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Ever wondered what it takes to grow a successful business that will last and could even become a sellable asset? Inside the Lion’s Den will give you an insider’s view of the leadership skills, financial acumen, and operational improvements needed to succeed in the long term. Hosted by Aryeh Sheinbein, business strategist and valuation expert, this show will uncover business concepts that you didn’t realize you were missing. Successful businesses focus on more than generating revenue, they understand their numbers, how to think about using different types of financing, product expansion and going from an entrepreneur to building a business with inherit value and built to last.


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Ever wondered what it takes to grow a successful business that will last and could even become a sellable asset? Inside the Lion’s Den will give you an insider’s view of the leadership skills, financial acumen, and operational improvements needed to succeed in the long term. Hosted by Aryeh Sheinbein, business strategist and valuation expert, this show will uncover business concepts that you didn’t realize you were missing. Successful businesses focus on more than generating revenue, they understand their numbers, how to think about using different types of financing, product expansion and going from an entrepreneur to building a business with inherit value and built to last.




Ep 78: Happy Accidents: Finding the Solutions to Problems with Dan Meadors

Today I sat down an interviewed Dan Meadors who has been a friend of mine for close to a decade. Dan is a successful Amazon seller and the co-founder of The Wholesale Formula. Dan is a self-proclaimed “side-hustle guy” and his business journey over the past few years is full of big mistakes but also big wins. Even if you’re not interested in selling on Amazon, Dan’s story is sure to inspire you to look at your problems as opportunities for growth, creative thinking, and opportunity. Dan started selling with Amazon in 2011 while working full time at a gaming company. After being fired from his job, he had the choice to look for another job or pursue Amazon selling full time. He chose to focus solely on Amazon. Dan ended up getting lucky with one of the products he was selling but as competition for the product grew, Dan came to the realization that other sellers were doing a much better job than he was and what had started out as a lucky break turned into a “catastrophic mess”. Luckily, Dan is a creative thinker and really made the best of some stressful situations by thinking outside of the box and avoiding colossal losses. In our conversation, Dan shared some of the creative solutions he came up with to some of the stressful situations he found himself in and how each mistake ultimately led to opportunity and growth in his business. Eventually Dan came up with a new approach for selling on Amazon and this approach is what really took his business to the next level and he went from making about 1.8 million per year to almost 7 million per year in sales. Eventually, people started asking him how he did it, and that’s when The Wholesale Formula was born. Now, in addition to selling on Amazon, Dan teaches other people how to be successful in online wholesale. In this episode, Dan also shared some advice for anyone else interested in doing what he does. I hope that as you listen you’ll find some inspiration from Dan’s journey. In this episode, we'll cover: -How getting fired led Dan to being a full-time Amazon seller -Dan’s early ventures with Amazon and the mistakes he made along the way -How a lucky start turned into a catastrophic mess -How Dan’s creative problem solving kept him from a colossal loss -Dan’s new approach and how it brought him to success -Dan’s strategy to convince brands to work with him and how he went from 1.8 million in sales per year to almost 7 million -The challenges that came with quick business growth -How giving up control of some areas paid off (literally) -Safeguarding your business in the midst of major change -How Dan and business partner, Dylan, ended up creating The Wholesale Formula -The launch of The Wholesale Formula -How Dan’s own business grew and benefited from The Wholesale Formula -Finding opportunity in the midst of difficulty -Is there still opportunity in the world of online selling? Dan’s advice for anyone who wants to sell on Amazon -How to become a real Amazon seller in just six weeks SHOW NOTES: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work with Me Instagram @aryehthebusinessman Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 77: How I Realized Why I Was Not Getting the Results I Expected

Today I’m going to talk about a mistake that I see people make again and again in not just their businesses but in other areas of their lives as well. I see people who spend a lot of time and effort preparing, learning, and educating themselves on what they need to do, but then not actually doing the things they’ve learned. I think a lot of times people actually get confused and mistake the gaining of knowledge of the application of that knowledge. When learning gets mistaken for action, people are often confused about why they didn’t get the results they were looking for, but they fail to realize that they actually didn’t put their learning into action. This applies heavily in the business world but also application to areas of life such as relationships. You might know exactly what steps you need to take to be a better spouse or partner, but if you’re not changing your behaviour, you’re not going to see results. In this episode I’ll share more about how I see this play out in people’s lives and what you should do about it if you catch yourself in the position of learning but not doing. In this episode, we'll cover: -Why educating and preparing yourself is not enough -You need to start doing the thing -Why you might not be getting the results you’re hoping for -How this principle applies to other areas of life -Why imperfect action is better than “expertise” -Expect to make mistakes -The doing is the learning SHOW NOTES: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 76: Rethinking Priorities: Preserving the Foundation, Not Just the Fruit with Anthony Trucks

On today’s episode we have Anthony Trucks, a former NFL player and author of Identity Shift and founder of the Shift Method. Anthony shares with us his background and history, and some interesting lessons that you can get out of it for personal growth, business growth, or any of your relationships. Anthony talks about growing up in foster care, his adoption, and how he made the decision to alter his thinking in order pursue college and a football career. He shares his insights on how hardships in life help form intangible skills that can transfer to a successful business and life. He also discusses his Shift Method and how recognizing that you’re not where you want to be in life can trigger a shift in your identify, and help form a plan and the discipline for success. Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, American Ninja Warrior, business owner, author, speaker, and Identity Shift Coach. His Shift Method has helped thousands of people reprogram themselves from the inside out and align their life vision with their ideal identity. It is Anthony’s passion and life’s mission to pass along the knowledge that took him 30+ years to learn. As the founder of “Dark Work” and creator of the “Dark Work Experience” Anthony teaches people how to access the power of their identity through Dark Work, tap into their full potential, and Make Shift Happen! In this episode, we'll cover: -Anthony’s early life from foster care to the NFL -How Anthony made the decision and mental shift to pursue college and a football career -Recognizing your intangible skillset earned through the crucibles of life -What Anthony didn’t know he didn’t know going into the NFL -Coming to the realization you’re at the bottom in order to shift and progress forward -Planting the seeds of change and allowing the world to water it -Anthony’s Shift Method and the goal of being in the Zone of your identity -Why doing things that feel out of character will get you to the place and to the person you want to be SHOW NOTES: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 75: The Psychology Behind Disappointment and How to Combat Negativity Bias in Your Life and Business

Have you ever reached a goal or earned a reward that should have been exciting but actually you ended up feeling a little bit disappointed? If you have, good news – you’re normal. As it turns out, there is a clear psychological explanation for this, known as negativity bias. Negativity bias often occurs when we have an expectation that isn’t met as fully as we hoped it would be. You’ve probably experienced this with something as simple as buying a new item that you just had to have and feeling your dopamine levels increase, only to feel a bit disappointed later when you realize that item didn’t quite bring you the happiness you expected. In this episode, I’ll share some of my own career background and, specifically, a story of a time when my expectations were exceeded, and a story of when my expectations fell short, and I felt disappointed even though I had earned a great reward. Through these examples in my own life, I’ll give you an understanding of what negativity bias is, how it is likely affecting your life and your business, and how you can fight against it to continue moving forward and celebrating your successes. In this episode, we'll cover: -Why good businesses are exceeding your expectations, not just meeting them -The psychology of making people feel happy -Why you need to understand the psychology behind your own reactions -Why I felt disappointed by a 2000% return -Negativity bias and how it makes success feel disappointing -The relationship between your expectations and your feelings -The influence of negativity bias on your life and your business -Why celebration matters SHOW NOTES: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 74: Beyond Boundaries: Accelerating Your Business with Non-Linear Growth with Tim Calise

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tim Calise, who is a business coach, investor, and advisor to over 15 privately held businesses with annual revenues from $250,000 to $10,000,000+. Tim’s background is really unique but his story and experience lends practical advice no matter where you are in your business journey. In our conversation we talked through how Tim got started in the business world and looked at some of the most interesting parts of his career. From starting a campus snack delivery service and then raising over $325 million for a hedge fund in his early twenties to working for years as the VP of business development at gym launch, Tim has experience in many aspects of the business and truly understands what a business needs to be successful. One of the things that Tim is really interested in is the concept of non linear functions and growth in business and helping others apply this to their businesses. In the last few years, Tim has turned his attention to partnering with businesses with revenue under 3 million per year to help them double their revenue and quadruple their cash flow within 24 months. Tim shared that having conversations with business owners and helping them problem solve is really what gets him excited. Tim’s expansive knowledge of the business world - everything from marketing to franchising to selling - means that you will almost certainly gain something of value from listening to our conversation. In this episode, we'll cover: -Tim’s background and exposure to business as a kid -Tim’s college businesses and his first lessons in business -Tim’s start in the investment world -Non-linear growth in business -Knowing which stage in a business you’re best at -Tim’s business journey post 2008 -Gym Launch’s unique business model -What Tim wishes he knew from the beginning -Tim’s mindset shift from the beginning to now -Your business needs a storyteller -Why Tim loves partnering with smaller businesses -The problem with big consulting firms SHOW NOTES: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 73: Unleashing the Hidden Potential: Mastering Mediocrity for Extraordinary Success with Will Nitze

Will Nitze is the founder and CEO of IQBAR, a brain and body nutrition company. I reached out to Will because I actually like and use his product. We had a really insightful conversation where he shared in-depth about his journey to starting IQBAR and all of the big steps in between brainstorming his product to where he is now. Will’s story is not only full of great tips for anyone else starting or running their own company, but it’s also really inspiring to see how hard he worked to even get this company off the ground. When he was in his mid 20s, he spent an entire year working evenings and weekends to research, plan, and design his product. As all of this was going on, he realized there wasn’t really a road map for this kind of thing. He had no idea how to manufacture a product or do any of the other important things that come with starting a company. Will shared really openly about this process and how he figured out his own roadmap and processes to creating and manufacturing his product. Will also shared how, after launching the IQBAR crowdfunding campaign, he used consumer feedback to really help his product evolve into what it is today. In this episode, we'll cover: -Will’s background story pre IQBAR -Why Will decided to start a brain food company -The roadmap to starting a company (does it exist?) -Why a great product isn’t enough for a successful business -The three things you need to focus on for a successful business -How listening to your consumers can help your product evolve -Marketing your product to your consumers -How Will used reverse engineering to design IQBAR -Using unit economics and consumer desires to create the best possible product -How Will moved forward with creating prototypes and eventually finding a co-packer to take him on -Using crowdfunding sites to fund your product -The benefits of selling on Amazon -Challenges and logistics of getting product into stores -Where Will sees IQBAR going in the future -The question you should be asking about your business every year -The importance of optionality in your business SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 72: How to Create and Grow a Multi-Billion Dollar Company with Dan Macklin

My guest today is Dan Macklin, cofounder of SoFi, a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, and the CEO of Salary Finance Inc. We talk about what it takes to grow a multi-billion dollar company, what it takes to raise capital, and the pitfalls and challenges along the way. We discuss shifting roles from co-founder of one company, to CEO of another, moving from the corporate to the start-up world, and the links of financial stress on a person’s well-being. Dan has some great anecdotes and advice for anyone trying to grow their own company. Daniel Macklin is the co-founder of Social Finance Inc. ($20+ billion IPO), and CEO of the United States arm of Salary Finance Inc. He holds a B.A. in Business Economics from University of Durham in England, and an M.S. in Management degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Dan has been featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal. He is also an angel investor, guest lecturer at Stanford University, Tottenham Hotspur devotee, and future Amazing Race contestant. In this episode, we'll cover: - Dan’s work history and education before he co-founded SoFi - Tips for raising money and pitching to investors - Advice and things to avoid for your first three years of a new business - Dan’s decision process in leaving a company he founded and deciding what to do next - How Dan got involved with Salary Finance Inc - How Salary Finance Inc works and its challenges for the future - Financial stress and its links to your overall wellness - Making the move from the corporate to the start-up world - Role differences and similarities between a founder and a CEO SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 71: Ins And Outs of Passive Real Estate Investing with Left Field Investors

In today’s episode I am interviewed by Jim Pfeifer from the Passive Investing from Left Field podcast. We talk about looking for sponsors who are making money for you, not ones who are making money off of you, and how to find and vet the right sponsor for you. We discuss how sometimes passive investment turns out to be active ones, and how asset managers can help with that. We also talk about different metrics and how to cater them to align with your investment strategy. This interview is full of tips and information to help you invest your money intelligently allowing your wealth to accumulate so you can focus on what matters, which is your business and your mission. Passive Investing from Left Field is a community focused on networking and education to help people invest passively and think differently. They interview syndication sponsors, passive investors and others who will share their passive investing journey as they pursue financial freedom. They are building a community of investors who are interested in acquiring real assets that produce real cash flow. SHOW NOTES: Connect with Aryeh: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 70: Creating Purpose For You, Your Team and Your Business with Carson Tate

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Carson Tate, the founder and managing partner of Working Simply and the author of Work Simply and Own It, Love It, Make It Work. Carson is a business coach and consultant and works with executives all over the country to help them and their employees be more productive while finding purpose and fulfillment in their work. In this conversation, Carson shared the importance of the culture of a business and why employee fulfillment is essential for a business to prosper. As business owners and team leaders, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your team members have the tools they need to succeed in their roles while still working toward your business goals. Carson shared some great tips on how to achieve this simply by considering how you communicate with your team members and by giving employees autonomy to create their own workflow systems and processes. Listening to this episode should convince you that you can value personal employee autonomy and fulfillment without compromising on the professional needs and goals of your business. SHOW NOTES: Apply to Work with Me Connect on Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 69: A Business Journey from Finance, Acquisitions, IPOs, Investor, to Ecommerce with Yadin Shemmer

Regardless of your industry, there’s something for you in this episode. Today I talk with Yadin Shemmer, CEO and cofounder of Intrinsic, about his business journey from starting out in finance, selling a business, taking a business public, and his experience with acquisitions. We discuss what he learned through three different exits, an IPO, and his advice for business owners who are looking to do the same. We also discuss how to think about customers, market segments, and physical products in the ecommerce market. In this episode, we'll cover: - Yadin’s background and journey through business - Yadin’s process of selling his first business - The difficulties of taking a company public - Yadin’s work with Kleiner Perkins - The importance of culture during acquisitions - What is Intrinsic - Analysis and fundraising when starting an ecommerce - Market and evaluation gap in ecommerce - Yadin’s predictions for the future of ecommerce SHOW NOTES: Resources: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work wth Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 68: Understanding What's Possible From Doing Hard Things

To be successful in business and in life it is important to have a strong mental fortitude, and that growth and mental toughness comes from consistently doing hard things. Today I share my own journey in building a greater mental strength. I talk about the importance of consistency, how there’s no disgrace in failure, and not giving up even when you make mistakes. I also share how I’ve grown through continued consistency. I hope it inspires you to do hard things and not give up in your own life. SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 67: The Art of Selling Your Business - Push vs Pull with John Warrillow

The book I recommend the most, Built To Sell, is written by my guest today, John Warrillow. He has started and successfully exited four companies and has been in the unique position to have had thousands of conversations with business owners who have gone through the process of selling their businesses. He shares his expertise and insight with us today as we discuss reasons people sell, how to position yourself to sell, and some of the pitfalls that you might not even know exist. SHOW NOTES: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 66: From Entrepreneur to Corporate to Entrepreneur What Works Best with Pete Martin

Buyers don’t buy your past. They buy their future. My guest today, Pete Martin, understands that more than most as he has successfully started, scaled and sold four companies and currently has two profitable, active businesses. In this episode, he shares his unique experience, as CEO and founder of Votem Corp. and Advisor for Ask My Board, in growing and exiting businesses. We talk about how you can maximize the value of your business and when is the right time to sell. Pete also shares personal stories throughout his business career and invaluable tips for owners looking to sell their first business. In this episode, we'll cover: - Pete’s business history working as an entrepreneur and in corporate - What is Ask My Board - When is the right time to sell - Individual ways to Exit - How to maximize the value of your business for an exit - Using a set of advisors to sell your business - Getting growth without the need for capital - The Catapult Method - Refusing clients, even when you need the money - Tips for owners who have never sold a business SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 65: Knowing Where, When and How to Grow Your Business with Bryan Clayton

Do you know the Get, Keep, Grow methods? My guest today, Bryan Clayton, shares his experience in those methods through his growth and sale of a successful company and as the co-founder and CEO of GreenPal. He examines his strategies and experience with growing his previous and current businesses through the start-up, grow-up, and scale-up phases. Next, Bryan talks about the lessons he learned in growing his first business, and how he applies that to another business. He also discusses the nitty-gritty of selling a business, the mistakes he made, what he would do differently, and coming up with different game plans. In this episode, we'll cover: - Bryan’s journey in creating and founding GreenPal - Bryan’s experience with founding a business, working it as a lifestyle, to selling it - Running a business as a lifestyle vs. planning to exit - Working a five-year plan with the goal of selling - Maximizing value from existing customers—“Get. Keep. Grow.” - Using a broker with a niche - Retaining employees by utilizing a family culture - The difficulties in inventing and developing a brand-new technology - Where the idea and vision for GreenPal came from - Maintaining vendor and user satisfaction through problem solving - Solution-based approaches to handling startup issues - Bryan’s future game plan for GreenPal - Founding a startup using your own capital vs. a venture capitalist SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me Instagram Learn more about Future Fund | The guilt-free flexible plan to build financial wealth + freedom


Ep 64: Because You Don't Know What You Don't Know

The end of the calendar year is a great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In this show, I'm reflecting on the lessons learned from my previous three guests with an eye toward business in 2022 and beyond. While those three episodes with Angie Lee, Giselle Ugarte, and Hillel Fuld were packed with information, I outline what I thought were their common threads on today's show. In particular, I'm focusing on how business opportunities have changed in the past 20 years. Proof positive... my guests have all been able to pursue successful careers doing what they love in avenues that did not exist in the past. 2021 was a year that saw lots of change in the world and especially in business. Hardship forced evolution, and the companies that survived and grew were those with the ability to adapt and rethink the way they served their customers. The time for change isn't over yet. Today I'm going to share my predictions about major shifts that will be taking place in the world wide web and in finance in the years to come. In this episode, we'll cover: - How success in business no longer has a standard path - The ability to learn and practice skills faster and in new ways - Lessons for the business owner, employee, and junior-level person - Why we're able to pursue multiple opportunities in today's world - Why having a degree might not be the "must-have" it used to be - How re-thinking the old ways of doing things has led to business success - Content creation as a "door-opener" - A brief explanation of Web 1 vs Web 2 vs Web 3 - Decentralized finance and other changes on the horizon - My advice for business success in the new year Thanks for listening! Head over to the show notes for links and resources mentioned during this episode. SHOW NOTES:


Ep 63: Understanding How Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication with Hillel Fuld

Clear and concise communication is the key to successful business interactions. You can have a brilliant mind and develop ingenious products, but it won't matter if you can't explain what you do to a potential investor. Hillel Fuld is an incredibly well-connected man due to his skill as a communicator. He talks to me today about how he landed in his current career and offers some excellent advice to entrepreneurs looking to optimize their time. We discuss relationship equity, the drawbacks of self-promotion, and playing the long game. Hillel Fuld is an advisor for business startups, content creator, public speaker, and Influencer. Originally from New York, he moved to Jerusalem in grade 10, a move that he describes as having been beneficial for his future social and business life. As a technical writer and the producer of a tech and marketing blog, Hillel got to know many entrepreneurs that reached out to him for advice. He quickly realized that they all had one thing in common: they needed help communicating their ideas to non-tech people. 14 years and thousands of connections later, Hillel still lives by the words of Leonardo Da Vinci: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." In this episode, we'll cover: - What relationship equity is and why it matters - How scaling your business can help you reach a wider client base - Tech hacks to help you optimize your time - Building research into your job to help you stay current - Being a leader and the perception of leadership - Promoting others to create wins for everyone - Creating delight by exceeding expectations - The Do's and Don'ts of making introductions - Why clarity in writing is a valuable commodity SHOW NOTES: CONNECT WITH ARYEH: Apply to Work with Me: Instagram:


Ep 62: Understanding How to Grow a Business Using Vessels with Giselle Ugarte

Technology is always changing and as a result, so are marketing strategies. My guest today, Giselle Ugarte, has been both behind the camera and in front of it. She developed a unique understanding of the role that YouTube Influencers play in sales and advertising while the platform itself was in it's infancy and the term "Influencer" wasn't even in our lexicon. She shares some of the ups and downs of her career and her key takeaways. Giselle talks about making tough choices and deciding which opportunities are the right fit for you. She also has some great insight into the role of video in business, how sponsorship relationships work, and why coaches and mentors are important to your success. Giselle Ugarte is from Minneapolis, Minnesota but always wanted to move to Hollywood and be on television. After attending USC for broadcasting, working hard, and networking, she eventually achieved that dream. During this time, Giselle was also on YouTube doing makeup tutorials and gaining an understanding of marketing and the platform. After events in her life made her reevaluate the direction of her career, Giselle ended up on radio and putting her side-hustle knowledge to use as a branding manager. From there she moved to an advertising agency focusing on humanizing corporations. Now Giselle has struck out on her own as the CEO of Action-Forward, speaking, coaching, and providing consultation to independent entrepreneurs. In this episode, we'll cover: - Why a social media presence shouldn't be your goal, but a tool to achieve your goals - Changing your focus and your audience - What your online profile should say to potential clients and employers - Walking away from a path in which you've invested time, money, or effort - Why you might hesitate to look for a mentor but NEED to find one - Reframing the way we approach video creation - How to know when you're connecting with your audience - Information you should have ready when you're seeking sponsorship - Determining what your time is worth - The benefits and importance of delegation - The growing value of Influencers in marketing SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me Instagram


Ep 61: Success From Bringing Others Joy with Angie Lee

How do you get comfortable with taking risks? Develop a healthy relationship with uncertainty and regret. My guest today is the outgoing entrepreneur, community builder and podcaster: Angie Lee. She talks about where her fearlessness comes from when it comes to investing time and money into business ventures and ideas. We also chat about the importance of self-awareness for entrepreneurs and authenticity in personal brands. For the podcasters out there, Angie goes on to speak about podcast monetization and how to approach sponsors for your show. Angie Lee is a multi-passionate person with a lot on the go. Turning her ADHD into an advantage, she has been able to channel her energy into several successful business ventures. Angie is an entrepreneur and the host of the personal development podcast, The Angie Lee Show. She is also a product developer, public speaker, blogger, course creator, and more. Self-described as "unemployable", Angie has been creating new and interesting jobs for herself for the past 10 years. In this episode, we'll cover: - Being successful with ADHD - Finding your strengths and focusing on them - How to build courage and take chances - Important aspects to consider when building a community - Being raw and authentic with your audience - Two methods of podcast monetization: product funneling and sponsorship - How to pitch a podcast sponsor - The difference between Audience and Influence SHOW NOTES:


Ep 60: The Jobs You Didn't Even Know Existed with Jeff Mendelson

Do you have One Big Tip you like to share with people? Jeff Mendelson, get's to do this with his guests every week on his podcast, The One Big Tip, and today he's going to share some of his own tips with me. Jeff talks about how being bored at work led to him learning valuable skills, starting sides businesses, and how he got into his current career. We discuss different ways to compile and store content, and various uses a you can put it to. Our chat also touches on the ever-changing nature of Google and social media platforms, and their effects on client content distribution. Jeff Mendelson is a digital marketing expert and the creator and host of The One Big Tip Podcast. He spent years working for various companies as a tech guy with a sales background. Lacking any challenge in his work, Jeff never lasted long at any of them. In 2009, after being fired by a company for the last time, Jeff finally committed to going fully independent. Jeff now employs a world-wide network of freelancers, bloggers, web designers, and project managers. A strong proponent of lifestyle design, Jeff (normally) works from various locations around the world and extends that same freedom to his employees. In this episode, we'll cover: - How boredom led Jeff to mastering new skills - Generating ongoing revenue with multiple service offers - The importance of controlling your content and it's distribution - Issues that arise from dependency on third-party platforms - Working with non-business savvy clients - Ways to collect and re-purpose content from your podcast SHOW NOTES: Resources: Apply to Work with Me: Instagram:


Ep 59: Raw, Real and Confident When Nobody Would Support You with Zachary Babcock

It doesn't matter where you come from, you can design your life. My guest, Zachary Babcock, is doing just that for himself and helping his entrepreneur clients and listeners do it too. Zach talks to me today about turning his life around after prison and how he educated himself in sales and marketing. We also discuss personal authenticity in business and the lasting legacies of his mother. Finally, Zach shares how he created Underdog Empowerment, what it's mission is, and what it's future holds. Zachary Babcock is the Founder and CEO of the Underdog Empowerment podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs launch, grow and monetize passive income businesses and personal brands. After spending over 5 years behind bars, he left his past behind and made a fresh start. Finding it hard to secure employment as an ex-con, Zach realized that he needed to go into business for himself. After forays into network marketing and a stint as a life coach, he found his true calling in the Underdog Empowerment podcast. Zachary now has a top 200 rated podcast, a business that makes over 6 figures, and is on the way to living his best life. In this episode, we'll cover: - Books, speakers, and courses that educated and influenced Zachary Babcock - What door-to-door sales can teach you - The lessons to be learned from mentors and your mother - How to figure out your personal brand and your audience - Why solo episodes and celebrity guest interviews are important for a podcast - Paying for guests to come on your podcast and paying to be a guest on a podcast - The long-term mission of Underdog Empowerment SHOW NOTES: