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Welcome to Industrial Marketer Podcast! This show is where business leaders in the industrial sector learn and connect about the ways marketing can improve their businesses, and where marketers engage with the challenges that are specific to industrial B2B.


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Welcome to Industrial Marketer Podcast! This show is where business leaders in the industrial sector learn and connect about the ways marketing can improve their businesses, and where marketers engage with the challenges that are specific to industrial B2B.






The Importance of B2B Real-Time Marketing

Not every customer or prospect touch point is created equal in the world of industrial marketing. That’s one of the reasons you should be leveraging real-time marketing to meet prospects and customers on their terms. Real-time marketing is a way for your company to stand out in the onslaught of data.


The Key Elements of Workforce Recruitment Messaging

Your industrial workforce recruitment messaging is actually pretty simple: Tell people why they should want to work at your company, and tell them why people stay. The hard part is ensuring your company can articulate its purpose and has an “employer of choice” culture. Here are the great articles mentioned in the podcast: What those new hires who don’t work out running from What it means to be an employer of choice Why you should rethink your old hiring rules


How to Get Started With B2B Marketing Webinars

In the latest edition of the Industrial Marketer Podcast, co-hosts Joey and Nels offer suggestions on how to get started with webinars, which can be especially effective for long buying cycles and niche manufacturing marketing. They are a preferred method of gathering information, create a dialogue with qualified leads, nurture relationships, and have high conversion rates.


3 Ways to Improve Your Manufacturing Audience Targeting

The technology behind targeting can be intimidating for industrial marketers who deal with complex buying journeys. The Industrial Marketer podcast offers up a three-step approach to help you get started. It includes dipping your toe into the intent/big data waters, a little bit of account based marketing, and a whole lot of importance on personas.


How Manufacturers Can Experiment with AI Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools lead the forefront of current marketing conversations in 2023. Joey and Nels are diving into how they can be used by industrial marketers and what you need to know to be prepared for the coming revolution.


Holiday Wisdom from The Industrial Marketer

With apologies to the Magi, co-hosts Joey and Nels offer up manufacturing marketing holiday gifts from the Indusrti in the form of industrial gold, marketing frankincense, and wisdom myrrh.


Social Media Advertising for Manufacturers

It may be a surprise to manufacturers that social media advertising can be a strong driver of growing prospects or even conversions. But the rich data in social media is a fertile testing ground for custom audiences. The Industrial Marketer podcast explains.


What You Need to Know About Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is not just an update of the popular, free web traffic tool. GA4 is an entirely new platform. Since Google has not made major changes in its analytics in 10 years, this is kind of a big deal. For many marketers, Google’s current version, known as Universal Analytics, is all they know. The Industrial Marketer Podcast breaks down what you need to know about this important transition.


The Top 5 Types of Marketing Content for the Awareness Phase

The key to the awareness phase in industrial marketing is getting on the prospects’ radar screen. Another way to think of it is as the Attraction Phase. You want the prospect to be attracted to your brand and how you will meet their needs. For both the prospect and the marketer, that means the awareness phase messaging should be about solving problems, getting answers and meeting needs. Listen to this episode of the Industrial Marketer Podcast to learn more.


How to Leverage Today's Manufacturing Trade Shows

The pandemic forced a massive, two-year pause in the industrial trade show world. And while we learned that we need to do a much better job of treating our websites like an always-on exhibit, we also learned that the in-person aspect is difficult to replace. In the latest edition of the Industrial Marketer Podcast, co-hosts J


5 Ways Industrial Companies Can Benefit from Marketing with Video

The incentive for adding video to the mix for your manufacturing marketing comes down to three key factors: people prefer visual learning, search algorithms increasingly reward sites with video content, and users engage through video at much higher levels than with other forms of content. In this edition of the Industrial Marketing podcast hosts Joey and Nels discuss 5 ways manufacturers can leverage video in their marketing.


5 Best Practices for Industrial Website Design in 2022

Industrial buyers have high expectations when they visit your manufacturing website. They want to learn how you can help alleviate their pain points and that you will be able to answer their specific questions. They want to see what your products can do for them, and they want as little friction as possible in being able to configure a solution, get a rough cost estimate and determine if you are a serious contender for their business. This episode of the Industrial Marketer Podcast discusses how to meet their expectations.


3 Keys to a Successful Recruitment Marketing Campaign

You can improve your chances for a successful hiring campaign if you follow these three guidelines. Effective recruitment starts with: 1) defining your employer brand, 2) clarifying your candidate personas, and 3) developing your strategic playbook. The Industrial Marketer podcast offers up a roadmap.


10 Things to Consider in Your Consideration Phase

The industrial buying journey has evolved into buying committees and an extremely elongated, complicated process. That makes the consideration phase especially crucial for sorting out who you will be doing business with.


Industrial Buying and the Rise of Buying Committees

As the world has become more digital, the industrial buying journey has become more complex. It’s an elongated, non-linear process that usually involves multiple stakeholders from each prospective company or current client. The stakeholders are doing massive amounts of online research independent of each other before anyone engages with the seller. That means it is more important than ever to understand who you are marketing to and when those touchpoints are taking place.


How to Overcome the Challenges of Creating Manufacturing Case Studies

Don’t let your clients’ hesitancy to divulge sensitive information stop you from sharing your successes with the marketplace. In this episode, the Industrial Marketer podcast offers suggestions on ways to replace the traditional metric-driven case study with testimonials and success stories. These are powerful pieces for your digital content library that awaits prospects who are increasingly doing research on your website.


Content Planning for Industrial Marketers

A good content plan has become an essential starting point for industrial marketing as the industrial buying journey has become more elongated and complex, and more buyers are doing a majority of their research online before engaging with companies. And while there are more content channels and types of content than ever, putting together a content plan does not have to be complicated. The Industrial Marketing Podcast takes you through a simple process for creating a content plan.


CRM Implementation and Usage for Industrials

The elongated buying journeys in the industrial sector are a great argument for using a customer relations management tool. The many touchpoints and check-ins during the journey provide fuel to power your CRM engine, and that data eventually helps you make insights about the best sources for customers and key points in their buying journey.


Why All Industrial Companies Need an Ideal Client Profile

Developing an Ideal Client Profile not only helps you align your sales and marketing strategies and tactics, it also can help reduce the risks and unintended consequences that come with bringing on new clients. The Industrial Marketer podcast helps you get started.


An Industrial Marketing Feast of Inspiration

Co-hosts Joey and Nels give thanks to advances in the industrial marketer sector, from clients embracing new mindsets and technologies to the evolving nature of trade shows and the industrial companies that have become agile and made the most of unexpected opportunities throughout the past two disruptive years.