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Is Your Perception Serving You or Holding You Back?

Does your perception of situations benefit you or hold you back? Could your perception be wrong? And can you change your perceptions to achieve better results? Science proves that your perception is wrong most of the time to some degree. And in crazy, tricky little ways we don’t always recognize. But if you can start to recognize these subconscious perceptions then you can start to retrain your subconscious to serve you better. Tracy and Pamela discuss some of their perceptions that they are...


The Laptop Lifestyle Re-examined

It used to be “escape the 9 to 5”. Now it seems like everyone is selling the “Laptop Lifestyle”, including the mainstream media. But are they selling you a real business model? In this episode, we examine the Laptop Lifestyle “fad”. And give you some warning signs to know if you’re being sold the blueprints to a true business model or just another way to be a wage slave.


How Many Goals Should You Pursue at the Same Time

How many goals should you pursue at the same time? And how long should it take you to finish each goal? Well, it depends... In this episode we talk about brain latency when switching between tasks (it's a thing!), scheduling your time, and how to determine how many goals you should pursue. The answer lies with you, but Tracy and Pamela show you how to get there!


How to Keep Focus When You Want Everything to Happen Now!

Today we answer a simple but vexing question: "One day I am focused and the next I see a great course or something and get totally sidetracked. How do you keep focus when you want everything to happen now?" Check out this episode for Tracy and Pamela's answers: The number one reason you can’t stay focused and what steps you can take to stay on track, ignore the noise and bypass the shiny courses and offerings that are getting you sidetracked. Learn more and get the workbook at...


Mentor, Mastermind, Coach, Accountability, Oh My!

Do you need a mentor? An accountability partner? How about a business coach? And should you belong to a mastermind group? Tracy and Pamela give an emphatic YES to this question, but with some caveats! There are things you need to know going into the relationships to help maximize their value to you and your business. There is also a matter of when you engage these different people in helping your business. Listen to our latest episode to find out our full answer, and also learn about our...


What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

We hear all these buzzwords about entrepreneurship such as solopreneur, mompreneur or serialpreneur. Even worse, what about all those personality or skill set labels like doer, diplomat, strategist, creator, advisor or leader. If someone walked up to you and said, "I'm a strategic serialpreneur."; would you have any idea what their business is or what their role in the business is? How do these labels help anyone? Well, that's what we discuss in this episode along with the levels of...


Predictors of Business Owner Success Part 3: Leadership

Are you an effective leader? Many people think that you are born with a natural ability to lead but that just isn't the case. Leadership is a skill and can be acquired by anyone willing to put in the effort. Today we discuss some of the top traits of an great leader and how to gain those skills yourself.


Predictors of Business Owner Success Part 2: VISION

Today we continue our three-part miniseries on the top predictors of success! Today's topic: Vision. How do you create a vision, what is a visionary, and why is this important? To get the links mentioned in the show and to participate in the discussion visit: