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We talk about all things HR - We gather the best guests at the top of their field to talk about Flexible working, Attracting and Retaining Top Talent, 4-day workweek, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I;), Employer Branding, Aligning business objectives with human objectives, Productivity, Remote Teams & Company Culture.

We talk about all things HR - We gather the best guests at the top of their field to talk about Flexible working, Attracting and Retaining Top Talent, 4-day workweek, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I;), Employer Branding, Aligning business objectives with human objectives, Productivity, Remote Teams & Company Culture.




We talk about all things HR - We gather the best guests at the top of their field to talk about Flexible working, Attracting and Retaining Top Talent, 4-day workweek, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I;), Employer Branding, Aligning business objectives with human objectives, Productivity, Remote Teams & Company Culture.






Employee Value Propositions - Why does your company need one?

On this week's show, we have Andrew Bartlow, managing partner of Series B Consulting. Over the course of his career, Andrew has participated in 6 significant scale-ups, as well as multiple IPOs, and has been a part of several successful private equity exits. He has advised dozens of C-level executives and learned from the very best during his formative years at Pepsi and General Electric. His book scaling for success is a definitive guide for leaders of high-growth organizations...


The importance of learning & developing your people in an employee-driven marketplace with Jim Frawley, Bellwether

About the pod We chat with Jim Frawley, founder of Bellwether, a company that helps organisations adapt to change and build resiliency in not only their company but in their people. In the podcast, we ask Jim about the steps companies should take in the midst of constant change, how important is learning and development in a competitive employee marketplace and what are the biggest mistakes organisations make when implementing learning & development plans. Jim also gives us 5 top tips to...


The rise of the 4 day workweek - How the Wanderlust Group increased productivity by reducing hours

With many calling it a life-work revolution, covid inadvertently brought about a huge work experiment, where people have had to juggle home and work life and boundaries became less defined. As a result, employees are now choosing to work for companies that are willing to offer a more flexible working arrangement. The Wanderlust Group has operated on a 4-day workweek over the last 18 months, and since shifting to that model has grown revenue by 100% year over year. We invited Meghan Keany...


How to add value to your company through goal setting & KPI’s with Adam Coleman, CEO, HRLocker

With 2022 just over the horizon, closing out the end of the year can often be a daunting task for many HR or office managers. One of those tasks is completing end of year reviews to make sure each department have hit their goals, KPI’s and OKR’s for the year. In today's podcast, we asked CEO of HRLocker, Adam Coleman the importance of performance reviews, how necessary they are for managing remote teams, how often they should take place and what should managers measure to ensure...


Updated HR Questions on Remote & Flexible Working with Katie Ridge from Adare Human Resource Management

On today’s show, we welcome back Katie Ridge, head of employer relations at Adare Human resource management. With changes in restrictions underway and many people returning to the workplace, we ask Katie some topical questions around remote and flexible working such as contracts of employment, do you need to update them if you are facilitating flexible working? And – do employers have the right to refuse full-time remote working? Also up today, we have seen some reports of companies...


The Wheel - Attracting talent in the non-profit sector in today's competitive market

On today's show, we have Elizabeth Bolger, Director of People & Programmes at The Wheel - the National association of charities, community & voluntary organisations & social enterprises. In this show, we ask Elizabeth if non-profits face different challenges to their public sector counterparts, and if so, what can they do to attract talent. The importance of employer branding, and the benefits of working with non-profits. We also discuss the topic of burnout and stress, and what impact the...


Latest guidelines on returning to the workplace

Our guest today is Rosanne Edger from Edger HR Consulting. Rosanne is an HR Professional with over 15 years experience in HR and has a proven track record in delivering HR support, advice, management coaching, and strategy setting. With the latest release of the updated Work safety protocol document, Crystel chats with Rosanne about the considerations employers should be thinking about if they are returning people to the office, what companies need to think about when preparing a flexible...


Hot Topics In HR today with Katie Ridge, Adare HRM

In this podcast, we draw on Katie's vast experience to ask her some hot topics in HR today, such as : - Vaccinations & the Workplace - what can/ can't employers do? - Managing remote working requests & Right to Disconnect Bill - The Code of Practice on Determining Employment Status With Hybrid working on the horizon, it is so important to make sure that you are up to date with new bills and legislation such as the right to disconnect.


Avoiding the pitfalls of contractor management with Colin Morley and Dave Chaplin

In today’s podcast, we have over 20 years of experience in the room with Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35Shield and Colin Morley, Director at Hays Technology. HRLocker recently ran a webinar on the subject of ‘contractors or employees, what’s best for your business’. It was a very popular webinar and illicit many questions around IR35 and the uncertainty around hiring contractors and contractor management, so we decided to get 2 experts on the show to continue the conversation. Colin Morely...


Designing Virtual & Hybrid Employee Experiences - Sasha Wight, wrkflow

In the world of HR, people are the core of every organisation. Sasha talks to us about her role as an Employee Experience Designer and how she helps companies build positive HR and people Transformation initiatives. With people working from their front room, companies need to redesign their workplace to create a positive and productive workplace to keep their employees happy and engaged. Sasha breaks it down for us and gives us some great actionable steps to begin building an EX...


Contracting - Is it the key to the Future of Work? Ciara Garvan, WorkJuggle

On today's show, we are really lucky to have one of Ireland's trailblazers in tech, Ciara Garvan, Founder of WorkJuggle, an online platform connecting highly skilled professionals with flexible, remote and contract roles. Ciara has been a notable contributor to the Irish technology industry over the past fifteen years, holding senior roles in blue-chip companies, such as Accenture, Eir and Meteor. We asked Ciara to talk to us about the benefits of contracting if it is a good way for...


How to hire and retain your people when scaling with James Hallahan

Welcome to the HRLocker podcast. Our host is Crystel Rynne, who talks James Hallahan, Director in the UK & Ireland for Hays Digital Technology, James Harvard and Hays IT… a leading global specialist recruitment group, and market leader. James has over 20 years’ experience in technology and digital recruitment and is responsible for delivering strategic growth across both the private and public sectors. Today, James talks to us about the issues some companies have when scaling up, and...


Deirdre Carbery, Human Security & Gender Advisor

Deirdre is a Security Strategist, Gender Advisor and military veteran. She has also previously held the appointment of Chief Instructor in the United Nations Training School Ireland, and previously worked with the UN and NATO to progress the Women, Peace and Security Agenda internationally. Since retiring from the military in January 2020, Deirdre works with FACEBOOK as a Global Security Strategist and continues to provide consultancy services to organisations internationally. On the...


Empathy, trust and teamwork; the human key to innovation - Aisling Curtis, Microsoft

Aisling talks us through the findings of a recent Microsoft survey on the future of work, which highlights some interesting insights that business leaders and employees will face as things slowly start to return to the ‘new normal’ Figures show that hybrid working is here to stay which means that changes will have to take place when we do return to a flexible working lifestyle… We talk about innovation, how you can create an environment to support innovative ideas, and the issues surround...


Agile Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion & HR in a new global landscape

Today, we talk about how Covid-19 has brought about a global digital transformation, and how this huge shift to remote work has opened up new opportunities for business globally. We explore how difficult is it to expand our workforces into different countries, and the issues companies have to contend with. Our guest Sherisa talks to us about the role HR must play in the company structure - because maintaining that human connection is what keeps the workplace strong and helps your employees...


2021 Employement Law Updates with Derek McKay, AdareHRM

Today on the show we have Derek Mc Kay from Adare HRM who helps us get to grips with the new Employment law updates for Ireland in 2021. He goes into great detail with our host Crystel Rynne about how the new updates will impact and affect HR in organisations across Ireland. They cover: 1. The right to request remote work 2. the right to disconnect 3. The real cost of the end of the PUP scheme 4. Health and safety policy for homeworkers 5. Sick pay a statutory payment 6. How has HR...


Highlighting the gaps in the world of HR with Louisa Meehan, President of Network Ireland

Louisa is the owner of Woodview HRM specialising in providing expert Human Resource and Workplace Mediation Solutions to SME's through consultancy, mentoring and training the of Leaders and People Managers. As a strong supporter of women in business Louisa was a founding member of the Network Ireland Wicklow Branch and is the National President of Network Ireland for 2020 supporting the development of professional women. In addition, she lectures in the field of HR and Organisational...


What does it take to develop the necessary skills for leadership?

Bob Casey joins us to discuss the challenge of leadership. Having played at the highest levels of international and club rugby, Bob is vastly experienced in motivating people to get the very best out of them. Following his retirement from the sport in 2012, he successfully transitioned to the corporate world, taking on the role of CEO at London Irish, before returning to Ireland in 2017 to join Korn Ferry, the world's largest organisational consulting firm. On today's show, Crystel and...


The future of work, issues to overcome in the remote workplace

On today's podcast, we have our very own Adam Coleman, CEO of HRLocker. HRLocker has grown into a thriving business over the last number of years. Adam acknowledges that instilling a great work culture has played a very strong role in the ongoing success of the company. Adam was recently asked to speak at a conference about the “future of work,” We asked him to break it down for us… And although the future of work is a very broad topic, we asked him to give us some takeaway insights on...


Lay-offs and redundancies - what are the key areas to consider?