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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.

Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.


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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.






Keeping Our Finger on the Pulse | Jonathan Posey

Today we welcome Jonathan Posey of the Council for Holistic Health Educators back to the show for a second time. Who is Jonathan? Well, Jonathan is the man who advocates for us health coaches, particularly in states where legislation threatens our ability to help our clients to achieve healthy behavior and lifestyle outcomes. Many coaches in our space are both confused and overwhelmed over what they can legally do in their state or region and Jonathan is the go-to resource for this...


Contribute to the Greater Good |Mark Sisson

Today we are chatting with Mark Sisson. Mark was our very first guest on Health Coach Radio so it only seemed appropriate to have him back as we celebrate our 100th episode. Truly, this conversation is a catch-up with Mark. We picked his brain on his opinions around up and coming health topics and opportunities for health coaches in the new year. Plain and simple, if you are a Mark Sisson fan then you will be a fan of this episode. In today's conversation, we discuss his transition into...


Working on Wellness | Martha Tettenborn

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Martha Tettenborn, a Registered Dietitian turned health coach. During our conversation, Martha shares her story of discovering a hidden female cancer and how she used nutrition and lifestyle intervention to manage her way through chemotherapy. Her brand new book, Hacking Chemo, explains the process she used to render her chemotherapy treatment relatively benign. In today's episode we discuss her path from Registered Dietitian to a health coach, the...


2020, A Year in Review | Erin Power & Laura Rupsis

Well, here we are on January 1st and we thought it would be a good idea to recap the unforgettable, crazy year that was 2020. So, today on Health Coach Radio, we are doing just that! Today's episode is our annual year in review conversation with our lovely hosts Erin and Laura. During this episode, we talk about the interesting things we saw emerge in the health coaching field this year, along with what Erin and Laura have seen in their personal practices during this unforgettable year. We...


Passion and Compassion Make for a Great Coach | Leigh-Ann Webster

Our guest today is Leigh-Ann Webster, the executive director of the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). Because of Leigh-Ann's position at the NBHWC it should come as no surprise that we talk about all things related to board certification in this episode. The NBHWC's mission is to lead the advancement of health and wellness coaching by establishing professional standards and collaborative partnerships. The organization has established a job task analysis for the industry...


Examining Our Beliefs | Dr. Jane Tornatore

Today we welcome Dr. Jane Tornatore to Health Coach Radio. Dr. Jane is a licensed therapist and author of the book Everything is Perfect, Just Not Me. This was a really fun interview where we got to dive into the topics of mental health, neuroplasticity, and how we can deprogram and remap our minds to enable us to engage with the world differently, see ourselves differently, and so much more. Through her counseling practice, Dr. Jane found that people really struggle with self-worth when it...


A Collaborative & Unconventional Approach to Healthcare | Dr. Rick Henriksen

Today's guest on the show is Dr. Rick Henriksen, the Medical Director at Steady MD, a medical concierge's service that deconstructs doctor's visits and health care from inside the walls of brick and mortar clinics and puts it out into the exciting world of telemedicine. Steady MD partners patients with the perfect doctor based on medical needs, personal interests, goals, and more. Then, the patient and doctor have their comprehensive first appointment via two-way video chat where they really...


Where the Science of Nutrition Meets the Art of Coaching | Nick Shaw

Today we are welcoming Nick Shaw, one of the founders of Renaissance Periodization, to Health Coach Radio. Renaissance Periodization is a nutrition and fitness consulting organization that exists to deliver the most effective, scientifically sound, and reliable diet and training consultation to anyone who wants to use it to achieve results in body recomposition, athletic performance, and health. A former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder, Nick has also personally coached numerous...


Let's Have a Seat at the Same Table | Riley Rees

Our guest this week is Riley Rees, founder of Sofia Health, a platform that aims to make holistic health and wellness care more accessible to the normal consumer. Sofia Health is an online destination for health and wellness services. Using this platform, practitioners can list their services, manage their business, and engage with their clients online. Additionally, clients can search for services and connect with practitioners anytime, anywhere. In the age of telehealth, we love seeing...


A Series of Serendipitous Mistakes | Tony Horton

Every now and then on Health Coach Radio, we get lucky enough to interview a true titan of the health and wellness industry. Today's guest on the show is the fitness industry legend, Tony Horton. You may remember Tony from the super popular P90X workout, which was at the forefront of extreme fitness programming for quite a while. Tony is also the author of the top-selling books, Bring It, Crush It, and his newest release The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life. He is a...


The Mission Is the Key to Longevity | Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

Today's guest is Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, founder and CEO of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). Dr. Scheinbaum earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Fielding Graduate University where she specialized in positive psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and mind-body medicine. Her innovative spirit led her to pioneer the use of neurofeedback in her role as director of a clinic for Attention Deficit Disorders. In 2013 she earned recognition as the first psychologist to become an...


A Holistic Approach to Solving a Puzzle | Dr. Ashley Beckman

Our guest on the show today is Dr. Ashley Beckman. Dr. Ashley is a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and is a board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Ashley received her doctorate in Healthy Aging and Longevity and wrote her thesis on the topic of epigenetics. As many of you know, epigenetics is the study of how our genes are affected by factors such as our diet and lifestyle. Knowing this background, it will come as no surprise that we get into a...


Live Your Definition of Success through Visioning | Lois Weinblatt

Today we are speaking with vision coach, speaker, and founder of True North Visionaries, Lois Weinblatt. Lois helps leaders struggling with clarity stop wasting time and start making better decisions, faster. For over 6 years she has guided visionary leaders and organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia through her proven process to clarify their next destination, create the roadmap to get there, and recalibrate along the way. In today's episode we are discussing Lois'...


Best Practices Don't Change With Trends | Amanda Goldman-Petri

Today we welcome Amanda Goldman-Petri to Health Coach Radio. This conversation with Amanda is a highly energetic deep-dive into sales funnels, paid traffic, and other fun with marketing. Amanda runs the marketing firm, Market Like a Nerd, where they specialize in helping entrepreneurs scale their income. This super fun conversation is a next-level marketing discussion for the coach who is ready to understand the benefits of investing in sales and marketing tools, including paid Facebook ads....


Rise to be a Leader | Chrisa Zindros Boyce

Today's guest on the show is Chrisa Zindros Boyce. Chrisa is a leader with the Handel Group, a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional visions. She supports growing companies and industry conglomerates in designing cultures and structures that lead to increased employee retention, engagement, and profitability. Chrisa also has a strong roster of individual clients including an international group of...


Value What You Have to Give | Lisa McDonald

Today we welcome Lisa McDonald to Health Coach Radio. Lisa is the founder of Integrated Connections, a health care staffing firm that specializes exclusively in integrative and functional medicine career placements. As the concept of personalized medicine continues to take hold, medical practices are increasingly looking for an array of health and wellness practitioners, licensed and unlicensed, including health coaches, to help deliver a customized, patient-centered, health care approach....


Confront Your Biases | Diana Rodgers

Today we are thrilled to welcome author, documentarian, regenerative farmer, and registered dietitian, Diana Rodgers, to our show. Diana has been on our wish list of people to interview since the very beginning of Health Coach Radio and we couldn't be more excited to finally bring you this episode. Diana has just released her latest book, Sacred Cow, co-written with Robb Wolf, which dissects the nutritional, environmental, and ethical case for better meat. If you are a health coach working...


Leverage the Wisdom of Both the Mind and the Body | Jamie Shapiro

Today we welcome Jamie Shapiro to Health Coach Radio. Jamie is an executive leadership coach that folds health and wellness coaching into her practice with C-Suite executives and the organizations she is tasked to work with. She is the founder and CEO of Connected EC, an executive leadership coach, master nutritionist, author, and speaker. Jamie founded Connected EC because she believes there is a need for a new, healthier breed of leaders who can create organizations where people burn...


Breaking Stigmas and Channeling Addiction for Good | Tim Davis

Today we welcome Tim Davis to Health Coach Radio. Because most health coaches come to this work by way of their own health journey, we have heard lots of great health transformation stories on Health Coach Radio. We love a good transformation story! However, few health stories are as intense and dramatic as the one that is told today. Tim opens up and shares all of the dark and challenging details of his journey with us. Starting with the incredibly difficult childhood trauma that likely...


Let Your Body Give You Insight | Stacy Claxton

This week's guest on the show is Stacy Claxton. Stacy is an Integrative Health Practitioner who helps stuck people find freedom and flow. She guides growth seekers, heart-centered healers, and embodied leaders through their biggest physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, professional, and financial blocks to discover their boundless inner power. Stacy includes body-centering tools within her practice to rewire the nervous systems of her clients so they can experience...