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We're Emily Einolander and Corinne Kalasky and we're mapping the frontier between traditional and indie publishing. And saying many cusses. Opinions are our own and don't reflect those of our employers (like, at all). [Theme song by Amy Hakanson | Logo design and artwork by Leigh Thomas]

We're Emily Einolander and Corinne Kalasky and we're mapping the frontier between traditional and indie publishing. And saying many cusses. Opinions are our own and don't reflect those of our employers (like, at all). [Theme song by Amy Hakanson | Logo design and artwork by Leigh Thomas]
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We're Emily Einolander and Corinne Kalasky and we're mapping the frontier between traditional and indie publishing. And saying many cusses. Opinions are our own and don't reflect those of our employers (like, at all). [Theme song by Amy Hakanson | Logo design and artwork by Leigh Thomas]




Episode 31: Ladies of Horror Lit

CW: for child abuse at 33:02. Also racist tweets and disgusting keyboards. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We chat about literary horror queen Shirley Jackson’s infamous short story, The Lottery, which, upon publication in The New Yorker in 1948, inspired thousands of people to wring their hands and gnash their teeth and write angry letters demanding to know why a nice lady would write such a thing. (Don’t you want to read it now?) We also talk about the horrors of Joyce Carol...


Episode 30: Interview with Bestselling Author Ian Doescher

In the midst of a more-scandalous-than-usual news cycle, Ian Doescher joins us to talk about his new political satire, MacTrump. MacTrump gives an over-the-top (or over the top-er) version of the first two years of the Trump Administration, all in 5 act format, all in iambic pentameter. If you're needing a more long-form laugh than 240 characters, this might be the pick for you. Ian's is an especially fortunate publishing journey. A lifetime love of Shakespeare and a recent rewatch of A New...


Episode 29: Interview With Devra Jacobs Of Dancing Word Group

On this episode, we talk to agenting powerhouse Devra Jacobs, who’s worn more hats than we can count over the course of her career. After selling mind/body/spirit magazine Mystic Pop, she decided to switch gears entirely to being a literary agent, much to the benefit of her lucky clients. We chat about the quickest ways to get your manuscript rejected, red flags to watch out for when choosing an agent, Devra’s painstaking work steering self-published authors away from predators who want to...


Episode 28: Ben Franklin and the Leeds Devil

On this very special episode about publishing enthusiast Benjamin Franklin’s little-known contribution to troll culture, we gab about the occult, Quakers, the Jersey Devil, and the 18th century version of flame wars--pamphlet feuds! We also cover the forthcoming installation of B&N’s new (British!) CEO and his ultimate dream to botox the company back into relevance. Emily reveals that she went to a high school whose most popular sport was water polo, while Corinne struggles to believe that...


Episode 27: Interview with Fantasy Author Jasmine Gower

In this episode, we talk to Portland author Jasmine Gower, who has the amazingly good fortune to play auntie to not one but three sweet cats. Jasmine has exuded authorial authority since she was FIVE YEARS OLD and decided to make her own books—we're talking covers made of cereal boxes and the whole shebang! Jasmine discusses her recent graduation with a degree in book publishing and her take on why marketing their own work terrifies so many authors (and how to make it less scary). She also...


Episode 26: Nellie McKesson of Hederis

In this episode we’re joined by Nellie McKesson, founder of publishing software startup Hederis and owner of tuxedo cat Cool Runnings! (emphasis ours) Nellie started her career on a Craigslist link and a prayer at a tiny math journal publisher in Boston. From there, she moved on to production editing at O’Reilly Media, and then to Macmillan, helping usher the company into the twenty-first century by building them automated toolchains. Now she’s based in our fair city of Portland, OR, and...


Episode 25: Lori Carroll of Jan's Bookstore

What is a woman equally enamored of romance novels and women’s studies to become? A bookstore owner, of course! In this episode, we talk to Lori Carroll, owner of Jan’s Books in downtown Beaverton—a suburb of Portland—who wants you to know that being a feminist and loving bodice rippers are NOT mutually exclusive! She tells Emily why she thinks it’s important to make bookstores inclusive, community-oriented places (which she hopes to accomplish with a handy assist by wine) and why she...


Episode 24: Interview with Ardi Alspach of Sterling Publishing

What happens when you don't follow your dreams right away? What if you pursue an entirely different path and then remember later on what you had wanted long ago? Ardi Alspach, children's editor at Sterling Publishing, shows us that it's never too late to get back into your field of dreams (sorry...couldn't help it!). She talks to us about her experience in not one, but two different publishing programs, how her experience in publicity has informed her work as an editor, and what it's like to...


Episode 23.5: JT Reads Stone and Ash

A formerly subscriber-only podcast pinch-hits for our hosts, who were both traveling this week. Listen to this quick episode wherein Emily's wise-ass husband reads a chapter from Marie Robinson's reverse harem romance Stone and Ash (with the author's permission, naturally). Get ready for some more sexy dragons, because they're lighting it up.


Episode 23: Interview with Adam O'Brien of Sterling Publishing

Adam O’Brien is an editor at Sterling Publishing specializing in a variety of non-fiction: all manners of memoir and humorous essay collections, in particular. We chat about the differences between working for a Big 5 house as opposed to a mid-sized one, how nice it is when a celebrity rumored to be a sweetheart actually IS a sweetheart (looking at you, Drew Barrymore) and how working in other areas of publishing convinced him that he truly belonged in the editorial department. Sterling...


Episode 22: Interview with Erin Klassen, Editor in Chief of With/out Pretend

Erin Klassen, editor in chief of With/out Pretend, joins Emily and Corinne to talk about collaboration, discovering new artistic voices, and the true meaning of self-care and vulnerability. She also tells us who her favorite Kid in the Hall is. With/out Pretend is an independent Toronto-based publisher focused on producing, promoting and distributing works by women and non-binary writers and artists. We also host storytelling events and run a digital and print magazine called The Vault. Erin...


Episode 21: Interview with Erin Pehlivan, Founding Editor of Return Trip

Erin Pehlivan, writer and founding editor of Return Trip, joins Emily and Corinne to talk about the moments of change that travel inspires, what goes into creating a publication with a new perspective on a popular subject, and how to make the most out of being part of the publishing community.


Episode 20: Children's Author and Editor Michelle McCann

Michelle McCann has been working in book publishing since 1991, and she's still as enthusiastic about it as ever. She chats with Corinne and Emily about her lifelong love of kid's books, her nomination for this year's Oregon Book Award, the many publishing hats she's worn over the years...and, of course, how Tinkerbell follows her own rules!


Episode 19: Hybrid Author Frances Kingsley

Frances Kingsley, a self-published author with a traditional secret identity, joins Emily and Corinne to compare and contrast writing for trad and self-pub writing. We also share our Great British Baking Show crushes.


Episode 18: Oregon Book Award Nominee Shelley Pearson

Shelley Pearson joins Emily and Corinne to talk about her self-published YA book Book Smarts and Tender Hearts, which has been nominated for a 2019 Oregon Book Award. Shelley talks with Emily and Corinne about making friends with strangers the old fashioned way—through placing an ad in a magazine! Other topics include: writing mentorship, managing emotions while creating and promoting, and of course her favorite YA books.


Episode 17: Jahed Momand talks decentralizing publishing

Weird how when you're doing something that you love, that provides valuable information, and that's valuable to humanity, you're made to feel guilty about getting paid for it, huh? I'm sure none of our trade and self-publishing folks on here can relate (jk lol). Former biophysicist and current data scientist Jahed Momand joins us to talk about power dynamics in scientific publishing, how scientists are at the mercy of a multi-billion dollar industry with really really high profit margins,...


Episode 16: Interview with Library Assistant Chris Curran

If you love books as much as we do, chances are you have daydreamed about being a librarian at least once. Wonder of wonders! Today's your lucky day. You get to hear from Chris Curran, a library assistant in Sacramento, about the boots-on-the-ground life of a librarian. Not only do we talk about the purpose of providing information to the public, but also all the fun perks—meeting favorite authors, playing Atari in the basement (kidding, sorta), and serving the public with events like the...


Episode 15: Finding Your Niche with Joe Biel, Founder of Microcosm Publishing

Ever thought of opening your own publishing company? This week Emily interviews Joe Biel, founder and manager of Microcosm Publishing, who decided to do just that starting as a teenager. With 23 years of experience publishing books and zines, hustling at conferences and book fairs, and learning book business the hard way, he's now sharing his knowledge for all budding book-lovers ready to take a professional leap. We discuss his new book, A People's Guide to Publishing, and all its advice on...


Episode 14: Brian Palmer on Writing Self-Published Urban Fantasy and Wrangling Ghostwriters

Warning: This episode is VERY NSFW. Emily gets a bit carried away this week with guest hosts Brianne Marie Robinson and Brian Palmer, also known as B.C. Palmer in his career as an urban fantasy author. Bri and Brian discuss their careers as indie authors as well as their experiences editing series and supervising ghost writers. There are a few tangents regarding words ones should or should not use in particular romance and erotica subgenres. See the shownotes:...


Episode 13: Interview with Literary Agency Worker Turned Bestselling Ghostwriter Charlee Hoffman

Ghostwriter Charlee Hoffman joins us to discuss her career in publishing, from her days working at New York literary agencies to her current gig ghostwriting in the self publishing world. We talk about the value of story, the enduring value of the book, niche marketing lessons that traditional publishing can take from self-publishing, and rambunctious ginger cats. Also, Emily and Corinne read Jeff Bezos's embarrassing text messages.