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Brought to you by IBM, Big Data & Analytics Hub podcasts provide the latest thinking on big data, analytics and their implications for the enterprise from a range of experts spanning multiple industries.

Brought to you by IBM, Big Data & Analytics Hub podcasts provide the latest thinking on big data, analytics and their implications for the enterprise from a range of experts spanning multiple industries.
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Brought to you by IBM, Big Data & Analytics Hub podcasts provide the latest thinking on big data, analytics and their implications for the enterprise from a range of experts spanning multiple industries.




Making Data Simple: Data in finance, insurance, and beyond

In episode 37 of the Making Data Simple podcast, Al Martin has a detailed conversation with Avijit Chatterjee, Chief Analytics Officer at IBM Morgan Stanley and Metlife. Together, the two discuss the role of data in the finance and insurance industries, along with tips for networking and time-management.


Data Decoded E8: Self-service analytics

On the latest episode of Data Decoded, we talk about data governance and compliance in the age of self-service with Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy. You’ll hear about the shifting balance in power between business users and IT as well as the change in role of IT from the “gate keepers” of data to its “shopkeepers.”


Making Data Simple: Designing for Analytics with Brian O'Neill

This episode of Making Data Simple features Brian O’Neill, product designer for Designing for Analytics. Brian and host Al Martin step back from the deep, technical questions of data science, architecture and governance to look at how principles of design can clarify and accelerate development for analytics products -- whether the end user is internal or external. The conversation ranges from increasing engagement to user research to the need to focus on outcomes over output.


Rebroadcast - Making Data Simple: The big data problem

In this rebroadcast of the first episode of Making Data Simple, we welcome Daniel Hernandez, VP of IBM Analytics, who helps us navigate "the big data problem".


Making Data Simple: Data Science and Canada Lab

On this week's episode of Making Data Simple, we talk about the future of AI, machine learning, and Watson with Steven Astorino, VP of development, hybrid cloud, z Analytics and IBM Canada lab director.


Making Data Simple: Using data for price optimization

On this episode of the Making Data Simple podcast, we discuss price optimization with Dan Nickels, analytics client architect at IBM.


Making Data Simple special: IBM Community Day

This special bonus episode of Making Data Simple talks about how to implement AI, machine learning and deep learning.


Data Decoded Podcast E7: State of MDM

On this episode of Data Decoded, host William McKnight sits down with Rob Harris (IBM, chief data governance architect) to discuss the current state of Master Data Management (MDM). They explore MDM's many applications to industries that include healthcare and even consumer products like smart watches.


Making Data Simple: Little Miss Data builds a data democracy

Making Data Simple host Al Martin has a chance to discuss all things data with Laura Ellis, also known as Little Miss Data. Laura is an analytics architect for IBM Cloud as well as a frequent blogger. Together, they talk about how critical it is to understand your data in order to create specific calls to action, and what it means to build a data democracy.


Making Data Simple: Inside Machine Learning

On this week's Making Data Simple Podcast, we are joined by Steve Moore, IBM senior content designer and story strategist, along with Aishwarya Srinivasan, IBM data scientist and deep learning researcher. Aishwarya discusses what it means to be a unicorn in an industry and why it is useful to pair textbook learning from schooling with hands-on industry experience. Aishwarya, Steve, and Al explore how to use reinforcement learning to make better data decisions.


Making Data Simple: Start-ups with Simon Lightstone

Interested in learning what it takes to operate a start-up? On this episode of Making Data Simple, host Al Martin sits down with Simon Lightstone, IBM offering manager, to discuss what it took to get his startup off the ground. Simon offers tips to those facing a similar experience and describes how the decision to pursue a dream ultimately affected his career.


Making Data Simple: No more pie charts

This week, Al Martin welcomes Jillian Lellis, senior data analyst at HOLT CAT, to the Making Data Simple podcast. Jill explores the significance of data visualization and the impact of visualizations on decision-making. Learn why visualization tools are increasing in importance as the volume of data we need to do our jobs expands almost indefinitely. Jill shares some examples of visualization in action and her thoughts on what's coming next in this exciting field.


Making Data Simple: Latest projects and discoveries from Tanmay Bakshi

Back by popular demand, Tanmay Bakshi returns to the Making Data Simple podcast to update our listeners on his groundbreaking work applying AI and machine learning to the healthcare industry. From exploring EEG patterns to enable people to communicate without speech to predicting adverse reactions to medication using advanced data techniques, Tanmay shares the latest news from these projects and others. Tanmay also discusses IBM's Call for Code and explores his latest research interests,...


Deepen and expand business insights through Streaming Analytics

Real-time data analytics is becoming a more important tool for businesses seeking to maximize productivity and establish themselves as leaders in the ever-changing landscape of evolving business practices today.


Making Data Simple: Digital transformation for the data industry

What does it mean to "go digital?" This week on the Making Data Simple Podcast, Thomas Hronis, worldwide digital technical enablement manager, IBM Hybrid Data Management, talks about digital transformation and experimentation with technology. He shares how IBM has radically changed some business processes and how we will continue to evolve. Learn how to deliver results and value to your customers with a focus on digital.


Making Data Simple: Data Decoded & Making Data Simple

Two of the the most popular IBM podcasts collide in this special episode of Making Data Simple. Host Al Martin interviews William McKnight, president at McKnight Consulting Group and host of the Data Decoded podcast. Al and William discuss the pros and cons of big business versus consulting, trends in the data industry, and, of course, what it is like to host a podcast.


Making Data Simple: IBM Cloud Private for Data

This week on the Making Data Simple podcast, Sriram Srinivasan – architect and senior technical staff member for IBM Data Science Experience – discusses how to build and nurture trusted analytics to better your business. Sriram also shares insights on IBM Cloud Private for Data.


Making Data Simple: Watson and Health Science with Dr. Kyu Rhee

Are you getting enough sleep? On this week's episode of Making Data Simple, Dr. Kyu Rhee, vice president and Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson Health, joins us to talk about how machine learning, AI, and Watson are advancing healthcare initiatives. Learn how far the health industry has advanced, what the future holds for data and healthcare and Dr. Rhee's tips about sleep and AI.


Making Data Simple: Decision Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics

On this week's episode of Making Data Simple, Susara van den Heever, Data Science Program Director, IBM Analytics, sits down with us to give insights on practices that improve business efficiency and effectiveness. Learn the differences between predictive and prescriptive analytics, and how to leverage both to solve your business problems.


Data Decoded Podcast E6: 2068

How will technology and society change in the next 50 years? On our last podcast, we discussed how technology has evolved in the last 50 years. On our latest episode we look forward to the next 50 years. 2068 may seem far away. But futurists like Rajeev Saxena, IBM Watson amd Cloud Platform Program Director and author of Pinto Has an Idea, have predictions about the technological innovations of 2068.