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Hot Shopping Tips, hosted by consumer and financial pros Lisa Lee Freeman and Mandy Walker, is all about getting the best deals on everything—from clothing and cosmetics to cars and credit cards (and other products that don't start with a "c"!). It will also keep you up to date on the latest consumer news you need to know!

Hot Shopping Tips, hosted by consumer and financial pros Lisa Lee Freeman and Mandy Walker, is all about getting the best deals on everything—from clothing and cosmetics to cars and credit cards (and other products that don't start with a "c"!). It will also keep you up to date on the latest consumer news you need to know!
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Hot Shopping Tips, hosted by consumer and financial pros Lisa Lee Freeman and Mandy Walker, is all about getting the best deals on everything—from clothing and cosmetics to cars and credit cards (and other products that don't start with a "c"!). It will also keep you up to date on the latest consumer news you need to know!




10 ways to save big by cutting credit card, bank & insurance costs

Bank and credit cards eat away at your paychecks with interest payments and late charges and fees for checking accounts, overdraft coverage, ATM usage, and a lot more. But you can avoid most or even all of those money wasters with our tips. We'll also help you shave your insurance premiums by getting rid of unneeded coverage. We also cover: The best places to get your prescriptions filled; how to outsmart Amazon's algorithm to get the best deals; and why you should sign up for Target's new...


12 shopping & cooking hacks to slash your food costs!

In Episode No. 51, we share our favorite tips for saving big on food bills. In the first half of the podcast, we share our top food-shopping tricks. Next, we reveal easy money-savers in the kitchen, including fun ways to turn leftovers into tasty treats. By making just a few tweaks to your usual cooking routine you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Plus, the cars most likely to be stolen in the U.S., and a popular way to save on airfare that can actually cost you a bundle.


Our 10 BEST Money-Saving Shopping Tips!

To celebrate our 50th episode, we rounded up some of our greatest hits. Whether you've been following us all along or are new to the podcast, now's a fantastic time to listen in. We cover our top tips so far, including clever ways to save at dollar stores, restaurants, yard sales, and a lot more. Plus, we reveal a few of our favorite shopping apps, and a way to uncover secret savings online.


Secrets to snagging freebies & discounts—without the gotchas!

In Episode No. 49, you'll learn how to wring more discounts and giveaways out of loyalty programs from supermarkets, outlet malls, movie theaters, drugstores, and tons of other retailers. Even Uber now has a loyalty program! You'll also learn about the dark side of these potential marketing traps and how to protect your data and your privacy so you don't get hacked! We also cover: How to take advantage of sales-tax holidays in your state. And why you might want to ditch your safe deposit box.


How money pros get the best deals on credit cards & loans

In episode #48 we interview Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst for He shares the secrets to paying down credit-card debt, cutting credit-card fees and interest, and getting a better deal from your bank. He also lets you know the credit cards that make it easy to earn cash-back on gas, groceries, shopping, restaurants, and travel. And you'll get some tips on finding the best mortgage rates, and the best ways to finance home improvements. Plus: Where to shop for supplements...


6 New Travel Scams: Listen up before you pack your bags!

Planning a trip this year? In this episode, we share simple ways to avoid getting taken by the latest travel scams, which can trip up even veteran travelers. Crooks are over charging for Uber trips and cab rides; shortchanging customers who use large bills; and stealing rental bikes to bilk you out of hundreds of dollars. They're even setting up fake hotel sites to get your credit-card info! Plus, we cover: What's up with the new WhatsApp scam. Chemicals in cosmetics you should avoid.


How to Avoid the Latest Shopping & Credit-Card Scams!

In Episode #46, we cover six sneaky shopping and credit card scams. You might be surprised at the new ways you can be cheated! Crooks are now using PayPal transactions, fake fraud alerts, and even the checkout lanes at major retail chains to steal millions of dollars from shoppers. Learn how to avoid getting taken by thieves! Plus we cover: When and how to get a great deal on a mattress. An important safety warning for used-car buyers. One-day shipping at Walmart and Amazon.


Get the Gorgeous Garden you Crave for Less!

In Episode #45, we share some great money-saving tips and tricks for getting your garden and lawn in shape this season. Our advice will help you cut the cost of plants as well as lawn and gardening equipment like mowers and blowers. We also cover: The best new sunscreens, plus an ingredient you might want to avoid. Warnings about new "shoppable" content on TV, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest. Plus, how using your phone while you're shopping at a store can cost you!


Easy new ways to cut summer vacation costs!

In Episode #44, we reveal clever new tools that will help you score amazing deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Plus, we also share some nifty tips to help you save a bunch while on vacation. We also cover: How to thwart porch pirates with Amazon's new Key for Garage. The news about Kohl's accepting Amazon returns. Bottled water brandsthat have high levels of arsenic. (Sorry, we hate to sound like a broken record, but it really is time to break the bottled-water habit!)


Secrets to an organized life with Julie Morgenstern: What to buy & try

In Episode #43, you'll learn the secrets to getting organized without spending a fortune. Organizing expert and best-selling author Julie Morgenstern shares advice that will not only help you transform your life. She will also tell you about cheap organizing products she recommends and tips she swears by. In this episode, we also cover: How online returns can land you in hot water. And tips for traveling shoppers about plastic-bag bans.


Create a healthy, toxin-free home using these simple steps!

In Episode #42, we talk to healthy home experts Lisa & Ron Beres about free and low-cost ways to cut toxins and improve your health. We cover simple steps like avoiding certain "air freshening" products, making your own nontoxic cleaners, and taking off your shoes when you enter the house. We also cover: The best stuff to buy in April at grocery stores, home centers, and more. A new Walmart service that makes it easy to snag their best deals. And a clever new way to save on kids' clothing.


Poshmark: Get more cash for old clothes & snag new fashion bargains!

In Episode #41, we interview Evelyne Teman, one of the top sellers on the hottest app for buying and selling clothes. She shares her secrets to getting more cash for your castoffs and finding amazing bargains on Poshmark. Plus we cover: A new list of the produce with the highest pesticide levels that can help you shop smarter and eat healthier. Our take on the new Apple credit card. The fine print in those 25% and 30% off deals in emails from Uber and Lyft.


7 ways to save on good-for-you beauty products

In Episode #40, we share our favorite tips for saving big on beauty products—especially if you're interested in natural and organic skin care and cosmetics. The podcast includes advice on how to uncover the best beauty deals at discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Target; what to look for on product labels; and great store brands to check out. Plus, we cover: A new way to find bargains on Amazon. Retail bankruptcy winners and losers. Why now is a great time to shop for deals on Samsung phones.


Are you wasting money on insurance you don’t need?

In Episode #39, we'll tell you about policies you can safely skip, which can help you save hundreds of dollars in premiums every year. Hot Shopping Tips co-host, Mandy Walker, has covered insurance for more than a decade, and will explain why products like whole life, life insurance for kids, critical-illness policies, wedding coverage, and extended warranties may not be worth it. We also discuss: What you need to know about price-matching at Walmart. And the risks and rewards of the new...


Apps that max out your savings, with guest Jimmy Rhoades

Our friend Jimmy Rhoades has reported on hundreds of ways to save in his "What's the Deal" segments on The List TV show. In episode #38, we'll share his favorite apps and websites for cleaning up at restaurants, supermarkets, yard sales, and a lot more! He'll also share some of his top savings tips, including how to save 5% on every purchase at Target—without applying for the store credit card! Plus: What to stock up on right now for big savings. And why now is a good time to redo your...


37: CBD-What you need to know about the hottest health craze

In this episode, we interview an industry insider about all things CBD. This substance is turning up in tons of products. It's also controversial because of confusion swirling around its legality. Our guest is Mark Maher of Beyond Botanicals, which makes hemp-extract products, including tinctures and oils. He gives us the lowdown on CBD as well as some important shopping advice. We also cover: Why Dyson stick vacs got pulled from a recommended list. And what you should know about shopping on...


36: Costco, Sam's Club & BJ's Insider Secrets for Saving Big!

Get the inside scoop on warehouse clubs! Follow our dos and don'ts to make sure you're not missing any savings tricks. Our tips include how to spot the biggest bargains; perks you should be taking advantage of; important fine print in coupon and return policies; and how to get amazing warehouse-club deals without paying for a membership. We also cover: A smart shopping strategy for that tax refund. What to do about latest rash of stores declaring bankruptcy.


35: Find hidden discounts everywhere with this one trick!

In Episode #35, we tell you how to save on practically anything. The secret is to learn how to be a better negotiator. Whether you're a haggling wimp or an old pro, we promise this episode will give you some new tricks to try in stores and at flea markets, car dealerships, outlets, and even online! We also cover: Why drinking fruit juices might be bad for your health. Big sale items in February (mattresses, appliances, humidifiers, and more). Plus, what not to buy this month.


34: ID Theft–9 Easy Ways Shoppers Can Avoid It!

In Episode #34, we talk about something all of us fear: Thieves getting a hold of your personal info and then destroying your credit! The good news is that there are simple things you can do to protect yourself from the growing threat of ID theft. We cover nine basics that all shoppers should know in this episode. We also discuss: The secrets of secret shopper scams. Cool new retailer augmented reality technology that make it easier to shop for furniture, glasses, clothing, makeup, and...


33: Avoid sneaky restaurant tricks & cut your tab in half!

Episode #33 is about how to save money when you eat out by outsmarting restaurants. Sneaky tricks they use that can lead you to overspend range from subtle ploys your waiters use, manipulative dish descriptions and menu designs, as well as wine-list games and even plate sizes! We also cover: Another health shocker for diet-soda drinkers. The top grocery-store chains.