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Episode 22: Divine Lipscomb -- Moving On From Mistakes & Escaping Prisons of the Mind

Divine Lipscomb is a student, an entrepreneur and a former inmate. He's dedicated himself to reforming the correctional system and setting up returning citizens for success through Penn State's Restorative Justice Initiative, the Centre County Re-Entry Support Group and his own organization, Corrective Gentlemen. THIS is the final episode of 2018 but The Hustle will return in 2019! Make sure you always Hear The...


Bonus: Missing the Mall Experience + Why Community & Discovery Matter

Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: http://bit.ly/HVHustlehttps://www.facebook.com/HappyValleyHustle/https://twitter.com/billzhustlehttps://www.instagram.com/billzhustle/https://www.linkedin.com/in/billfzimmerman/Books and music by past "Hustle" guests are available at https://www.amazon.com/shop/happyvalleyhustle ▶️ MAKE your podcasting dreams happen with hosting from Buzzsprout.


Episode 21: Jack Zerby -- Tales of Startups & The Habits of Winners

Graphic designer and Central PA native Jack Zerby had a close-up look at the rise of some notable tech companies and has spearheaded his own startup ventures. The former design director at video-sharing site Vimeo and founder of School of Action, is sharing stories of entrepreneurship as well as the habits and philosophies that have set him up for success. Make sure you always Hear The...


Episode 20: Katie O'Toole -- Podcasting 101 & Shaping the Next Generation of Storytellers

Katie O'Toole is a gifted storyteller with a lot of tips for helping you connect with subjects and uncover compelling content. A public broadcasting veteran, she's now educating students on podcasting in Penn State's Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications. Plus, as president of the Centre County Historical Society, she's telling the region's colorful history on the "Dead Centre" podcast. Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: Books and music by past "Hustle" guests are available at...


Episode 19: A.J. Madden -- Gain A Physical & Mental Edge With Martial Arts

Countless hours in the gym have strengthened A.J. Madden's body and mind. The man behind Unfinished Business Consulting, discusses how the discipline, toughness and heightened sense of self acquired through martial arts, can steel you for professional and personal challenges. Be ready to take notes, A.J. delivers an unrelenting barrage of good advice! Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: Books and music by past "Hustle" guests are available at...


Episode 18: Jobe Matula & Derek Barnett -- Student Entrepreneurs Share Journeys of Hustle

Jobe Matula of The LiveFirst Co. (https://www.mypawproof.com/) and Derek Barnett of Tutoration (https://www.tutoration.com/) grew their startups with help from the Happy Valley LaunchBox this summer. Currently juggling their undergrad studies and entrepreneurship, these two Penn Staters open up about the rush and the struggle that come with making your ideas a reality. For more information on the latest LaunchBox programs: https://launchbox.psu.edu/application-2/ Make sure you always Hear...


Episode 17: James Tierney -- Optimize Your Life With Improv

A full-time economics instructor with a few side hustles, James Tierney's hard work and creativity shine in the classroom and on the stage. As a founder of Happy Valley Improv (https://www.happyvalleyimprov.com/), he's bringing improvisational comedy to State College, entertaining audiences with regular performances and helping others tap into the personal and professional benefits of improv through workshops. And, oh yeah, he also launched a photo-sharing app for pet fanatics called Pets...


Episode 16: Katie DeFiore -- Catching the Podcasting Bug

Penn State student Katie DeFiore has lept into the world of podcasting, tackling multiple projects in a short amount of time. A podcasting course awakened an interest that has led to series such as "An Entrepreneurial State of Mind" (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/entrepreneurial-state-mind/id1176627399?mt=2) and "Voices of Penn State" for The Daily Collegian (https://www.collegian.psu.edu/multimedia/podcasts/). Plus she's a resident of the co.space, an innovative housing arrangement...


Episode 15: Diamond Dallas Page -- Building A Brand On Tenacity & Authenticity

From the wrestling ring to the entrepreneurial ring, Diamond Dallas Page brings intensity to his hustles. The creator of the DDP Yoga fitness plan (https://ddpyoga.com), Page discusses the importance of persistence, authenticity and self-belief. He also explains how social media has been a game-changer in promoting his brand. Give yourself a Self High Five and get motivated by DDP! Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: Web: http://bit.ly/HVHustle Facebook:...


Episode 14: Ken Pasch -- Soaring as a Leader and Creating a Workplace Where Everybody Wins

Ken Pasch shapes leaders -- as a faculty member in Penn State's Executive Programs and as president/CEO of KiVisions Inc. (https://www.kivisions.com/). Drawing from his time in the Air Force, his experience as a manager and the principles of his latest book, Ken shares advice for growing as a leader and energizing your people. Ken's book "On Course: Become a Great Leader & Soar!" is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1683505131/?ref=exp_loc_pl_happyvalleyhustle Books by past "Hustle"...


Episode 13: Mega Ran -- Leveling Up Through Creativity & Fan Engagement

From Penn State to the classrooms of Philly and Phoenix to rapping around the globe, Raheem Jarbo has leveled up through his creativity and commitment. As Mega Ran (https://megaran.com/), he has built a passionate following by embracing a love of gaming in his lyrics as well as engaging with his fans across multiple platforms. He even owns a Guinness record, immortalizing his unconventional approach to rhyming. The Digital Age is working for him! Featured in this episode are two songs from...


Bonus: What We're Teaching Inmates About Entrepreneurship AND What You Can Learn From It

Host Bill Zimmerman reflects on teaching the "Change: Where Do I Go From Here" course in Centre County Correctional Facility through Centre Peace (http://www.centrepeace.org/) and Penn State's Restorative Justice Initiative (http://rockethics.psu.edu/people/efrain-marimon). Hear what inmates are being taught about personal branding, interviewing and pitching, PLUS how these lessons could help you. Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: Web: http://bit.ly/HVHustle Facebook:...


Episode 12: Chris Uhl -- We're More Than Brains on a Stick: A Deeper Vision for Education

Professor of biology Dr. Chris Uhl (http://bio.psu.edu/directory/cfu1) is a highly influential educator who has gained fame at Penn State for his BiSci 3: Environmental Science course, "an invitation to actively engage with SCIENCE and with YOUR LIFE!" His thoughtful teaching philosophy is explained in his book "Teaching as if Life Matters" (https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/content/teaching-if-life-matters) as he advocates for a holistic approach to education focused on compassion and...


Episode 11: Tom Phillips -- The Voice of WWE's "SmackDown Live" Talks the Power of Hustle

Tom Phillips (https://www.wwe.com/superstars/tom-phillips) is the voice of WWE "SmackDown Live" AND a proud Penn Stater. He talks about the smart moves he made in Happy Valley and the extensive work he puts into preparing for broadcasts and critiquing his performances. Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: Web: http://bit.ly/HVHustle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyValleyHustle/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/billzhustle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/billzhustle/ LinkedIn:...


Episode 10: Hunter Swisher -- Making Entrepreneurial Ideas a Reality

Hunter Swisher is the founder of Phospholutions (https://www.phospholutions.com/), a State College-based company designed to reduce the environmental impact of fertilizers. Only 23, Hunter talks about developing his company as a Penn State student, his team's recent winning of $75,000 as the top team in the university's Tech Tournament and taking advantage of local resources like Happy Valley LaunchBox (http://launchbox.psu.edu/). Make sure you always Hear The Hustle: Web:...


Episode 9: Charlie Brenneman -- Fighter, Educator, Speaker & World's Toughest Lifelong Learner

A Spanish teacher turned UFC fighter who is now a speaker, Charlie Brenneman (https://charliespaniard.com/) calls himself "The World's Toughest Lifelong Learner." Who's going to argue with him? He's a prolific podcaster who is embracing the idea of the entrepreneur as a media company. Learning from failure, overcoming fear, connecting with your audience -- Charlie offers a fistful of insights. You can hear his podcast, "Spaniard 101: Learn to Be Bold," here:...


Episode 8: Molly Kunkel -- Why Storytelling is Centre Gives' Fuel For Fundraising

Centre Gives (https://centregives.org/) is right around the corner, and nonprofits are gearing up for the 36-hour fundraising event. Last year, donors gave $1.2 million, and all indicators are pointing to a bigger total for 2018. In this episode, Molly Kunkel, executive director of the Centre Foundation (https://www.centre-foundation.org/) discusses how the annual campaign creates healthy competition and innovative approaches to fundraising. She also delves into the art of asking for money...


Episode 7: Rob (Rob Z) Wentz -- Building Brand and Community Through Podcasting

A longtime DJ who launched his own social media marketing company, Rob Wentz (http://www.robzradio.com/) is also the man behind "Rob Z Radio," a burst of positivity where he offers advice, entertainment and a civic boost to his hometown of Altoona. His "brain in audio form," the podcast has amassed 340+ episodes with topics that span from cryptocurrency to yoga to professional wrestling. He's truly making the Digital Age work for him. While you're at it, give Rob Z's interview with host Bill...


Bonus: WrestleMania Reflections + How You Can Engage Customers WWE Style

Host Bill Zimmerman carries the weight on this bonus episode, reflecting on WrestleMania 33, "The Showcase of the Immortals" and the wrestling fan pilgrimage he made in 2017. A multi-day celebration of wrestling that seemingly makes misfit wrestling fans the majority in whatever city that hosts the event, WrestleMania is a feast for the senses, and Bill has your overview. Plus, you'll learn insights on WWE's massive, multi-pronged approach to fan engagement and maybe get some ideas for...


Episode 6: Brad Groznik -- Building Something Big With Pop Up Ave

Brad Groznik, along with his wife, Andrea, are the architects behind Pop Up Ave (https://www.popupave.com/), State College's answer to the urban flea markets they once frequented in New York City. The event will once again bring food, beer, entertainment and an array of vintage and artisanal goods to downtown State College from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. April 28. Brad also runs his own PR firm (http://groznikpr.com/about-the-grozniks/) and teaches as an adjunct at Penn State, so he pretty much...