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We all want to leave the world a better place than we found it. This podcast is about procurement and supply chain leaders who are successful in that pursuit.

We all want to leave the world a better place than we found it. This podcast is about procurement and supply chain leaders who are successful in that pursuit.




We all want to leave the world a better place than we found it. This podcast is about procurement and supply chain leaders who are successful in that pursuit.




Episode 20 – Sébastien Bals: Choose Wisely Today to Impact the World Tomorrow

Sébastien Bals Head of Procurement at UCB provides a fascinating perspective from traveling the world sprinkled with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is driven to positively reach as many lives as possible in everything he pursues.


Episode 19 – Marcelo Scarcelli: Walking the Talk on Sustainability

With roughly 20 years of business experience, Marcelo Scarcelli, Head of Procurement for Unilever, successfully manages the company’s F&B portfolio. In this episode, he shares outstanding business cases of innovation and product design—and ties them back to his role in procurement. Stay tuned and dive deeper into understanding how to think of sustainability through an entire value chain perspective.


Episode 18 – Aurélia Tremblaye: From Procurement Intern to Global CPO

“We are an industry that is transforming itself quite rapidly... Which I find quite exciting.” As one of the few female leaders in the procurement area, Aurélia Tremblaye is always at the top of her game - especially when it comes to pursuing a more sustainable practice. At ENGIE, she is tackling different targets at once, from working towards Net Zero by 2045 to discontinuing the company’s coal activity in all of Europe. Stay tuned to her more about her successful decades-long journey in...


Episode 17 – Klaus Blachnik: From Ideal to Real...A Path towards Sustainable Procurement

"When we started this journey in the digital era, with our Ariba project, we said we wanted a lot very fast. It was our Fast Track project; and this was reasonably done. With an agile approach, this project can be technically implemented in three months only.” From the challenges faced by the Oil & Gas Industry since 2020 to OMV showing immense growth in 2021, Klaus Blachnik talks about how he led a complete transformation of procurement, towards creating value out of it. Stay tuned to hear...


Episode 16 – Tom Thomas: Providing a Stable Foundation for Albemarle’s Supply Chain

"We're expected to double our size over the next 3 to 5 years, from $3b to $6b. To be able to sustain that growth in that short period of time, we have to have a stable foundation.” Coming from a Chemical Engineering background, Tom Thomas now leads a unified and standardized supply chain at Albemarle. In this episode, he shares the intricacies of his role, his journey with SAP, and some personal anecdotes, such as when he explained what supply chain is to his six-year-old daughter.


Episode 15 – José Antonio Valgañón: Revolutionizing the Energy Business Across 5 Continents

“To some extent, the Oil & Gas Industry has always belonged to the Energy Industry; so, today, in most of the cases, the key players in Oil & Gas industry are also key players in electricity, and biofuels...” José Antonio Valgañón is the CPO for one of the leading Oil & Gas companies in the world–CEPSA. From a personal perspective, he shares about his close connection to the Basque Culture, and to the small village his grandparents are from, called Valgañón. Professionally speaking, he...


Episode 14 – George Booth: A Regenerative Journey in the Finance Industry

"...What's really interesting in financial services is the degree to which banks have gone from worrying about somebody walking into a branch with a balaclava and a gun to [worrying about] cyber intrusion and accessing.” With 28 years of business experience, George Booth, CPO for Lloyds Banking Group Plc., successfully manages procurement and annual supplier budget of £5.1bn. In this episode, George not only shares his expertise on risk management and digitalization, but also his...


Episode 13 – Russ Major: From Air Force Captain to Procurement Leader

“I feel that SAP is locked in with us, so we've already started the implementation work. We've got a steering committee put together–with SAP involved–, and I have no doubt that we will crush our business case.” After serving 9 years on active duty with the Air Force, Russ Major, CPO for USAA, pivoted to the Banking Industry. Although Russ “retired” from military, he remained committed to providing the best financial services to the U.S military members, and started his career in USAA in...


Episode 12 – Christine Hipp: Writing History and Creating Space for Opportunities

​“Supply chain and procurement at a National Lab is so complicated–we do manufacture; we do R&D; we do maintain 42 square miles of facilities; we do have 12,000 employees using state-of-the-art technology... We kind of have it all, which is the problem.” Christine Hipp, Leader of ASM Center of Excellence at LANL, walks us through her life journey, and describes how she has climbed all the way up to “the Hill” to find herself a successful career at Los Alamos (LANL). In this episode, she also...


Episode 11 – Carole Wendt: Blazing a Trail for Women in Procurement

​“ need to make sure that you're listening to the voice of the customer and understanding the uniqueness of the business,–and drive the value that way.” Carole Wendt, Senior Vice President Global Procurement and CPO at Ascend Performance Materials, shares her career and life journey. As a pioneer in her field, Carole talks about her transition from R&D to Procurement, her lifelong passion for the Petrochemical Industry, and the “pet projects” she still plans to implement.


Episode 10 – Susanna Zhu: Spreading Goodness

​Susanna Zhu, Vice President of US Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations at Hershey, shares lifelong purpose statement and personal interests in this episode. Furthermore, as a woman leader in the supply chain, Susanna has demonstrated her passion for leading and mentoring young professionals in the fields and the commitments to sustainable projects like Cocoa for Good for the chocolate industry.


Episode 9 – Martha Buffington: Following her own North Star

“…we're not just about sourcing, we're not just about savings, it's really about having bigger picture strategic impact on the business…” Martha Buffington, Chief Procurement Officer of Royal DSM, a €9 billion global company producing health, nutrition, and sustainable living products to enhance the lives of people and the sustainability of the planet, shares her career purpose and personal goal along her journey from the U.S. to Netherland. As a mentor and supporter of women in business,...


Episode 8 – Bertrand Conquéret: Sustainability, Sharing, and Responsible Leadership

"My purpose is very strongly embedded in sustainability leadership… a key message for today, to enhance, to grow, to learn along the purpose that we've shared today." As a global leader in sustainability, Bertrand has long held a vision that procurement and supply chain fundamentally contribute to the longevity of the planet. As president of Together for Sustainability (TfS) and co-founder and ambassador of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, he talks through this vision and how he...


Episode 7: Mohamad Saker: Sustainable Innovation in the Desert

Mohamad Saker, Chief Corporate Services Officer at Al Dahra Holding, an agribusiness company in United Arab Emirates, shares his personal philosophy on innovation, lifelong learning and the importance of culture to inspire commitment and innovation across his team. He will discuss his passion for procurement and food security and how continuous discovery at work has led to impactful savings for Al Dahra.


Episode 6 – Julie McAlindon: Transformation Master – Plastics Recycling at Eastman Chemical

Julie McAlindon is the chief procurement officer and vice president of transformation at Eastman Chemical Company. Listen to learn how transformation has been a constant in her journey, in both her career aspirations and her work at Eastman Chemical. You’ll hear about Eastman’s important role in the circular economy through their industry-leading molecular recycling process. Molecular recycling allows Eastman to expand beyond post-consumer waste to incorporate post-industrial waste and...


Episode 5 – Rodrigo Ferreira: The Game Changer – ESG Purpose and Anti-Fragile Capabilities

Rodrigo Ferreira is CPO and executive manager of supply chain for Petrobras and a member of the energy sector Think Tank at SAP. Join us for a discussion about how his supply chain career path started at GE, progressed to Siemens Gamesa, and then to Petrobras during the pandemic in 2020. In addition, you’ll not only hear about new technologies, anti-fragile suppliers, and carbon reduction in the oil and gas industry, but also about Ferreira’s close call with becoming a billionaire.


Episode 4 – Thomas Meinel: Life’s transformative journey and the impact of digital empowerment

Thomas Meinel is senior vice president and head of indirect procurement for Evonik Industries AG and a member of the Think Tank program for the chemical sector at SAP. Listen as he talks about how his career started in IT and then pivoted to business and procurement.


Episode 3 – Terri Macleod: Value the Sustainability – Energy Transition at Suncor

Soo has a conversation with Terri Macleod, general manager of supply chain shared services at Suncor Energy and a member of the Think Tank program for the energy sector at SAP. Listen as they discuss Terri’s passion for not only environmental sustainability, but also for social sustainability, pursued through her work with the indigenous community. In addition to insights gained there, Terri shares her views on COVID-19 challenges, energy transitions, and personal purpose.


Episode 2 – Ralf Peters, Part 2: Living with a Purpose: Reducing CO2 and Waste

Soo continues the conversation with Ralf to explore how he is driving CCEP environmental and social sustainability objectives. Ralf discusses his passion for the Coca-Cola environmental program World Without Waste, the initiative to turn CCEP into a net-zero emissions company by 2040, and the importance of supplier collaboration in the effort.


Episode 1 – Ralf Peters, Coca-Cola European Partners: A Growth Mindset

Listen as Ralf Peters, vice president of procurement for Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), shares his journey from East Berlin to West Berlin, growing up in a communist country, and what drove him through his education as the Berlin wall came down. Ralf talks about his 25 years of leadership experience within the Coca-Cola system, from sales to finance to procurement, as well as how to demonstrate value to the organization with SAP as a business partner.]