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Uncover the deeply human aspect of working. Join Jeff Hunt, GoalSpan CEO and longtime business consultant, as he interviews guests who help us learn to embrace the value of human capital in new ways. Explore how to better the world of work for humans and rediscover the most important asset we have in the workplace – Human Capital.

Uncover the deeply human aspect of working. Join Jeff Hunt, GoalSpan CEO and longtime business consultant, as he interviews guests who help us learn to embrace the value of human capital in new ways. Explore how to better the world of work for humans and rediscover the most important asset we have in the workplace – Human Capital.


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Uncover the deeply human aspect of working. Join Jeff Hunt, GoalSpan CEO and longtime business consultant, as he interviews guests who help us learn to embrace the value of human capital in new ways. Explore how to better the world of work for humans and rediscover the most important asset we have in the workplace – Human Capital.






Preview of Things to Come: We're pausing this week but want to thank our listeners and give you a preview of exciting guests and topics coming up. Stay tuned!

We're taking a break from producing the show this week but we'll be back on May 18th. Listen in as Jeff shares his excitement about our lineup of upcoming guests and topics.


16. Senior Director, Glassdoor: Radical transparency, work-life balance, finding a job that fits your life. Common disciplines found among the highest-rated companies on Glassdoor.

Jeff’s guest Brian Conner is the Senior Director for total rewards and operations at Glassdoor. He is an innovative, forward-focused, and goal-centric leader with a diverse 20-year career driving total rewards programs for international and domestic workforces. Jeff goes deep on Brian’s deep expertise in both developing and implementing key strategies to improve employee experience, benefits, compensation, operational effectiveness. Brian shares with Jeff about his path to become the leader...


15. CEO, Jobmofy: Benefits of leveraging global talent to enhance company culture, improve outcomes and reduce cost. Managing international workers.

Jeff’s guest Ben Schneider is a German self-made entrepreneur who lives at the center of the rapid globalization of economies we have seen in the past decade. Ben is the founder of, which is a premium job search platform for hiring remote workers overseas. Ben reached 10 million in sales within 14 months of launching his company, has written an Amazon bestseller in Germany, and founded the print magazine titled “Jobmofy” which has over 40,000 readers worldwide. Ben hosts his own...


14. Chief Research Analyst, HRRI: Major strategic business trends, the future of AI in the world of work, and the evolution of performance management.

Jeff’s guest is Mark Vickers who is the Chief Research Analyst and Data Wrangler at the HR Research Institute which is part of, the largest HR social networking and resource site in the U.S. Jeff and Mark discuss what major strategic business research leaders should be paying attention to, including artificial intelligence and performance management. They dive into a conversation about what AI looks like through a performance management lens. Mark shares how research indicates...


13. CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives: How confidential, trusting, and diverse peer groups can lead to better decisions through creativity, innovation, and confronting the facts.

Jeff’s guest Paul Witkay founded the Alliance of Chief Executives in 1996. Paul has extensive senior executive experience within the Fortune 250 space, graduated from the INSEAD Executive Management program in Fontainebleau, France, and received his MBA from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. Jeff and Paul discuss how the Alliance has become the premier organization for Chief Executives in Silicon Valley and broader Northern California. They discuss how private, high-level,...


12. Founder & CEO, MyCORE: Creating a culture of inspiration at work.

Jeff's guest on this episode is Nathan Bourne, Founder & CEO at MyCORE. Nathan shares how he believes his company's success is a bi-product of his belief that “service to many leads to greatness.” Jeff and Nathan discuss the analogy of archery and leadership, and how “pulling back the bow” on both good and bad life experiences propels your goals and dreams forward. Nathan shares how he overcame major adversities in his life by constantly seeking and finding wisdom, which helped him evolve...


11. Managing Director, Gallagher: Demystifying compensation

On this episode, Jeff hosts Shari Dunn who is a Managing Director and National Practice Leader at Arthur J. Gallagher & Company. Shari specializes in compensation strategy & planning, performance-based incentive programs, and effective organizational design. Jeff and Shari discuss the key attributes of a successful compensation strategy, including competitiveness, internal pay equity, cost management, legality, and correlation to performance. Shari reveals how most employers don’t correctly...


10. CCO, Achieve Engagement: Write it down! Improving engagement and performance through redefining manager roles.

Jeff’s guest Jason Lauritsen is a keynote speaker, author, adviser, and leadership trainer. He is known as an employee engagement and workplace culture expert. Jason holds multiple titles including “What’s nEXt?” Webcast Host and Chief Content Officer, Advisory Board Member for the Graduate Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program at Bellevue University, and Founder and Lead Instructor at the Employee Performance Academy. Jason is the author of the books Unlocking High Performance, and...


9. President, 3D Group: Dale Rose, Ph.D discusses leveraging 360 feedback for improved leadership

Very few people understand 360-degree feedback better than Dale Rose, PhD. In this episode, Dale shares from his 25 years of experience, research, and success stories to help listeners understand the high strategic value of intentional feedback and coaching. Dale and Jeff discuss how to help leaders understand how they are perceived, create development plans, and ultimately change behavior so it is better aligned with organizational objectives. They discuss the importance of comparing...


8. President, CEO to CEO: Developing employees to their fullest

Rob Sher talks about being a CEO himself, and shift to consulting directly for other CEOs. Sharing wisdom from his book Mighty Midsized Companies, Rob discusses two “silent growth killers” and talks about why midsized companies are especially vulnerable to these when are not addressed. Jeff and Rob discuss the reasons that leaders delay addressing performance issues or wait too long to let underperformers go. Rob shares what he feels are some commonly misunderstood attributes of CEOs, and...


7. President, The Table Group: The 6 Types of Working Genius

Jeff Gibson shares his journey from Electrical Engineer to President of Consulting at the highly respected Table Group, run by best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. Jeff talks about the ideal team player and discusses the effectiveness of Pat’s new powerfully simple model called “The 6-types of working genius.” Both Jeffs discuss how we can help people be more fulfilled at work, and how leaders can get out of the unhealthy rhythm of focusing on the urgent at the expense of the important.


6. Principal, Catalytic Consulting: Self leadership in organizations with Brian Jaudon

Jeff and Brian discuss incorporating family systems psychology and emotional intelligence into the realm of leadership. Brian shares insightful stories from his coaching work with senior leadership teams, including questions like “What part of ourselves are we leading from? Are we leading from a place of self-leadership which includes openness, curiosity, and compassion, or one of fear or anger?” Jeff and Brian discuss how a lack of self-awareness creates an adaptation of behavior that is...


5. Chief Marketing Officer, DocuSign: Making the world more agreeable

Rob Giglio, CMO at DocuSign shares his thoughts on how the world of work has changed with the pandemic. Jeff and Rob discuss best practices for calibrating talent by addressing both “how” and “what” is accomplished, and how HR can improve the value they bring the organizations they serve. Rob shares how DocuSign’s core values of being trusted, loved, and responsible translate into behaviors and actions.


4. VP of HR, Golden State Warriors: The Masks We Wear

Erin Dangerfield, Vice President of Human Resources at the Golden State Warriors talks about what it's like to run People Operations at this successful sports franchise valued over $4.3 billion. In the spirit of Halloween they discuss how to remove the masks people wear at work which lead to low trust and performance. Jeff & Erin chat about turning disruption into growth, the connection between diversity and belonging, and Erin shares what's behind their "TEAM" Core Values of trust, empathy,...


3. CEO, The HR Manager: From Pandemic to Purpose

Edna Nakamoto, CEO of The HR Manager and Jeff Hunt discuss engagement with remote workers, the benefits of blurring the personal/professional line, and the story of her immigrant parents starting a new business and inspiring her to do the same. Edna shares her views on discrimination and how organizations can leverage diversity of thought, philosophies, and perceptions to outperform competitors.


2. President, Ramar Foods: From School Teacher to President!

Jeff and Susie, President of Ramar Foods, discuss her journey from school teacher to President of a multi-national food Corporation. Susie shares her self-care strategies and how their family-based core values have shaped the company, radically reduced their carbon footprint, and created a safe environment for human conversations about continuous improvement, performance, and race relations.


1. Managing Partner, Jazz BC: Achieving “Vibe” in your Workplace

Jeff Hunt & Jody Bagno-Dill, CEO of Jazz Business Consulting discuss hosting difficult performance conversations, using virtual reality to combat racism/foster diversity, how to promote clarity, competency, and chemistry to achieve organizational vibe.


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Join GoalSpan CEO and longtime business consultant Jeff Hunt as he interviews guests who help us learn to embrace the value of human capital in new ways.