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IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.

IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.


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IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.



Episodes Making a Difference Together

“No one can do everything, but everybody can do something.” That is the shortened version of the approach and mission of Ashlee Fujawa, Anna Eaglin and Jim Brown have teamed to unleash an army of “citizen detectives” to help address the more than 200,000 cold cases involving murdered or missing people in the United States. They do not promise justice, but peace of mind that everything possible is being done to find answers. Some cases are 50 years old; others may have just...


Scott McCorkle: Tackling His Next Big Venture

A business trip to New York City decades ago had him thinking, “Oh, my gosh, I made it!” But despite national and international business deals and travels, Scott McCorkle is all Indiana all the time. The Software Artistry-ExactTarget-Salesforce veteran is seeking another big hit with MetaCX and its focus on the software partnership between buyers and sellers. It’s a risky proposition, with an additional $7.5 million (and more) in funding on the way. McCorkle shares the benefits of talking to...


Michael McRobbie: Helping Rev the State’s Economic Engine

Michael McRobbie came to Indiana University in 1997 (from his native Australia) as the school’s first vice president for information technology and chief information officer. He retires (as of June 30) 24 years later (14 as president) with a long list of accomplishments, including numbers of degrees awarded and amounts of external research funding earned. The approach to regional campuses evolved during his tenure, while the commitment to international opportunities and partnerships...


Tanya Mckinzie: Helping Create Opportunities for Success

Indiana Black Expo (IBE) is well known for its Summer Celebration and Circle City Classic fund-raising events. Its work, of course, goes much deeper with business and education conferences, assistance for small businesses, working with youth and families, and much more. Tanya Mckinzie, president and CEO of IBE since 2008, talks about those programs and how some were able to expand in the past year to meet increased needs. She shares her thoughts on the societal and emotional pains of...


Allison Barber: Contributing to Success Off and On the Court

Allison Barber brings an education and business background to her role as president and chief operating officer of the Indiana Fever. It’s no surprise that she teamed with several community partners to create a unique program titled Athlete to Advocate. The goal was to give Fever players a chance to amplify their message and make a bigger difference than they already are in the areas in which they are most passionate. On the court, the team is “home” for the first time in more than 600 days....


Beth Keyser: ‘Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice’

Beth Keyser, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana, says her life’s work has been focused on “improving the health of humanity.” In her nearly 10 months in her current role, she has emphasized those words to Anthem’s nearly 5,000 Indiana associates. She says it is reinforcing that Anthem is not just a health insurance company, but a health-focused one. The strategies are not new in the form of proactive, preventive care instead of sick care. While she acknowledges the...


AJ Patton: Never Forgetting Where He Came From

Growing up in a housing project in Terre Haute and seeing his mother faced with a $400 gas bill she could not pay left a lasting impression on AJ Patton. Today, he is blending entrepreneurship, clean energy, neighborhood revitalization, new jobs and more through 548 Capital in hard-hit communities in Chicago. A Black man, he was on the receiving end of hundreds of “No’s” when it came to raising money. It took a stint as an Uber driver to turn things around. Terre Haute is still home for...


Mark Klein: Connecting the Pieces in the Export World

“It’s a really, really, really big world out there and there are a lot of customers in it.” That is among the parting shots during an engaging conversation with Mark Klein, regional director for the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Klein adds that companies, no matter their size or product line, should not be afraid to ask for help. While exporting may not be for everyone, there are more than a few businesses that would no longer be in business without the international customers....


Katie Jenner: Education Passion 24 Hours a Day

Indiana’s first Secretary of Education makes it immediately clear that she is passionate about her profession. “I go to bed thinking about it. I wake up thinking about it. And sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up thinking about it.” Jenner outlines her experiences – both in the classroom and with community partners in administrative roles – her relationship with Gov. Eric Holcomb (her current and former boss) and the priorities she is hearing about on a current listening tour....


Phil and Brittany Moser: Fulfilling a Legacy

Brittany Moser lived her life to the fullest before it was cut short by disease at age 32. Her father, Phil, a Steuben County resident his entire life, was along for many precious moments as his daughter’s best friend. Not only did Phil (and family/friends) complete the list of Colorado outdoor adventures that he/Brittany had begun, but he is determined to honor her in a special way. Since Brittany had majored in film production at Ball State University and dreamed of entering the movie...


Todd Stottlemyre: ‘Observing’ to Become a Better You

Despite being part of two World Championship teams with the Toronto Blue Jays and having a successful pitching career, Todd Stottlemyre was suffering greatly on the inside in 1993. He talks about the source of his anger and guilt – and, more importantly, what he did at that time that changed his life forever. Stottlemyre shares his story as part of a fictional book that all can relate to. The Observer: A Modern Fable on Mastering Your Thoughts & Emotions is an easy read but one packed with...


Brock Hesler: Listening … and Reacting

From previous career roles at United Way and in health care, Brock Hesler has always been in a position to help others. That has continued during his nearly seven years at the Indiana Chamber. The game plan: Listen to current and prospective members, target the two or three ways the Chamber can best assist them and spring into action. It’s a strategy that works well, whether in “normal” times or the unprecedented circumstances of 2020. The end result is a strong partnership. Hesler says he...


Tyler Ludlow: ‘I Have to Make a Decision …’

The phrase above is how many people look at the process of making a choice. Tyler Ludlow, founder and chief decision scientist at the Decision Skills Institute, says his role is to help turn decisions from “burdens into opportunities for growth.” It’s big for businesses – Ludlow applied his trade at Unilever and Eli Lilly – and individuals. Ludlow notes that it’s also important to decouple the decision process from the outcome, in which many things are out of the decision-maker’s control. We...


Steve Down: ‘Normalizing’ in a Year That Was Anything But

Steve Down, president of Herff Jones, says he can’t imagine a business more centered on high school and colleges being open and operating as normal than his organization. But when a pandemic hits, memorializing and commemorating a school year only grow in importance. Innovation took over, with creative solutions to completing yearbooks, virtual book signings, delivery of various items and virtual graduation ceremonies – nearly 1,000 serving 250,000 students. The innovation is here to stay in...


Lydia Tremaine: Talent Shines Through in So Many Ways

Call it an unbeatable combination. Trine University student Lydia Tremaine, 2018 Miss Indiana, won the 2019 Miss America talent competition singing Frank Sinatra’s My Life. Especially resonating with her is the lyric: “Each time you find yourself flat on your face, you pick yourself up and get back in the race.” A few minutes later, in describing the takeaways from her year on the road as the titleholder, she quotes the series finale of The Office: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in...


DuJuan McCoy: Going “full-tilt boogie” all the way

That headline is a self-description for DuJuan McCoy, an Indianapolis native and owner of Circle City Broadcasting (WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV 23). He has been the standard bearer for Black ownership in the television industry. Although progress has been slower than we would prefer, he sees that evolving and progress being made. McCoy’s recent announcement of the new Multicultural News Network can ultimately shine the national and global spotlight on Indiana. He says, “I think things are syncing...


Fort Wayne: PNC Community of the Year

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry admits that for many years the three rivers flowing through the city were considered “enemies”. Now, after nearly two decades of transformation, they are embraced for a variety of recreational opportunities. Downtown has experienced a similar revival, with the Parkview Field minor league baseball stadium serving as a catalyst. Henry says people are living, working and playing downtown – which helps attract both businesses and talented individuals. The mayor, in his...


Brad Bostic: Indiana Wesleyan University Dynamic Leader of the Year

For Brad Bostic, it’s personal. In the early 2000s, he saw his mother suffer from colon cancer. And while the medical professionals worked diligently to help her, the silos and systems in place were frustrating. Bostic wants efficient, effective and personalized health care for all. His company, hc1, strives to help make that happen through accumulating and analyzing lab test data. It has 23 billion (and counting each day) results in its system. It has pioneered precision health insight...


Dr. Kristina Box: Bayh-Lugar Government Leader of the Year

The spotlight has shined brightly on Indiana State Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box. She would prefer being behind the scenes working with her team and digging into the numbers but accepts the upfront role as part of dealing with COVID-19. The “overwhelming negative response to being asked to wear masks” has been surprising, she says, and the uncertainty – “the only guarantee with this pandemic is it’s going to change” – has been challenging. She talks about the team...


Dave Ricks: Ogletree Deakins Business Leader of the Year

Dave Ricks came to Indiana twice for family – undergraduate studies at Purdue (a tradition on his father’s side) and graduate work at Indiana University (following his now wife of 24 years). He stayed the second time, beginning his career at Eli Lilly and Company, which produces medicines for 40 million people every day. Ricks and Lilly quickly sprang into action at the start of COVID-19, creating testing capacity where none existed, immediately working on antibody therapies and more. He...