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7: Using Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment

In this episode of our podcast, we look at how AI is being used and tailored for the recruitment industry. Learn how recruiters can use AI to increase their reach and efficiency. Find out if AI is a threat to the industry in the long term or is it something we should embrace as early as possible. Pandorabots


6: Dealing with the Counter Offer

This episode of our podcast focuses on the issue of Counter offers. Recruiters hate it when their candidate gets a counter offer so what are the best ways to deal with it? How do you prepare your client for the possibility of counter offers? What are the best strategies to negotiate with the candidate who gets one? Show Notes:


5: Reference Checks as a Business Development Tool

In this episode, we will cover Reference checks - Find out how thoroughly you should check candidate references, and learn about the benefits of using background checks to grow your business. We will also cover some of the obstacles that you may run into while doing background checks and how technology can help overcome that. Expect to hear some practices that you may want to avoid during this process. Time Stamps: Appliqant Facial Recognition Discussed: 1: Preparing Your Candidates and...


4: The Immigration Question

In this episode, we will cover the hot button topic of immigration - specifically as it relates to the technology industry. We will focus on the ramifications of sponsoring work visas, like H1Bs, for companies, the impact of recent policy changes, and the broader question of what is the optimal model for getting skilled technologists into the country without reducing opportunities for Americans. Time Stamps: Janine Driver


3: Taking the Job Order - Uncovering Hidden Secrets in The Job Description

We will cover the essential tasks of actually taking the job order from clients and qualifying the legitimacy of doing the search. We have seen numerous experienced recruiters slip up on the basics. So, in this episode, we will cover the must-dos and the not-to-dos when getting the requirement from the hiring manager. Specifically, we will focus on the steps that are important but often overlooked in the process. Expect to hear what must-haves in job descriptions really must-haves and if...


2: Compensation Negotiations

We will cover the very controversial and pertinent issue of salary and compensation negotiations. We have spoken about how candidates, recruiters and hiring managers should avoid the subject through the interview process, but obviously, once both parties are interested in proceeding we have to negotiate numbers. In today's session, we will talk about how to navigate this potentially tricky part of the hiring process. Learn ways to calculate compensation and how to handle a candidate with...


1: Preparing Your Candidates and Hiring Managers for Interviews

Welcome to InnerView, a podcast for recruiters who are interested in thoughtful and practical discussions on issues, strategies and disruptive technologies impacting the staffing and recruitment industry. Our experts on the subject matter are: In this episode, we will cover the preparation of candidates and hiring managers for interviews. This is essentially the recruiter’s job from the point where the candidate has been vetted and an interview with the hiring manager has been set. So as a...