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HMBT #279: Do What Chuck Says

Has a chance to catch up with Chuck Hester recently and wanted to get his advice on growing your network now that we are able to meet more in person. Website: https://www.chuckhester.com Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chuckhester/ Video: https://youtu.be/r4vvT78qyqo Audio:


HMBT #278: Experiences Matter

In this episode, I talk about my trip to Statesboro and Savannah Georgia. I had the opportunity to frequent many restaurants and had different experiences at each one. Customer service can make or break a business and if you do not make the experience good, you will not thrive as a business. You can get away with mediocre products and services coupled with excellent customer service, but not with poor products and services matched with a poor experience. Do everything in your power to...


HMBT #277: It’s Not What You Think

In this episode, Lina Rugova talk about three things that you should focus on in 2022 for marketing and branding a business. You will be surprised about Lina's pick for the number one item! Listen and learn! We mention numerous tools that will help you this year such as Wordpress, Elementor, Wix, Squarespace, Canva, Coolurs.com, Fiverr, SEMRush, Moz, Google Search Console, Uber Suggest, Screaming Frog, Google Business Profile. Webinar that I did with Annie Franceschi:...


HMBT #276: More Women and Cats in Email

I am joined by Jen Capstraw. Jen is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and email geek who sent her first email campaign in 2002. Jen serves as president/co-founder of Women of Email, a nonprofit org with 6,000+ members aimed at promoting leadership and cultivating professional growth among women in the email industry. We talk about the future of email marketing and how Women of Email helps empower women in the email industry. Women of email: https://womenofemail.orgWoman of email Facebook...


HMBT #275: How Has the Pandemic Changed You Part 2

After starting my project on stories about how the pandemic has changed people, I noticed a post on LinkedIn from Danielle Gray, The Content Whisperer. The post was everything that I was looking for in regards to my project. I reached out to Danielle to see if she would be on the show and tell us her story, but she said that she would not be able to anytime soon, but that I could use the content. Well, I did. Here is her story, narrated by me. This is the image that went along with the post...


HMBT #274: The Virtual Leadership Blueprint

In this episode, I am joined by Traci Philips, The Innate Coach. She is an Executive Leadership & Performance Coach to Visionaries. We discuss being viewed as a leader in a virtual world. There are a lot of challenges, but is can be done, which is what we talk about. Traci has a live show on Facebook every other Wednesdays with co-host Wulwyn Porte. It includes unscripted conversations around life and breakthroughs. Real conversations around real stuff. The show is called Eavesdrop in the...


HMBT #273: How Has the Pandemic Changed You Part 1

I am joined by Jennifer Nesploa Lantz, VP of Industry Relations and Deliverability at Kickbox as she talks about how the pandemic has changed her and how she is dealing with the change. Video: https://youtu.be/0INJMNeziPo Audio:


HMBT #272: Creature Comforts

This week I talk about making sure you are happy while working. I recently purchased a coffee mug that keeps my coffee warm and the charging pad will also charge my iPhone and AirPods. I also purchased a 32 ounce water bottle to help me drink 120 ounces of water per day! Find something that will make you happy while you work! Hurkins Smug Albor 32 Ounce Water Bottle Video: https://youtu.be/isAXo1LwtYM Audio:


HMBT #271: Email Marketing is not Dead, Neither is This Podcast

And..we're back!! I hop back behind the mic to talk to John Hayes about Email Marketing. Twitter: John_W_Hayes Facebook: www.facebook.com/becomingtheexpert Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-hayes-2772965/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/John-W.-Hayes/e/B009X7UEXO


HMBT #270: The Breakup

The time has come. It is not you, it is me. We need to breakup. I am going to be taking a break from the show for a while, so there will be no new episodes in the near future. I would love to hear your feedback on the show and maybe learn what your favorite episode was. Drop me a line at hank@hankhoffmeier.com. I hope the show was enjoyable for you and provided you value. Until next time! https://youtu.be/5idtEk2-5zA Audio:


HMBT #269: The Video Gameshow

I am joined by Christi Lowe, an Emmy Award Winning Video Producer and owner of Christi Lowe Productions. Christi and I start by discussing what kind of video works. And that is tricky because it depends on what kind of business you have. It is the kind of video you create that matter. Using brand stories can be powerful. Get people to know you. What is your why? It helps people know, like, and trust you. If you sell products, show your product and tell us how it works. Rather than going...


HMBT #268: The Brilliance Whisperer

In this episode, I am joined by Traci Philips, The Innate Coach. She is an Executive Leadership & Performance Coach to Visionaries. We discuss the importance of defining your rightful Zone of Brilliance so that you know what seat and lane you are meant to be in. Issues with productivity, culture fit, connecting with your market/ideal client and "job hopping" (job satisfaction/fulfillment) can often happen when we are misaligned and/or don't know where we truly thrive (where our value is most...


HMBT #267: That Time of the Year

For me, it is time for my annual physical. I wanted to take this time to encourage you to set up time to check in on your physical and mental health. With everything that we have going on, including a pandemic, it is easy to become stressed and overworked to the point that we are not taking care of yourself. Most times, your body will communicate with you and let you know if something is wrong, but there are times when people ignore what is happening, or maybe we do not place an emphasis on...


HMBT #266: Everyone Is Listening

Make sure to pay attention to the voice space. Whether it be podcasts, digital assistants, or new apps like Clubhouse, you need to know that this is a growing space. Sure, you need to create video and text marketing content, but voice is the new frontier. Then there is Youtube Shorts, vertical videos under 60 seconds. Not everyone has it, but it might be work looking at this feature when it is more widely available. https://youtu.be/L-1K0tgSRHs Audio:


HMBT #265: The Golden Microphone – Part 2

Larry Long Jr. joins me again to talk about leadership and other topics. Larry is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks and Founder of The Midweek Midday Motivational Minute. Get ready for some mic drop moment because Larry brought his golden microphone this time! Leadership is your actions, heart and mind. Do not get caught up in titles. You need to inspire people and help people on their career journey. You can be an individual contributor and empower others to do great things. It...


HMBT #264: The Golden Microphone Part 1

This week, and next week, I am joined by my old friend Larry Long Jr, Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks and Founder of The Midweek Midday Motivational Minute. I am enthralled with Larry’s energy! He might actually have more energy than me. Is that even possible? Other than high energy, we have a lot in common. I have been pushing people to do better and do more. Larry gave us a lot of words of wisdom in the two episodes he recorded with me. Larry like people that like what they do...


HMBT #263: Winning the LinkedIn Lottery Part 2

I am joined again by John Espirian this week. Here is a link to last weeks episode: https://hankhoffmeier.com/hmbt-262-winning-the-linkedin-lottery-part-1 He is the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter, all-round LinkedIn nerd and author of Content DNA. John writes web pages, blog posts, case studies and LinkedIn profiles for B2B clients. Find John at espirian.co.uk or follow him on LinkedIn. In the last episode, we discussed important items that you need to update on your LinkedIn...


HMBT #262: Winning the LinkedIn Lottery Part 1

In this episode, I am joined by John Espirian. He is the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter, all-round LinkedIn nerd and author of Content DNA. John writes web pages, blog posts, case studies and LinkedIn profiles for B2B clients. Find John at espirian.co.uk or follow him on LinkedIn. John and I talk about LinkedIn extensively today. LinkedIn should not be treated like other social networks. You need to put in some work to use it successfully. Make sure that your profile is as...


HMBT #261: Give Them Something to YAC About

Irene Diamond calls herself a “Pain Reliever & Mover-Improver for businesses and bodies” because she helps both get out of pain and moving! In 1995 she founded San Francisco, California’s very first Wellness Center, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness that enjoys referrals from other health care providers from across the country. Irene leads seminars and trainings for clinicians on the rehabilitation method she developed, Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method so they, too, have the...


HMBT #260: Niche To Meet You

It is a new year! It should be a new you as well! Stand out from the crowd. Make some changes. Be niche. https://youtu.be/oc0-RehYKGk Audio: