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Media Mavens: An Insider’s Look into the World of Broadcast Media

What do Lauren Stanton, Alyssa Hearin, Emily Richett, and Good Company host Sarah Cavanaugh have in common? Besides being overall swell gals, they all are prominent faces in West Michigan's broadcast media industry! Tune in and get the inside scoop into the worlds of these Media Mavens. Learn what happens behind-the-scenes, how they pull off their lovely on-screen personas at 5 in the morning, tips for entering the biz, and how to deal with stalkers… while we drink Koala Bear by Creston...


Andy Johnston Tells Us Why Community Involvement and Engaging in Local Politics is Cool!

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, you are abiding by rules and regulations that have been made for us. Andy Johnston, Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs, doesn’t like being told what to do without good reason, so becoming a registered lobbyist was the perfect job for him. Join Andy and the Good Company Podcast for some craft beverages at the Craft Beer Cellar, while he encourags you to get involved with the issues that you are most passionate about!


Landing the Job 101: Networking & Informational Interviews (w/ Dave Nitkiewicz)

Twenty-something Dave Nitkiewicz (pronounced nit-kev-ich) has a pretty cool job. As the Specialty Markets Sales Manager for Experience Grand Rapids, he travels the country promoting Grand Rapids as a destination and acts as a concierge for our community. How did he get to where he is at such a young age? The short answer: networking and asking for informational interviews. The long answer: Paying his way through college through server jobs at the Marriott, unpaid internships, and tons of...


Meet CJ Mehall: the GVSU Professor that Brought the White Privilege Conference to Grand Rapids

To Christopher “CJ” Mehall, issues of race, gender, sexuality, and able-bodiedness aren’t left wing or right wing issues: they’re human issues. Having grown up with all the privileges one can have in America, he uses his position as a GVSU Professor in the Education Department to teach his students and our community how to be better humans. Find out how he managed to bring the renowned White Privilege Conference to Grand Rapids in April 2018 and how he dealt with the pushback and hate mail...


Leadership Coach Barbara Rapaport Shares the Top 5 Leadership Lessons that Stand the Test of Time

Barbara Rapaport is many things to many people: mother, wife, feminist, influencer. Most notably, however, she’s a leadership coach who has inspired growth in many leaders across our community. Listen to our latest podcast to learn her top five leadership lessons that stand the test of time and the value of introspection as a leader … while we drink Pacific Coast Cider, purchased from the Craft Beer Cellar!


Meet the Founder of the First Festival Celebrating Asian Culture in Grand Rapids (w/ Ace Marasigan)

You may know Ace Marasigan as the founder of the Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Festival. However, his childhood was spent in the Philippines, living in poverty near a community dumpsite. Find out about how Ace persevered, despite the difficult hand he was dealt, how his son inspired him to plan the first festival celebrating Asian-Pacific culture in Grand Rapids, and get an inside scoop on this year’s festival offerings (SPOILER: there will be sumo wrestlers)! Listen to these stories and more...


Because Every Youth Should Have a Safe Place to Call Home (w/ Luke Petsch of HQ)

At face value, Luke Petsch is your everyday young adult from the Midwest. He loves hiking, rock climbing, and his adorable dog, Bob Loblaw. What makes him stand out is the passion and dedication he has for the youths of our community - particularly those experiencing homelessness. Tune in to find out how, at his job with HQ as Development Director, he provides them a safe space to refresh and even helps with long-term solutions to jumpstart their careers… While we drink John Ball Brown by...


From Single Mom & High School Dropout to Founder of a Recruiting Agency (w/ Ashley Ward)

Ashley Ward has led a challenging and unconventional life. She dropped out of High School at 17 to work full-time, became a mom, and eventually found herself in an abusive relationship. Fast forward to today - where she's a graduate of Cornerstone University, happily married, and founder of “Hire for Hope,” a recruiting agency that gives 10% of its revenue to Safe Haven, the domestic violence agency that helped her at her lowest. How did Ashley find the strength and courage to turn it all...


Facing Racism Through an Open Dialogue in a Safe Space (w/ Ken James & Alan Headbloom)

Meet Alan Headbloom & Kenneth James: the dynamic duo behind “Facing Racism,” a two-day workshop where participants engage in tough but productive conversations around race and racism. Despite having the same goal of breaking the barriers of racism in West Michigan, the two have led completely different lives. Alan grew up in privilege - with an affluent family and the opportunity to have traveled all around the world. Ken, on the other hand, has lived in different cities across the United...


From Laundry Guy to Assistant GM (w/ the Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck's Jeffrey Burns)

Jeffrey Burns had a tough start to his career. But as a determined young dad, straight out of high school, Jeffrey started a full-time job in laundry services for the JW Marriott, and evening classes to get his undergraduate degree. Today, Jeffrey is the Assistant General Manager for the Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, working with Grand Rapids’ biggest influencers in the hospitality industry. How did he manage that crazy trajectory in just six short years? Tune in to find out - while he and...