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Humans, Now and Then explores how our rapidly changing world impacts our human experience, now and in the future. If you like the show, please share with others to help get them involved in the conversation about the future.

Humans, Now and Then explores how our rapidly changing world impacts our human experience, now and in the future. If you like the show, please share with others to help get them involved in the conversation about the future.


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Humans, Now and Then explores how our rapidly changing world impacts our human experience, now and in the future. If you like the show, please share with others to help get them involved in the conversation about the future.




Gordon Tredgold: Going from Managing to Leading in a Disruptive World

Let's be honest: the core principles of leadership are evolving, by necessity. So, in this disrupted landscape, how can leaders best support their teams while successfully demonstrating their company's values? In this episode, I speak to Gordon Tredgold, CEO of Leadership Principles and one of the world's top leadership experts, about how our significantly disrupted world has impacted leadership, and why it's important that we simplify complex processes so that people can be...


Jordan Harbinger: The Power of Networks Built on Trust

We often hear about the importance of building strong networks on our path to success. However, we may not always get the best advice on how to do this, which could lead to driving people away instead of building strong relationships that last. In this episode, I speak to Jordan Harbinger, networking expert and host of the Jordan Harbinger Show, about the importance of building networks based on trust, and one common trait shared by the most successful people: they leverage strong systems...


Ryan Stanley: Leading and Living with Gratitude

During challenging times, we often fall into the trap of focusing on what we lack, that we don't have enough of something, like money, success, or time. But what if instead, we put ourselves in a place of gratitude, and allow ourselves to pursue those things that align to our purpose, those things that make the world a better place? In this episode, I speak to professional life coach Ryan Stanley about the importance of gratitude, and the power of stepping into who we are, our unique...


JC Granger: Relationship-Based Marketing and the Future of BizTech

It is a fascinating and challenging time to be in marketing. The technology landscape is rapidly growing, but maybe not as fast as the growing concerns about consumer privacy. So, how to companies continue their marketing journey into the future while maintaining the trust of consumers? In this episode, I speak to JC Granger, CEO of Infinity Marketing Group, about the future of marketing, and how to consider balancing that with consumer trust and privacy. Bio: J.C. has 20 years in digital...


Gordon Locke: The Power of Storytelling in Communicating your Brand

We all like a great story. A great story captures our attention, pulls us in, captures our imagination and evokes strong emotions that help us connect to the characters and their experiences. So, how can you tell such a story about yourself or your organization? In this episode, I speak to Gordon Locke, President of Pace Communications, about the importance of effective storytelling, and how strong emotion compels us to connect to and believe in the stories that we hear. Bio: Gordon Price...


Robert Bogue: Leveraging Confident Change Management to Shape the Future

Massive disruption typically comes with both needs and opportunities for change. So, under challenging circumstances, how can organizations effectively address change during challenging times? And, is is possible to do so while avoiding and addressing the potential for burnout? In this episode, I speak to Robert Bogue, business leader, author and public speaker, about how organizations can address critical change initiatives with confidence in order to achieve success. Bio: Robert Bogue...


From Suffering to Growth: Finding Purpose from Death Row

When we're at our worst, what does it take for us to forgive ourselves and forge a better path forward? And, is this a possibility even from a place like Death Row? I kick off Season 3 of Humans, Now and Then with a conversation with Tessie Castillo, author of Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row, along with one of her co-authors Alim, who joins our conversation from North Carolina's Central Prison death row. Bio: Tessie Castillo is an author from Durham, North Carolina. She co-wrote her...


Kyle Sanders: Going the Distance to Shape a Better Future

What it is take to go the distance? When the chips are down, how do we find the courage and will to continue on so that we can achieve our purpose? In this episode, I speak with Kyle Sanders, the Founder of Legacy Consultants Group and the host of the Legacy on Purpose Podcast, about what he's learned from participating in endurance events, the importance of truly living our purpose, and how these tie into effective, meaningful leadership. Bio: Kyle Sanders is the Founder of Legacy...


Shawn Harper: What it Takes to Win at Shaping a Better Future

What do you think it takes to win? Is winning only a possibility for some, or can a winning mindset help you overcome all odds to achieve your biggest goals? In this episode, I speak to Shawn Harper, former NFL Player, Motivational Speaker and Business Owner, about why you were designed to win, and why what we believe about success may be all wrong. Bio: Shawn is a former NFL Player (Rams, Colts, NFL Europe) turned Motivational Speaker and Business Owner. Growing up, he had several...


Leading Beyond Crisis to Shape a Better Future

What does it take to lead beyond a crisis? During massive disruption, should leaders only focus on pulling through, or can they effectively adapt and evolve in order to prepare for what comes next? In this episode, I speak to Ben Baker and Claire Chandler, authors of 'Leading Beyond a Crisis: A Conversation About What's Next,' about what leaders need to do today in order to futureproof their business, even while working through a crisis. Bios: Ben Baker As the founder of Your Brand...


Beth Killough: The Nature of Leadership for our Human Herd

As Humans, we belong in a group. Much like horses, belonging to a group (or herd) allows us to truly thrive. So, what can we learn from horses to help us better connect with those around us, and enable us to lead in more effective ways? In this episode, I speak to Beth Killough, owner of The Circle Up Experience, about how we can see our true nature through the eyes of a horse, and what we can learn from animals to help us center on our human selves. Bio: Beth Killough is the owner of The...


Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Making the Choice to Change the World

When you recognize that the world needs to change, what will you do next? Will you look to others to initiate the change you seek, or will you muster the courage to stand up and make the change you wish to see? In this episode, I speak to 2020 LinkedIn Changemaker Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a Sudanese-Australian writer, broadcaster and award-winning social advocate, about her journey to make an impact and how to overcome our fear in order to stay true to our principles, as well as...


Janice Scholl: Helping Women Shape their Financial Future

According to a recent McKinsey & Co and LeanIn study, 1 in 4 women are considering leaving the workforce or stepping back from their career paths because of the additional demands placed on them due to the pandemic. So, how does this impact our ability to maintain or improve our financial health? In this episode, I speak to Janice Scholl, host of The Money, Career, & Motherhood Podcast, about how women can take charge of their financial future during difficult times, and the importance of...


Alain Hunkins: The Secrets to Building the Leaders of the Future

How do we shape the leaders of the future? Is there something to the trend of promoting high performers into leadership, or should we rethink the behaviors that are required of effective, proactive leaders? In this episode, I speak to author, keynote speaker, facilitator and coach Alain Hunkins, about the three keys to effective leadership, and the importance of putting people first. Bio: A sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator and coach, Alain Hunkins is a leadership expert who...


Paul McCarthy: Why Fired Leaders are the Future of Leadership

When a leader is fired from an organization, what are your initial thoughts? While this could be seen as a failure by the leader, what if, in some cases, it actually represents an organization that does not tolerate new ways of thinking? In this episode, I speak to Paul McCarthy, author of the upcoming book Fired Leadership, about why we may need to reframe why top talent gets fired. Bio: Fascinated by people and why we do the things we do, Paul is a non-traditional thinker who thinks...


Evan Carmichael: A Purpose-Driven Path to Shaping the Future

What will you choose to do today that makes a difference? Is your work driven by your purpose, or are you holding back from doing work that really matters? In this episode, I speak to Evan Carmichael, Author and YouTuber who aims to help entrepreneurs with what he calls the world's biggest problem: people don't believe in themselves enough. Bio: Evan believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500k to...


Dr. Kelly Waltman: The Art of Great Feedback

Meaningful feedback can be a gift that can help us work at our best. However, ineffective feedback can lead to unintended consequences, such as employee disengagement and an inability to work at our best. In this episode, I speak to Dr. Kelly Waltman, Founder and CEO of SLR Leadership Consulting, about the importance of effective feedback, how to structure it in a way that leads to better performance, and why effective feedback is critically important to our personal and professional...


Alma Derricks: Walking a Tightrope Toward a Better Future

Knowing ourselves well can allow us take forward strides toward shaping the future. However, when we also understand and appreciate those around us, it can create magic in teams and organizations, setting up the field for game-changing innovation. In this episode, I speak to Alma Derricks, Founder and Managing Partner of business and brand strategy company REV, about knowing ourselves, understanding those around us, and why at this point in time, it's more important than ever that we bring...


The Alpha Echo Project, and Your Mission to Build a Stronger Team

We often discuss the importance of company culture in terms of an image, a feeling, or a cool atmosphere. However, what happens when we think about it in a tactical sense, at the ground level, within teams, when high stakes are on the line? In this episode, I speak to Erik Mineo and Alexis Brandolini, Co-Founders of the Alpha Echo Project, about what they've learned about teamwork from an elite Army unit, the importance of strong trust within teams, and why understanding individual...


David Burkus: Build a Better Culture to Shape a Better Future

In our significantly disrupted world, can leader overcome extreme challenges in order to bring together stronger teams, while building a better culture? In this episode, I speak to David Burkus, best-selling author of four books and one of the world’s leading business thinkers, about healthy work conflict, the impact of our human networks, and what it really takes to build a positive company culture. Bio: One of the world’s leading business thinkers, David Burkus’ forward-thinking ideas...