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We're Emily Einolander and Corinne Kalasky and we're mapping the frontier between traditional and indie publishing. And saying many cusses. Opinions are our own and don't reflect those of our employers (like, at all). [Theme song by Amy Hakanson | Logo design and artwork by Leigh Thomas]

We're Emily Einolander and Corinne Kalasky and we're mapping the frontier between traditional and indie publishing. And saying many cusses. Opinions are our own and don't reflect those of our employers (like, at all). [Theme song by Amy Hakanson | Logo design and artwork by Leigh Thomas]
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We're Emily Einolander and Corinne Kalasky and we're mapping the frontier between traditional and indie publishing. And saying many cusses. Opinions are our own and don't reflect those of our employers (like, at all). [Theme song by Amy Hakanson | Logo design and artwork by Leigh Thomas]




Episode 16: Interview with Library Assistant Chris Curran

If you love books as much as we do, chances are you have daydreamed about being a librarian at least once. Wonder of wonders! Today's your lucky day. You get to hear from Chris Curran, a library assistant in Sacramento, about the boots-on-the-ground life of a librarian. Not only do we talk about the purpose of providing information to the public, but also all the fun perks—meeting favorite authors, playing Atari in the basement (kidding, sorta), and serving the public with events like the...


Episode 15: Finding Your Niche with Joe Biel, Founder of Microcosm Publishing

Ever thought of opening your own publishing company? This week Emily interviews Joe Biel, founder and manager of Microcosm Publishing, who decided to do just that starting as a teenager. With 23 years of experience publishing books and zines, hustling at conferences and book fairs, and learning book business the hard way, he's now sharing his knowledge for all budding book-lovers ready to take a professional leap. We discuss his new book, A People's Guide to Publishing, and all its advice on...


Episode 14: Brian Palmer on Writing Self-Published Urban Fantasy and Wrangling Ghostwriters

Warning: This episode is VERY NSFW. Emily gets a bit carried away this week with guest hosts Brianne Marie Robinson and Brian Palmer, also known as B.C. Palmer in his career as an urban fantasy author. Bri and Brian discuss their careers as indie authors as well as their experiences editing series and supervising ghost writers. There are a few tangents regarding words ones should or should not use in particular romance and erotica subgenres. See the shownotes:...


Episode 13: Interview with Literary Agency Worker Turned Bestselling Ghostwriter Charlee Hoffman

Ghostwriter Charlee Hoffman joins us to discuss her career in publishing, from her days working at New York literary agencies to her current gig ghostwriting in the self publishing world. We talk about the value of story, the enduring value of the book, niche marketing lessons that traditional publishing can take from self-publishing, and rambunctious ginger cats. Also, Emily and Corinne read Jeff Bezos's embarrassing text messages.


Episode 12: Interview with Developmental Editor Emily Han of Lyrical Editing

It's new year new you time...hybrid pub style. We interview Emily Han of Lyrical Editing, a freelance developmental editor who has worked on mind, body, spirit books for traditional publishers as well as independent authors. We also talk about our bookish goals for 2019 and muse about Murakami, time management, and psychedelics.


Episode 11: Independent Author and Publisher Brian W. Parker of Believe in Wonder Publishing

Emily chats with Brian W. Parker, co-owner of Believe in Wonder Publishing. He and his wife Josie write, illustrate, publish, and sell stories of magic and imagination to children in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He talks about balancing the creative side of the work with marketing and publicity, all the while parenting young kids. Brian travels around the country giving talks, moderating panels, and often directly selling his books to conference goers and independent bookstores.


Episode 10.5: Corinne Reads Again

It's a Thanksgiving miracle! Corinne is finally reading again. We have a short chat about this joyous news on a day off from our publishing work.


Episode 10: Interview with Publishing Consultant and Book Publicist Mary Bisbee-Beek

Emily and Corinne interview publishing consultant and book publicist Mary Bisbee-Beek about her eclectic career working in the Bay Area and beyond. She tells us about the trifecta that makes for the perfect publicity campaign and some of her most cherished projects. Emily and Corinne also discuss a recent Buzzfeed piece about the self-help bestseller "Girl, Wash Your Face." All opinions are our own and do not reflect those of our employers.


Episode 9: Murderous Writers and Creepypasta

WARNING: This episode is full of cusses and also (sometimes graphic) descriptions of murder. ALSO IF YOU DON'T SHARE WITH 10 PEOPLE YOU WILL RECEIVE DEEP LACERATIONS ON EACH. It's our most favorite of holidays: Halloween. We're celebrating by talking about one of the earliest forms of online storytelling: the Creepypasta. Also, Corinne details some horrific true stories of authors who killed as well as true crime writers who got a little too close to their subjects.


Episode 8: Migratory Book Publicist Tara Lehmann

Publicist extraordinaire Tara Lehmann joins Emily and Corinne to talk about the exciting world of children's books and recount her grand tour of Michigan, ending at the Grand Hotel of Somewhere in Time fame. What, you haven't seen it? At least stay for the fudge and horses. Content does not reflect the opinions of our employers in any way, and also CW: cursing and shade.


Episode 7: Printing Comics with Jessica Clark

Emily interviews PDX-based print coordinator Jessica Clark about the unsung hero of traditional publishing: paper. We also take a dive into the totally-legit Amazon reviews of "Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk." Because you have to laugh so you don't cry. Corinne is out at PNBA and I cry a silent tear.


Episode 6.5: JT Reads Stone & Fire

CW: Explicit content and railing against colonizers. At the suggestion of Marie Robinson, Emily's husband J.T. reads aloud from the first in her Magical Kingdom reverse-harem romance series Stone & Fire (available now from Amazon). You've heard about it in Episode 4. We've gone on about it in the newsletter. Now you get a sneak peek of the sexy, fun content with special appearances by Matthew McConaughey, Tom Waits, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and Buddy Cole. As Emily is still...


Episode 6: Surveying the Publishing Frontier

This episode tells what HPS is all about: Bringing together traditional and self-publishers together for some (gender inclusive) YA-YA SISTERHOOD. In other words, we talk about our goal of navigating all the ins and outs of publishing from going it alone as a self-published author, to taking the corporate publishing route, to small presses, and everywhere in-between.


Episode 5: Fun Amazon Factoids

Episode 5: Fun Amazon Factoids by Hybrid Pub Scout Podcast


Episode 4: Interview with Romance Author Brianne Marie Robinson

Self-published author Brianne Marie Robinson joins us to talk about the travails of making a living as a self-published romance author. We discuss enduring the hailstorms and random geysers of Amazon's changing terms of service, male pregnancy, and sexy bigfoots (among other things). We also talk about her brand new reverse harem romance Stone and Fire.


Episode 3: Amazon dot wrong?

We started out wanting to address the recent-ish Forbes article recommending libraries be replaced with Amazon stores. This led into a discussion of skyrocketing rents and gentrification in Seattle. And somehow we got to talking about how I once made my mom smuggle a frog out of the library in her purse. (And yes, Mom, I realized after recording this that I named it "Leonard Green Frog" and not Kermit.) And then we realized we'd just accidentally launched a 5 or 100 part series about Amazon...


Episode 2: Interview with Book Marketer Corinne Kalasky of Beyond Words Publishing

Small, scrappy indies on the West Coast. Big 5 tastemakers in New York. Corinne Kalasky's worked with both, and snuck stint at a midlevel Nashville publisher in there too. We talk imaginary friends, Poland, prophetic grandmas, violin prodigies, and Instapot marketing victories. Also, I recruit her to co-host the podcast. NBD.


Episode 1: Interview with Maeko Bradshaw

When Maeko graduated from Portland State's graduate program in Publishing, she had no idea she'd be the head of a publishing company within the year. But in indie publishing, sometimes being the boss means being LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Maeko gives her first impressions on working as the "everything" for Bona Fide books in Tahoe, California. We talk small publishing, wearing multiple hats, and Celine Dion.