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Danica Murphy: Mastering the Performance Mindset

As the business environment becomes ever more competitive, disruptive and complex, future-fit leaders are required to be agile in how they think about problems, and how they deliver solutions. This week we talk to Danica Murphy about the performance mindset; what it is, how leaders today can benefit from the thinking and development behind it, and why it’s necessary in the modern business environment. In the conversation we cover topics such as the importance of Focus, Resilience and...


Simon Haslam: Navigating Complex Decisions

Decisions, decisions, decisions… leaders make thousand every day, and their organisations make millions, but how can you improve a process as complex as decision-making? In this episode we sit down with Dr. Simon Haslam, one of the lead associates on the new IMI Navigating Complex Decisions programme, and talked about what clouds decision-making, how to improve it as a leader and organisation, and why algorithms will have a hard task completely replacing humans.


Margit Takacs: Leading Change in an Organisation

This week we talk to Margit Takacs, change management consultant, on how leaders should drive, influence and support change initiatives within their organisation. We cover communication best practices and techniques, how to structure initiatives so leaders receive timely and accurate information, how to measure results, and the common missteps leaders make during a change initiative.


Trish Gorman: The Leader's Role in Strategy Execution

Dr. Trish Gorman is one of the world's leading thinkers about strategy. From serving as Dean of the Jack Welch Management Institute to being McKinsey’s Director of Global Strategy Learning, Trish has also developed and delivered learning programmes for some of the world's foremost multinationals. In this week's episode we talk to Trish about what the role of a leader is during the strategy execution process, from common missteps, creating a strategic dialogue, getting the right information...


Billy Byrne - The Authentic Leader

Authentic leaders are in high demand. For the collaborative, team-orientated approach to tackling strategic challenges that dominates the modern work culture, authentic leaders are key in creating the environment for successful execution. In this week's episode we talk to Billy Byrne, executive coach and leadership development specialist, about what happens in organisations lacking in authentic leadership, how to build a culture of authenticity and why President Trump has a lot of work to do.


Woo the Gator: Influence Strategies for Senior Leaders - Zoe Chance

Zoe Chance is a master of influence and persuasion. During the IMI Masterclass, Zoe explored how human beings really make decisions – including purchasing products – and how leaders can influence behaviours of both their employees and their customers. In this week’s podcast, we sat down with Zoe to talk through her insights into the human mind, her favourite tactics and methods to capture attention and tells us about ‘the magic question’ – the simple technique to influence people around...


Bruce Young: Purpose-led Employee Onboarding And Engagement

An actively engaged worker will be 17% more productive than their disengaged counterpart - the equivalent of an extra working day every week - but 87% of Irish employees are not engaged at work. In this week's episode, we talk to Bruce Young, Senior Workplace Consultant at Gallup and IMI Talent Forum speaker, about the incredible data Gallup have collected on the subject, how they recommend tackling the problem, and what effects it can have on performance for those organisations that get...


Paula Mullin: Executive Presence

Why do certain leaders have the ability to really engage, inspire and move people to act? We talk to Paula Mullin, IMI Connect Lounge Speaker and Executive Coach, about Executive Presence and what it can teach leaders in how they should package themselves in order to drive their business, and teams, to success. Paul will be speaking at the IMI on 24th April, 2018, about executive presence as part of the IMI Membership Connect Lounge Series. Go to for more.


Rasmus Hougaard Mindfulness Leadership

Rasmus Hougaard, Founder of the Potential Project, was the keynote speaker at the IMI Membership Launch Day. Talking about how mindfulness techniques can create a better leader and deliver greater productivity across the board, Rasmus is one of the world's leading minds behind the 'soft' skills a leader needs to succeed.