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GMT035: Using Emotional Targeting Methodology To 10X Conversion Rates with Talia Wolf

In this episode, Talia Wolf, a conversion optimization expert, who pioneered the emotional targeting methodology, shares with us how she's able to increase her client's conversion rates by 10X or even 20X over and over again. It’s a methodology that taps into your customer’s most inner emotional needs and cater to them in your design. For the show notes, tweetable quotes from Talia and more, go to Talia Wolf is a conversion optimization specialist. She...


GMT034: Why The Best Growth Marketers are Entrepreneurial - Kristian Borghesan

This episode we talk to the Marketing Manager at Planswell and Co-Founder at Bruha. He talks all about growing an event ticketing startup, why often the best growth marketers are entrepreneurial and 3 growth experiments that the Bruha team ran that resulted in the greatest lift. Kristian is an entrepreneur and inbound marketing professional passionate about making online and offline connections, driving conversations and building communities. He is currently the Co-Founder at Bruha...


GMT033: Getting To $100K MRR The Lean Way - Asia Matos

Today’s guest is a boss marketer I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with. Asia Matos of Demand Maven quit her day job completely cold turkey last year and started Demand Maven, which partners with early-stage SaaS companies to help build their marketing engines and get them to their first 100 customers. Prior to that she was the Director of Marketing at and worked at Terminus. In this episode, you’ll learn How Asia quit her full-time job and made $10,000 freelancing the first 90...


GMT032 – Is Spotify Ads Worth It With Kamil Rextin

In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, I chat with my buddy Kamil Rextin about Spotify Programmatic Audio Ads. Is it worth it? How easy is it to launch a spotify ad? The Spotify ad platform launched in Fall 2017 in US and March 2018 in Canada and UK. Originally, you had to apply as an advertiser into the Spotify Ads Platform. But it's as easy as Facebook and Google ads. If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or YouTube. You can also check it out...


GMT031: Where Did Ramli john Go?

In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, I explain where I've been in the last three and half months since the last episode – hint: I got married :). I also review my stats and explain three ways this podcast has helped me close over $43,000 worth of contract as a digital marketing educator and consultant in 7 months. Finally, I talk about lessons I've learned from this podcast.


GMT030: Jaxson Khan – Director of Marketing at

Jaxson Khan, Director of Marketing at serves as host of the #AskAI podcast, a mentor at Techstars, a judge at Venture for Canada, an advisor to Century Initiative, and a member of the World Economic Forum. In this episode, learn how you can use AI to grow your company and how important relationship strength is for your business strength. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to Jaxson is Director of Marketing at, a...


GMT029: Andrew Warner – CEO of Mixergy

I just interviewed Andrew Warner. Andrew is best known as the pushy interviewer who founded Mixergy, the place where proven entrepreneurs teach. But I turned the tables and interviewed him. Andrew came on to talk about chat bots. Specifically, why major companies are making chat bots a big part of their marketing and sales strategy. PS. You may have heard Facebook temporarily paused new chatbots on their platform. I asked Andrew about that, too. I think you’ll want to hear what he had to...


GMT028: Rob Mann – UX Copywriter at Manulife

Rob Mann, UX Copywriter at Manulife, has worked with brands such as Uber, Twtter, Toyota, BMW and more. In this episode, learn the process to write remarkable content and copy using the UX design process and his top tips if you want to get good at writing copy. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to Over the better part of the past decade, Rob Mann has gotten to work with some awesome agencies and companies, creating copy and content for...


GMT027: Nick Drew - CEO of Fuse Insights

As a growth marketer, data is king. But, there's so much data everywhere! How do you make sure you don't drown in data? Nick Drew, currently CEO of a boutique data agency called Fuse Insights and previously data and research roles at Yahoo Canada, Microsoft and Financial Times, gives fresh perspective on forming a data-driven growth strategy. In this episode, learn Nick's process for gathering and developing actionable insights from data, why curiosity is the most important thing when...


GMT026: Alex Birkett - Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot

Having worked at a startup, ConversionXL and HubSpot, Alex Birkett is the right guy to shed some light in how to do growth in a startup, an agency and a billion-dollar company. In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, Alex shares the tactics he used to grow ConversionXL's monthly blog visitors from 125K to 250K. Alex also opens up his tips about doing SEO and getting the most out of conferences and meetups. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to...


GMT025: Richard Wong - VP Marketing at HashtagPaid

Ever thought about running an influencer marketing campaign? In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, I have the Richard Wong, VP Marketing of #Paid, one of the biggest influencer marketing platforms in the industry. They've recently raised $9M in Series A funding to fuel their platform's expansion with AI. Learn why you should consider running an influencer marketing campaign, how to run a successful campaign and how to measure the success of that campaign. For quotes and episode outline...


GMT024: Sarah Stockdale - Former Head of Global Community Growth at Tilt - Part 2 of 2

We're back with Sarah Stockdale, former Director of Global Community Growth at (acquired by AirBnb) and principal at Sarah Stockdale Growth Consulting. In this episode, learn the fastest way to grow your startup-up, the story behind the acquisition of's by AirBnb and Sarah's tips for doing growth experiments. She also shares her tips for anyone trying to get into growth marketing. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to...


GMT023: Sarah Stockdale - Former Head of Global Community Growth at Tilt - Part 1 of 2

Sarah Stockdale, former Director of Global Community Growth at (acquired by AirBnb) and principal at Sarah Stockdale Growth Consulting, is a growth veteran who has experience growing and scaling early stage venture-backed companies out of both Toronto and Silicon Valley. In this episode, Sarah shares the growth process at Tilt (before they got acquired by AirBnb), what she looks for when hiring for a growth team and how to get users addicted to your app. For quotes and episode...


GMT022: Kieran Flanagan – VP of Growth at HubSpot – Part 2 of 2

We're back with Kieran Flanagan, VP of Growth at HubSpot, for part 2 of 2. In this episode, learn how the HubSpot's global growth team is structured (hint: it's not by product!). You'll also learn what Kieran looks for when hiring for his growth team at HubSpot, his biggest lessons as a leader of a global growth team and where he sees marketing going in 5 to 10 years. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to Kieran Flanagan has a...


GMT021: Kieran Flanagan – VP of Growth at HubSpot – Part 1 of 2

Kieran Flanagan, VP of Growth at HubSpot, has a proven track record in helping SaaS businesses, from start-ups to enterprise-level companies grow their traffic, users and revenue. In this part 1 of 2, Kieran shares with Growth Marketing Today how he manages a global growth team that spans multiple time-zones. You'll also learn tactics HubSpot uses to activate free users into paid users. Find out incremental and disruptive growth experiments at HubSpot in 2018. For quotes and episode outline...


GMT020: Alyssa Atkins - VP of Marketing at CareGuide

Alyssa Atkins, VP of Marketing at CareGuide, has mastered the art of smoke testing, automating and scaling user acquisition channels, down to a science. In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, find out CareGuide's 5-step process to exploring and scaling new marketing channels. You'll also learn what Alyssa looks for when hiring for her team (hint: it's not experience or a great resume!). For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to Alyssa...


GMT019: Kara Dake - VP of Growth at CleverTap

Mobile marketers are using only about 5% of the data they have available to make decisions. That’s a 95% gap in how they can make a more informed decisions. Kara Dake, VP of Growth at CleverTap, share tips on how to use data more effectively to have more personalized messaging. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to


GMT018: Hailey Friedman - Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares

Learn how Hailey Friedman started and grew the Affiliate Program at RealtyShares, a Union Square Venture, GC and Menlo backed real-estate investing marketplace. Based out of San Francisco, Hailey is also the President of Bad-Ass Marketers and Founders SF, Silicon Valley's largest community of marketers & founders (over 16,000 members). You’ll also learn from Hailey how she does product marketing and how you can stand out as a marketers. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to...


GMT017: Ray Kanani - Director of UX Transformation at Intelex

Find out what it takes to build a holistic user journey in this episode of Growth Marketing Today. Ray Kanani, Director of User Experience Transformation at Intelex, shares why he used a comic book format to communicate the whole user journey of a company. This is something he got from the AirBnb’s UX team. Every marketer, designer and product people focused on UX growth can learn a thing or two (and even more!) from Ray. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to...


GMT016: Josh Fechter - Co-Founder of BAMF Media

Named as one of "12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From" by Forbes Magazines, Josh Fechter is one of the people who popularized the genre of poetic LinkedIn posts. Josh manages Bad Ass Marketers and Founders (BAMF), one of the biggest and most active Facebook groups, which gave him the opportunity to meet the Zuckerberg himself! In this episode, learn how Josh started and grew the BAMF community from 0 to 15,000 members.