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This podcast will bring you success through content on innovation, leadership and diversity.

This podcast will bring you success through content on innovation, leadership and diversity.


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This podcast will bring you success through content on innovation, leadership and diversity.




Diversity & Inclusion with Sara Jones

If you're a leader trying to adopt diversity in your team, you need to download this episode. Sara Jones is the Founder of Inclusion Pro, a Consulting firm that specializes in training organizations and leaders in #diversity and #inclusion. Sara is a thought leader and an authority in the field, and her approach to diversity is one of the more solids and effectives in the industry. Make sure you check out her TED talk ( --- Send in a voice...


"We're Superheroes" with Jack Rico

Can #latinos be superheroes? Jack Rico thinks we already are. Jack is an award-winning journalist, host, film critic and podcaster. Born and raised in Queens, New York, of Colombian parents he's become an authority in the media, even in media about media. In this episode he's going to challenge your perception about Latinos and is going to help you dream in the terms of your own culture. Make sure you follow the "Highly Relevant Podcast" and the "Black & Brown Podcast" to listen more of...


Innovation in Digital Medicine with Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades MD

Dr. Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades is an Online medical education ambassador. He's a leading figure in technology applied to clinical medicine. His social media: LinkedIn: Landing page: Instagram: Clubhouse: @jbringas --- Send in a voice message:


Episodio en Español - Fernando Fiore, La Leyenda del Comentario Deportivo

Conocido como “El Presidente”, Fernando Fiore es la leyenda del comentario futbolístico. Hoy vamos a conocer más a fondo sus orígenes, su deseo de superación, su fe y carácter práctico y tenaz. Escucha y comparte, porque vas a conocer a una leyenda, y te va a inspirar a superarte. #fútbol #ferfiore #gol #latinos --- Send in a voice message:


Resourcefulness & Resilience with Melissa Pickering of the LEGO Group

This episode is especially dedicated to the #innovators #creators #creatives #entrepreneurs #engineers and all those who have struggled with the #covid19 #pandemic. Melissa Pickering is the Head of Product for Lego Education, and her remarkable story of resourcefulness, leadership and resilience will inspire you. --- Send in a voice message:



Are you running out of Ideas? We have a list that will help you and your organization generate new ideas that will make great impact. Make sure you follow/subscribe and/or leave me a message. #ideas #innovation --- Send in a voice message:


Puerto Rico - The Struggle with Gualterio Alomar

Disclaimer: InnoLatino Podcast does not adhere nor promote any political party. The Island of Puerto Rico through the decades has had a unique situation in comparison with the United States. unfortunately, this situation has been far from idyllic and the socioeconomic problems it faces rarely make the news. Gualterio Alomar raises the flag about the inequalities that the island keeps facing. --- Send in a voice message:


Getting Inspired with the Son of A Taquero

Isidro Salas is the genius behind the podcast "10,000 Tacos". He's one of the best #storytellers in the pod sphere, and his story will simply help you become a better human being. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:


Being Good... but with "Ganas" with Martha Niño

When you hear Adobe Executive's Martha Niño's story, you're going to want to tackle #dreams and #challenges no matter the limitations you think you have. Get ready to get to know a #Latinaleader and #podcaster that serves as an #inspiration not only for #Latinos, but anyone who's trying to achieve #success. You'll learn also the meaning of the Spanish word #GANAS and how it can help you overcome obstacles. Make sure you check out Martha's podcast "Moments with Martha". --- Send in a voice...


Christina Korp - The Astronaut Wrangler

Celebrating Women’s History Month in 2021 this episode brings you Christina Korp, better known as “the Astronaut Wrangler”. Christina is a Renaissance Woman that has been a singer, a music producer and the producer for... wait for it... Buzz Aldrin, from the Apollo 11 mission that arrived on the moon. Christina is the founder of “Purpose Entertainment” and her firm produces events that creates meaningful experiences and projects with PURPOSE that can make the world a better place. #whm2021...


Latinas in Data Founder - Gilda Alvarez

Have you ever considered a #career in data analytics? Gilda Alvarez, Founder of Latinas in Data gives a wonderful introduction to this profitable and beautiful career. Google Latinas in Data to find out more about their events. #latinasindata #latinasintechnology #dataanalysis #data --- Send in a voice message:


A STORY OF TENACITY - Emilio Antonio Guevara

Emilio is a self-educated entrepreneurial executive with proven leadership capabilities and strong, persuasive interpersonal skills. I create innovative sales and marketing strategies that enhance competitive market positioning, contribute to significant sales growth and have earned organizational acclaim. He's the founder of Capitalist Conversations and his story of tenacity and work will give you the #animo ( #courage ) to reach your goals. --- Send in a voice message:...


Edición en Español – La Innovación Comienza Por Ti con Saleema Vellani

Aplica la #innovación en tu vida para obtener #exito ¿Cuántas veces has dado por sentado tu capacidad para #crear, para inventar, para #innovar? A veces cuando escuchamos la palabra #innovación, pensamos que ese término está reservado para seres sobrenaturales que han sido bendecidos con habilidades especiales. Otras veces, tendemos a pensar que la innovación es algo que sólo hacen las grandes corporaciones, o lo hacen las personas realmente ricas. El programa de hoy tiene como objetivo...


Your Story Can Change The World with Jeff Gomez

Attention, #dreamers, #innovators, #writers, #marketers, and #creators in general! This episode invites us to tell our own stories, and also inspires us to value our own culture and contribute to it. Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner, and develops the story worlds of films, TV shows, videogames, toys, books, comics, apps, virtual reality projects, and theme park attractions. His story will invite you to dream and to innovate. His work has impacted across different media blockbuster...


The Unstoppable Rocío Perez

How to be #unstoppable. The life of author, innovator and public speaker Rocio Perez, has not been an easy one. Despite growing up in a violent and abusive home, she still held on to the thought that life was better than the horrible things that were happening to her. That thought gave her the courage to become a force for good in the world. Her book, "Unstoppable" will be a great source of inspiration. In this episode, Rocio tells us about her heroic story. --- Send in a voice message:...


Building Bridges, Connecting People with Fernando Zeledon

In our second season's first episode, Fernando Zeledon shows us about building bridges and roads among different people and cultures. Fernando sure knows how to inspire and create sinergies. Make sure to follow InnoLatino --- Send in a voice message:


Episodio en Español Imaginación y Humildad para el 2021 con Daniel Roca Laguna

La valentía y el espíritu emprendedor tienen muchas facetas diferentes. En el caso de Daniel Roca Laguna, esta faceta muestra el compromiso por mejorar al ser humano y el empeño en adoptar la innovación para superarnos personalmente. Daniel es uno de los fundadores de Imaginación 3.0, una plataforma de Inteligencia Artificial que ayuda a estimular la imaginación para la superación personal. --- Send in a voice message:


El Astrorican - Episodio en español

El Boricua Wilbert Ruperto Hernandez a los 15 años ya estaba tratando de resolver el problema de la “Basura Espacial” que se acumula en órbita alrededor de la tierra. En su experiencia como ingeniero (carrera de la cual aún no se ha graduado) Wilbert ya ha ocupado posiciones de liderazgo y ha diseñado vehículos de transporte manejar en la luna, o para volar en Marte. Wilbert sigue trabajando de cerca con la NASA y sigue ayudando a otros latinos y latinas a ingresar a programas...


Daring to Achieve with Alejandra Ayala

Find #purpose in your craft and profession. Alejandra Ayala decided to become a Latina pioneer in the area of #diversity in tech. In today’s episode we talk about daring to achieve with Alejandra Ayala of PuenteTech. Let me know what you thought about this episode by sharing a message here: --- Send in a voice message:


Finding Inspiration in Our Cultural Roots with Sid Krommenhoek from Album VC

Sid Krommenhoek had never considered becoming an entrepreneur until a visit to Nogales, Mexico inspired him to start on this journey. Through his VC firm, Album, Sid has helped the local technology ecosystem to thrive and he has helped other minority group thrive in this sector. If you listen to this episode, you'll be motivated to dig deep and find courage on your cultural roots and community. --- Send in a voice message: