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Real Estate Talk about Buying, Selling, and Owning a Property

Real Estate Talk about Buying, Selling, and Owning a Property
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Real Estate Talk about Buying, Selling, and Owning a Property






Mold in the Home - EP15 - Homeownership

Mold in the Home. Today's special guest is Mold Professional Al Hall from Baystate Mold Advisors. Al joins us and shares with us his knowledge on mold inspection, abatement, and assessment. When owning, buying, or selling a home mold might be found somewhere. Mold can be seen and smelled. There are many types of mold in the environment and some are dangerous. To prevent mold in the home you must control humidity and moisture. Dehumidifiers and humidistats can help when controlling the...


Lawn Care Guide for Homeowners - EP14 - Homeownership

Lawn Care Guide for Homeowners. This episode is geared towards the homeowners, recent home buyers, and anyone who wants more information on growing that nice green lawn everyone wants. Having previously owned a landscape business broker owner Shawn Moloney talks about achieving that nice green lawn. From seeding to watering, and taking care of the grass there are a few things Shawn talks about that a homeowner should follow. While we could go into this subject even further, this should get...


Understanding Appraisals for Buyers and Sellers - EP13 - Homeownership

Understanding Appraisals for Buyers and Sellers. This week we go over the home appraisal and the value that is determined by them. There are some risks involved that the appraisal may come in under offered price. We go over what this means from setting the home sale price to giving an offer on a home. Single family homes and Condos are a bit different, and we quickly touch on this today and will go over this a bit more in detail on a later podcast. If the appraisal does come in lower than...


Buying & Selling a Home with a VA Loan Part 2 - EP12 - Homeownership

This is a continuation of last weeks podcast with Patrick Queally from Hancock Mortgage Partners about Buying & Selling a Home with a VA Loan. This continuation touches on the VA appraisal and the misconception the appraisal is the most scariest thing in the world. We also discuss what happens if the veteran gets deployed during payment and the assumption of a loan from a veteran. Thank you again to Patrick Queally for joining us for this helpful podcast the last few weeks. You can contact...


Buying & Selling a Home with a VA Loan - EP11 - Homeownership

Buying & Selling a Home with a VA Loan with special guest Patrick Queally from Hancock Mortgage Partners located in Rockland, MA. Patrick joins us this week as a VA Loan specialist to talk about VA Loans and answer some common questions and concerns with a VA Loan. If your buying or selling a home the VA Loan is offered to members of our military service as a benefit to own a home. We go over who is eligible and what it means to the seller looking at a VA Loan offer. Thank you Patrick...


Bug Season: Pest Control - EP10 - Homeownership

Bug Season: Pest Control. This podcast is for homeowners or soon to be homeowners with the upcoming warm weather now knocking on our door. We are joined this week by Dan Giachetti from All Organic Mosquito & Tick Control (www.allorganicmtc.com). We talk with Dan about his organic application of mosquito and tick control for you yard. Safe for children and pets, Dan fogs your yard with an organic solution to repel mosquitoes and ticks so that you can enjoy the yard this summer. Contact All...


Proper Presentation of a Home For Sale - EP9 - Homeownership

Proper Presentation of a Home For Sale. This weeks episode touches on a few proper ways to market a home for sale. From photos to video there is a right way and a lazy way to present a home that is to be sold. Proper photos and videos should be used to represent the house for what it is without hiding or sugar coating what is really there. You don't want to disappoint prospective buyers by showing one thing in a photo or video and when they come look at the house its completely different. We...


The First Step: Pre-Approval - EP8 - Homeownership

The First Step: Pre-Approval. Our special guest today is Chris Devin, Branch Manager of CrossCountry Mortgage in Norwell, MA. You can find more information at chrisdevin.com Today we go over with Chris what the first steps of getting a pre-approval are. We talk about when to get a pre-approval, what it takes, and what your options are after application. It is always best to talk to a lender before shopping for a home so that you know what you can afford and know what price point to shop at....


What is a Move Mentor - EP7 - Homeownership

What is a Move Mentor? A common question we get is what is a Move Mentor. We are people who mentor you on moving. Move Mentors do not agree with the branding of "Realtor" and what it stands for. Move Mentors don't pay Realtor dues, instead we use that extra money to train and educate our Move Mentors further each week to be a mentor to their clients. This weeks podcast goes over what a Move Mentor is, does, and the best way to help clients.


The Truth About Foreclosures - EP6 - Homeownership

The Truth About Foreclosures. Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures can be found online and even on places like Zillow. The most common misconception is the Hidden Foreclosure List. Zillow lists Pre-Foreclosures but these are listings of homes who ahve missed a payment on the mortgage. These homes may never hit the market and could be more than a year to be foreclosed on if payments are not caught up. We go over the Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure, what they are, and what they mean in Real...


A Home Seller's Guide to Staging - EP5 - Homeownership

A Home Seller's Guide to Staging. When selling your home it is a good idea to stage your home and you do not have to hire a professional to do it. From outside to inside with a little time and work you could really attract more offers from buyers. In this episode we go from the yard, to the house, top to bottom. Removing unneeded items and showing your home for what the next person can use it for can really help selling your home. If you can twist it, turn it, screw it, hammer it, nail it,...


Writing and Reviewing an offer to Purchase Real Estate - EP4 - Homeownership

Writing and Reviewing an Offer to Purchase Real Estate. This week we review a process that can be exciting for both the buyer and seller of a home. This is the offer. We go over what to expect as a buyer and seller when making or receiving an offer on a home from start to finish. Each section of the offer, or the Contract to Purchase Real Estate as it is known here in Massachusetts, has it's own requirements. We talk about each section of the form and what to expect to put there as a buyer...


A Step-By-Step Guide to the Home Selling Process - EP3 - Homeownership

A Step-By-Step Guide to the Home Selling Process. Just like the last podcast where we went step-by-step through the home buying process, this week we go through the step-by-step of the home selling process. Before jumping into selling your home there are a few things that you should consider. Where are you going next? Should you have an attorney represent you on the sale? Who do you get to sell the home? Do you need a lender? We go over step-by-step the process of selling your home from...


A Step-By-Step Guide to the Home Buying Process - EP2 - Homeownership

A Step-By-Step Guide to the Home Buying Process. This week we go over buying a home, piece by piece, so that you understand the entire process. We go over current housing, do you need to sell, and are you a renter, can you break your lease. We also step into the costs of buying a home from the down payment to the closing costs. Talk to a lender, get pre-approved so that you know your price range. Then you can choose a real estate agent to represent your best interests and needs. Review with...


Proper Representation in Real Estate - EP1 - Homeownership by Movementum Realty

Proper Representation in Real Estate is one of the misconceived things out there. We touch on Sellers Agents, Buyers Agents, and Dual Agency. Do you want to call the number on the sign in front of a house you are looking to buy? NO. The person on the sign represents the seller of the house and is looking out for the sellers best interest. You as a buyer have the right to a Buyers Agent who is there to represent you the buyer and is looking out for your best interests. This episode goes over...


Introduction Episode - Homeownership Podcast by Movementum Realty

Introduction Episode Announcing the launch of the Homeownership Podcast by Movementum Realty where we will be going over the buying, selling, and owning of property. On this podcast we will be interviewing professions who deal with the process of buying, selling, and owning a property. We will touch on the whole process of buying and selling a home, and what you can do when you own a home to save money and get the maximum dollars back when you sell your property. Weekly episodes available...