we mean by print (and by print we really do mean a whole host of things), how it can be effectively used to bolster your marketing mix and the pitfalls of going cheap or using the wrong person. If...


Ep37 – What is the trick to SEO?

Do your eyes glaze over when people mention SEO, or do you get overly excited but not quite sure why? Well in this episode the team are joined by SEO expert Jake Powell of Bespoke Search Marketing to discuss the enigma of SEO and providing tips to help maximise your businesses ranking. Here are some of the recommended links: ubersuggest.com seoptimer.com If you would like to know more about Jake's services you can contact him by email jakeorganicmarketing@gmail.com or by calling 07854 421...


Ep36 – Learning the Art of Video

With more and more content being available on our screens, we as customers have become more and more discerning about what we watch and why. A fantastic way to get your message across is by video, making it even easier for prospective customers to learn about the benefits of your services or products. In this episode the team are joined by video expert Michael Roberts of Take the Cake Productions to discuss how to seize upon the benefit of this medium and even do some quality video using...


Ep35 – Christmas Special

IT'S CHRISTMAS! (Nobby Holder style shouting of course). Well sort of anyway. For any business where this is your busiest time, the festive furore has certainly begun and so the team have done a special episode to touch on what you can do to make the most of this period, pandemic or no pandemic! If Christmas makes little difference to you as a business don't switch off, the Go Fish gang also touch upon some useful advice to make the most of this period even if it isn't your craziest time. If...


Ep34 – Knowing Your No’s!

We all have a hesitancy towards being rejected or knowing why, and yet it is often as important to understand why people might not use our services or buy our goods as it is to determine why they might. In this episode sales guru, Elaine Atherton, goes through some of the key questions to find this out, as well as providing some vital tips on how to address any problems. If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email gofish@thepodstation.co.uk or check us...


Ep33 – The Sales Dojo

In this episode the team are joined by sales expert Leon McCowan of The Sales Dojo to discuss sales techniques And apparently to reopen the war wound of is sales part of marketing or marketing part of sales! If you would like to know more about Leon and how he can help you can contact on social media via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email gofish@thepodstation.co.uk or check us out on Facebook,...


Ep32 – The Benefits of Video & Audio

With technology continuing to become more readily available to people, both audio and video and the ability to access and use them to promote your business are becoming more commonplace. This week the gang look at some of the more well-known options which are available and discuss the pros and cons of using them to market your business. If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email gofish@thepodstation.co.uk or check us out on Facebook, Instagram,...


Ep31 – The Art of Presentations

Presentations are a great opportunity to sell your business, whether this is at a seminar, network event or sales pitch to a prospective client. However there are certain ingredients which are essential to ensure you make the right impression. In this episode the team discuss what key factors you need to consider when preparing your presentation to ensure the greatest likelihood of it being a success. If you would like to get in touch to ask a question or suggest a topic please email...