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GMT019: Kara Dake - VP of Growth at CleverTap

Mobile marketers are using only about 5% of the data they have available to make decisions. That’s a 95% gap in how they can make a more informed decisions. Kara Dake, VP of Growth at CleverTap, a mobile engagement platform that uses machine-learning to help marketers tap into the right segments, share tips on how to use data more effectively to have more personalized messaging. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to


GMT018: Hailey Friedman - Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares

Learn how Hailey Friedman started and grew the Affiliate Program at RealtyShares, a Union Square Venture, GC and Menlo backed real-estate investing marketplace. Based out of San Francisco, Hailey is also the President of Bad-Ass Marketers and Founders SF, Silicon Valley's largest community of marketers & founders (over 16,000 members). You’ll also learn from Hailey how she does product marketing and how you can stand out as a marketers. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go...


GMT017: Ray Kanani - Director of UX Transformation at Intelex

Find out what it takes to build a holistic user journey in this episode of Growth Marketing Today. Ray Kanani, Director of User Experience Transformation at Intelex, shares why he used a comic book format to communicate the whole user journey of a company. This is something he got from the AirBnb’s UX team. Every marketer, designer and product people focused on UX growth can learn a thing or two (and even more!) from Ray. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to...


GMT016: Josh Fechter - Co-Founder of BAMF Media

Named as one of "12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From" by Forbes Magazines, Josh Fechter is one of the people who popularized the genre of poetic LinkedIn posts. Josh manages Bad Ass Marketers and Founders (BAMF), one of the biggest and most active Facebook groups, which gave him the opportunity to meet the Zuckerberg himself! In this episode, learn how Josh started and grew the BAMF community from 0 to 15,000 members.


GMT015: Jeff Goldenberg - Chief Strategy Officer at Abacus Agency

Ever wonder what marketing will look like in 2020? Jeff Goldenberg, Chief Strategy Officer at Abacus Agency and Former Head of Growth at Borrowell, dishes out his thoughts on machine learning, attribution, data, accountability and more. He also shares with us the difference between “champion” and “challenger” campaigns and how to split your marketing budget between the two.


GMT014: Scott Tousley - Head of User Acquisition at HubSpot

Learn copywriting secrets (backed by psychology) that tripled HubSpot Sales revenue from Scott Tousley, the Head of User Acquisition of HubSpot Customer Hub. In this episode, you’ll also get Scott’s tips on the quickest way to become a T-shaped marketer and the top mistakes marketers make when it comes with email marketing.


GMT013: Ethan Garr - VP Product at TelTech Systems

In today’s episode, we chat with Ethan Garr, VP Product for TelTech Systems. Ethan discusses how he kick-started the growth process at his company. Find out why you need a cheerleader for the growth process in your company. You’ll also learn how to structure your growth team and how to run the growth process.


GMT012: Rokham Fard - Founder of

In today’s episode, we talk with Rokham Fard, founder at Rokham shares with Growth Marketing Today his growth secrets to how he started and built one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech startups at, and grew the team from zero to 150 strong. In this episode, learn why it’s more important to fall in love with the process rather than the results, how to improve your focus by up to 67% with this one productivity hack and the one thing that Rokham looks for...


GMT011: Bennett Fitzgibbon - Former Head of Marketing at Turnstyle

In today’s episode, we have Bennett Fitzgibbon, the former director of marketing at Turnstyle Solutions before it was acquired by Yelp. He helped facilitate growth using a marketing strategy that focused primarily on nurturing and lead generation. The University of Calgary graduate was also marketing manager at Yelp WiFi for 4 months. Currently, he is the digital marketing manager at Microdea Inc.


GMT010: Desmond Choi - Head of Product Growth at Diamond

In today’s episode, we talked to Desmond Choi, the head of growth at Diamond. Diamond is an enterprise search engine that can optimize employee workflow. The University of Waterloo graduate is also the VP of operations for Mappedin and the CEO of SparkGig, a community driven marketplace for those who would like to list, discover, and book live performances. Listen in as Desmond shares valuable tips and insights on scheduling meetings with executives, other growth marketing strategies aside...


GMT009: Peter Sum - Growth Manager at OpenCare

In this episode, we chat with Peter Sum, Growth Manager at OpenCare. OpenCare is a startup focused on connecting patients to exceptional dental care, which means only recommending the top 10% of dentists in the city. Learn from Peter the secret on why the OpenCare team spent $10K on customer surveys, the framework he uses to get actionable insights from tremendous data and why it’s important find the balance with creative and data-driven side of marketing.


GMT008 Turgut Jabbarli - Head of Growth at DeepPixel

In this episode, we talked with Turgut Jabbarli, the Head of Growth at DeepPixel. DeepPiXEL Inc. delivers solutions to corporations looking to add an AI based customer service assistant to their products, services or engagement channels. Turgut has a math and business degree in the University of Waterloo and had worked with Blackberry and also as a Junior Data Scientist in InMoment. Learn from Turgut about growth hacking, growth marketing culture, and a lot more.


GMT007 Kent Fenwick - Head of Growth at Hubba

In this episode, we talked with Kent Fenwick, the Head of Growth at Hubba. Hubba is the largest network of brands, buyers, distributors, and influencers. Kent is one of those who can do marketing and write code at the same time. Learn from Kent how to win with data advertising, how being able to code can really change the marketing game, what is the biggest problem that companies and marketers make, and a lot more.


GMT006 David Lau - Growth at SnapTravel

In this episode, we talked with David Lau of SnapTravel. David Lau thrives in the startup world. He is currently part of the growth team at a startup called SnapTravel – a booking startup that helps travelers find great hotel deals over Facebook Messenger and SMS. In July 2016, SnapTravel raised $1.2 million in its Seed round. Since then, they’ve been seeing rapid growth and hope to become every traveler’s go-to booking service. Learn about David’s journey today!


GMT005 Cristian Contreras - Head of Growth at HeyOrca

In this episode, we talked with Cristian Contreras, the Head of Growth at HeyOrca and he is also one of the organizers of Growth Hackers meet-up in Toronto. Learn the meaning of growth, the difference between incremental experiments and disruptive growth experiments, and his predictive model as Cristian shares his knowledge and a lot more.


GMT004 David Hurley - Growth at Planswell

In this episode, we talked with David Hurley, the head of growth at Planswell. This show is jampacked with various topics that will give you an idea on how growth works and how certain learnings and turns in life could help develop your overall growth process!


GMT003: Sylvia Ng - VP of Growth and Product at 500px

In this episode, Rhamli interviewed Sylvia NG. Sylvia Ng is the VP of Growth and Analytics at 500px. A lot of people look up to Sylvia for her knowledge and experiences with growth process, growth hacks, frameworks, start-up and a lot more. Learn about the different skills and attitudes needed as a growth marketer, importance of failures, and culture through Sylvia’s journey.


GMT002: Elan Marko - Growth at Business Basecamp

When you grow yourself, you grow your business. In this episode, Ramli chats Elan Marco. He founder and growth at Business Basecamp and has become a growth marketer for a lot of startups, helping entrepreneurs push themselves forward through being uncomfortable. Learn about his story and how this unique way to grow your business could possibly be the next big thing for you! “I would market really hard to a few people and go real deep with those people.” Elan Marko has rockclimbed over...


GMT001: John Kyeremeh - Head of Growth at

In this pilot episode, I interview John from Learn his journey on how he became the head of growth at Discover as well what a growth marketer is, how growth experimentation works, and many more. Don’t miss this episode. “Small activities can make big impacts.” John is passionate about helping companies scale from product market fit. His core specialties are in customer acquisition, data analysis, designing and running experiments and creating processes within companies...


GMT000: Introduction To Growth Marketing Today

Welcome to the introductory episode of Growth Marketing Today. In this episode, you will learn what this Podcast is all about, who the Ramli Solidum (the host) is, and why you should subscribe today! This is definitely not an ordinary podcast and if you ever want to know more about “Growth Hacking,” then you should listen to this! Topics discussed:


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