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Hilco Global leadership team shares its expertise on current, relevant topics across a variety of industries as it relates to asset valuation, monetization, and advisory solutions.


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Hilco Global leadership team shares its expertise on current, relevant topics across a variety of industries as it relates to asset valuation, monetization, and advisory solutions.




May ’23 Lender Update on Continued Retail Stress and Suggested Actions

What is the current consumer mindset? How available are the products they really want and need right now? And does the buying power to make those purchases actually exist? This podcast discusses these topics and provides suggested actions for lenders and retailers in the current environment.


Considerations and Trends in Farm Supply: An Informative Discussion for ABLs

This discussion is intended to help inform and prepare asset based lenders and others involved in evaluating prospective or current farm supply industry borrowers.


How Amazon’s Liquidation Restrictions Led to a New Appraisal Approach

While Amazon permits liquidations through its site and provides tools to assist in the sale of excess and underperforming inventory, this podcast discusses how its rules for such activity are much different and more restrictive than those imposed during traditional Going Out of Business (GOB) events.


Managing Risk Effectively Starts with Selection of the Right Servicing Structure

Part two of our series on distressed businesses operating within Mexico focuses on the benefits of engaging the right partner early on to serve as both a master and substitute servicer.


The Unique Impacts of Two Historic Crises on the Class 8 Truck Market and Where We Go from Here

On this podcast, we discuss how the current period compares to the Great Recession of ‘08/’09 for the Class 8 Truck market, and explore the numerous macro factors presently in play that do not typically exist all at the same time.


Distressed Companies with Assets in Mexico Should Partner with those who Can Provide Local Knowledge and Service Breadth

Part one of our series on distressed businesses operating within Mexico focuses on how receivers and stakeholders can benefit from the engagement of a partner that can deliver a wind down solution that goes beyond just liquidation efforts.


If You’re Trying to Achieve Change in the Workplace, the ‘Change Prevention Committee’ is Ready to Block Your Efforts

This podcast addresses the process of identifying those who are resistant to proposed change within an organization, and provides a methodology for effectively addressing concerns and gaining trust to successfully achieve the desired transformation outcomes.


To Achieve Maximum Value, Find an Advisor Who Views Your Company as a Unique Living Organism

This podcast explores why a company’s value is not simply a mechanical multiple of EBITDA, how its true worth is based on what the right buyer is willing to pay, and why an owner should remain open to options other than a sale.


Housing Starts and Lumber Pricing Continue Their Decline in Q1 of 2023

On this podcast, we discuss the course of the Forestry Market and explore the impact that factors including the continued low level of new home construction and consumers’ shift away from goods spending are having mills and the pricing of lumber in Q1 2023.


Rising Consumer Debt and Its Impact on Businesses and Creditors

On this podcast we address some of the domestic and global factors driving inflation and higher consumer debt levels, take a look at how receivables portfolios may be affected, and review steps that businesses and lenders can take to monitor ongoing developments and minimize risk.


Why Retailers Should Make Tough Decisions Now Rather Than Pushing Them Out

From shoring up liquidity to conducting SKU rationalization, enhancing technology and shifting the business mindset regarding “winning” at e-commerce, this podcast addresses steps retailers should strongly consider undertaking now given the market outlook for 2023.


Why Managing Liquidity Risk Proactively is Always a Good Idea

On this podcast we discuss the importance of proactive liquidity risk management planning for small- to medium-sized companies and dive into details including due diligence, stress testing and proper structuring of an associated policy framework.


What Lenders Should Know With Demand For Horticulture/Nursery products on the Rise

On this podcast we cover recent developments in the wholesale horticulture/nursery industry, the unique challenges that the “living and growing” nature of the inventory presents to those up and down the supply chain, and the structuring of distinct selling period advancement rates and other important considerations for lenders with portfolio exposure to the industry.


As Profitability Challenges Persist in the Cannabis Market More Real Estate and M&E Buying Opportunities Emerge

This article discusses developments in the Cannabis industry, including how fierce competition and lower than anticipated levels of profitability in some markets are creating unexpected market entry and asset acquisition opportunities for 2023.


Sustainability Efforts in the Chemicals Market are Headed in the Right Direction

On this podcast, we discuss the progress that is being made within the chemicals industry toward delivering a greater level of sustainability across single-use and other widely used plastic products.


Dramatically Increased Product Return Rates Are Challenging Retailers

On this podcast, Getzler Henrich’s retail experts discuss the dramatically increasing rate of returns now being generated via online shopping and the danger this poses to retailers who fail to recognize the true cost of this development on their business and take appropriate action.


Signs Suggest Increased Restructuring Activity in 2023

On this podcast, Geoff Frankel of Hilco Corporate Finance discusses how adverse market date accumulated throughout 2022 is indicative of a potential surge in restructuring in the coming year.


How Aggregators Can Address Unanticipated Challenges That Threaten The Profitability of Their Acquired 3rd-Party Sellers



Safeguarding Collateral and Mitigating Risk Via a Real Estate Receiver



Deploying the Right Technologies For Retail Success in 2023