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Beyond COVID-19: New Practice Construction

A multitude of factors need to be considered when planning office construction. With COVID-19 also influencing equipment and sterilization decisions, it’s even more important to think practically, design lean. Lean Dental Design leader Chris Raba shares expert tips and insights on realistic construction windows, floor plans vs architectural plans, and other tiny decisions that make a big impact on expenses and budget. Find out which key mistakes to avoid to cut down on up-front costs.


Key Factors For Optimizing Practice Operations

Dental Whale Clinical and Procurement Leaders discuss the key questions, issues, and recommendations that every doctor must consider when purchasing new equipment for their dental practice. This deep dive reviews support, what not to do when shopping for imaging equipment, best channels for researching equipment, the must-do's before bringing in new equipment into practice operations, and more. Dr. Wingfield from Dental Entrepreneurs Practice Group and Jim Gochis from Dental Whale Savings...


IT Audits for Practices

As practices look to reevaluate the importance of many services, IT is one that is often overlooked - especially when there is an issue. A good exercise in assessing the loss in revenue during any downtime is to understand the cost associated with a technical issue in an hour. Unlimitech leader, Chris Grimm, shares five questions every dentist owner should be asking an IT provider to ensure the best value for the service.


Front Office Team Goals

Practices are reopening. Teams are reuniting, and they are stronger, more resilient, and ready to pick up where they left off pre-COVID. Front Office Rocks founder, Laura Hatch, shares insights on how to focus the front office team on picking up where we left off: improving previous processes, creating 2020 benchmarks, re-establish weekly huddles to clear and clarify issues, invest in training, and rebuild team skills with new hires. Learn how to set your front office up for success with...


Marketing to New Patients

Safety, during and beyond COVID-19, is the highest concern for patients and dental teams. Positioning a practice to address concerns and educate the patient starts at the first engagement: Online. Marketing head at Conversion Whale, Bill Donato, shares marketing strategies for dental offices to capture a new patient market. Learn more about how to make marketing work harder for a dental brand, and where dentists can efficiently optimize to take advantage of patient searches.


Mastering Group Practice Success

Making the leap from solo practitioner to multi-location group ownership starts with education. Learning how data, technology and outsourcing can be used to shape and build a smart strategy to reduce risk is critical in mastering group practice ownership. Entrepreneur and educator, Dr. Scott Leune shares insights on how younger practice owners are expanding into group practices using data learnings, tech tools, and outsourcing services, at scale, with consistency and success.


Compliance in a Pandemic

Compliance is an absolute necessity in dentistry, more so now with COVID-19. At a dental practice level, compliance poses some challenges such as keeping track of various governor’s orders and screening patients. Dental Whale compliance attorney, Rita Weaver, discusses the importance of compliance and having a plan for dental practices reopening post-pandemic. In addition to sharing the latest guidelines and regulations, Rita shares valuable insights around best practices, procedures, and...


Re-Evaluating Collections

This week, New York State opened up for business, joined by many dental offices across the country. A priority for most dentists will be how to generate revenue coming out of COVID. Collecting money is a sensitive topic during these times. Jake Corlyon, CEO and co-founder of CCM, shares actionable insights and best practices on collections, processes, and reporting to get a clear picture of what funds to go after, and how to request them sensitively.


How Great Leaders Build Great Culture

Culture is everything in a practice. It not only represents the foundational block on which to build a clear mission for the business, but core values attract team members who identify with the goals of the practice. Rodeo Dental's Dr. Saam Zarrabi discusses how culture underpins every important decision from hiring to building moral, patient experiences to staff management, and reputation. He believes culture is a living, breathing organism designed to be improved, reshaped, challenged,...


Bringing Everybody Back to Work

About 25% of dental practices are reopening every week. Operating within the dynamics of regulations, guidelines, and safety protocols of the pandemic is a slow process towards ‘normal’. There will be some give and take in bringing everybody back to work. CEDR CEO Paul Edwards shares his HR strategy for preparing teams for the patients that will come in, updating employee handbooks, communicating new policies and procedures, and managing the emotional and logistical challenges we’re facing.


Leading Through a Crisis

BHG co-founder Eric Castro joins Joe to talk about PPP applications, how to qualify, and leadership through the pandemic. Get inside PPP loans, the availability of funds, and what leaders are doing to maintain a tight level of transparency and ability to communicate what’s important with their teams as practices face reopening. Eric shares his personal story of how he built and led his business in the middle of 9/11, and offers practitioners deep insights into leading without fear,...


Build Your Team

Hiring the right skills, leveraging a team's education, and making everyone accountable in committing to change, working together to set a higher standard in the practice is a challenge for many offices. The Dental MBP co-founders Chastity DeMers and Kristina Dion talk to Laura Hatch about steps dentists and managers can take to better understand what their teams need from them to inspire good leadership, improve communication, and motivate change.


Optimize Reimbursement Schedules

Being proactive on insurance and revenue increases during and beyond COVID-19 has not been widely reviewed in dentistry. One of the industry's greatest missed opportunities is that practices do not reassess and recognize UCR and carrier schedules, fee management and optimization, credentialing and compliance, and code submissions. APEX CEO, Harold Gornbein shares practical tips and insights to perform today to bring in revenue opportunities and leverage reimbursement best practices during...


Beyond COVID-19: Practice and Patient Impact

As the dental industry prepares to re-open for business in May, practices will need to adjust to a strict clinical approach when it comes to patient and practice management. Dykema's Brian Colao lays out future dentistry best practices, new office safety protocols, and virtual, no-touch technologies that will revolutionize the way dentists and support staff have traditionally interacted with people and performed services.


CE Zoom: Track Credits Against State Requirements

Education has never been more accessible for clinicians than online right now. However, CE accreditation has varying rules online opposed to a live webinar versus an in-person learning environment, not to mention the course needs to be state and ADG-recognized to qualify for credit. CE Zoom founder Sarah Thiel talks to Insider about simplifying the learning experience, boosting professional growth and ensuring you're up to date on the qualification you need for your career, from the comfort...


Negotiating Leases for Existing or Future Practices

Carr Real Estate director, Ken Jorgenson shares what dentists need to know about leasing and acquisition, and how to negotiate leases and contracts in their favor. Whether you're a start-up, looking to lease, or purchase - the dental industry holds high-value appeal for landlords. Find out how to leverage your bargaining power and set your practice up for affordable, long-term stability.


HR Basecamp: Income Planning During Downtime

Paul Edwards explains financial relief strategies to support staff at home. When revenue is limited, it's important to know how to plan ahead and access the right resources, policies and legislation that make money available to support families during and beyond the pandemic.


How DSOs and Practices Plan Ahead

This week we're looking at sources of capital for the doctor. As more practices become cash-strapped, SBA loans will be an important consideration. Kerry Straine, DSO whisperer with over 10,000 practice consultations to his name, shares his people plan for his own businesses, how they're building patient confidence, and transitioning staff back into the practice so the owner isn't stifled with liquidity issues.


HR Guidance During COVID-19

Insider contributor, Dr. Tim McNamara, provides key insights and guidance on managing Human Resources during COVID-19. He is joined by Insider guest Paul Edwards. Subscribe to Dental Insider to stay informed.