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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.

Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.


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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.






Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny | Dr. Stephen Cabral

Today we welcome Naturopath, Ayurvedic, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Stephen Cabral to Health Coach Radio. Dr. Stephen developed his passion for health and wellness in the same way as many of our listeners, by suffering through health struggles at the young age of 17 and finding his way out of them. Dr. Stephen's list of certifications and specialties is quite expansive and after nearly 20 years in this field, you can rest assured that Dr. Cabral's experience, knowledge, and...


Getting Geeky About Gut Health | Dr. Michael Ruscio

Today we are super excited to welcome Dr. Michael Ruscio to Health Coach Radio. Dr. Ruscio is undoubtedly one of our favorite functional medicine docs because he gives you all the details in a no-nonsense kind of way. Dr. Ruscio is a gut health guru and gives us a mini education on the research he has been diving into regarding gut health. During this episode, we get into lots of nerdy details surrounding gut health, probiotics, when lab testing can cloud your vision when it makes sense to...


An Episode for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur | Jen James

Today's guest on Health Coach Radio is Jen James of Celestial Yoga. Jen has a thriving online yoga business where she helps her clients manage chronic pain and stress through a holistic approach with gentle exercises, mindfulness, and self-care techniques. Jen also teaches holistic living on a budget. Jen defines holistic living as an all-encompassing life that incorporates the whole person, including self, family, relationships, work, interests, spirituality, and health. She focuses her...


Your Wisdom is Your Biggest Coaching Asset | Tara Garrison

Today's guest on the show is Tara Garrison. Tara is a ketogenic diet specialist, personal trainer, mom of four, and Boston marathoner. She takes a holistic approach to health, teaching the importance of a healthy mind and body. She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, International College of Applied Nutrition, and Strength and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach. Like so many of us coaches, Tara's journey to coaching was triggered by a health awakening when she...


Find Your Passion & Follow It | Jacob Glass

Today we welcome practicing health coach, Jacob Glass, to Health Coach Radio. Jacob is like so many of our listeners, passionately coaching and growing his business, Body to Be, with hopes of it being the sole financial support for his family one day in the future. Jacob's journey to becoming a health coach started as a NASM personal trainer and a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, which landed him a job as a trainer in the gym. In this episode, Jacob takes us through his...


Take Your Fitness Off the Ground | Jenea Sutton

Today we welcome Jenea Sutton to Health Coach Radio. Jenea is the founder of Edge Cycle, an indoor cycling studio in San Diego, California. This is a super fun episode because what health and fitness nerd hasn't dreamed of opening their own fitness studio? Jenea's mission in creating Edge Cycle was to create an environment where everyone who walks through the door is both seen and acknowledged. The instructors use motivation, thoughtfully curated playlists and creative freedom to push their...


Context Always Matters | Amy Berger

Today we are excited to welcome Amy Berger to Health Coach Radio. Amy is the founder of Tuit Nutrition. She holds a Masters's degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Her areas of specialty include using low carb and ketogenic diets as nutritional therapies for Type I and Type II diabetes, obesity, PCOS, migraines, acid reflux, cardiovascular disease, and neurological and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's,...


Keep Your HEC in Check | Dr. Jade Teta

Today we welcome one of our very favorite people to the show, Dr. Jade Teta. Dr. Jade has unofficially been dubbed "the Metabolism Guy" but he is also an expert in women's hormones, men's hormones, functional health and medicine and so much more. He has built online businesses, great content marketing strategies, has published several books, and hosts a podcast called The Next Level Human Podcast. I mean, what can the guy NOT do? His work straddles the line between personal development and...


Rethinking the Hustle | Milena Regos

Today we welcome Milena Regos to Health Coach Radio. Milena is the co-founder of the Unhustle movement, host of the Unhustle podcast, and ex-marketing strategist turned mindful entrepreneur. Unhustle is all about turning down the volume of the hustle. During a 10-day, off-grid, digital detox vacation, Milena was suddenly awakened by the fact that she had been suffering from chronic stress and work addiction. What's more, is that this entire body of behavior had been glorified by "hustle"...


An Episode for the Ladies | Dr. Jaime Seeman

Today we welcome Dr. Jaime Seeman to Health Coach Radio. Also known as Doctor Fit and Fabulous, Dr. Seeman is a board-certified OBGYN with a background in nutrition, exercise and health science. She is a current fellow in integrative medicine and a board-certified ketogenic nutrition specialist. Similar to many of us in our 30's and 40's, Dr. Seeman got away with poor diet and lifestyle choices in her youth, only to be staring down the barrel of metabolic dysfunction as she embarked on one...


Build a Happy Little Practice | Karin Rozell

Today we welcome business coach, Karin Rozell. Believe us when we say that this conversation is different from any other conversation we have had on Health Coach Radio. Karin Rozell is the creator of the 'Happy Little Practice' and believes that there is a market for coaches who feel called to small, simple, coaching businesses. How about that for a change of pace? We loved it! As a business coach for health coaches, Karin encourages her clients to build the health coaching business of their...


Let's Talk Carnivore | Dr. Kevin Stock

Today we welcome Dr. Kevin Stock from Meat.Health to Health Coach Radio. Kevin has been in the health and fitness world for many years. He was the founder and CEO of Muscle Science and a national level physique competitor. He began his professional career as a dental sleep medicine doctor where he treated obstructive sleep apnea in his private practice. From there he invented the NED device, an intranasal device designed to treat snoring and sleep apnea. Kevin is an advocate of the carnivore...


To be Empathetic, Put Yourself In Their Shoes | Drew Manning

Today we welcome Drew Manning, the man behind the Fit2Fat2Fit story. You have likely heard Drew's crazy story, but if not, let me give you a little teaser. Drew was a personal trainer who was struggling to relate to and empathize with his clients since he had always been fit, healthy, and never overweight. In an attempt to glean a bit of empathy for the people he was working with, he intentionally put on 75 pounds of fat by eating a diet that was highly processed, convenient, affordable and...


Healthy Metabolism, Healthy You | Dr. Cate Shanahan

Today we interview Dr. Cate Shanahan on Health Coach Radio. Dr. Cate authored one of the must-read nutrition books that every health coach should have in their library, Deep Nutrition. And while she has recently come out with her second book, The Fat Burn Fix, this episode is all about metabolic health, her area of expertise. We fast-tracked releasing this episode of Health Coach Radio because metabolic dysfunction is such an alarming risk-factor for the COVID-19 virus. The co-morbidities...


Your Thoughts Create Your Life | Robert Notter

Today's guest on the show is Robert Notter, a business coach for health coaches. In this interview, Robert is serving up some really practical business advice for coaches at any stage in their business. Based in NYC, Robert works with clients all over the globe both virtually and in-person through programs, events, and online courses. His practice is focused on helping business owners find more clients and quickly increase their revenues, all while having the freedom to do the work they...


Applying the Analytical Mind to Coaching | Darren Cash

Today we welcome Darren Cash to Health Coach Radio. In Darren's own words, he had always been that "health nut" in the office, competing in endurance multi-sport events, ocean swims or mountain bike races. But, even with all this exercise, Darren was still carrying around twenty extra pounds and three extra pants sizes at the young age of 30. Now, cruising well beyond 30, he has figured out how to turn back the clock on age-related metabolic slowing and weight gain. Using his own experience,...


Establish A Strong Why | Mitch Webb

This week we welcome Mitch Webb to Health Coach Radio! Mitch is a health coach who has used food and lifestyle change in a miraculous way to encourage his own mental and physical health transformation. To be completely candid, Mitch's personal health story is out of this world! After listening to his story, you will be more amazed than ever with the resiliency of the human body, especially when supportive food, movement and lifestyle choices are prioritized. In this episode we discuss...


Carve Your Own Path | Samantha Gladish

Today we welcome Samantha Gladish to Health Coach Radio. Samantha has a lot going on. She is a podcaster, author, and holistic nutritionist, specializing in women's hormone health. Samantha and her team of coaches are dedicated to helping women achieve more powerful, holistic, purpose-driven lives using tactics like simple and sustainable methods of stress management, weight loss, detoxification, hormone balancing, natural beauty care, and green living. Samantha's list of credentials is...


Keto for Longevity | Brad Kearns

Today we welcome Brad Kearns back to Health Coach Radio. Brad is always a joy to talk to and this time around he is telling us a little bit about his new book written with Mark Sisson, Keto for Life. In a world of quick-fixes, it is about time that someone started talking about the long-term and sustainable benefits of a ketogenic diet. Coaches yearning to understand more about the elegant nuances of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle are going to geek out over this episode. Brad is tackling...


Think Big | Brian Sanders

Today we interview Brian Sanders on Health Coach Radio. Brian is the host of the Peak Human podcast, a great show with lots of epic guests. He is also in the process of producing his very own nutrition documentary, Food Lies, which he hopes will dispel the myths and arguments surrounding the optimal human diet. He is the originator of what he calls the Sapien diet, a whole foods approach that prioritizes satiety and nutrient density. We dive headfirst into tons of great topics this episode,...