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Hosted by Tony Nash, this podcast brings together current service members and veteran high performers to share their methods, strategies, and ideas delivered in an informative way and, most importantly, actionable ways that will help you lead yourself and those around you better from the battlefield to the boardroom.

Hosted by Tony Nash, this podcast brings together current service members and veteran high performers to share their methods, strategies, and ideas delivered in an informative way and, most importantly, actionable ways that will help you lead yourself and those around you better from the battlefield to the boardroom.


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Hosted by Tony Nash, this podcast brings together current service members and veteran high performers to share their methods, strategies, and ideas delivered in an informative way and, most importantly, actionable ways that will help you lead yourself and those around you better from the battlefield to the boardroom.




086 Fueling the Habit Bonfire w/ Josh Bridges

6ers, you’re here in this community because you have goals and I’m here to tell you that life will offer your plenty of opportunities to boldly take action on your dreams. Accepting the familiar and safe path is the alternative. The reality is there no easy path to the top, and success in any endeavor requires hard work and sacrifices on your part to get there. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Josh Bridges, former U.S. Navy SEAL, professional CrossFit athlete, and founder of Good Dudes...


085 Breaking Down Mental Health Barriers with Esports and Gaming w/ Oliver Parsons

6ers, while the gaming community suffers from a bad rep of gamers predisposition towards social isolation and boredom, we have fellow military members and veterans that are doing a great effort to turn this around and make this shared interest in video games as a basis for building camaraderie and community. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Oliver Parsons, US Air Force Airmen, founder of Air Force Gaming, Chief Esports & Sports of USAF Services, and co-founder of Space Force Gaming. He is...


084 How to Become a Better Value Creator w/ Alain Monroy

6ers, in whatever career paths you have chosen to take, you must think of the value you intend to provide. This value should not be confused with money, rather is the net positive benefit of engagement. Without a meaningful value proposition at the core, any endeavor is not going to be sustainable. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Alain Monroy, a US Army veteran and the director of global partnership at the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL team). He is passionate about community development,...


083 Vulnerability as a Power Skill w/ Lisa Jaster

6ers, in business and in the military, vulnerability is often seen as a weakness. For leaders, it is seen as a liability because they are expected to be quick to act and perform at a higher level than others leaving time for emotions in the dust. But to be an effective leader, you need to be authentic which means you need to access your vulnerable, inner world. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Lisa Jaster, a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, a public speaker, an...


082 Creating A Culture of Transparency and Accountability w/ Taylor Justice

6ers, accountability is something we’re very big on here at Got Your Six community. We believe it is essential to define the structure of accountability and make it clear among team members otherwise it will undermine any efforts toward progress and productivity. In contrast with shaming the other which results in disconnection among team members, accountability is about communication and negotiation of needs so you learn to trust each other. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Taylor...


081 Using Small Bets to Maximize Opportunities w/ Cooper Lycan

6ers, do you believe in the concept of overnight success? Or do you think overnight success is actually a product of talent, years of hard work, and luck colliding at the perfect opportunity? The reality is, there are factors that are simply out of your control that can impact how successful you are but by taking small actions and accumulating small wins, you increase the odds of your success. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Cooper Lycan, a US Army Special Operations veteran and the...


080 A Meaningful Life by Moving With Intention w/ Zachary Bell

6ers, do you catch yourself operating on auto-pilot most of the time? Some of us, because of failure to deal with our own emotions and internal conflict, move through life this way which is why we never truly understood the reasons behind the decisions we make. It is understandable, however, because living with intention is scary. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Zachary Bell, a US Marine Corps veteran, writer, and entrepreneur. Zach is the co-founder of Veteran With A Sign, an Instagram...


079 How Lifelong Learning Became a Veteran’s Key Pillar For Entrepreneurial Success w/ Sam Meek

6ers, we all want to success in our throughout life which is why it’s imperative that you foster a curious mind and be a lifelong learner. But more than that, it is about how you absorb knowledge, pivot if you must, and turn your knowledge into a strategic action. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Sam Meek, a USMC veteran, founder/CEO of Sandboxx (building content and technology to simplify the military journey), and founder of Flywyld (an aviation club for entrepreneurs, engineers,...


078 Why Athletic Sports Need to Prioritize Training With Intention with Kegan Dillon

6ers, nowadays there are many health and fitness training programs that no longer prioritize individual needs. For whatever reason, the trend has become about the idealization of movement patterns and the specific end results we want. But training should always be done with conscious intention. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Kegan Dillon, a U.S Army veteran and the program director at V23. Kegan is passionate about the inner workings of strength and conditioning to rehabilitate his own...


077 The Ultimate Value of Capturing Veteran Stories with Joseph Reagan

6ers, in our country today, we are looking at less than 7% of Americans who have ever worn our country’s uniform. This is a powerful example of how a simple number like that can tell a story. It speaks volumes about the brave men and women who raised their right hands and volunteered to serve. And for those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we owe it to them to make sure their stories are told. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Joseph Reagan, a veteran and the Director of Military and...


076 What Continuous Learning Really Looks Like with Will Huff

6ers, how do you earn the right to win? I know for certain that talent alone does not guarantee success. I also know for certain that winning is largely based on one’s effort. A trained athlete who wants to increase his chance of winning will have thorough preparation and that means putting in countless hours of hard work and planning a strategy for every possibility. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Will Huff, veteran and Director of Partnership at Soldiers to Sidelines and a Board Member...


075 Being Aware of Your Gear Shifts and Knowing Who You Are with Josh Green

6ers, as veterans we’ve been trained how to adapt to stressful situations and we are familiar with knowing when to shift our gears to adapt to a situation when it is necessary. While situations in civilian life may not be life and death, this particular skill comes in handy as jump into the exploratory journey of knowing our true selves. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Josh Green, a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the US Army and a video creator as OnexPunchxDad on Instagram and TikTok. He is...


074 How Taking Initiatives and Fighting For Opportunities Foster Growth with Greg Fischer

6ers, in this cutthroat world of commerce, consumers are now looking for authenticity. This means that in fighting for market opportunities, you need to be accountable to your customers. Authenticity is something we all want to see. But we all make mistakes and it is not always easy to deal with public mistakes. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Greg Fischer, a USMC veteran and co-founder of Burn Pit BBQ. Aside from being passionate about barbecue and grilling, he is also passionate about...


073 Solving The Connection Gap Between Military Friendly vs. Military Effective Organizations with Rob Arndt

6ers, a recent study showed that 59% of employers believe veterans perform "better than" or "much better than" their non-veteran peers. However, the connection gap in the hiring process of veterans remains high. Companies would tout they have ‘military-friendly’ culture but how many of those companies are actually ‘military-effective’? This week, Tony Nash is joined by Rob Arndt, a former US Marine Corps, an investor, founder/CEO at BufferSprings, and a Veteran in Residence at Bunker Labs....


072 Scaling Growth by Starting With Community and Purpose and Not The Product with Brett Kroll

6ers, there are many paths to growing your business, however, not all of them will lead you to a life filled with joy and purpose. Creating a community around your product is a more sustainable way to run your business and grow it. By engaging your community, you understand them better and thus cater to their needs better. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Brett Kroll, a US Army veteran pilot, and co-founder and Marketing Director for Brotallion, a veteran-owned company that provides...


071 Honoring the Veteran Community Career Transition Service with Matt Stevens

6ers, the transition challenges, and the ease of re-entry into the civilian workforce are growing issues faced by military veterans. Career change is already tough enough for life after service and the reality is, that there are other variables to consider that are just as important as giving them a job. To honor the military community is to ensure we respect their experience, recognize their skills, and give them a new sense of mission. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Matt Stevens, a US...


070 Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets for Entrepreneurship Ventures with Jed Richard

6ers, there is a common misconception that military skillsets are not transferable skills to the civilian workforce. This is far from the truth. The underlying problem is actually in the translation of military skillset and how it fits in a civilian role. What this means is that your responsibility is to learn how to communicate the value of your military experience. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Jed Richard, a veteran, and a general contractor. Jed is also the president of Richard...


069 Optimizing Tactical Efficiency with Objective Strategic Reality with Adam Braatz

6ers, while strategy and tactics are both terms that originated from the military, they have become common usage in business terms as well. However, they are often used interchangeably, and understanding the contrast and difference between the two is actually more important than people think. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Adam Braatz, a US Air Force veteran, content strategist, and founder of Braatz Enterprises LLC, a consultancy firm that helps organizations and businesses advance...


068 How to Utilize the Power of Storytelling in Your Life With Tony Holland

6ers, stories have been part of our daily lives ever since childhood. From the books we read, to the movies we watched, a story engages us and we give it meaning that will either strengthen us or hold us hostage in fear. It has always been a way of how we try to make sense of our own world around us and therein lies its power to change us. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Tony Holland Jr., a US Army Airborne Division veteran and an assistant at United Talent Agency (UTA). He graduated from...


067 Finding Common Ground With Diverse Stakeholders with Jason Zemcik

6ers, Leaders are entrusted with oversight, and one of their primary responsibilities is striking a balance between competing perspectives. Therefore, the ability to make decisions that involve multiple parties is crucial for fostering organizational unity, trust, and responsibility. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Jason Zemcik is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, speaker, and author. Jason is a US Army veteran, author of nine books on sports covering each of Pittsburgh teams, his...