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IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.

IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.
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IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.




Indiana Workforce Recovery: Solutions Through the Employer Lens

The complexity of the opioid (and other drug) epidemic is enormous. A sometimes overlooked – but vitally important – component is the impact on the workplace and the role of the employer. Enter Indiana Workforce Recovery (IWR). In less than two years, IWR has shifted the conversations and provided pathways for organizations to invest in their employees and offer solutions. Jennifer Pferrer of the Wellness Council of Indiana and Mike Thibideau of IWR are deeply involved with a variety of...


Ryan McCarty and Marcie Warren: Cultivating Your Company Culture

He’s a co-founder of the Culture of Good. She’s a leader with Ingram Micro Mobility. They are working together to implement the former at the latter with an ultimate goal of Ingram Micro being a company that “not only delivers products but delivers hope.” Or, in other words, making both the workplace and the world better places. It’s a proven process that helps organizations find a cause that aligns with their business strategy, incorporates key “promises” and makes the effort sustainable....


Katie Ittenbach: In Charge – On the Job and Off

She’s 33 years old. She’s the president of a 36-year-old market research and insights organization (SMARI) started by her father. Her home is a ranch, where she takes care of a growing family of animals (delivering a calf at 3:00 a.m. and leading a high-powered business meeting a few hours later is a classic). Meet Katie Ittenbach of SMARI. She talks millennials, leadership, moving up the ranks from starting as an intern, how the research game is evolving, company culture, work-life balance...


Julie Benezet: Change is Here; Quit Fighting It

Julie Benezet gave up a law career to enter real estate development and later was an early executive at Amazon. Both provided valuable lessons in overcoming the unknown – “we lived change every hour of every day” at Amazon – and adapting to evolving circumstances. Today, she coaches executives and guides companies on making the most of the rapid change that is taking place. Benezet shares best practices from her book titled The Journal of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a...


Joe Santana: Lifting Up Your Employees

When it comes to boosting the skills of your workforce, Joe Santana uses an old story to advise "look nearby before you go to a far off land." In other words, do all you can to build up current employees. Employee networks are an important ingredient, along with properly using diversity and inclusion to address challenges. Santana shares insights learned during his business career and consulting work. Learn more:


Donna Brazile: Listening, Learning and Sharing

Donna Brazile first became involved in politics at the age of nine when she supported a City Council candidate who had promised to build a playground in her neighborhood. She has worked on 10 presidential campaigns, including Al Gore’s 2000 effort that ended up in the Supreme Court. She also served as the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee. Among her current roles: adjunct professor, author, syndicated columnist and television commentator. Find out what she terms her most...


Dana Perino: Communicating to the World

Dana Perino spent seven-plus years in the White House, including being the first Republican woman to serve as press secretary (for President George W. Bush). She now serves as a Fox News host, commentator and author. In our conversation ahead of her co-keynote (with Donna Brazile) at the Indiana Chamber’s 30th Annual Awards Dinner, she points out that when she left the White House in January 2009 she did not have a Twitter account. Learn which presidents she believes were communication...


Episode 51 - Danielle Shockey: Girls and STEM – A Perfect Match

Danielle Shockey has two decades of public education experience and is in her second year as CEO of the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. The two factors are coming together with the recent announcement of the organization being a program partner in an all-girls school focused on STEM education. It’s a natural combination. The Girl Scouts have a rich STEM history and an ever-growing STEM focus. Our state and country have a desperate need for more young girls interested in science, technology,...


Episode 50 - Jack Uldrich: Future is Now … and We All Have to Adapt

Today is the slowest rate of change we will ever experience going forward. That’s one way that futurist Jack Uldrich opens his presentations. He sometimes closes with the statement: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” It’s what occurs in between that matters. It’s having awareness of the rapid developments taking place, it’s having the humility to accept the evolution and it’s taking action to adapt. Uldrich explains his role in helping businesses and others overcome any...


Episode 49 - Jack Mansfield: Making Tech Work for Your Company

Does your organization view information technology as the “cost to keep the computers running” or “critical to the growth of your company”? Jack Mansfield of Bell Techlogix is among those working to help ensure the latter replaces the former. He has seen many changes in his 16 years at Bell, with he and his team making sure “we are in alignment with where technology is going.” Elevated customer expectations, a focus on organizational return on investment and additional factors are in play....


Episode 48 - Susan Brooks: Improving Indiana and Congress

Congress is suffering. Susan Brooks, representing Indiana’s 5th congressional district, is trying to alter that in several ways. Her history of authoring bills with bipartisan partners provides her the opportunity to continue to have a direct impact despite the Republicans now being in the minority in the House. Federal responses to the opioid epidemic, school safety and expanded broadband needs are among the topics she is passionate about. She is also serving on the Committee on the...


Episode 47 - Fred Payne: Working on the workforce

The number is daunting: 1 million-plus jobs becoming available in Indiana in the coming years. Fred Payne, commissioner of the state’s Department of Workforce Development (DWD), views that as an opportunity. The keys to an effective workforce system, he says, are engagement, training and time to review/reflect for any needed course corrections. DWD has a variety of programs to assist both employers and employees. Payne breaks down the benefits of the expanded Next Level Jobs grants (250...


Episode 46 - Sheila Brillson Matias: Helping lead the way in northwest Indiana

A young mom wanting to get playgrounds in her neighborhood fixed led to a career in political activity and community service. Sheila Brillson Matias, mayor of Michigan City from 1996 to 2003, is back home guiding the Leadership Institute at Purdue University Northwest and the Society of Innovators. She talks about bringing common sense to government 20-plus years ago, the importance of effective communications and more. The current initiatives at Purdue Northwest combine some longstanding...


Episode 45 - Shawna Girgis: Making Bedford the Best it Can Be

Mayor Shawna Girgis of Bedford didn’t really have time to focus on being the first female or first independent leader of her city. She came into office in 2008 with a variety of economic challenges. By 2013, Bedford was chosen as a state Stellar community and the Indiana Chamber’s Community of the Year. She wraps up her third and final term in 2019, joining us to talk key accomplishments (think Community Learning Center, Becky’s Place shelter and more) what she enjoyed most about being in...


Episode 44 - Jackie Walorski: Passion and persistence personified

The pace in Washington hasn’t changed for Jackie Walorski, representing Indiana’s 2nd District in Congress since 2012. Neither has her passion for service for constituents in her district and throughout the state. It’s evident in her comments and in the work she does. She talks veterans’ issues, agriculture, tariffs, trade, the workforce and more. Find out what she believes was the biggest accomplishment in the 2017-2018 term and what she likes to do during that rare time when she is not...


Episode 43 - Ryan McCarty: Culture of Good

The Culture of Good is a powerful collision of combining profitability with purpose. Ryan McCarty calls it “purposeability.” He explains what it means, how it initially made a major difference for TCC Communications and what he and partner Scott Moorehead are doing to spread the initiative well beyond their own organization. A longtime minister and veteran of the non-profit world, McCarty emphasizes the leadership required to begin the journey and the tremendous results that can emerge in...


Episode 42 - Kyle Werner and Brooke Pyne: Crane’s Innovation Ecosystem

The Navy side of Crane (officially the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division) is a military and economic powerhouse. While located in parts of Greene, Martin and Lawrance counties, the military installation has a statewide and far broader impact. Its partnerships with industry and educational institutions are the focus as its award-winning technology transfer program and innovation ecosystem are economic forces. In addition to hearing from Kyle Werner, director of engagement, and...


Episode 41 - Eric Halvorson: Not Your Grandfather’s Grocery Store

Technology is impacting all types and sizes of businesses across our state and country. One that might not come to mind immediately is the highly competitive grocery industry. Eric Halvorson of Kroger talks digital shelves, mobile ordering/pickup, unmanned grocery delivery and more. A longtime television anchor and reporter, Halvorson strongly articulates the work currently going on as well as the future possibilities.


Episode 40 - Salvador Espinoza: Intern Extraordinaire

A senior preparing to graduate in May from Purdue University Fort Wayne and get married one month later is already working full time in marketing. His name is Salvador Espinoza and he attributes much of his success to a series of internship experience with Dekko, headquartered in Garrett with various manufacturing operations in northeast Indiana. Salvador describes what he learned on the job, starting as a 16-year-old and culminating with an internship management opportunity. Companies and...


Episode 39 - Arthur C. Brooks: Analyzing America

He dropped out of college to become a classical musician. He was a college professor, teaching economics and social entrepreneurship. He has guided a leading conservative think tank for the past decade. He is the author of 11 books – with No. 12 on the way. One of the most respected voices in America today is Arthur C. Brooks, Meet him in this conversation and see him in person at the Indiana Chamber’s March 12 Chamber Day Dinner.