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Learn better ways to work with your direct reports

The most important asset of any company is its people. A company can’t perform well if the people that work there aren’t happy and productive. In this episode, we’ll learn how to better work with your direct reports to make sure they’re happy, focused and productive. We’ll first talk about 1:1s. We’ll discuss how they should be structured, how often you should do them and why they’re one of the most important things you MUST do with your direct reports. We’ll then talk about Performance...


Apply transparency in your org in a successful way

In this episode we’ll talk about what transparency is, and how you can apply it in a succesful way in your organization. We’re going to share some of the pitfalls we’ve both had as we implemented it with some solutions. Key Learnings In the first section we’ll talk about why and how you need to educate people before being transparent. In the second section we’ll talk about what are some of the advantages of being transparent. In the third section we’re going to explain some...


Working with UX and Design: From good (or bad) to great!

In this episode we’ll be talking about how to improve the interactions between the design/ux org and the rest of the organization. We’ll be sharing different problems that came up as Auth0 and Wolox scaled and solutions that were implemented. Key Learnings: We’ll first start with a sum up of the genesis and evolution of the design/ux org in Wolox and Auth0. One of the first problems that both companies experienced was about focus. When you have small design team, should they focus on...


Moving from being an individual contributor (IC) to a manager of a manager of…

We’ve separated this episode into 4 sections. In each of them we’ll be explaining different issues that might arise when you move from being an individual contributor (IC) to both a manager as well as a manager of managers. In each section, Guido and Gonto will be sharing some of the solutions they’ve found that worked for them, as well as some examples of both good habits as well as fuck ups. Transcript: You can either listen to the episode above, or read the transcript Key...


Scaling up from a startup to ... not a startup

This episode is all about scaling a company. We’ll learn about the experiences of Auth0, which went from 0 to 300 employees in 4.5 years and Wolox, which went from 0 to 180 in 6 years. Transcript: You can either listen to the episode above, or you can read the transcript here Key Learnings: strategies and tactics that can be used to keep and enforce the cultureon boarding of new employeesprocesses don’t suck as much as we sometimes think and share a few tips on how to start defining...