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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.

Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.


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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.






The Only Thing Between You and the Goal Are The Small Steps | Alex Wisch

Today we welcome the inspiring Alex Wisch to Health Coach Radio. Alex is a peak performance and wellness coach who works with professional athletes, Olympians, and CEOs on their physical health and mindset. Alex's type of coaching often falls within the high-ticket coaching offer and we love speaking with coaches who are charging a premium for their expert services. They are the experts, after all. In today's episode, we discuss Alex's inspiring story of overcoming mental health struggles by...


Perfectionism Doesn't Lead to Excellence, It Leads to Waiting | Annie Schuessler

Today we are chatting with Annie Schuessler. Annie is a business coach who transitioned out of her career as a therapist to help other therapists and coaches grow their own practices. Annie helps her clients expand their businesses by honing in on their signature program to make it both predictable and repeatable while providing their clients with great results. We discuss the misconception that a repeatable program means you aren't providing a tailored experience and get into the details of...


The Time Will Pass Anyway | Dr. Shante Cofield

Today we are chatting with Dr. Shante Cofield, AKA the Movement Maestro. Dr. Shante started her career as a Physical Therapist but realized early on that she really didn't enjoy it. She knew in her gut that she wasn't in a career where she could truly express herself and as a result, she left this field to coach other movement specialists through the process of building their personal brands online. Shante's approach to business coaching is to help her clients live their absolute best life....


Big Change Takes Time | Dr. Ashley Lucas

Today's chat is with Dr. Ashley Lucas of PHD Weight Loss, a doctor, and a dietitian who developed a weight loss program. Dr. Ashely is has a Ph.D. in both sports nutrition and chronic diseases and is a registered, dietitian. She comes from the field of nutrition for weight loss and wellness with a unique background, having spent the first 25 years of her life training to become a professional ballet dancer. The deeply rooted pursuit of perfection inherent in ballet was continuously met with...


The Diet Is Part Of The Problem | Dr. Carolyn Ross

Today we welcome Dr. Carolyn Ross to Health Coach Radio. Dr. Carolyn is a medical doctor, board-certified in both preventive medicine and addiction medicine, who works with women with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and women who struggle with emotional eating that is often triggered by childhood experiences and trauma. During this conversation, Dr. Carolyn encourages all the health coaches out there who are working in the weight loss space to do the learning themselves so that they can...


The Body Doesn't Lie | Dr. Serena Sterling

Today's guest on the show is Dr. Serena Sterling. Dr. Sterling holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a certified life coach who helps people recover from emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Dr. Sterling helps her clients make the connection between how they think and what they feel physically in their bodies. We talked a lot about trauma in this episode, but Dr. Sterling was able to frame this in a light, easy-to-understand way that feels appropriate for health...


Take Control of Your Life | Tina McDermott

Today we welcome Tina McDermott to Health Coach Radio. Tina is both a chef and a health coach who helps her clients with all aspects of their mental and physical health. She calls herself "The Lazy Inspirational Chef" and teaches her clients that anyone can make delicious food easily. Tina's health coaching business has grown to include weight loss coaching, corporate wellness, speaking engagements, cooking classes, and more. During this conversation, we dove into her health coaching journey...


Bad Sleep is the Result, It's Not the Problem | Devin Burke

Today we are welcoming Devin Burke, from the Sleep Science Academy to Health Coach Radio. Health coaches love learning about sleep and health coaching clients are becoming savvier to the importance of great sleep. No question about it, the topic of good quality sleep is important and Devin is taking us through the practice and science of sleep in a way that is a bit refreshing. We spent a lot of time talking about sleep anxiety and how fussing about the typical sleep hygiene rules can...


Get in the Trenches with Your Clients | Jill Coleman

Today we are excited to welcome Jill Coleman to Health Coach Radio. Many people know Jill by her successful personal brand, JillFit, which she created over 10 years ago. Jill is a fitness industry veteran and also an in-demand business coach for health, fitness, and nutrition professionals looking to take their business online and scale it. What is really unique about Jill as a business coach is that she is still working in the health and fitness space as a coach herself, creating and...


Bet on Yourself and It Will Be Incredible | Allison Tenney

Today's conversation is with a practicing coach and fitness industry veteran, Allison Tenney. It's no secret that we love our conversations with practicing coaches because we always walk away with nuggets of information from their learned experiences that will save other coaches time and money. Allison Tenney is a strength and conditioning coach with a history of coaching collegiate sports. She has been working in the online coaching space for quite some time now and believe us when we say,...


We Need You in Your Purpose | AdaPia d'Errico

Today we welcome AdaPia d'Errico to our show. AdaPia is an entrepreneur with a background in finance, technology, and real estate with a long history in entrepreneurship and business development. She is an executive mentor and a powerful transformational speaker who lives what she teaches. She is passionate about empowering from the inside out, from self-mastery to serving the greater good. What she taught us in this conversation can be summed up in the simple phrase, and the title of her...


Create Your Digital Presence with Heal.Me | Eric Stein

Today we are welcoming Erin Stein of Heal.Me to Health Coach Radio. Heal.Me is a destination for health professionals and health consumers to come together and find each other. To speak in more familiar terms, it is the marriage of LinkedIn to a holistic version of WebMD. This platform uses a combination of SEO, education, and endorsements to drive traffic to their site and create both a robust but also streamlined platform for practitioners and clients alike. Whether you are a new coach...


Set The Example & Clients Will Follow | P.D. Mangan

In this week's episode, we welcome P.D. Mangan. We asked our community of health coaches and listeners a simple question. Who is leading the way in the men's health space? And well, P.D.'s name came up time and time again. While he doesn’t work exclusively with men, being a man in his 60's who is defying the conventional laws of aging, P.D. has attracted a crowd of male followers who are anxious to tap into wisdom. P.D. has a huge following on Twitter, along with some very strong opinions of...


Life is Too Short to Put on a Suit Everyday | Ashleigh VanHouten

Today's guest on Health Coach Radio is Ashleigh VanHouten, a practicing health coach who is leaving her mark by far-reaching content efforts, including a podcast called Muscle Maven Radio, and a book called It Takes Guts, the first user-friendly guide to cooking and enjoying organ meats as well as understanding the value of nose to tail animal cooking. We've known Ashleigh for a few years and have loved watching her own health coaching evolution. In this candid discussion, she walks us...


Demystifying Legal Matters for Health Coaches | Tania Shah

Today we are welcoming Tania Shah to Health Coach Radio. Tania and her partners have created In The Know Legal, a legal consulting company that teaches coaches how to protect themselves personally and professionally with legal templates designed specifically for health coaches in different stages of their business. During this episode, we got into the nitty-gritty details of legal matters that come up when building a health coaching practice. We talk about disclaimers, terms and conditions,...


Health Coaches Are Integral to Excellent Care | Dr. Tro

Today's guest is the fiercely outspoken and passionate Dr. Tro. Dr. Tro is a physician who is board-certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine. His own health journey involved losing 150 pounds and reclaiming his health by ignoring much of the conventional medical advice. Dr. Tro's clinical focus includes diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and PCOS. His approach begins with intensive lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, improved sleep...


Relationship-Based Coaching for Ideal Wellness | Emily Countryman

Today we welcome the lovely Emily Countryman to Health Coach Radio. Emily is the founder of Shift, Set, Go, an incredibly successful chain of brick and mortar weight loss clinics in Washington state. Unlike many other health coaching businesses, Emily's business primarily exists at storefront locations where clients come in for coaching sessions with their personal coach. As you can imagine, 2020 threw a wrench in this business plan. However, it also presented the opportunity for a shift...


You Are the Co-Creator of Your Universe | Jamie Sabat

Today we are welcoming Jamie Sabat to Health Coach Radio. Jamie is the CEO and Founder of Distill and Express, a coaching consultancy that directly attracts exactly what clients deserve into their lives through meditation, products, programs and resources for higher vibes. In this episode we discuss the law of attraction, how to use your brain to shift your story and why it can be helpful to change your fundamental beliefs when they no longer serve you. This is another great conversation...


Validating Metabolic Therapies Through Research | Victoria Field and Dr. Angela Poff

Today we are chatting with Victoria Field and Dr. Angela Poff, co-founders of the Metabolic Health Summit (MHS). MHS was created to bring the two worlds of science and society together and is one of our absolute favorite conferences. If you have an interest in the clinical application of metabolic health improvement you will absolutely love the Metabolic Health Summit and all the resources made available by the Metabolic Health Initiative. During this episode, we talk a lot about the...


Tell Your Story and Embrace It In Your Branding | Michelle Knight

Today's guest on the show is Michelle Knight, a personal branding consultant. Michelle teaches female entrepreneurs who struggle with building a revenue-generating business how to brand themselves and market their mission and message online through the power of story. Marketing is a hot-button issue for coaches and Michelle offers up a suggestion that is so old school that it has become new school again. Want to hear her suggestion? Leverage your website and optimize it for SEO! If you feel...