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Welcome to Industrial Marketer Podcast! This show is where business leaders in the industrial sector learn and connect about the ways marketing can improve their businesses, and where marketers engage with the challenges that are specific to industrial B2B.

Welcome to Industrial Marketer Podcast! This show is where business leaders in the industrial sector learn and connect about the ways marketing can improve their businesses, and where marketers engage with the challenges that are specific to industrial B2B.


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Welcome to Industrial Marketer Podcast! This show is where business leaders in the industrial sector learn and connect about the ways marketing can improve their businesses, and where marketers engage with the challenges that are specific to industrial B2B.






10 Things to Consider in Your Consideration Phase

The industrial buying journey has evolved into buying committees and an extremely elongated, complicated process. That makes the consideration phase especially crucial for sorting out who you will be doing business with.


Industrial Buying and the Rise of Buying Committees

As the world has become more digital, the industrial buying journey has become more complex. It’s an elongated, non-linear process that usually involves multiple stakeholders from each prospective company or current client. The stakeholders are doing massive amounts of online research independent of each other before anyone engages with the seller. That means it is more important than ever to understand who you are marketing to and when those touchpoints are taking place.


How to Overcome the Challenges of Creating Manufacturing Case Studies

Don’t let your clients’ hesitancy to divulge sensitive information stop you from sharing your successes with the marketplace. In this episode, the Industrial Marketer podcast offers suggestions on ways to replace the traditional metric-driven case study with testimonials and success stories. These are powerful pieces for your digital content library that awaits prospects who are increasingly doing research on your website.


Content Planning for Industrial Marketers

A good content plan has become an essential starting point for industrial marketing as the industrial buying journey has become more elongated and complex, and more buyers are doing a majority of their research online before engaging with companies. And while there are more content channels and types of content than ever, putting together a content plan does not have to be complicated. The Industrial Marketing Podcast takes you through a simple process for creating a content plan.


CRM Implementation and Usage for Industrials

The elongated buying journeys in the industrial sector are a great argument for using a customer relations management tool. The many touchpoints and check-ins during the journey provide fuel to power your CRM engine, and that data eventually helps you make insights about the best sources for customers and key points in their buying journey.


Why All Industrial Companies Need an Ideal Client Profile

Developing an Ideal Client Profile not only helps you align your sales and marketing strategies and tactics, it also can help reduce the risks and unintended consequences that come with bringing on new clients. The Industrial Marketer podcast helps you get started.


An Industrial Marketing Feast of Inspiration

Co-hosts Joey and Nels give thanks to advances in the industrial marketer sector, from clients embracing new mindsets and technologies to the evolving nature of trade shows and the industrial companies that have become agile and made the most of unexpected opportunities throughout the past two disruptive years.


4 Keys to Successful B2B Lead Scoring

Lead scoring for industrial marketers doesn’t need to be complex or mysterious for it to be effective. It needs to account for whatever in your typical buying journey triggers when a prospect transitions from interest to intent.


5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is not based on nurturing leads, but on nurturing accounts. It’s about working through the many relationships in the complex industrial buying journey: the decision maker, the end user, the influencer, the CFO, the procurement department, etc. Joey and Nels explain in the latest episode of the Industrial Marketer podcast.


7 Types of Sales Collateral All Industrials Need

Joey and Nels delve into the seven types of sales collateral industrial marketers need to equip their sales team through a typical industrial sales cycle.


Marketing Metrics That Matter for Manufacturers

The Industrial Marketer podcast explains how the ability to “cross track” data points helps you harness marketing data and turn it into actionable insights. You might learn that one qualified lead actually was responsible for four unqualified leads and discover what was the original source of their interest.


How Industrial Distributors Can Set Themselves Apart

Industrial distributors should market themselves based on what value they provide to customers and how they differentiate themselves from competitors, not what products they offer. This is essential as digital becomes the dominant sales channel.


The Most Successful Industrial Marketing Strategies

A successful industrial marketing strategy starts with goals and objectives and seeks to answer how those results can be achieved. Key components for executing against your strategy include content, channels and distribution, and tools to measure and analyze the outcomes.


What Makes Industrial Marketing "Industrial"?

The industrial sector of our economy is unlike any other. So it comes as no surprise that its well defined segments and elongated buying cycles make lead generation a challenge. In this episode, the Industrial Marketer Podcast looks at how to bring an “industrial” lens to a variety of marketing tactics.


5 Easy Things You Can Do for Better Manufacturing Lead Generation

In this episode, we talk about five things that every manufacturer can do to improve their lead generation. The costs are minimal but they will involve a commitment of time and, perhaps, education. But there is a lot of value in these activities.


10 Simple Steps to Boost Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

No matter how scant your budget, here are 10 actionable items marketers on the frontliners can take to boost digital marketing for manufacturers. The reference to the industrial buying cycle is here.


Top 5 Email Best Practices for Manufacturing Marketing

Trends come and go quickly in marketing, but one truism holds: Email is king in B2B marketing. No other tactic comes close to combining the power of distribution, engagement and prospect information gathering. A couple of interesting stats about B2B email marketing:


Social Media for Manufacturers Is No Longer Optional

The Industrial Marketer podcast scratches the surface on the topic of social media for manufacturers. One tip: Authenticity is the key to social media, and it means different things on different sites. Finding the right tone is important on every channel, and it will be different from the tone on your website.


Taking a Holistic Approach to Search Engines

Much like the larger world around us, the manufacturing and industrial information ecosystems have become very fragmented. People consume information in all sorts of ways through all sorts of channels. In this episode, the Industrial Marketer Podcast looks at combating fragmentation by taking a holistic approach to search engine marketing. Plan your paid search investments to align with and coincide with your organic search efforts. Make sure your paid search is properly targeted to marry...


Why Manufacturers Should Do a Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis looks at product, sales and marketing strategies for you and your competitors. The Industrial Marketer Podcast in this latest episode will help you get started by looking at the tools and technologies available and how to frame an analysis in terms of goals and perspective. But the benefits of a competitive analysis really can be simplified by asking these questions: The internal diagnostic is an important foundation in a competitive analysis. It will show you where...