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EP #214: Adam Deber with John's Plumbing

Plunge into the intricacies of home plumbing with the wisdom of Adam Deber from John's Plumbing, our guest who brings over four decades of experience to the table. As we chat, you'll unearth the secrets to maintaining your home's lifeblood – its plumbing system – and learn why that strange gurgling in your pipes could be a herald of something sinister. Adam's deep dive into the world of polybutylene piping will arm you with the know-how to prevent potential disasters in homes built during the late '80s and early '90s, ensuring you're safeguarded against the silent menace of water damage. Strumming a different chord, we shift our conversation to the refuge found in the strum of a guitar or the swing on the fairway. Hobbies aren't just pastimes; they're essential for our mental well-being, offering solace from the storm of daily life. Through anecdotes and personal insights, we explore the dedication driving golf enthusiasts and how legends like Tiger Woods master the mental game, illuminating a truth even non-golfers can appreciate: the right mindset isn't just about hitting the perfect shot, it's about navigating the course of life with finesse and resilience. Call me: (954) 923-4184 Website: John's Plumbing 2110 Southwest 60th Way Hollywood, FL 33023


EP #213: Brad Mitchell with the Keyes Company

They say life's a journey, not a destination, and Brad Mitchell's voyage from a Mississippi Delta native to an accomplished South Florida realtor is a testament to that. On the latest episode of the Good Neighbor podcast, I, Jeremy Wolf, had the pleasure of unraveling the fascinating layers of Brad's story. As we chat, he takes us through his early days as a chef and carpenter, to his daring leap into the transportation industry, and ultimately, how he found his calling in the real estate world with the Keyes Company. Brad's tale isn't just about the homes he sells; it's a narrative steeped in passion and adaptability, demonstrating that with the right mindset, change is not only possible but can lead to incredible success. Brad doesn't just sell houses; he embodies what it means to truly live in pursuit of happiness. Throughout our conversation, his philosophy shines through—don't wait for the perfect moment, seize the present to chase your dreams. Whether you're mulling over a career change, contemplating a move, or simply love a good story sprinkled with southern charm, this episode promises to leave you inspired. Brad's experiences, from gastronomy to realty, underscore the importance of following your heart with a side of practical advice—like why timing the market is a job best left to the pros. Tune in for an episode where personal anecdotes blend seamlessly with professional wisdom, all courtesy of one of Cooper City's finest. Call me: 954-647-1257 Website: The Keyes Company 4700 Sheridan Street Hollywood, FL 33021


EP #212: Jacqueline Revis with Revis, Hervas & Goldberg, PA

Witness the heartfelt tale of Jacqueline Revis, who transformed personal advocacy into a thriving career in 'happy law', where she specializes in guiding clients through life's most significant legal thresholds—without a courthouse in sight. On the Good Neighbor podcast, I, Jeremy Wolf, am thrilled to bring you Jacqueline's story, from standing up for her grandmother to becoming a partner at Revis, Hervas and Goldberg PA, where she brightens the often-daunting corridors of real estate, estate planning, and probate law with compassion and clarity. Step into a world where legal expertise meets life-changing events, as we unravel the synergy between estate planning and real estate law, and shed light on the misconceptions clouding these essential services. From the classroom to the closing table, Jacqueline shares her journey of resilience woven through her practice's fabric. We also tackle the sinister trend of vacant land fraud in Florida, offering crucial tips to keep you one step ahead of deception. This episode is a treasure trove of personal victories, professional wisdom, and practical advice—all aimed at empowering you with knowledge and fostering a community of well-informed neighbors. Learn more: Call us: (954)-747-1400 Visit us: 1792 Bell Tower Lane Weston, Florida 33326 Email Like us:


EP #209: Dr. Maria Lopez Aquino with 100% Chiropractic Davie

Discover the vibrant world of chiropractic care with Dr. Maria Lopez Aquino, whose journey from a chemistry student in Puerto Rico to a chiropractic expert at 100% Chiropractic Davie is as inspiring as it is educational. Dr. Lopez brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to her practice, focusing on not just the spine but the nervous system as a whole, integrating massage therapies and nutrition advice to enhance patient care holistically. Join us as we explore the nuances of optimizing health with Dr. Lopez, who shares her belief in the importance of a well-functioning nervous system and its profound impact on our overall well-being. Her bilingual abilities enhance her connection with a diverse community, making her insights invaluable to anyone curious about how spinal health affects every facet of our lives. Her story of transition from chemistry to chiropractic and her commitment to service through a franchise model is both motivating and enlightening for those looking to improve their quality of life. Learn more: Call us: (954) 743-4133 Visit us: 8570 Stirling Rd Suite 103, Building B, Hollywood, FL 33024 Like us: Follow us:


EP #210: Alex Otero with PRMG and Otero Mortgage Global (OMG)

Embark on a voyage through the shifting tides of the mortgage industry with none other than seasoned veteran Alex Otero from PRMG and Otero Mortgage Global, your guide to decoding the enigma of home financing. Feel the pulse of South Florida's real estate heartbeat as we navigate the aftermath of 2008's financial tempest, surf the waves of recent interest rate volatility, and anchor in the safe harbor of Alex's wisdom on riding out the storm towards long-term property ownership. Crack the code to turning market fluctuations into golden opportunities, as this episode reveals the secrets behind building a business that thrives on referrals and relationships, even when economic forecasts seem grim. With Alex's expert lens, you'll glean the strategies for choosing not just a house, but the right lender; setting sail towards homeownership becomes less daunting with his guidance. Tune in for an expedition filled with actionable insights, whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, and discover how to chart your course in today's choppy mortgage waters. Learn more: Call us: (305) 733-4629 Email us: Follow us:


EP #211: Robbi Auerbach with the Baar Group LoKation Real Estate

Embark on a journey with Jeremy Wolf as he sits down with Robbi Auerbach of LoKation Real Estate, the esteemed leader of the Baar Group, to unpack the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Through Robbi's extraordinary transition from the world of corporate advertising to becoming a titan in the property market, you'll gain an insider's perspective on the intricacies of real estate dynamics, including the effects of interest rates and the anticipated surge in buyer competition. But Robbi isn't all business; we'll give you a glimpse into his life beyond the closing deals as we explore his family bonds, his newfound pickleball craze, and the hilarious escapades of gearing up for a family trip to Alaska. Strap in as we navigate the complex role of a realtor in today's housing market, where the ability to mediate, negotiate, and counsel is as critical as ever. Robbi imparts why having a seasoned pro like himself is crucial in ensuring a transaction that's as smooth as a freshly paved driveway, through the uncertainty of buying or selling a home. This episode isn't just about property—it's an exploration of the human connections and expert support that make the real estate realm tick. Tune in for a conversation that's as enriching and multifaceted as the market itself, where the value of experience and a robust team can never be understated. Learn more: Call us: (954) 253-0490 Like us: Follow us: Follow us:


EP #208: Will Rodriguez with Jalmark Realty

Embark on a captivating journey with Jeremy Wolf as I host the insightful Will Rodriguez, a dynamo from Jalmark Realty, on the Good Neighbor podcast. Will, with a construction background that spans nearly two decades, unveils how his expertise has laid the foundation for a thriving career in real estate. He brings a unique perspective to the table, combining an intricate understanding of property details with a dedication to serving a diverse clientele. As we unpack his story, you'll discover how Will's family values fuel his ambition and why he's become the broker everyone wants in their corner when it comes to navigating the property landscape. This episode is a treasure trove of market wisdom, covering the pulse of Florida's real estate scene from Miami Gardens all the way to Palm Beach. Will dives into the effect of interest rates, reflects on how the pandemic has reshaped the industry, and offers sage advice on the pivotal role of timing in property investments. The dialogue is peppered with real-life anecdotes, emphasizing the notion that while the crystal ball of real estate remains ever elusive, seizing opportunities and understanding market trends can guide one to sound decisions. Tune in for a conversation that is as grounded as it is enlightening, and let Will Rodriguez's insights illuminate your understanding of the property market's ebb and flow. Call me: (305) 761-0121 Jalmark Realty Inc At Pembroke Lakes 10400 Taft St, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33026


EP #207: Coach Carrie Best

When Carrie Best, lifestyle nutrition coach extraordinaire, stepped into our studio, the air crackled with her dynamic energy and profound insights. Her tale is one of triumph over life's hurdles, transforming personal loss into a passionate pursuit of guiding others toward peak wellness. Join us as Carrie unfurls her philosophy, intertwining nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and the elusive work-life harmony into a tapestry of client-centered strategies. Get to know her method, starting from scratch with that all-important initial chat, all the way to tailoring nutrition blueprints designed to fit like a glove, whether for a sprint or a marathon toward health goals. An episode as vibrant as the practice of a healthy lifestyle itself, we traverse the globe from the comfort of conversation. Reflect with me on the interplay between physical exertion and emotional resilience, and how my own fitness evolution has been a bedrock for self-discovery. Carrie and I navigate the confluence of travel's rich cultural tapestry with the pursuit of robust health, even as we acknowledge the twists the pandemic has introduced to our global adventures. Through it all, our focus remains fixed on the prize: achieving longevity with grace and vigor, inspired by Carrie's personal narrative of transformation. This is not just another episode; it's an invitation to set sail toward your best self. Learn more: Follow me: Like us: Follow me: Call me: (917) 589-2751


EP #206: Hope Stoller with Charles Ruttenberg Realty

Embark on a journey with Hope Stoller of Charles Ruttenberg Realty as she navigates the lively currents of the South Florida real estate market. Our latest episode isn't just a look into property trends; it's a masterclass with a seasoned pro who traded the New York hustle for Florida's charm. Hope opens up about her trajectory through the complex world of property management, leading to her prowess in the luxury home niche and a shrewd eye for the art of the deal. The conversation veers into the current market's hurdles—low inventory meets high interest, and the plight of first-time buyers in a market thirsty for affordability. Meanwhile, an influx of new faces from out of state is reshaping Southwest Broward County's real estate canvas. Yet, this episode isn't all about business; it's a heartfelt tapestry weaving the professional with the deeply personal. Step onto the dance floor of life as we reminisce on a father-daughter dance that blossomed into an unexpected avenue of connection, in a world where screens often eclipse conversation. We ponder the delicate dance of guiding teens through the minefield of social media, and how families can maintain harmony in a digitally dominated era. Wrapping up, the spotlight turns to the essence of clear communication—be it within the walls of home or the bounds of business—emphasizing that transparency is the cornerstone of trust, whether you're closing a home sale or simply closing the day with family. Join us, and tune your ear to an episode that transcends the transactional to touch on the transformational. Learn more: Call me: (954) 610-0605 Email me:


EP #205: Debbie Keye's with Natural Beauty and Rejuvenation

From an insurance desk in the bustling hub of New York to the tranquil corners of a Florida spa, Debbie Keyes's journey is nothing short of inspiring. Tune in and soar with her story as she unveils the transformation into the proud owner of Natural Beauty and Rejuvenation. Our enlightening conversation peels back the layers of endermologie treatment, a European innovation in beauty that's weaving its magic on collagen production and offering solace for fibromyalgia and sciatic warriors. Debbie's resilience shines through as we explore her leap into a new life chapter post-back surgery, at an age when many are daunted by change. As we navigate the digital currents of modern lead generation, Debbie and I muse over how social media has evolved from a millennial playground into a business battleground. My own escapades as a business owner and salsa enthusiast ripple through the chat, highlighting the importance of personal fulfillment through outdoor activities, family bonds, and the simple joy of supporting local gems like Sicilian Oven. At Natural Beauty and Rejuvenation, the experience transcends mere spa services; it's a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul, where each visit promises rejuvenation and perhaps, a meaningful conversation that stays with you long after you've left. Embark with us on this tapestry of stories and discover an oasis where every treatment is a step closer to your most radiant self. Learn more: Call us: (954) 668 - 1428 Like us: Follow us:


EP #204: Monico Aguiar with Cooper City Realty

As I welcomed Monico Aguiar from Cooper City Realty to the mic, his story unfolded—a tale of a seismic career shift from civil engineering to the vibrant pulse of real estate. Together, we traverse the landscape of a family business born from the ashes of the 2008 crash, diving into the mentorship that steered Monico and his wife towards success. Their story isn't just about property and profits; it's a testament to the personal dedication that defines their service, reaching from the heart of Cooper City to the historic streets of St. Augustine. Our conversation then steers into the ever-shifting currents of the real estate market, where buyer psychology dances with interest rates and election cycles. Monico sheds light on the cautious optimism brimming within today's homebuyers, framed by a market ripe for resurgence. We swap tales of Cooper City's charm, the joy of raising families in our slice of Florida, and I even slip in some wellness wisdom. But it's in the unsung artistry of real estate marketing where we find common ground, discussing the power of visual storytelling and the curious reluctance of many to wield it effectively. This episode isn't just an exploration of bricks and mortar; it's a journey through the human elements that shape our communities and our lives. Learn more: Call us: (954) 818-3602 Like us:


EP #203: Dr. Helene Nau with Health360

Discover the transformative journey of healthcare with Dr. Helene Nau as we unravel the intricacies of affordable concierge medicine on the Good Neighbor podcast. Dr. Nau, from Health360, opens up about the direct primary care (DPC) model, which revolutionizes patient care by offering 24/7 access and affordable memberships, transcending the limitations of traditional insurance. This episode not only promises an in-depth look at how healthcare can evolve to prioritize wellness, but also provides a candid exploration of how Dr. Nau’s own choices, in opting out of conventional insurance for her family, align with her revolutionary healthcare beliefs. Embark on a personal and heartfelt discussion as I, Jeremy Wolf, share my medical odyssey from Haiti to Israel, and back to the U.S., confronting cultural barriers and drawing strength from my faith. We contrast this with Dr. Nau's experiences of setting up Haiti’s only emergency room, the tragedy it faced, and the resilience that followed. This episode is a tapestry of professional dedication and personal conviction, offering insights into the hurdles and triumphs of providing patient-focused care in diverse settings. Tune in to uncover how direct primary care not only changes the lives of patients but also deeply impacts the practitioners who champion it. Learn more: Call us: (954) 800-0097 Email us: Visit us: 7777 Davie Rd Ext Suite 302A-4 Hollywood, FL 33024 Like us: Follow us:


EP #202: Tim Weimann with Smoken Daddy Cigar Lounge

From the beat of the streets to the peace of a premium cigar lounge, Tim Weimann 's transition from law enforcement to entrepreneurship is as compelling as it is inspiring. On our show, Tim sits down to recount the creation of Smoken Daddy Cigar Lounge, a sanctuary for cigar enthusiasts and novices alike. He illuminates the nuances of swapping his badge for a humidor, detailing the unique challenges and triumphs of his journey. Honoring first responders and fostering a sense of community remain at the forefront of his mission, with nods to Cheers-like camaraderie that's as heartfelt as it is genuine. Imagine a space where stories unfurl with each puff of a cigar, where global issues are tackled amid hearty laughs, and the surprising health findings about tobacco spark lively debate. That's the essence of Tim's world, where he skillfully navigates post-law enforcement life, embracing a business mindset while maintaining the integrity of his beloved lounge. The cigar industry, with its global impact yet tight-knit community, provides a backdrop for tales of connection, growth, and the occasional quirk of fate that links strangers in serendipitous ways. Away from the curling smoke, Tim's life in Cooper City comes into focus – cycling, golfing, and managing multiple ventures in the glow of Florida's sun. Sharing anecdotes of golf escapades, seasonal course challenges, and the camaraderie that threads through both his leisure and business endeavors, Tim extends a warm invitation. Step into Smoken Daddy Cigars; experience the ambiance, the friendship, and perhaps, join him for a round on the green – because life, much like a good cigar, is best enjoyed in good company. Like us: Follow us: Call us: (954) 533-7967 Visit us: 5679 S University Dr. Davie, FL 33328


EP #201: Plasma Med Spa with Tal Raizer

Imagine if the secret to a radiant appearance and a rejuvenated spirit was found within our own biology. In my vibrant discussion with Tal Raizer of Plasma Med Spa, we journey through the transformative realm of regenerative medicine and how Tal's orthopedic surgery expertise has seamlessly translated into pioneering plasma therapies for beauty and wellness. With a rich tapestry of services that transcend traditional Botox, Plasma Med Spa stands at the forefront, merging medical science with the allure of aesthetic enhancement. At the heart of our conversation, we confront the pressing issue of authenticity in an industry often marred by unrealistic beauty standards. Tal's marketing mantra? Showcase real, attainable beauty that mirrors the lives and aspirations of their clients. How does one balance the pursuit of external beauty with nurturing inner confidence? We delve into these dynamics, with special consideration for the impact on younger generations, and I share a slice of my personal life, revealing how my family's zeal for running, particularly influenced by my husband's ultra-marathon passion, parallels our commitment to health and self-care. Wrapping up, we lace up for a candid chat about the rigors and rewards of distance running—a metaphor for the dedication and discipline that underpin both personal endeavors and the integrity of Plasma Med Spa's practice. Tal and I emphasize the significance of transparency, especially when it comes to responsibly sourced products. For those intrigued by the potential of revitalizing treatments or simply curious about Plasma Med Spa's community contributions, we spell out how to connect and learn more. Join us for this episode where innovation meets inspiration. Learn more: Call us: (954) 719-5634 Like us: Follow us: Follow us:


EP #200: The Cake Lovers with Nicole Dechert

The air is sweet with celebration as we mark a special occasion on the Good Neighbor podcast, our 200th episode, featuring the extraordinary Nicole Dechert of The Cake Lovers. Imagine a world where desserts transcend taste and become visual masterpieces; that's the realm Nicole has been pioneering. From the humble beginnings of baking for her son's birthday to pioneering hyper-realistic cake creations, Nicole's story is one of art, passion, and perseverance. We unwrap the layers of her journey, discussing how she cultivated a thriving business amidst the industry's evolution and the pivotal role the community played in that sweet ascent, especially when the pandemic threatened to crumble the foundations of local commerce. Turning the page to a more personal chapter, we get candid about the marathons Nicole has run in life—both literally and figuratively. Life's race has thrown hurdles her way, from the heartbreak of loss to the juggling act of motherhood and entrepreneurship. As we recount the miles tread and the lessons learned, it's clear that a runner's high isn't just a fleeting moment of bliss—it's a deep well of resilience and inspiration. Join us for a conversation that's about much more than cakes and running; it's about the stamina of the human spirit and the gratitude that fuels our continued journey forward. Learn more: Like us: Follow us: Twitter: Call us: (954) 707-8010 Visit us: 4070 W Broward Blvd Suite A Plantation, FL 33317


EP #199: Caitlin Donato with Volofit

Join the conversation with the dynamic Caitlin Donato of Volofit, as we delve into her pivotal role in crafting a fitness franchise that's redefining resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Caitlin's story is a mosaic of passion and innovation, painting the picture of Volo Fit's cutting-edge studio concept, where adaptability meets a transformative workout experience. As we unpack the measures that kept gym-goers safe and the community-driven ethos that propelled the brand, you'll find yourself inspired by Caitlin's dedication to reinvigorating our approach to health and fitness during unprecedented times. As the narrative shifts, Caitlin bares her soul about the interplay of family, fitness, and the formidable journey of entrepreneurship. From the personal triumphs and trials of running to the life lessons learned while building a gym from the ground up, this episode is a testament to the power of perseverance. Discover how the echoes of my children's laughter fuel my dreams and how the grit of overcoming personal setbacks weaves into the very fabric of starting a business. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or someone seeking motivation to take on your next challenge, this episode offers the kind of heartfelt storytelling and practical wisdom that only real-life experiences can provide. Learn more: Like us: Follow us: Call us: (954) 694-0384 Visit us: 12598 Pines Blvd 104 Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


EP #198: NeuroFit 360 with Guy Romain

From the gridiron to the therapy gym, Guy Romain's incredible transformation from football player to a beacon of hope for those with neurological injuries is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as we sit with the founder of Neurofit 360, and hear how his personal quest for helping others regain their strength and independence led to the creation of a groundbreaking rehabilitation facility. Guy's compelling stories of perseverance and success will touch your heart as he recounts the breakthroughs and achievements of his patients, who conquer challenges from spinal cord injuries to strokes, redefining the possibilities of post-medical care every day. In a lively discussion with Guy, we uncover the essence of what it means to find a niche that not only fulfills a dire need but also ignites a community of support and progress. As we highlight the collaborative spirit of Cooper City, we celebrate the local heroes and businesses like Neurofit 360 that are making significant strides in advancing health and recovery. If you're looking for a dose of motivation and a testament to human resilience, this episode is your gateway to the powerful stories and innovative approaches that are shaping the future of specialized healthcare. Learn more: Follow us: Like us: Call us: (954) 252-8020 Visit us: 10062 Griffin Rd Cooper City, FL 33328


EP # 197: Project Beauty of South Florida and Alison Frank Photography with Alison Chesney

Join me, Jeremy Wolf, as I'm thrilled to have Alison Chesney lighting up the Good Neighbor podcast with her transformative work through Project Beauty of South Florida. Imagine a world where teens can confidently stand without a swipe of makeup, owning their natural beauty and strength. That's the world Alison is sculpting, one no-makeup photo at a time. She opens up about her daughter's mental health journey, which anchors her commitment to the cause. Together, we unpack the upcoming gallery exhibition and fundraiser, which promises to be an eye-opener on the vitality of self-esteem and mental health awareness in our communities. Alison's dual role as the founder of Alison Frank Photography brings an artistic depth to our discussion, revealing how visual narratives can become instrumental in fostering positive self-image and community cohesion. Amidst the serious talk, we carve out time for lighthearted tales from the snowy slopes of family ski trips that bound from Colorado to the awaited adventures in Whistler, Canada. Laughter ensues as we swap stories of slopeside blunders and the resilience they bring out in our families. These anecdotes seamlessly weave into the ethos of Project Beauty, underscoring the importance of authenticity and the courage to stand tall amidst life's tumbles. We also spotlight the heartfelt contributions of local initiatives like Relay for Life and the EPIC Foundation, showcasing the tapestry of support that’s crucial for nurturing our next generation. Don't miss this heartfelt blend of personal stories, community spirit, and the pursuit of unfiltered beauty. Project Beauty of South Florida Learn more: Like us: Follow us: Alison Frank Photography Learn more: Like us: Follow us: Call me: (954) 536-4456


EP #196: The Epic Foundation with AJ Donaldson

Have you ever been struck by the weight of student debt after walking the stage at graduation? AJ Donaldson knows that burden all too well, and it's exactly what spurred him to create the Epic Foundation. In a riveting exchange, AJ recounts his transition from a high-achieving student to an over-encumbered graduate, to the benevolent founder of a nonprofit that has granted over half a million dollars in aid. Through his story, we examine the strict discipline of his upbringing, the pursuit of academic excellence which led to a spot at the prestigious University of Miami, and the career dissatisfaction that paved the way to his true calling. AJ's experience sheds light on the importance of educational support systems and the profound impact they can have on the lives of young individuals—nearly 500, to be exact. As we navigate the conversation further, the resilience and adaptability of the Epic Foundation during the COVID-19 pandemic come into focus. With the world turned upside down, AJ's organization extended its reach beyond scholarships, creating lifelines in the form of emergency funds, SAT preparation, and guided career pathways. We dissect the reaction to remote learning, the collective awakening to the chasms in our education system, and the renewed appreciation for the role of educators in shaping young minds. The discussion evolves into a poignant reflection on the old adage that "it takes a village to raise a child," bringing to the forefront the indispensable role of community in educating our youth and preparing them for the world ahead. Join us for a compelling narrative that not only highlights the importance of being a good neighbor but redefines what it means in the realm of education. Call me: 844-564-0758 Website: The EPIC Foundation 15757 Pines Blvd, suite 185 Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


EP #195: Relay For Life with Rebecca Scrima

As the soft glow of community spirit lights the path along the Relay for Life, I had the profound pleasure of welcoming Becca Scrima to the Good Neighbor podcast—a beacon of hope and relentless warrior in the crusade against cancer. Becca's journey, marked by her sister's valiant struggle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and her father's awe-inspiring triumph over three different cancers, has anchored her to Relay for Life for a quarter-century. Together, we unpacked the tapestry of personal tales and the symbiotic partnership between Relay for Life events and the American Cancer Society, highlighting the transformative impact these initiatives have had on countless lives. The Broward Power event, a testament to the collective will of Davie, Cooper City, and Weston, stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when communities unite for a common cause. Warmth and gratitude radiate from each word as we wrap up another enriching conversation with a heartfelt thanks to you, our dedicated listeners. Your unwavering support and engagement breathe life into the essence of what makes Cooper City not just a neighborhood but a family. We invite you to continue shaping this journey with us by putting a spotlight on local businesses that are the heartbeat of our community. The Good Neighbor Podcast isn't just a meeting of minds—it's where the pulse of our shared experiences and hopes for a cancer-free future converge. Remember, you are an integral part of this narrative, and we eagerly anticipate our next reunion in March, ready to bring you another story that resonates with the soul of Cooper City. Learn more: Call us: (954) 868-3366 Event Date: March 16th 2024 from 3-10pm at Cooper City High School