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HR Insights - The Podcast. Topical discussions with and for our global HR community.




Series 5: Recapping Series 5

Welcome to the final episode of Series 5 of HR Insights: The Podcast! It has been an amazing series with plenty of noteworthy guests offering useful insights on some fascinating topics! In this last episode, Group Marketing Manager at Elliott Scott Group, Emily Abbott sat down with our CEO, Stuart Elliott to recap on this series and talk through some stand out moments from our guests. Emily and Stuart highlight the top book and TV programme recommendations from our guests this series and the topics that have linked to trends within the current HR function and global market as a whole. Stuart also reflects on the most memorable discussions with guests this series as well as his aspirations and hopes for Series 6. Key Timestamps: - 1:40 – Stand out book recommendations from this series’ guests - 4:00 – Stand out TV shows from this series’ guests - 6:30 – Reflecting on Stuart’s achievements in fitness competition, HYROX - 9:35 – Which topics discussed in Series 5 link to current trends within the HR function? - 14:30 – Changes and trends in the current global market - 17:05 – The evolution of Stuart’s role and how this has impacted the business - 18:33 – Memorable moments from Series 5 - 22:20 – Aspirations for Series 6 - 24:00 – A thank you to the guests and listeners of Series 5


Series 5: Empowering Working Parents

Welcome back to another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! Stuart Elliott sits down with two guests this week from Parents@work, the CEO and Founder, Sarah Meier and Partner, Celine Hendrick. They join Stuart to talk about the company’s aim to transform workplace culture for parents through Peer Coaching, Personal Development and Communication. Sarah Meier is originally from South Africa and began her journey into empowering parents at work after having children of her own and experiencing loneliness when going back to work. She founded Parents@work around six years ago to help tackle these feelings and alleviate the stress of returning to a job as a new parent. Belgian born Celine Hendrick joined the company a year and a half ago and having faced similar difficulties when having her own children, was keen to join an organization that was solely focused on easing this transition. In this episode, Stuart, Sarah and Celine talk about Parent@work’s mission to design bespoke programmes for different organizations to support new parents in returning to work, as well as encouraging them to find comfort in expressing their goals and future career plans within their organizations. They also discuss the importance of building a family-friendly environment to maximize hard work and loyalty amongst their workers. Key Time Stamps: - 1:30 – Intro into Sarah Meier - 4:55 – Intro into Celine Hendrick - 17:55 – What are the main challenges for working parents today? - 21:00 – Gender discrepancy for parents at work - 26:40 – How companies can invest in people and do more for parents at work - 28:40 – How to have empathy for working parents - 33:05 – How parents fit into talent strategies within organizations - 37:00 – Advice for people putting off having a family in case of career progression - 42:50 – Parents@work’s three key processes - 46:20 – Advice for companies to improve on their treatment of working parents


Series 5: Potential Over Pedigree: Skilling For Success

Stuart Elliott sits down with Louise Swaffield this week, Future Skills Talent Director at Fidelity International. Louise talks through Fidelity’s approach to mobility and development opportunities, the importance of upskilling and the advent of hiring based on skillset rather than qualifications. Louise Swaffield has worked in the HR world for over 20 years, beginning at Accenture working across a variety of global talent and HR roles, before taking on a brand new role at Fidelity International where she is leading efforts to embed a strategic skills framework across the organization. In this episode, Stuart and Louise discuss the creation of a talent marketplace within Fidelity in order to maximize mobility, growth learning and development particularly within Financial Services. Louise also highlights the shift in hiring preferences to a more skill-based approach and the importance of enhancing proficiency to maintain an agile and successful career. Key Time Stamps: - 1:10 – Introduction into Louise Swaffield and her background - 10:00 – Fidelity’s approach to people mobility and development opportunities - 11:39 – What does the talent marketplace at Fidelity look like? - 15:50 – Fidelity’s talent strategies and accelerators reversing the trend of skill scarcity within Financial Services - 19:15 – Challenges that we’ll see going forwards in terms of advances in skills and work - 23:40 – The potential gender disparity of skill self promotion in Financial Services - 26:15 - Fidelity’s utilization and distribution of skills data within the organization - 28:18 – Are people starting to look more at the skills that they need for a job rather than qualifications? - 31:30 – Are Fidelity investing in the Learning Development of their people to make them have a broader skillset? - 32:30 – Fidelity’s focus in terms of future skills


Series 5: Supporting Your Employees' Financial Futures

This week, our host, Stuart Elliott sits down with Pete Hykin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Penfold, a workplace pensions business using technology to innovate and modernize the otherwise mundane world of pensions. Pete has experience working with entrepreneur-led businesses, a marketing and growth agency as well as an app company of which he was the first employee. Within each role, Pete noticed the common theme of a flawed pension scheme which ultimately inspired the creation of Penfold, an accessible and easy solution to pensions. In this episode, Stuart and Pete discuss how technology is leveraged to increase people’s understanding of the pensions world, how Penfold is improving employee wellbeing as well as the importance of HR Professionals in helping their colleagues to achieve a comfortable retirement. Key Time Stamps: - 1:00 – Intro into Pete Hykin and the idea behind Penfold - 12:00 – Overview of the role of technology in the pension industry - 17:00 – How Penfold helps with your pension schemes - 18:10 – Does using technology for greater accessibility increase people’s understanding of the pension industry? - 22:50 – How Penfold improves employee wellbeing - 27:06 – The changes Pete would like to see across the industry - 35:05 – The importance of HR Professionals in helping their employees achieve a comfortable retirement - 40:05 – Advice to employees for managing their pensions


Series 5: Effective Job Transition for You and The Business

We are back with another great episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! This week, our host, Stuart Elliott is joined by returning guest, Glenn Wallis, Founder and Managing Director of Exigence, to talk about job transition both internally and externally, and the key tips for transitioning roles effectively. With over 20 years of experience, Glenn works with business leaders and HR specialists to navigate strategic transformation within their organizations and tackle the ever-changing landscape of job transitioning with confidence and certainty. In this episode, Stuart and Glenn discuss the traits of a ‘good’ role transition and the five key points that make up a positive transitional experience, as well as top tips both candidates and clients can adopt when going through this job transformation. Key Time Stamps: - 3:12 – Intro into Glenn Wallis and his background - 9:10 – Defining job transition - 12:16 – What does a good job transition look like? - 22:50 – The 5 key tips for transitioning into a new role positively - 27:32 – How to make the most of your probation period - 32:55 – Advice for changing your personal brand for an internal role - 36:04 – Advice for people undergoing a job/role transition - 37:46 - What can clients do to help someone transitioning into a new role?


Series 5: Green Ethics in Your HR Strategy

Welcome back to HR Insights: The Podcast! We have another exciting guest joining our host, Stuart Elliott this week. Scott Sullivan is the Director of Human Resources at law firm, Bates Wells and he sits down with Stuart to talk about green ethics and their role in the HR Strategy. Scott Sullivan is an experienced strategic HR professional with varied involvement throughout the employee cycle, working within the legal sector for a long time in companies like Barclays Bank, he is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, trustee of the charity Diversity Role Models and sits as a Justice of the Peace in East London. Scott was drawn to Bates Wells because of their values and mission to implement sustainability. In this episode, Stuart and Scott examine the importance of green ethics in the HR Strategy, how these are utilised in company rewards and benefits as well as what companies can be doing to improve their overall sustainability. Key Time Stamps: - 3:20 - Intro into Scott Sullivan - 11:10 - Why are green ethics important in the HR Strategy? - 15:00 – What does green ethics look like in practice from an HR standpoint? - 17:30 – Covid’s impact on green ethics - 20:45 – Does cost effect sustainability within the business? - 22:20 - How are green ethics seen in your rewards and benefits? - 29:50 – Do sustainability values ever get in the way of business? - 31:20 – What is coming next in this space? - 34:50 – Advice to HR functions on implementing green ethics


Series 5: Unlocking Human Potential

We have another exciting episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! This week our host Stuart Elliott is joined by Nishika de Rosairo, CEO & Founder of HumanQ, the world’s first managed marketplace focused entirely on group coaching. Nishika speaks about the importance of unlocking potential and helping individuals to live their best and most fulfilled lives. Nishika de Rosairo is a serial entrepreneur who has worked within many businesses, from the start-ups of Silicon Valley to large companies like Apple and Levi. Coming from a disciplined and ambitious background, Nishika’s mission has always been to reflect these values within the workplace. She founded HumanQ to provide companies and individuals with the optimal development opportunities to unlock their true potential. In this episode, Stuart and Nishika discuss the inspiration behind HumanQ, the methodology around her group coaching sessions, as well as the importance of taking pride in what you do to positively contribute to the overall health and wealth of your life. Key Time Stamps: - 1:15 – Intro into Nishika de Rosairo and HumanQ - 10:00 – Nishika's background and key values - 14:45 – Inspiration behind HumanQ - 19:25 – HumanQ’s Methodology - 24:15 – Importance of access to learning & development resources - 30:40 – Taking pride in what you do - 34:33 – Companies’ struggles with learning & development - 38:48 – Advice for companies and individuals to reach their full potential


Series 5: Generative AI: Pros and Cons within HR

Welcome back to another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! This week, our host Stuart Elliott is joined by returning guest, Ria Davey to speak about the impact of Generative AI on the world of work, particularly within the HR Function, as well as the risks and benefits that come with it. Ria Davey is the Global Head of HR in Engineering at Bloomberg where she has just celebrated her 11-year anniversary. Throughout her time at Bloomberg, Ria has been privy to the rapid evolution of AI within the industry and the ways in which its capability has potential for broad application. Despite its time-saving benefits, there are many risks that come with AI, whether that be through inaccuracies or loss of human empathy and intelligence. In this episode, Stuart and Ria discuss the endless possibilities AI, particularly ChatGPT, could have on the HR Function, the pros and cons of the technology, and how it can be utilized to support HR Leaders. Key Timestamps: - 1:30 - Intro into Ria Davey and her role within Bloomberg - 6:45 - Key themes and trends - 13:15 - Possibilities of AI - 20:30 - Risks of AI - 25:45 - Overall impacts of ChatGPT at work - 32:25 - What HR leaders should be doing to support their businesses


Series 5: Stuck in a Rut: Flourishing at Work

Welcome to this week’s episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! This week, our CEO & Host Stuart Elliott sat down with a familiar face at Elliott Scott HR, Charlie Girling, to speak about coaching, burnout and flourishing environments. Charlie has previously worked with the team in the UK as a key speaker at the ‘Making Coaching Accessible’ event. She is an experienced Executive Coach with an MSc in Coaching Psychology and Applied Positive Coaching. Charlie is also the Founder of W-health, a coaching and consulting business which provides performance coaching, workshops and Positive Psychology based toolkits for HR professionals to help their organisations flourish. She has a mission to create more healthy and prosperous workplaces, make coaching accessible and upskill HR’s toolkit in these rapidly changing times. In this episode Charlie and Stuart sit down to discuss her company; W-health, burnout, work stress, mental health crisis, positive psychology, flourishing workplaces, and escaping the downward spiral. Key Timestamps: - 02:12 – Intro into Charlie Girling and W-health - 11:13 – Defining burnout - 16:02 – Stress at work - 19:26 – Mental health crisis - 24:06 – Positive psychology - 29:15 – Flourishing workplaces - 44:28 – Escaping a downward spiral


Series 5: Exploring Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Welcome to this week’s episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! Today, our CEO and Host Stuart Elliott, is joined by Professional Speaker for Millennial Minds Pte Ltd, Vivek Iyyani. Vivek is based in Singapore and joins Stuart to speak on Millennials in the workplace and overall generational diversity. On top of being a Professional Speaker Vivek is also an Author of 3 books, Empowering Millennials, Engaging Millennials and The Millennial Leader and is currently writing his next book titled, Marketing to Millennials. He has been featured on different regional media channels and works alongside large organisations to build a millennial friendly employer brand. In his free time Vivek works with young people to build purposeful careers that they are passionate about. In this episode, Stuart and Vivek define the different generations, explain generational gaps, generational diversity, traits that you would typically find in Gen Z and Millennials that may be different to older generations, cancel culture and tips for millennial leaders. Key Timestamps:


Series 5: Building a Healthy Work Life Balance

We have another exciting episode for you this week, on HR Insights: The Podcast! Ahead of Mental Health Awareness week, our CEO and Host Stuart Elliott is joined by Amelia Wilcox, CEO of Nivati, to speak about mental health in the workplace and building a health work life balance. Nivati is a leading employee mental health and wellbeing platform which provides employees with stress management tools and direct access to professional help. Founded in 2020 Nivati now serves over 25 countries globally and aims to break down stigmas associated with mental health in the office with tools designed to decrease the friction and barriers to accessing care. Outside of Nivati, Amelia has recently been listed in the Forty Under 40, Fast 50, Inc 5000 and has been twice awarded National Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year. Amelia is passionate about wellbeing, mental health and entrepreneurship and speaks at universities and events around the US. She is also active in promoting women in business communities and taking care of her family of five. In this episode Amelia and Stuart sit down to discuss how work life balance has changed post Covid, how employees can create boundaries, employee burnout and how organisations can break down the stigma around mental health. Key Timestamps:


Series 5: Growth Point: How to Build a Growth Mindset

We’re back with another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! Today, our CEO and Host Stuart Elliott is joined by another fantastic guest, Amy Clark, Founder and Executive Coach at Growth Minded Leadership Group. In this episode Stuart and Amy discuss her book Growth Point and how to build a growth mindset. Amy is considered a thought leader in her field and is known for creating solutions that drive business outcomes. As a leadership development coach, she works one-on-one with individuals looking to develop their growth mindset; identifying key behaviours they want to gain awareness of and helping them understand what they can do today to be more successful tomorrow. In her book, Growth Point, Amy uses her own experience to outline actionable points to implement change in order to grow, helping to develop a growth point playlist and become aware of your vision and where you can progress. Throughout this episode Stuart and Amy discuss her background and her passion to write a book, what Growth Point is and how it could benefit you, leading with a growth mindset, being approachable, finding your vision, the challenges around growth and offering advice for those that want to grow. If you are interested in reading Growth Point or the book mentioned at the beginning of the podcast Talent Wins, please use the links provided. Key Timestamps:


Series 5: Up-Skilling Managers with Villyge

Welcome back to another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! This week our host Stuart Elliott is joined by Debi Yadegari to introduce our audience to Villyge, a platform to aid businesses in upskilling mangers to lead with empathy through personal life events. Debi is the Founder and CEO of Villyge, she started her career as a Wall Street Lawyer before creating Villyge to address the problems she both experienced and witnessed in the workplace. Debi is a sought-after thought leader and working mother of 5, dedicated to shaping the future of work for the next generation to come. In this episode Stuart and Debi discuss leading with empathy and how Villyge can help company’s upskill managers in dealing with their employee’s personal life events. They speak about how Debi has found being a female CEO, how Villyge works and the success of the company. Key Timestamps:


Series 5: The Evolution of Change

It’s Thursday, which means a brand new episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! This week our host Stuart Elliott had the pleasure of speaking to Beth Banks Cohn around the topical issue of change and how to manage it. Beth is an accomplished Organisational Consultant, Senior Executive Coach and President/ Founder of ADRA Change Architects. Beth has more than 25 years of success in her career and has worked across a multitude of industries, she helps companies use organisational transformation to reach the next level of growth. As mentioned in the episode, through her career Beth has authored numerous publications to aid companies through transformational growth. Taking the Leap: Managing Your Career in Turbulent Times…and Beyond, discusses what does it take to successfully navigate your career in challenging times. Another of her books, Change Smart: Implementing Change Without Lowering Your Bottom Line talks about how change is the key to survival and is now more challenging than ever. We recommend giving these a read! Today, Stuart and Beth speak about the evolution of change, how it has developed post Covid, why change is still a relevant topic, the 3 parts of the mind and how to make the process of change smoother and more successful. Key Timestamps


Series 5: How to be More 'People Sustainable'

Welcome back to another exciting episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! It is a joy to be bringing you episode 4 of this series and another great guest, Stacey Payne, Chief People Officer at Daily Harvest. Stacey has over 20 years of experience elevating organisations through transformational strategy and culture leadership. Stacey earned her M.A. in Organisational Leadership and B.A. in Public Relations and Art History from Chapman University in Southern California. She has a passion for HR Tech and has served on several company boards and is one of the founding members of CHIEF, dedicated to executive leadership for women. Stacey is now a CPO at Daily Harvest, a company on a mission to make nourishing foods more attainable. In this episode, our CEO and host, Stuart Elliott and Stacey discuss people sustainability; what it is and what businesses can do to ensure their business is ‘people sustainable’. They also chat about the trends around this topic, Staceys impressive career, and the challenges of hybrid work on the people space. To view the Mercer article spoken about in the podcast please click here: Mercer - How People Sustainability is Key to Business Success Key Timestamps:


Series 5: Is Gender Equality a Reality in Our Lifetime?

We are back with another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! Today our CEO and host Stuart Elliott is joined by Katica Roy, an award-winning gender economist to speak about gender equality. Katica has an incredible back catalogue and has interviewed the likes of President Biden, Vice President Harris and many more. Katica’s visionary articles have been published by the World Economic Forum, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes and Harvard Business Review; receiving over 2.9 billion impressions. She is now the CEO and Founder of SaaS company; Pipeline, ‘an organisation that uses advanced technology to make intersectional gender parity a reality in our lifetime.’ In this episode, Stuart and Katica discuss gender equality and its implications on working life; why gender equity is an issue for both men and women, accepting that there is bias, the economic implications gender equality has on a business and the data around gender equality. You can find out more about gender equity via Katica’s blog where she shares information and tips on combating equity in the workplace. Key Timestamps:


Series 5: Navigating a Start-Up as a HR Professional

HR Insights: The Podcast, Episode 2 is out now! Today, our CEO and host for this series Stuart Elliott, is joined by Victoria Bethlehem to speak about joining a tech start-up. Victoria is the global Chief People & Culture Officer at, a start-up operating in the ed-tech space. is a digital marketplace for the international student recruitment market which enables institutions, recruiters, and service providers to seamlessly find and transact with each other, anywhere in the world. They are transforming the way the world accesses international education. Prior to joining this team Victoria spent 25 years in executive management roles within the HR field. She describes herself as an international citizen, having lived and worked in the US, South Africa, Switzerland, Greece, Australia and now Singapore. In this episode Stuart and Victoria discuss joining a start-up, giving advice to new CEO’s, guidance on who to hire first, the issues that you can encounter with the growth of a start-up, ensuring that company culture is embedded into the mission and vision and how the changing markets can affect a new business. Key Timestamps:


Series 5: The Changing World of DEI

Welcome back to HR Insights: The Podcast! Today we are back for the first episode of Series 5, after the success of series 4 we can’t wait to share more exciting guests with you this season. Our first guest is a familiar face to Elliott Scott HR and a partner of ours, Sasha Scott. Sasha has been on the podcast previously and holds the record for our most popular episode ever! For those that are new here, Sasha is the CEO and Founder of the Inclusive Group and is considered an expert in the field of EDI, she has appeared on the BBC and has been published in multiple newspapers. She understands the commercial drivers behind reducing bias within the workplace and the critical need to promote and sustain an inclusive workplace culture. In this episode our CEO and Host for this season Stuart Elliott speaks to Sasha Scott to discuss the changes in diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Over the years the acronym that surrounds this field has changed dependant on what organisations should contemporality prioritise. They also discuss the changes across EDI and how hybrid work has affected the inclusivity of the workplace. Key Timestamps:


Series 4: That's a Wrap!

Today marks the final episode of HR Insights Season 4! We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of our guests this season and all of those that work behind the scenes to ensure each episode is a success. We will be back after a short break with season 5. In this episode our host and CEO, Stuart Elliott sits down with the Managing Directors of each of our six global hubs to give an update from each region. Discussing the market over the last year and determining whether trends are local to the region or something we are seeing globally. This is a great way to work out the trends for 2023 and what we can all expect to be seeing as we approach the end of Q1. If you are interested in finding out about a particular region, please see the time stamps below: Key timestamps Maidlin Mistry, DirectorGaurav Yadav, Director Phillip Welburn, Managing Director APACPeter Fahy, Associate DirectorPaulo Exel, General Manager Roshan Jayawardena, Managing Director


Series 4: Hybrid Working is Here to Stay

Episode 13 of HR Insights: The Podcast is out now! In this week’s episode, our host, Stuart Elliott is joined by Amira Kohler, Director of Performance and Change at Appraisd, regular listeners to HR Insights may recognise Appraisd from a previous episode of the podcast. In series 3 Stuart was joined by Roly Walter, the Founder of Appraisd. You can listen to that episode here. Amira is an expert in performance and change management and has worked for 30 years helping companies optimise their employee performance. She has designed and delivered performance solutions for teams globally. In this episode Stuart and Amira chat about how to manage performance in a hybrid world; setting expectations here, how much is too much flexibility, pushing boundaries and where responsibilities lie. If you have further interest in this topic, you can download the Hybrid Charter Checklist via the Appraisd website. Key Timestamps: