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Chris is going from behind the desk to behind the wheel and starting his own trucking company.

Chris is going from behind the desk to behind the wheel and starting his own trucking company.
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Chris is going from behind the desk to behind the wheel and starting his own trucking company.




#6. Financing Your Truck and Trailer

In this episode we talk about the different types of lenders and some of the things they look for. We also give you some tips to help give you the greatest chance of success. It all really boils down to finding the right lender who best matches up with your particular situation. You may be a square peg, and some lenders might be a round hole. You won’t get anywhere trying to get your square peg into their round hole. Look for that lender that loves square pegs, and you will have found your...


#5. Buying a Truck

This is a fun episode. Who doesn’t get excited about buying the truck that they are going to use to make them money. Heck, you are probably going to live in this thing 24/7 for days, if not weeks at a time. If there is a decision you want to get right, this is it. Here are some of the things we are going to talk about: Head to http://haulinassetsllc.com/ for the full show notes.


#4. Changing Your Mindset

In this episode I really focus on the importance of thinking like an owner. This journey really starts with YOU and a desire for something different. For me, that was deciding I wanted my hard work to make more money for myself and not for someone else. I also wanted to be in control of my destiny, not have someone else in control of it. Here are some of the changes in mindset we talk about. I hope this episode helps you think of ways to think more like an owner. What other ways do you...


#3. DOT Numbers and MC Authority

Big step #2 of starting a trucking company, after setting up your business, is applying for your DOT Number and MC Number, aka Operating Authority. You can't do much in trucking without one or both of these numbers. How do you know which one you need or if you need them at all? My buddy Tyler from Motorcarrier HQ and I cover all the basics in this episode. Here are some of subjects we discuss in detail: Most for hire trucking companies will need to apply for an MC Number in order to get...


#2. Business Entities and Taxes

This episode is a deep dive (and I mean deep into the “exciting” world of lawyers and accountants) into the foundation of starting a business. I cover how to set up your business from a legal and tax perspective. As part of this episode you'll hear straight from two experts. Preston Koerner and Chris will go over the legal piece and Jason Grant with Trackin Assets will talk about different tax considerations. In the intro, Craig and I talk about partnerships and trying to determine if a...


#1. Top 5 Questions For New Owners

Welcome to the first episode of the Haulin Assets podcast. In this episode Craig and Chris will cover the 5 things you need to consider when starting a trucking company: We hope this episode gives you some good things to think about and gets you excited about living the American Dream of owning your own business. Visit http://haulinassetsllc.com/ for full shownotes.


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