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#12 Listen With The Intent To Understand

Learning to listen with the intent to understand is one of the most important skills that a sales professional can acquire in his or her career. True Hunters and Closers understand the strength behind listening to a prospect's request, concern, and ultimately their needs. Following up with open ended questions will help everyone determine what is truly a "want" and what is a "necessity" in the agreement.


#11 Icebreakers Warm Up Your Prospects

Sales Hunting requires planning, effort, strategy, and skill. If you are going to warm up your "cold" prospects (outbound), you need to do your research and leverage icebreakers in your outreaches. In this episode, I discuss different icebreakers available to you on LinkedIn, and various Google searches. Don't ever find yourself sending SPAM again. Do what is required of you to connect with decision makers, and begin your sales process. Need some help with icebreakers? Check out my...


#10 Hunting Tips and Tricks on LinkedIn

Recently I sent out a survey to sales professionals. In it, I asked what was the number one skill they needed to improve upon. Hands down, the number one answer was hunting...prospecting...finding new business. So, in this episode, I share the importance of hunting, where to hunt, and give some tips, tricks, and secrets to hunting. By far, LinkedIn is the number one place to look for new business. It has over 560 Million business professionals in its database. Each of these professionals...


#9 Crafting the Perfect Hunting Email

You are competing against thousands of "professionals" trying to grasp a decision maker's attention. What are you doing to stand out? How do you resonate with the recipient in such a fashion that they will respond and agree to your call to action?


#8 The Secret to Grandiose Results in Sales and Life

In this episode, I share with you some of the strategies that I implement with my clients. This includes the "5 More a Day" regimen. Too often we have the great results that we want to accomplish, but we don't work towards them correctly. We try to do too much, too quickly, and we actually get burned out because we don't see the results we envision quick enough. However, if we increase steadily each day at a rate that is manageable, we will, over time, achieve the results that we desire.


#7 – Challenges, Struggles, Trials…and Discouragement

Everyone has challenges. Everyone will be faced with trials. These will occur in our personal lives, careers, family, and community. However, the one thing that sets us apart, is not everyone will become discouraged by these struggles. In this podcast, I share with you some of my darkest days, and my relentless struggle to win. You too can achieve success!!


#6 Stand Up!…Energize Your Selling

I had to. I couldn't walk into another office and see the salespeople sitting on their rears trying t make a deal happen. It's one of the easiest fixes on a sales floor, and it makes a huge difference. Prospects can tell the difference in your energy, on the phone, when you are sitting and standing. I know Tony Robbins talks a lot about this too in his training, but more so on a personal level. If you are depressed, stressed, worried, or worn out, change your physical attributes first....


#5 Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist at the Bridge Group, Inc. – Sales Development Rep (SDR) Challenges, Statistics, and Solutions

Trish Bertuzzi is the President and Chief Strategist at the Bridge Group, Inc. She is also the author of The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales. Over the last two decades, Trish has promoted inside sales as a community, profession, and engine for revenue growth. Trish and her team’s research and ideas have been featured on Inc.com, in Forbes, by associations like SLMA and AA-ISP, and across more than 68 sites in the sales and...


#4 Don Cash, Vice President of Global Inside Sales at BMC Software – 25+ Years of Back-to-Back Quota Overachievement

Don has more than 25 consecutive years of quota over-achievement. Currently, he is the Vice President of Global Inside Sales for BMC Software. Don is responsible for over 200+ sales people at 6 world-wide locations including Raleigh-Durham, Tampa, Dublin, Buenos Aries, Singapore and Salt Lake City. BMC Software is an IT game-changer! Global Businesses rely on BMC Software to transform their Cloud, Mainframe, Virtual and Mobile IT services. BMC Software innovates and secures extraordinary...


#3 Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront – Personalization In Sales Can Connect You With The C-Suite

Alex has more than 25 years of experience in all areas of revenue and profit generation for technology organizations, with significant experience leading SaaS-based organizations. Currently, Alex is the CEO of Workfront, a SaaS based modern work management platform. Prior to joining Workfront as the CEO, he was the president of Apptio, which was ranked #253 on the Deloitte 500 in 2015 based on the company’s strong growth. Prior to Apptio, Alex was the president of Eloqua, where he was a...


#2 Joe Staples, CMO of Motivosity – How He Built an SDR Team That Delivered 90% Of All Sales Opportunities

Joe is a senior B2B executive, currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for Motivosity, an employee recognition software currently used by Ivanti, Instructure, Clearlink, and Workfront. He specializes in SaaS, MarTech, employee engagement, and the customer experience sectors. His expertise is in building a powerful, differentiated brand and fueling the growth of the revenue engine, and he prides himself in providing a great blend of strategy and execution. Joe has built demand...


#1 Frank Maylett, CEO of RizePoint – How to build the best company and teams to sell for

Frank Maylett is the CEO of RizePoint. In this podcast Frank shares his extensive learnings and experiences in both sales and leadership. Topics discussed: General Sales Discussion How did Frank build the 20th best sales division in North America at Workfront? What makes a great sales leader? What makes a great sales professional? What do you do when you miss your quarter’s quota? Hunting / Prospecting What sets apart the best prospectors? Structure of RizePoint’s Sales Organization How...