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On this podcast, you'll hear from B2B founders, CMOs, marketing & sales leaders about their successes, failures, what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between. Hosted by Shahin Hoda Produced by Shahin Hoda & Alexander Hipwell

On this podcast, you'll hear from B2B founders, CMOs, marketing & sales leaders about their successes, failures, what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between. Hosted by Shahin Hoda Produced by Shahin Hoda & Alexander Hipwell


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On this podcast, you'll hear from B2B founders, CMOs, marketing & sales leaders about their successes, failures, what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between. Hosted by Shahin Hoda Produced by Shahin Hoda & Alexander Hipwell




How to Navigate the World of Intent Data w/ John Steinert

In this episode, Shahin Hoda chats with John Steinert of TechTarget about what B2B leaders should look for when evaluating intent data providers. John unpacks the four categories of intent data providers in the market along with their pros and cons. He also discusses multiple factors such as sales teams' behaviour and the long-term strategic impact that marketers need to be mindful of during this evaluation process. View the show notes here:...


What Questions Should B2B Marketers Ask Their Sales Team for Better Alignment w/ Nick Flude

Shahin chats with Nick Flude, Chief Marketing Officer at Secure Code Warrior about how B2B marketers should communicate with their sales team to get better alignment. We've all heard that it's extremely critical in the B2B space for sales and marketing to work together hand in hand, but in many cases, marketing and sales speak different languages in terms of KPIs and success metrics. In this episode, we discuss how marketers should approach this.


How to Reach the Entire Buying Committee at Your Target Accounts w/ Jon Panker & Greg Wood

Today Shahin speaks with Jon Panker, Managing Director for Japan & Asia Pacific at TechTarget & Gregory Wood, Head of Marketing Science, Technology, Data & Analytics for Asia Pacific at SAS They talk about how and why marketers should aim to reach the entire buying committee at their target accounts – and why just aiming to get the attention of the C-level isn't enough anymore. Continue the conversation on Slack:


How to Sell Account-Based Marketing to the Sales Team w/ Eric Wittlake

In this episode, Shahin is in discussion with Eric Wittlake, Senior Analyst at TOPO about how marketing should go about selling account-based marketing to the sales team to get full buy-in from them. Eric Wittlake leads TOPO’s account-based strategy research and works directly with revenue and marketing leaders to drive growth through repeatable best practices that increase customer value, improve customer acquisition, and drive expansion.


#Panel Discussion: How to Land Enterprise Deals

In this episode, we're joined by Greg Anderson, VP of Sales at TechTarget, Ljubica Radoicic, Marketing Director at Hexagon and Omer Molad, CEO of Vervoe. We're discussing how as a startup, mid-market player or a large multinational, you can land larger organisations with larger budgets as customers.


How to Measure the Success of Your ABM Program w/ Samantha Stone

Shahin chats with Samantha Stone, Founder & CMO at Marketing Advisory Network about how to measure ABM campaigns, activities and what are some of the usual marketing metrics that markers should stay away from when executing on ABM. Samantha is the author of the popular book Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook that Drives Sales, she also eats B2B complex sale high-ticket item marketing strategy for breakfast and has worked with companies like SAP, Ascential Software and Powersoft.


How to Prepare Your Organisation for an Uncertain 2021 w/ Daniel Davis

Shahin chats with Daniel Davis, Community Leader & APAC Founder of EOS Worldwide about how B2B companies can prepare themselves for an uncertain year ahead. Many believe that we still haven't experienced the harsh reality of COVID, its impacts on the economy and businesses out there, listen to learn how you can prepare for an uncertain business environment.


How B2B Marketers Can Land Their Dream Job w/ Liam Smee & Tom Russell

Shahin Hoda from xGrowth chats to Liam Smee, Global Head of Demand Gen and Tom Russell, Head of Recruitment at Deputy. They discuss the skills, capabilities and mentality B2B marketers need to land a dream job in this COVID-induced market.


#Founder Story: How TOPO Became a Dominant Player in B2B w/ Craig Rosenberg

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda welcomes Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder of TOPO for a candid chat about the early days and how the team built the organisation from the ground up. Join them for a discussion about starting a B2B business, how they broke through and became a dominate player in B2B. Craig also unveils the secret sauce that made his company what it is today while providing a masterclass on personal branding.


10 Essential Tools for Your Tech Stack w/ Dale Beaumont

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with Dale Beaumont, Founder & CEO of Business Blueprint to discuss where companies should start building their tech stack. From CRMs to video editing software, Dale talks us through how to identify the right tools to achieve success. He discusses his experience in helping other entrepreneurs grow and his passion for technology provides a unique clarity among an endless offer of tools.


How COVID Changed Search Behaviour & How Marketers Should React w/ David Gottlieb

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with David Gottlieb from Microsoft Advertising about how COVID-19 has changed user behaviour in search engines. David analyses trends that have emerged during 2020 in Australia and the world. David explains how Microsoft’s initiatives can help marketers get better insights and what’s going on with digital advertising and voice search.


Create a Personality for Your B2B Brand w/ Justin Smith

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda speaks with Ansanada’s Global Chief Marketing & Chief Creative Officer, Justin Smith to go deep into how B2B organisations can create a brand personality. Shahin and Justin go through the origins of Ansanada and provide great insights on why brands should focus on distinction, instead of differentiation. This episode is a unique opportunity to get inspiration from real actions taken by a B2B Fintech company.


#Founder Story: How Businesses Can Start Leveraging AI w/ Eric Vardon

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda welcomes Eric Vardon, CEO and Co-Founder at and Co-Founder of Arcane. As he talks about his experience and shares what he has learnt as co-founder of Morphio and Arcane, Eric will guide us into the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how businesses can use it to solve specific challenges.


How to Build a Sales Cadence for the Australian Market w/ Mark McInnes

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda welcomes Mark McInnes, sales trainer, coach and author of Tactical Pipeline Growth. Together, they talk about how to build a sales cadence that adjusts to the particularities of the Australian market. Mark explains the process and provides examples of specific actions to achieve success while engaging in ethical conversations.


When Marketers Get Account-Based Marketing Wrong w/ Brandon Redlinger

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda welcomes Brandon Redlinger from DemandBase, one of the main players in the ABM space. Together, they identify the scenarios where marketers think they are doing Account-Based Marketing but, unfortunately, they are not. Tune in to learn the classic mistakes to avoid and how to identify when you are missing the mark with ABM.


#Panel Discussion: How B2B Businesses Can Leverage PR

Is Public Relations something you’ve dabbled in before but haven’t had a chance to give it the attention it needs? Host Shahin Hoda is joined by Boden Westover, VP of Brand and Communications at Catapult, Samantha Dybac, Founder and Managing Director of the PR Hub and Kate Toon, Founder of the Kate Toon Group of Companies. The dive deep into the topic of PR, what it’s really about and how to use it to grow your business and build trust.


Why Technology Won’t Solve Your Account-Based Marketing Woes w/ Justin Keller

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda welcomes Justin Keller, Vice President of Marketing at Terminus, one of the big players in ABM technology. Justin clarifies some common misconceptions about Account-Based Marketing and dives deep into what MarTech in ABM is really about. Join Justin and Shahin to learn why you should focus on creating experiences and building relationships when implementing Account-Based Marketing.


How COVID Made Lead Scoring More Important at DocuSign w/ Andrea Dixon

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda and Andrea Dixon from DocuSign analyse how the COVID-19 pandemic has placed lead scoring under the spotlight. Andrea goes through some examples of how her team has improved their own processes and about the new industries reaching out to DocuSign. Her unique perspective is a priceless insight to understanding the importance of lead scoring, today and in the future.


The Future of B2B SEO w/ Kate Toon

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda speaks with Kate Toon, an expert on SEO and digital marketing, to unveil how the future will look like for B2B marketers. Kate shares her valuable insight into some of SEO and marketing’s hottest topics. Join Shahin and her while they discuss the importance of building a personal brand and nurturing relationships as key elements in marketing.


#Panel Discussion: How B2B Businesses Should Sell & Market in 2020

In this episode Shahin talks with Danny Beck, Head of Marketing at Citrix, Rita Arrigo, Industry Digital Strategist at Microsoft and Dan Peters, Chief Revenue Officer at Limepay. The panel discusses the current challenges B2B sales and marketing teams are facing in Australia, and how we can re-group and reset for the remainder of 2020 and the future.