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Grey Matter is a podcast for people who love talking about creativity – exploring, simply, how the best ideas in the world get thought up.

Grey Matter is a podcast for people who love talking about creativity – exploring, simply, how the best ideas in the world get thought up.
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Grey Matter is a podcast for people who love talking about creativity – exploring, simply, how the best ideas in the world get thought up.




How Did Mary Pryor Think of a Minority-Driven Cannabis Movement?

For Mary Pryor, a personal health focus drove an idea that’s become a national discussion. Amid the legitimization and growth of the cannabis industry, and all the positive potential for financial and medical health that comes with it, the co-founder of Cannaclusive shares her concept about how to elevate the discussion of why diversity is essential to the future of the business. Grey interviewer: Graham Nolan


How Did Charlie Engle Think of

Some of the world’s best ideas come from physical activities: as you hone the machine that is your body, your mind is freed to make new connections. So it makes sense that during his run across the entirety of the Sahara Desert, Charlie Engle’s transcendent thoughts and global exploration led to the idea of Hear about his extraordinary trip, and the idea for a movement born of his journey. Grey interviewer: Worldwide Chief Innovation Officer Dan Bennett


How Did Morgan Givens Think of the Flyest Fables Podcast?

Morgan Givens is someone who truly understands the transformative power of storytelling. Through the fiction podcast Flyest Fables, Morgan tells "hopepunk" stories with rich imagery. These audio adventures are tailored to children but enjoyed by just about everyone. Listen to learn more about Morgan and the inspiration behind building Flyest Fables. Grey Interviewer: Joey Scarillo **Program note: To celebrate International Podcast Day 2019 we are releasing this conversation a day early, on...


How Did Aaron Kinnari Invent the Meal Bar to Replace Coffee?

Faced with a daily routine of costly meal bars plus coffee, Aaron Kinnari – founder of FLT Bars – thought to combine them both into one clean energy recipe for improved health. We discuss how a simple idea, a willingness to expand skills, and the need to fuel change led to Aaron’s delicious, vegan entrepreneurial venture. Grey interviewer: Global Strategy Director Holly Williams


How Did Tiffany R. Warren Think of a Forum for Diversity in Advertising?

Tiffany R. Warren had a moment of emotional epiphany that motivated her to unite an industry around diversity through ADCOLOR – which challenges creative industries to connect in stronger, more honest ways to create meaningful progress. Find out here how the emotion led to the idea, which led to seeking out support, which led to meaningful change. Grey interviewer: Strategy Director Karol Chang


How Did Patrick Moberg Think of the Mobile Game Dots?

The idea behind the hit mobile game Dots might appear to be simple fun, but the concept that led to the phenomenon was rooted in artistic ambitions. Here, Grey talks to game creator Patrick Moberg about the aesthetic inspiration and the innovation environment that took the idea from a visual notion to an expanding game ecosystem. Grey interviewer: SVP, Director/Social Media Kenny Gold


How Did Charlie Melcher Create a Community to Reinvent Storytelling?

Given the changing role of published stories in our modern world, Charlie Melcher had a great idea: what if a new community could elevate the way we tell stories, across any medium? Here, we talk to the Future of Storytelling founder about how his idea embraced collaboration, tech and innovation to create a new chapter for an established industry. Grey interviewer: Global Strategy Director Holly Williams


How Did Michelle Poler Think of 100 Days Without Fear?

The idea was: defy 100 fears in 100 days. The result was inspiration for a lot of people who didn’t realize how fear was a barrier to their happiness. How did this idea go from scary whim to a full movement? Michelle Poler – Keynote Speaker, Fear Facer and founder of Hello Fears – shares the genesis of her triumphant, life-changing concept. Grey interviewer: Strategy Director Karol Chang


How Did Toby Daniels Create Social Media Week?

Was the idea for the world’s premiere social media community and discussion forum conceived… at Burning Man? Toby Daniels – co-founder and CEO of Crowdcentric Media and Executive Director and Founder of Social Media Week – talks about how he thought up and then developed the idea for the industry’s foremost social media insights platform. Grey interviewer: Worldwide Chief Innovation Officer Dan Bennett


How Did Jess Davis Think of a Way to Help People Unplug?

In a world that is so wired, how does someone disconnect long enough to think up a platform for a more unplugged, conscious society? For Jess Davis, the founder of Folk Rebellion, the idea sparked during a vacation – and grew into a movement where she promotes slower-living and the more mindful use of technology (which we could all use these days). Grey interviewer: Worldwide Chief Innovation Officer Dan Bennett


How Does Cecily Strong Think of Her Funniest Ideas?

Week in and week out, actor and comedian Cecily Strong (SNL, Ghostbusters, the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Assn. dinner) thinks of hilarious ideas for characters and scenes… but how? We hear from Cecily about how the world and people around her inspire her writing and characters, and how the simplest, most obvious ideas can be the best ones when well executed. Interviewed by Grey Worldwide Chief Creative Officer John Patroulis