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Welcome to Harnessing Your Wealth with Billy Peterson. In this podcast, Billy helps equine enthusiasts, business owners, and retirees identify their goals to inspire them to improve their finances with a variety of strategies to achieve the future they desire. Join us for this journey where we explore strategies on how to preserve your assets, mitigate taxes, and manage your investments in the long-term pursuit of sustainable prosperity.


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Welcome to Harnessing Your Wealth with Billy Peterson. In this podcast, Billy helps equine enthusiasts, business owners, and retirees identify their goals to inspire them to improve their finances with a variety of strategies to achieve the future they desire. Join us for this journey where we explore strategies on how to preserve your assets, mitigate taxes, and manage your investments in the long-term pursuit of sustainable prosperity.




Stay In The Saddle: How to Ride Out The Current Economy (Ep. 23)

The current state of the economy is causing uncertainty for many people around the world. With stock market corrections, volatility, high interest rates, and discussions of a recession, it’s no wonder there is a resounding feeling of doom and gloom surrounding current affairs. Join Billy and Shaun as they share their thoughts and perspectives on … Read More Read More


15,000 Orthoscopic Surgeries and a Lifetime of Tales with Dr. Wayne McIlwraith (Ep. 22)

People in the horse racing, farming, and ranching industries have two things in common; a passion and love for animals. Today’s guest is a renowned equine orthopedic surgeon, a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences, and the founder of the Orthopaedic Research Center at CSU. It is clear when you hear him … Read More Read More


Transform Your Life with Applied Improvisation with Ryan Sullivan, CFP®, CRPC®, RCC™ (Ep. 21)

One of the most valuable skills in today’s world is the ability to improvise. Improvisation is not just about making things up on the spot but also about adapting to changing situations, finding creative solutions, and collaborating with others. In this episode, Billy and Shaun Peterson sit down with Ryan Sullivan, CFP®, CRPC®, RCC™, Vice … Read More Read More


Economics and Technology with Bob Kaynor of Hartford Schroders (Ep. 20)

Staying informed about the economy, market trends, and emerging technologies is crucial for investors and professionals. Will artificial intelligence guide a new era of job creation? In this episode, Billy and Shaun are joined by Bob Kaynor, Portfolio Manager at Hartford Schroders to hear his insights on the current market, the impact of higher interest … Read More Read More


From the Racetrack to Business Owner with Kip Didericksen (Ep. 19)

Few journeys are as exhilarating and transformative as those of a jockey. The rush of adrenaline during races and the intricate partnership between humans and horses all come together to tell a story of talent, perseverance, and passion. In this episode, Kip Didericksen, a renowned former jockey shares his journey from the race tracks to … Read More Read More


How Small Things Can Lead to Big Results (Ep. 18)

Most people want immediate results and instant gratification, but, the best results are often generated when you practice the basics of persistence and consistency. In today’s episode, Billy, Shaun, and Cade share some of the tried and true actions and mottos that they use in their personal and professional lives. From being a little “old-fashioned”, … Read More Read More


From Drywall to Derby: Pierre Amestoy’s Journey into Horse Racing (Ep. 17)

For centuries, horse racing has captivated enthusiasts worldwide. However, beyond the flashy and glamorous racetrack, the industry intersects heavily with the business world. In this episode, Billy and Cade Peterson chat with Pierre Amestoy, a prominent figure in the horse racing industry. Pierre shares his story, from working in the family drywall business to having … Read More Read More


Navigating Economic Ups and Downs: Insights from a Third-Generation Business Owner with Nate Reeve (Ep. 16)

Managing a business has its share of trials and tribulations, from economic uncertainty and market fluctuations to finding a healthy balance between work and life. In this episode, Billy and Shaun Peterson chat with third-generation business owner Nate Reeve of Reeve & Associates, Inc, about why he chose to buy out his father to become … Read More Read More


The Mind-Body Connection with Heather Peterson of Pain Free For Good (Ep. 15)

Nowadays, we tend to prioritize our daily tasks over our own well-being, and we need to remember what kind of consequences this could have on our health. How strong is the connection between our mental and physical health? Let’s analyze the link between them. In this episode, Billy, Shaun, and Cade Peterson sit down with … Read More Read More


How to Approach Aging and Retirement with John Diehl (Ep. 14)

Today’s guest, John Diehl, Senior Vice President of Applied Insights at Hartford Funds believes that most people have an improper view of retirement. They think their retirement (typically 7-10 years) will be stacked with golf games, lavish trips, and all things that they consider as ‘living the good life.’ But, the reality is that people … Read More Read More


Is a Recession Looming on the Horizon? (Ep. 13)

During these uncertain times, we are faced with the worry of a recession. Is there one looming on the horizon? Find out as Billy and Shaun welcome Strider Elass, Senior Economist at First Trust, as he shares his thoughts and predictions about whether a recession is on its way, and what we can do to … Read More Read More


Investing 101: Real-Life Stories and Strategies for Beginners (Ep. 12)

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing economic landscape, it has become increasingly crucial for individuals of all ages to acquire financial literacy and understand the power of investing. Taking charge of our financial future can pave the way for long-term stability and growth. Want to know some basic investing concepts that will help you get started? … Read More Read More


Opportunities and Challenges within the Horse Racing Industry with Janet VanBebber (Ep. 11)

There are many challenges facing the horse racing industry, both from an economic and social perspective. Despite this, it continues to strive for growth and attract new generations. And what better way to shed light on these topics than by speaking with someone who possesses a profound understanding of the industry? Join Billy and Cade … Read More Read More


Wills, Trusts, and Probates: Estate Planning with Wayne Bennett (Ep. 10)

When planning to transfer your possessions to your loved ones, it can be daunting, both due to the burden of paperwork and familial pressure. This is precisely why developing and arranging a will and trust with a trusted professional is critical. Today’s guest, Wayne Bennett, Director & Shareholder at Clyde Snow & Sessions, helps his … Read More Read More


Lessons on Success with Jeff Tebow, Deputy Chairman at Andreini & Company (Ep. 9)

To achieve success, you need to put in the effort and demonstrate your abilities. In this episode, Billy and Cade interview Jeff Tebow about his career and experiences in the horse industry starting from being a farm hand on the ranch to becoming the CEO of an Insurance company. Learn valuable life lessons as Jeff … Read More Read More


The Current Economic Regime Shift with Jon MacKay (Ep. 8)

When there’s great uncertainty in the markets, gaining insight from experts like today’s guest, Jon MacKay, Head of Platform Distributions at Schroders is beneficial. Listen in as he joins Billy and Shaun to provide insight and clarity about what is happening, and what’s to come within the economic field. Join the discussion as Jon highlights: … Read More Read More


A Day in the Life of Dr. Vince Baker, DVM (Ep. 7)

Your alarm goes off at 3:45 am, you get up, get dressed, and make yourself a cup of coffee. You gather the equipment you will need for the day, put on your rubber boots and head out the door. You arrive to begin your workday – it’s just 4:30 am This is just a glimpse … Read More Read More


Does Your Risk Match Your Profile? (Ep. 6)

Investing can be risky, but it’s also an essential part of growing your wealth. In this episode, Billy is joined by his son, Cade and together they dive into taking risks with your investments and emphasize the importance of knowing your risk tolerance. They also clarify that investing is not the same as gambling, and … Read More Read More


State of the Oil Industry with Clint Carpenter (Ep. 5)

At Peterson Wealth Services, we understand that business owners face unique challenges, which is why we are constantly striving to stay informed so we can help our clients make educated decisions. Join Billy and Shaun as they sit down with Clint Carpenter, Co-Founder of South Texas Oil Field Solutions to chat about the oil industry, … Read More Read More


From Starting a Business to Selling a Business – What You Need to Know with Brian Van Camp (Ep. 4)

After dedicating time and effort to run your business for years or even decades, it may be time to sell, and move on to new ventures. However, the process of selling a business can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. To ensure a successful sale, it is important to manage your expectations, and have a … Read More Read More