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066: Finding Your Niche in the Community - Latoya Stirrup (Miami, FL)

“Help to be a change agent in whatever it is that you’re looking to get into.” — Raul Moas Today’s guest is Latoya Stirrup, President & Co-Founder at Digital Grass Innovation & Technology. As a self-described creative solutionist, Latoya is a entrepreneur, producer, and strategist with over 14 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Latoya sits down with us to discuss her background in communications and marketing, her family’s legacy in Miami and how she is building on it...


065: Examining Today’s Knowledge Economy - Knight's Raul Moas (Miami, FL)

“In every community that we [Knight Foundation] work in we try to accentuate and catalyze what’s endemic and already has to be authentic to place.” — Raul Moas Today’s guest is Raul Moas, Program Director for Knight Foundation in Miami, FL. Knight Foundation is a national foundation that invests in journalism, arts, technology, and in communities at large around the U.S. Raul is a Miami native with a deep knowledge about the community and entrepreneurial scene. We sit down...


064: Hacking Your Brain to Get Unstuck - Bill Donius (St. Louis, MO)

“Instead of staying in that bad zone and staying don’t have to, you can figure out why and fix it.” — Bill Donius Today’s guest is Bill Donius, Author of the New York Times Best-Seller, "Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius." Bill is also a regularly contributing writer for Huffington Post. Previously Chairman and CEO of Pulaski Bank in St. Louis, MO, Bill has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. Bill sits down with the team to discuss his...


063: Captivating an Audience with Passion - Luisa Santos (Miami, FL)

“We’re entrepreneurs by blood here, it’s in our system to be testing things, hustling, and grinding...that’s just who we are.” — Luisa Santos Today’s guest is Luisa Santos, Founder of Lulu’s Ice Cream. Lulu’s Ice Cream is a hand-crafted nitrogen ice cream shop that uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Luisa started her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 by selling homemade nitrogen ice cream as a project for school and quickly became captivated by the process. Luisa sits down with us to...


062: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Technology Talent - Juha Mikkola (Miami, FL)

“Companies need to realize you might not have those years of experience or that traditional degree, but if you can do the should get the job.” — Juha Mikkola Today’s guest is Juha Mikkola, Co-Founder at Wyncode Academy. Founded in 2014, Wyncode is one of the top coding schools in the country with over 600 graduates and a 91% job placement rate by more than 250 companies worldwide. Juha was born in Finland and moved to the U.S. to pursue his goal of owning his own company. He...


061: How to Build an Audience - Steve Ewing (St. Louis, MO)

“Kill it, every time. That should be your whole motto. Everything you do, just smash it.” — Steve Ewing Today’s guest is Steve Ewing, Lead Singer/Songwriter of The Urge and Owner of Steve's Hot Dogs. Steve formed The Urge while he was still in high school, creating music with an eclectic mix of punk, reggae, hip-hop, and ska. Steve’s Hot Dogs was born out of his desire to feed his audiences as well as entertain them, and it’s been a resounding success that quickly resulted in opening a...


060: Scaling Your Business w/ a Serial Entrepreneur - Freddy Sidi (Miami, FL)

“You’ve just got to be able to stand back up and keep going.” — Freddy Sidi Today’s guest is Freddy Sidi, President and CEO of Chargello. Freddy is a serial entrepreneur whose first company (started when he was just 20 years old) quickly became one of the largest CLECs in the entire United States. Chargello is a free phone-charging battery service and advertising platform designed for public spaces like restaurants, hotels, and airports. Freddy sits down with us to talk about being a...


059: Bridging the Corporate-Startup Gap - Kim Plank (St. Louis, MO)

“Corporates and startups, they need each other, but... there’s something about the way they communicate; they just can’t seem to figure out how to do that well.” — Kim Plank Today’s guest is Kim Plank, Midwest Regional Director at Captains of Innovation, a Venture Cafe Global program. Captains of Innovation helps corporations accelerate innovation by introducing them to emerging talents and startups. Kim has a long history of entrepreneurship and economic development. She is the former...


058: How to Find Traction & Get Funded - Blake Marggraff (St. Louis, MO)

“The secret to raising venture capital is long-term relationships… I’ve never received money from someone with whom I’ve had a shorter than six-month relationship.” — Blake Marggraff Today’s guest is Blake Marggraff, CEO at Epharmix. Blake founded Epharmix the year he graduated from Washington University. Epharmix is a digital health company that provides automatic remote patient monitoring for medically underserved patient groups. Blake joins Innovation City to share his insights on...


057: Building Inclusive, Prosperous Cities - Meena Jagannath (Miami, FL)

“I believe that legal victories alone are not going to get us to where we need to be in terms of social change.” — Meena Jagannath Today’s guest is Meena Jagannath, Co-Founder and Co-Director at Community Justice Project. Meena has been a human rights advocate for nearly 20 years, working in places like India, Guatemala, and Haiti in addition to her work in communities around the U.S. A movement lawyer with an extensive background in activism, Meena also has a Master’s in International...


056: Positioning Your City for Growth - David Nicklaus (St. Louis, MO)

“Don’t think you’re going to get funded right away just because you have a great idea; you’ve really got to hone it and focus it a lot more before you get to that point.” — David Nicklaus Today’s guest is David Nicklaus, Business Columnist at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. David has worked at the Post-Dispatch for 36 years, writing three columns per week on business and economic issues. He also appears on The Bottom Line, a weekly video feature covering business topics, and writes other...


055: Connecting Creatives with Their Communities - Miriam Dorsett (Miami, FL)

“My role is to go out and find people that are… on fire, doing really good things... and accelerate that.” — Miriam Dorsett Today’s guest is Miriam Dorsett, Connection Doctor at Chibur. She is a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and community activator focused on building community, creating connections, exploring how technology can support artists, and highlighting sustainability. Chibur is a Hebrew word that means “attachment” or “connection from heaven to earth.” Miriam is also a...


054: Building Startup Growth in Small Towns - Megan McKisson (St. Louis, MO)

“A person just in their basement working hard is great, and they might have traction and success, but if they do it’s because they’re leveraging past relationships. If you don’t have those relationships, or you need to make new ones, you’ve got to be out in the community doing that.” — Megan McKissen Today’s guest is Megan McKissen, Director at OPO Startups and Founder and Managing Partner at Clustered Economic Development. As Director of OPO (an incubator focused on technology and design...


053: Howard Herring - President & CEO at New World Symphony (Miami, FL)

“In a 10 year stretch, $1 Billion was invested... No other city in the United States has put $1 Billion into cultural infrastructure for 50 years.” — Howard Herring Today’s guest on Innovation City is Howard Herring, President and CEO of New World Symphony. Since 1987, the NWS has been a driving force for culture in Miami. Under Herring’s leadership, the NWS has helped revitalize the cultural and architectural landscapes of Miami Beach, delivering cutting-edge performances both inside its...


052: Jamey Edgerton - CEO of Nvsted and Senior VP at St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

“There’s a lot of focus for non-traditional financiers to invest in these startups, because, quite frankly, the big banks aren’t really doing it.” — Jamey Edgerton Today’s guest is Jamey Edgerton. Jamey is the CEO of Nvsted and the Senior Vice President at St. Louis Economic Development Partnership. Nvsted is a St. Louis-centric crowdfunding portal. The Economic Development Partnership, where Jamey is responsible for directing the business development and finance divisions, is the...


051: Uri Fleyder-Kotler - Co-Founder & CEO at Narya Security (St. Louis, MO)

“At the end of the day, all of us are people. People want to help each other.” — Uri Fleyder-Kotler Today’s guest is Uri Fleyder-Kotler, Co-Founder & CEO at Narya Security. Narya helps enterprise businesses solve the damage caused by ransomware with a single click. Uri is an experienced manager and security researcher, previously serving as Manager of the Advanced Threats Research Lab at RSA Security. He also has a top military record from a special technology unit in the Israeli Defense...


050: Robin Rath - Co-Founder & CEO at Pixel Press (St. Louis, MO)

“I believe that we’re all constantly telling stories to each other… and if a student is able to refine their storytelling abilities through technology, because they’re using our product, I think we’re having a very positive impact on the world.” — Robin Rath Today’s guest is Robin Rath, Co-Founder & CEO at Pixel Press. Pixel Press is building the next generation of creation tools for kids to create, share, and play video game-based content by leveraging the integrated power of toys and...


049: Jeff Mazur - Executive Director at LaunchCode (St. Louis, MO)

“This false notion has developed over the years that there are certain people who are born to code… we approach it as a skill that can be learned and taught, like many other job-focused skills.” — Jeff Mazur Today’s guest is Jeff Mazur, Executive Director at LaunchCode. LaunchCode is a growing national nonprofit that is building the tech workforce by providing free, high-quality training and job placement to driven individuals who lack typical tech credentials. Jeff previously served as...


048: Mauricio Ferrazza - Chairperson of Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) at Miami Dade College (Miami, FL)

“VR has been here for 20 years… I think that we are on the brink of the whole worldwide community understanding these technologies.” — Mauricio Ferazza Today’s guest is Mauricio Ferrazza, Chairperson of Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) at Miami Dade College. Mauricio has over 25 years of experience working in animation production for film and TV. After a 14 year career at Univision, he founded MIA ANIMATION and launched the MIA Animation Conference & Festival, and...


047: Anastasia Mikhalochkina - Founder of Lean Orb (Miami, FL)

“It’s not a business that I’m building for myself. That business builds a community for everybody—it builds a new city—and we’re building it for everyone.” — Anastasia Mikhalochkina Today’s guest is Anastasia Mikhalochkina, Founder at Lean Orb. Anastasia is an advocate for sustainability in South Florida. Lean Orb offers food service packaging made from plant-based materials, with a goal of ultimately replacing plastic and styrofoam with greener, more sustainable options. Anastasia joins...