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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.

Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.


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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.






Going Beyond Feeling “Fine” with Dr. Libby Wilson

Our guest on this episode is Dr. Libby Wilson. This is another exciting conversation with a doctor who turned away from a conventional medical practice to pursue a functional, patient-centred, medical practice. Early in her career, Dr. Libby realized that conventional medicine effectively served patients in many ways, but fell short in others. She loves establishing long-term relationships with her patients and enjoys collaborating with them to achieve the best possible outcomes. Her...


Health Coaching in a Medical Practice with Dr. Judith Boyce

In this special episode of Health Coach Radio (with a live-online audience), our guest is Dr. Judith Boyce. Judith became a health coach after she spent a career as a doctor - after she spent a career as a nurse. This is because she saw health coaching as the way forward for doctors, nurses and the medical system in general. Dr. Judith has developed the Health Coaching in Medical Practice certification course which educates and trains coaches to go forth and conquer in the medical system....


Find Good Clients & Deliver Amazing Results with Yuri Elkaim

Today’s guest is Yuri Elkaim a business coach for health professionals who want to scale their coaching business. Yuri says that his superpower is being able to simplify the complex world of health and reduce your confusion with clear, actionable, and science-backed advice that cuts through the nonsense. Yuri believes that new health coaches and entrepreneurs should do three things in order: create an impactful product that gets results, use paid advertising to get clients in the door and...


Crafting the Irresistible Offer with George Liu

Have you been spinning your wheels with social media marketing? Well, in this episode, we talk to online marketing expert George Liu. George teaches fitness and wellness businesses how to leverage paid advertising in their marketing efforts. It all begins with crafting an irresistible offer and then paying to put it in front of the necessary (and correct) eyeballs. If you have been curious about dipping your toe into paid ads, you are going to love this episode. During the episode, we get...


The Ever Evolving Coach with Bryce Henson

Our guest in this episode is Bryce Henson, the CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp, and leadership and development, coach. Fit Body Bootcamp is an explosively successful worldwide boutique fitness brand. Bryce shares his journey from an unfit guy to a fit guy, to a personal trainer, to a studio franchisee, and beyond. A very interesting trajectory for a fitness pro to consider. As a leadership coach and speaker, Bryce also has wonderful words of inspiration and advice for all of us. He teaches some...


Don’t Let Your Branding Sabotage Your Coaching with Naomi Gee

Naomi Gee is an expert in clear messaging, copywriting, and visual branding who specifically loves working with health and wellness coaches. Even if you are new to coaching, you likely know that learning how to tell your story is a clutch part of branding that, frankly, nobody likes doing or feels is worth their time and energy. But it IS worth the time and energy — and it’s gosh darned essential. In this conversation, Naomi walks us through a website audit (the grunt test) that you...


Where Are The Wellness Jobs? With Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams is an author, dietitian, and award-winning food and health journalist based in Alabama. Like many of us, she is also a busy mom who knows how important it is to have some quick, healthy meal ideas on hand. She also loves to break down the latest news and trends when it comes to food, diet, and health, so we picked her brain on topics including how to build a successful business, how to hide veggies in your smoothies, and how we tend to normalize our health symptoms -...


Don’t Let Your Inner Teen Run Your Business with Sarah Walton

Our guest is Sarah Walton. Sarah is an author, speaker, podcaster, and business mentor. And you know what? We love the business coach interviews here at Health Coach Radio because the business and marketing side of health coaching is what eludes almost every aspiring health coach that we meet (and we meet a lot of them!). Talking with Sarah is always really fun, funny, and chock full of great insights and actions. She tends to focus her messaging more toward women entrepreneurs but you...


Mindful Weight Loss with Lucia Hawley

Our guest today is Lucia Hawley, the mindful weight loss coach for women. Weight loss, particularly weight loss for women, is a vast topic to tackle. I'm sure we can all recall a handful of women who have spent their lives trying to lose weight, and that's exactly what we are talking about today. Lucia's crusade is to help women lose weight without the struggle and suffering of deprivation-based dieting. During this episode, we discuss diet culture and the anti-diet culture, Lucia's hybrid...


Don't Worry About Your Niche, Do What You Love | Jordan Syatt

Today we are chatting with Jordan Syatt. If you know Jordan, you won't be surprised that this conversation is full of BS-free advice for health, fitness, and nutrition coaches. In true Jordan Syatt fashion, it is also scattered with a few extra expletives to keep things exciting. Jordan has built a very successful online fitness business by being real with his audience, doubling down on educating his following, and consistently creating valuable long-form content. During this conversation,...

If You Sell Yourself First, Others Will Follow | Hailey Rowe

Our conversation today is with Hailey Rowe, a business coach for health coaches. We can't stress the impact a business coach can have if you are a health coach operating at any level and feeling stuck. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level coach and have the resources to hire a business coach, seek one out who aligns with you and do it! That's our advice anyways. Hailey works with her clients on their mindset around sales and helps them to understand that their ideal...


The Best Lead Generation Method is Content with Andrew Ryder

Today's guest is Andrew Ryder, a content creation consultant who teaches the importance of consistently creating content for your business. Andrew teaches his clients how to never run out of content ideas. Sounds nice, right? Andrew figures that the internet is full of empty content, and with only a few simple technique tweaks, your content can stand out authentically. We know that content creation is a sticking point for health coaches, so we loved diving into this topic with an expert like...


Declare Your Expertise, Then Embody It with Marcy Morrison

Today's guest is Marcy Morrison. Marcy works in corporate wellness, an area many health coaches are eager to explore. Marcy made her way to this niche through a successful start in the fitness industry, pivoting to corporate wellness after seeing people around her suffering from lifestyle diseases and realizing that so many people need help outside the gym. Corporate wellness was a clear opportunity for her to help a large number of people, and she has never looked back. Marcy has worked...


There is More to Fitness than Cardio with Ashleigh VanHouten

Today we are chatting with Ashleigh VanHouten. Ashleigh is an author, podcaster, coach, and staunch advocate for women eating protein and lifting weights. Today's conversation is about strength training for women. As you can imagine, this is an important topic, and we cover a lot of ground in this chat. During this episode, we talk about the patience required for long-term health, the idea that less is often more, how consistency is actually the key, and why building, not burning, is vital...


If You're Not Showing Up, Someone Else Will with Libby Rothschild

Today we are welcoming Amy Rothschild to Health Coach Radio. Libby is The Dietitian Boss, empowering and teaching Registered Dietitians to consider leaving clinical practice and launching a private practice instead. Dietitians work really hard. They complete a ton of schooling, along with internship or residency hours, and still struggle to make a compelling living doing what they love. According to Libby, a dietitian with a Master's in Clinical Nutrition may only earn around $55k a year and...


Medicine the Way it Was Intended with Dr. Ken Zweig

Today's guest is Dr. Ken Zweig of The Northern Virginia Family Practice, a membership-style concierge medical practice. We love seeing this type of medical model because it helps patients move the dial on the behavior change necessary for health improvement. By factoring in longer, more intentional, doctor's visits plus providing patients with a team of allied health care providers, this model helps keeps patients moving toward their desired and personalized health outcomes. In his 18 years...


Create Opportunities for Engagement with Amy Lippmann

Our guest today is Amy Lippmann. Amy is the founder of Marketing for Health Coaches and she has spent the last eleven years giving health coaches the materials they need to get clients and grow their businesses. Here at Health Coach Radio, we love chatting with business coaches for health coaches because it helps us answer the most frequent question we hear, which is "how do I put myself out there and find clients?". During this episode, we chat about getting fired up about your niche, her...


You Can Always Reinvent Yourself | Taren Gesell

Today we have a returning guest Taren Gesell joining us on the show. Three years ago, when Health Coach Radio was just getting started, one of our earliest guests was Taren, or Triathlon Taren as he's known by his many YouTube and social media followers. As the owner of the most downloaded triathlon podcast and second largest triathlon YouTube channel, the last time Taren was here he shared his journey of getting started and growing his hugely successful brand. Now, three years later, the...


Health Coaching is Hard, Let's Talk About It | Anya Perry

Our guest today is Anya Perry, a 5-year practicing health coach who is sharing words of encouragement to health coaches who are just starting out or those who are feeling a bit stuck. This episode is really just an honest conversation among friends and we hope you will draw some inspiration from it. Anya has observed many of her health coaching peers exit the field too early and she has some words of wisdom that may help others from calling it quits too soon. During this episode Anya shares,...


A Renaissance in Fitness | Brad Kearns

For part two in our two-part series on Primal Fitness, today we are welcoming Brad Kearns back to Health Coach Radio. As many of our listeners know, Brad is the co-author of many of Mark Sisson's books, including Primal Endurance, the host of the B.rad Podcast, former professional triathlete and world champion endurance athlete, and a guy who seems to be defying the usual laws of aging by remaining incredibly competitive in sports and fitness to this day. In today's chat with Brad, we really...