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What if Grant Cardone and Abraham Hicks had a love child? Well, it would be this podcast. Each week, join Elyse Archer, mentor to female business owners and sales professionals, as she shares strategies and ideas on how to sell in a way that feels natural and aligned for you as a woman, break through the six or seven figure income mark, and use your money in a way that creates real, positive change in the world. Because when women make more money, everyone wins. If you’re looking for actionable advice on how to grow your business and sales while stepping into your true personal power, this is the show for you!


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What if Grant Cardone and Abraham Hicks had a love child? Well, it would be this podcast. Each week, join Elyse Archer, mentor to female business owners and sales professionals, as she shares strategies and ideas on how to sell in a way that feels natural and aligned for you as a woman, break through the six or seven figure income mark, and use your money in a way that creates real, positive change in the world. Because when women make more money, everyone wins. If you’re looking for actionable advice on how to grow your business and sales while stepping into your true personal power, this is the show for you!




303 - How to Get Amazing PR with Alessandra Pollina

Any time we have a conversation on the She Sells Radio podcast about PR, I get so many questions from the audience and feedback that this is something you want to know more about, so today I am SO excited to bring you a real expert on this topic, Alessandra Pollina. Alessandra Pollina is the founder and owner of Quotable Media Co., a PR agency and media company that celebrated 10 years in business in 2022. She attended Boston University’s College of Communication where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus on public relations, and a minor in anthropology. Throughout her college years she held many internships in the PR field at some of the best agencies in Boston. This vast array of experiences became the foundation of her PR career and positioned her to launch her own company, a full-service boutique PR and marketing agency, in 2012 at just 23 years old. She is also the founder of the Female Founders of Boston networking group which aims to bring like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners together, as well as Quotable: A Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast, inspired by the group but with an international reach, and Quotable Magazine, a print and online platform for expanding the visibility of female entrepreneurs. The podcast and magazine make up the media arm of her company, which also works to further boost female entrepreneurs through an annual launch grant and online PR education programs. Show Notes: [3:20] - When you really stand behind the amazing work you do, it comes through in your outreach and media attention. [5:42] - Look at your social media presence and see which pieces are coming through. Is your personal brand showing up? [7:36] - The most important thing is to keep in mind why you started your business and why you care about what you do to begin with. [9:18] - If you don’t put yourself out there, what opportunities are other people going to miss out on if they don’t find you. [11:18] - Alessandra shares her experience in starting her business at 23. [15:31] - Limiting beliefs are very common in the beginning for a lot of women and are hard to overcome. Alessandra didn’t struggle as much because she was confident in her skills. [18:56] - Your income will never exceed your level of self worth. [20:10] - When starting her business, she didn’t know anyone else who was doing the same thing and struggled connecting with other entrepreneurs. [22:31] - Alessandra admits that she didn’t necessarily want to be the one to organize the things she couldn’t find, but she wanted and needed for them to exist. [24:05] - There should be more platforms for women to tell their stories. [26:18] - The media and the way we communicate is changing. What are some of the commonalities of Alessandra’s clients that are making the most impact? [27:56] - Look at things through different lenses as the media changes. [29:54] - Where are all the places your audience may be? [30:40] - Starting small is a good idea. [33:20] - Hearing a “no” is not forever. It doesn’t mean you can never pitch something again in the future. [34:15] - Alessandra describes the magazine that she runs and shares the opportunities to submit articles or apply to be interviewed. [37:14] - Alessandra also offers an online course and a PR bootcamp. [39:40] - She is the one behind all the social media posts and contacts at Quotable Media Co. and she shares all the different ways to reach her. Connect with Alessandra: Quotable Media Co. Instagram | LinkedIn Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind


302 - How to Leverage AI to Grow Your Sales Business with Richard Harris and John Barrows

I have a really special, unique interview for you today where I’m bringing back two of my most popular past guests, Richard Harris and John Barrows, to talk about something we’ve never talked about on the podcast before - AI and sales. If you’re a client or a longtime listener, you know that my personal passions are really around helping you master your inner mental game for business and sales success, so that’s what we really talk about a lot here on the show. With that said, if you listened to episode 300 you heard me talk about how committed I am to just being of service wherever I’m being led right now and following the nudges, and I have been bombarded lately with questions and opportunities around AI in sales, so I followed the nudge and wanted to bring you two real experts on the topic today. I know both John and Richard through the Salesforce Sales Influencers program, and I reached out to both of them directly to ask that they come on and speak about this topic because they are both really on the forefront of helping their clients keep up with the rapidly evolving business and sales climate we’re in today, and learning how to implement AI in a powerful way to grow their value in the marketplace, as well as revenue. Show Notes: [3:35] - John and Richard share a bit about themselves and their background. [5:56] - This episode was recorded in May of 2023 but it is a rapidly evolving technology. [7:30] - AI will help you write things to appeal to every type of client and can be used in every part of the funnel. [8:42] - The biggest areas of supporting the sales process right now are research, writing, and follow-up. [10:13] - To John, it matters to him that he has the final input into his writing. AI doesn’t know your voice or brand. But he lets AI do a lot of the heavy lifting. [12:27] - AI takes information from the entire internet which is important to remember that some things may not be accurate. [13:58] - Unfortunately, AI is making leadership lazy. [15:04] - We are always going to crave human interaction, but the upcoming generation is growing up with it and feeling a real connection. [18:12] - John references a recent study in generational differences in people wanting to work with sales reps and the regret they had without one. [20:40] - The experience of Covid unintentionally shifted perspective on what is necessary to be in-person. [21:40] - What can you do that a computer can’t? [22:53] - Richard uses LinkedIn tools to exemplify some of the benefits to leverage his time. [24:22] - Elyse admits that she has had some hesitation using automation tools to create content. [26:31] - We don’t like spam because it’s irrelevant, but John thinks that in the near future, our emails will be exactly tailored to each of us. [29:10] - What are some good points about AI? John and Richard are using some AI tools in their businesses now as entrepreneurs. [31:23] - The impact on efficiency is the key. [33:54] - The quality of the prompt and input given to AI tools like ChatGPT, determines the quality of the results. [35:41] - Richard describes some of the things he has had ChatGPT help him with in business including writing and reviewing contracts. [38:30] - Richard has an idea on the show to help with his email campaigns. [41:21] - There are a lot of platforms that will soon have AI integrated tools, like Microsoft programs and Google Suite programs. [42:57] - Richard lists some tools and companies to keep an eye on as they develop even more. [43:52] - Is it really AI or is it aggregating a bunch of false information? [45:43] - We have overengineered the sales process. Learn the fundamentals to keep your business acumen human. [48:12] - So much of what Richard and John teach are life skills, not just sales skills. Connect with Richard and John: Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance...


301 - Mindset and Habits of Sales Champions with Ian Koniak

Today’s episode is a little bit different. It is actually a recording of a live training I did months ago with Ian Koniak. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian on her personal brand in the sales space and he is no stranger to the She Sells Radio Podcast. Check out Episode 144, where he talks about the surprising truths of being a top sales performer. But now, Ian is a full fledged sales coach with an amazing company and a few months ago, we teamed up for a live training. This episode is a peek into that live training! This training was all about the mindset and habits of sales champions. You will get so much from this, both from the mindset piece as well as the masculine habits that can help you. It’s all about balance and that abundance mindset! You will also hear real questions from real listeners like you who are doing the right work to reach their goals. Show Notes: [3:54] - Ian runs a coaching business and shares what he helps people with to succeed in sales. [4:55] - Listeners from the live session share some of their 2023 goals and many of them are targets. [5:53] - Your mindset determines your results. [7:03] - Ian works with more than 100 sales executives and he describes the work he does with them through his coaching. [9:09] - The trends in sales are leading to an increase in mental health challenges. [10:30] - Elyse shares her pain points before shifting her mindset. [11:41] - If you are experiencing these pain points, you are not alone. [13:27] - Focus on what you can control. You can’t control economics. [14:40] - Your current results are a reflection of the past. [15:47] - You can’t create abundance with lack. [16:49] - What is an abundance mindset? [18:13] - If you care about serving your clients, closing a sale will be a natural outcome. [19:39] - A viewer of the live session presents his struggle and questions what to work on first. [21:01] - In sales, you have to prioritize the pipeline. [23:45] - Having blind faith in the process is hard. [25:34] - Another viewer of the live session presents a situation and asks how to train herself to think bigger. [27:26] - After spending time with a mentor, Elyse saw the patterns and surrounded herself with people who challenged her thinking. [29:07] - Get the perspective from outside of your circle. [33:18] - Having doubts around your goal is a common problem especially when your company gives you a goal that doesn’t seem attainable. [35:28] - Everyone has an internal thermostat and we can alter it. [37:50] - Once you trust the process and detach yourself from the outcome, results will come. [40:07] - Just because you have the negative thought, does not make it true. [41:06] - Habits change your mindset. [42:50] - Ian shares his morning habits and why they are important to him. [44:01] - One habit for Ian is affirmations and he shares a few of them that have the biggest impact. [46:11] - Elyse describes her morning routine as well. Everyone’s will be different and they may change at different stages of your life. [48:09] - There are a lot of different approaches to meditation. [49:12] - Acknowledge yourself at the end of the day. This is so easy to forget. [51:31] - This activity is wonderful for your self image. [53:47] - Why are people unhappy? What is the source of misery in sales? [55:30] - The way you have a great day is to have a productive day. [57:17] - Ian uses a system called Priority Scorecard that eliminates decision fatigue. Connect with Ian: Untap Your Sales Potential Coaching Ian Koniak’s Website Ian Koniak LinkedIn Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind


300 - How Are You Being Asked to Evolve?

For Episode 300 (WOW!), we need to do something special. Looking back at the journey this podcast has had, it makes you realize the amount of evolution you experience in your life and in your career. And lately, I’ve been feeling the call for more. This special solo episode is all about one of the things that is really present in my life right now, which is about personal evolution and how I am being asked to evolve. There are three specific areas in my life that I’m being called to change and in this episode, you’ll hear about the challenges I have been presented with (including a full on meltdown) and how these challenges are actually signs that we’re headed in the right direction. Now ask yourself, how are you being asked to evolve? Show Notes: [3:20] - Isn’t it interesting when you are forced into a new schedule or routine and it winds up being amazing? [4:40] - We are all feeling the energy of being asked to change and evolve. [8:10] - There have been three very clear ways that Elyse has been asked to evolve in the last couple of months. [9:24] - She felt the call to work on deepening existing relationships. [10:30] - You may be given challenges that make you feel like you are doing something wrong. [12:07] - With the power of coaching, Elyse was able to shift her perspective. [13:37] - The recipe for deep relationships is to be so true to yourself that you are drawing people in through your authenticity. [15:54] - When you are in the river of change, you will experience chaos and it is a sign that you are on the right track. [16:56] - You have to be so open to how you can best serve given the what so in the world right now. [18:08] - Elyse shares some of the things she is being asked a lot from clients and listeners and what she’s leaning into. [19:51] - Be open to what comes up and don’t be so attached with how you previously thought things would look this year. [22:03] - Become an expert in the ways you want to serve others. [23:13] - Another area of evolution for Elyse is her relationship with time. [25:52] - Sometimes you may be unrealistic in the expectations you put on yourself regarding how much you can accomplish in any amount of time. [28:50] - What are some of the changes Elyse has made that are helping with her relationship with time? [30:43] - Learn what it means to become a Time Vendor. [32:24] - When we are in a certain mindset, it feels almost like we can stop time. [35:18] - When you are present in the moment, you can bend time and space. [38:08] - The only constant is change. [39:15] - If you have a clear goal, who you were is not the person that will get you to that goal. [40:39] - The way Elyse has grown in these areas in the last few months has improved her amount of self love. That has been the actual prize. Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind


299 - How Healing Trauma Will Grow Your Sales with Amy Van Slambrook

The first time I did inner child work I thought it was going to be a bunch of hooey. Then I did it and realized how much I was limiting myself with old belief patterns and thoughts I’d picked up over the years, and how much those old patterns had been influencing my business and financial results. As I’ve healed trauma and done the inner work, it’s been such a catalyst for the growth I’ve experienced that I now have all of my clients do it, and many of them have the same initial skepticism that transforms once they go through the process. My guest today is an expert in healing lifelong traumas and transforming your pain into your power. Amy Van Slambrook is leading the field in this space. She’s a Coach and Psychotherapist for entrepreneurial women and couples, a top 200 Christian Influencer, and has trained personally with experts like Dr. Daniel Amen to bring cutting edge coaching and healing solutions to high achieving entrepreneurs. I’m so excited to bring you my guest and this conversation today about how inner healing will transform your business results. Show Notes: [3:04] - The first time Amy did inner child healing work, she was skeptical. [4:54] - Amy shares the beginning of her healing journey and how connected she became with her faith. [6:30] - She learned that all of her issues were rooted in trauma, including relationships, her career, and her health. [7:43] - There is always relativity, but we have to embrace the fact that yes, your trauma is traumatic. Don’t compare your pain to that of others. [8:56] - We may remember one trauma, but other memories are foggier. [10:10] - Inner child work was the hardest work Amy ever did, but working for 15 years on it, she was able to come home to herself. [11:27] - Somewhere along the way, a lot of women pick up the idea that they are too much. [12:14] - What are secondary traumas? [14:22] - The conflicting feelings of being too much and not enough at the same time make a constant debate in yourself. [17:11] - The constant self-evaluation is a form of disassociation. [19:55] - We see this in our business when we set poor boundaries. [20:53] - One of the messages trauma gives us is that we are sacrificial. [22:10] - The equation is never finished. Success doesn’t come from an equation. [23:50] - You may have the fear of beginning this healing work as the work never really ends. You can run a business and do this work simultaneously. [25:33] - Amy shares what many of the people she works with say during this inner child work. [26:26] - Almost immediately, you will see results in your business. Connect with Amy: Website | Instagram | LinkedIn Elevated Podcast with Amy Van Slambrook Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind


298 - Why Not You? with Cynthia Barnes

Returning to She Sells Radio again after being a featured guest all the way back on Episode 12, today’s guest is one of the top voices in the world for women in sales. That episode came out three years ago and reconnecting with her is an amazing experience to see her growth and development. Cynthia Barnes is a LinkedIn Top Voice, LinkedIn Top Sales influencer, 2X Salesforce Top Influencer, International keynote speaker, and founder of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals. Her work has been featured in over 250 major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal and the Salesforce+ series. In this episode, you’ll learn about maximizing productivity as well as how we as women in sales can overcome the specific challenges and obstacles we face. Show Notes: [4:11] - A lot has happened in the last three years since Cynthia was last on the show. But she shares her two life changing experiences that changed her mindset. [6:01] - There is a huge difference between rest and recovery. [9:23] - As long as you have yourself in alignment, everything falls in place. [10:12] - Routine keeps us safe. [12:12] - The common misconception that Cynthia worked in her past was the harder you work, the more money you earn. But, there’s more to it. [15:37] - Cynthia has made her health a priority after recent experiences. [17:45] - Cynthia is paving the way for other women to be the first. [19:35] - Fear is real and Cynthia continues to keep moving through it. [22:00] - Cynthia uses fear to fuel her to keep going and keep thriving. [24:15] - We have a set point in our mind of what we are worth financially. You will not earn more money until this mindset is changed. [26:14] - Cynthia shares an exercise she does in keeping a journal of things she wants. [27:03] - Your level of income will never exceed your level of self worth. [29:11] - Your inner critic is there for a reason. But ask yourself, “Why not me?” [32:00] - Imagine yourself getting to the end of your life and realizing you regret the things you didn’t do. Why not say yes? Connect with Cynthia: Website | LinkedIn | NAWSP Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind


297 - What a Financial Set Point Is and How to Increase It

This special episode is a different type of conversation. Taken from a social media live stream, this is a recording of a live training called Money in Abundance where I taught a concept that I haven’t taught much publicly before. Sometimes when you have the time and space, it is very clear what is next and it’s time to share this groundbreaking concept that is certain to change your perspective. It’s all about your financial set point. What is it? How does it impact sales and business? How do you increase it? All of this and more is discussed in this episode. And if you want more, you’ll also learn about a brand new program called Aligned for Abundance. Podcast listeners also receive a special promo code for this course, so head over to and use the code Abundance50. No matter where you are in your business and money mindset shift, this episode is so valuable. Learning how to make this shift and being aware of your wealth consciousness is absolutely life changing and no matter when you listen, the concepts are here to stay and impact you forever. Show Notes: [5:18] - Let’s get started with the reminder of paying bills with gratitude. This shift gets you in even more circulation of money. [8:04] - Having a little more time and space gives you the space for new downloads. [10:07] - Part of tapping into the energy of abundance is being available for those devine downloads and the unexpected. [12:19] - After 20 years of corporate sales experience, Elyse could teach tactical sales strategies, but there is something much bigger that makes a difference. [13:51] - How do you reprogram your brain for the results you want? How to integrate the masculine and feminine energy? [16:05] - The third key is how to shift your money mindset and wealth consciousness. [18:18] - The tactical strategies are only 2-5% of the work. Are you spinning your wheels right now? [22:08] - Elyse begins sharing how she learned some limiting beliefs growing up. [25:02] - Looking for validation through money is not the solution. [27:37] - Elyse was successful and investing in herself but her financial income never changed. [30:14] - When Elyse got to the point of applying this new learning, she turned her yearly income into her monthly income after a decade of spinning. [33:29] - Changing our lives in this society is to have a flow of income. [36:45] - You have a financial set point and you can shift it. [39:01] - You can easily find what your financial set point is and it’s programmed into you early. [43:46] - Get tuned into what you want to make each month. Check in with yourself energetically. How does that number make you feel? [46:01] - When we build the expectation that we are naturally good at something, our subconscious works on making that a reality. [47:34] - It has to be a decision and it has to have an emotional impact. [49:52] - Elyse recommends a book that changed some perspectives for her. [52:12] - After reading that book, Elyse was no longer available for playing small. [54:35] - No one is going to give you permission. [56:37] - Your results will never supersede your identity. [57:53] - Your level of income will never exceed your level of self worth. [60:32] - Working with mentors is important but it's about how they think, not what they do. [64:01] - Money is supposed to be your servant, not your master. [68:36] - Aligned for Abundance is a beautiful program and Elyse describes the success. [72:33] - Aligned for Abundance is a combination of Elyse’s comprehensive teachings in one bundle. [74:15] - You don’t get what you want. You get what you are. [76:31] - When you shift your mindset, you shift the result. [77:56] - Money blocks are never actually about the money. [79:29] - You are meant to expand in this life and you are not wrong for wanting more. Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Aligned for Abundance Master...


296 - Mastering Influencer Marketing with JoAnn Emale

If you’ve listened to the show for the past several months you’ve probably heard interviews with some of the Salesforce Influencers that I was privileged to meet this year. Today, I’m bringing you the woman who was really the wizard behind that program, and who I got to know this year as the Director of the Salesforce Influencers program. She has since moved on to other amazing initiatives which you’ll hear about today, but I was so blessed to get to know her in the time we worked together and am so excited to bring her to you for this amazing conversation. JoAnn Emale is the inventor of Maskee, a patent pending, trademarked beauty device that prevents makeup from getting on your clothes when changing. Entrepreneurship, experiential marketing, business operations, and promotional marketing are her specialties and have been the backdrop of her career. In our conversation today, JoAnn covers a lot of diverse territory, her entrepreneurial journey, and how influencer marketing strategies are a big part of how she is growing Maskee. Show Notes: [3:30] - JoAnn begins to share her backstory, her speciality in brand operations, and her experience in beauty pageants that inspired Maskee. [5:44] - Maskee is uniquely designed and eco-friendly. [7:23] - The development phase of Maskee took a long time and waiting through it created the time for JoAnn to feel a lot of doubt. [8:53] - Ultimately, JoAnn realized she had a great idea and knew there was a need for the product. She also created job opportunities. [11:09] - Be careful who you get feedback and advice from. [12:45] - You can lean on other people for guidance. There are so many things to consider when building a brand. [15:54] - The number one thing to remember is that influencers rule the world right now. Social media apps like TikTok are bringing in the new generation of buyers. [18:06] - Influencer marketing recognizes the demographic and is very strategic in how they are approached. [19:50] - The beauty of this type of marketing is that there are so many different ways to do it. [21:14] - Influencer marketing isn’t about how it starts. It’s how it perpetuates. [22:46] - Influencers know their worth now more than ever. [23:37] - Learn the demographic of an influencer, learn how they communicate, and build some sort of trade off. [26:41] - Approaching influencers is similar to any type of sales communication. [28:03] - You can’t get caught up in how many followers someone has. It’s all about engagement. [31:37] - Trust the process and be patient. Surround yourself with people who are like minded. [32:39] - You are always a student. There is always something to learn Connect with JoAnn Emale: Maskee Website Instagram Links and Resources: Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page


295 - How to Become a Category of One with Brittany Hodak

One of the biggest inspirations for me when I created the She Sells brand several years ago was that I disagreed with so much of how traditional sales strategy was taught. Everything from the hard close, to impersonal cold outreach, to spray and pray, just felt wrong for me and I knew it felt wrong for a lot of the women I was working with as well. One of the incredible women I’ve been privileged to get to know over the past few years whose work is super aligned with what I believe in is Brittany Hodak. If you’re not familiar with Brittany, she is a keynote speaker, author, and award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. Entrepreneur Magazine calls her “the expert at creating loyal fans for your brand.” Her new bestselling book “Creating Superfans” is now out. I had Brittany on the podcast about a year ago on Episode 136, so you can go back and reference that if you want even more Brittany, but I’m so excited to have her back and to talk about what’s changed in the world of selling and relationship building over the past year, and why creating Superfans is even more critical than ever today. Show Notes: [2:32] - Head over to Episode 136 to hear more about Brittany and her work. [3:56] - Brittany was so dead set on working in entertainment, she even has a background working in a mascot costume. [5:54] - After working with bands and rockstars, Brittany learned the concept of superfans and found the way to create a brand’s superfan. [7:12] - We are working in an experience economy right now which changes the way we sell. [8:13] - In sales, we often forget to sell the way we buy. [10:46] - What are things we should be considering from the beginning? [13:57] - Start with your story, understand the customer’s story, personalize, exceed expectations, and repeat. [14:47] - Your superpowers are different from other people’s. Show and share your unique abilities to attract the right superfans. [16:53] - Personalization only takes you a few minutes but feels very special to clients. [18:30] - Employee happiness is crucial. It is critically important to hire people to be your brand. [20:08] - Communicate clearly to your employees what is important to your brand. [21:15] - Client experience is not a “set it and forget it” system. [23:10] - Brittany shares recent experiences as a customer that made her rethink her own choices as a buyer. [25:56] - You have to be willing to bet on yourself. You have to be a superfan of yourself. [27:03] - Going all in on the things that are important to you is the only way to really be successful. Connect with Brittany Hodak: LinkedIn Creating Superfans: How to Turn Your Customers Into Enthusiastic Advocates by Brittany Hodak Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


294 - How to Create Win Win Business Partnerships with Laura Meyer

I’m so excited to bring you one of the very few repeat guests I’ve had on the show today, Laura Mayer. Laura was on the podcast about 2 years ago in Episode 78 when she talked about her courageous decision to closer her traditional business without any idea of what she was going to do next, and has spent the past several years leveraging her network and key relationships to explode her brand as a true expert in her space, develop a wildly successful growth marketing and connection business and is now the author of a brand new book Win Win: How to Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships that Grow Your Business. Laura Meyer is growth marketing consultant and powerhouse connector - as a serial entrepreneur who has scaled multiple six- and seven figure online and offline companies over the last twenty years, Laura knows first-hand the power of relationships and their importance to business growth. Several years ago after making the hard decision to close her traditional business, without having any idea what she was going to do next. Because of that network and the relationships she had built, she was able to re-emerge as an expert of experts, a strategic marketing consultant and fractional chief marketing officer to some of the country’s top influencers. In addition, she co-founded the Advance Women’s Expert Network with Kelly Roach, helping hundreds of women all over the world develop powerful expert brands through community, connection and co-collaboration with others who share in their same values and spirit. Show Notes: [2:56] - Laura made the decision to walk away from an incredibly successful photography business and franchise to start over. [4:59] - After a while in this business, Laura’s intuition was that this wasn’t right for her anymore. [7:30] - Sometimes we feel like we have to be cheesy and spammy, but to grow and scale a business, it isn’t necessary. [8:43] - One of the hardest decisions to make is to stick it out or walk away. [10:31] - Ask yourself what a 5-year or 10-year version of you would think about these decisions. [12:24] - Genuine relationships are now what makes the difference, when in previous years, it was very much a click-and-go process. [14:18] - For a lot of people, we think we can develop a relationship to have an immediate return. [16:04] - In a lot of ways, we are experiencing a credibility crisis. [17:16] - Benevolence is when you want what is best for the person in front of you whether it benefits you or not and it is the unsung hero of credibility. [20:01] - People can tell when you are just searching for them to benefit you. [22:19] - It is definitely a long game, but it is true that real relationships work. [24:16] - What are some of the mistakes Laura sees with relationship building? [26:10] - Having a small audience is not necessarily a bad thing. [28:24] - Everyone wants to be partnering with the bigger person but being someone’s biggest and loudest fan benefits everyone. [32:19] - Everyone is unique. No one has the same voice and story as you. Connect with Laura Meyer: Create Your Win Win Win Win: How to Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships that Grow Your Business Instagram Joy Brand Creative Website Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


293 - How Top Performers Master Sales Skills with Practice Lab Cofounders Jonathan Mahan and Jordana Zeldin

Have you ever had one of those dreaded moments on a client sales call where they give you an objection and you realize you are completely fumbling your way through it? That’s what my whole early sales career was built on and mistakes are certainly part of the process. Unfortunately, I know I lost a lot of deals and opportunities I could have won and could have helped people if I had better tools in my toolkit. That’s why today’s guests are here! Jonathan Mahan and Jordana Zeldin are the cofounders of The Practice Lab. The Practice Lab is a place where sellers come together to develop their selling skills in the same ways performers, athletes, and musicians develop theirs. They practice with their peers, not their prospects. For anyone excited to try on this approach to skill building for themselves, Jonathan and Jordana have recently launched a free monthly meet-up called The Practice Club where you can sharpen your sales skills in the same ways discussed during this episode. Sign up for their next practice session here: Show Notes: [2:35] - Jonathan shares an experience that created the idea for The Practice Lab. [4:17] - If Jonathan wanted to become the seller he wanted to be, he knew he needed to actually practice. He reached out to friends to practice together. [5:18] - Jordana shares her background and how she found herself in sales. [7:32] - By breaking down the sales conversation into bite sized chunks, Jordana couldn’t unsee the difference and the impact on her own self confidence. [10:01] - In many sales environments, sellers are required to follow a script strictly. [11:20] - There are different types of scripts and the extent to which you plan it out dictates how scripted and rehearsed you come across to clients. [12:20] - Practice does not always mean memorization and scripts. [13:50] - The most powerful selling skills are human skills. [16:07] - The skill sets that women naturally bring to sales don’t typically get celebrated, but they are strong human skills that translate to sales strongly. [17:07] - You can train your curiosity to ask questions about more impactful skills. [19:30] - You can see the parallels between sales conversations and other life scenarios. [21:32] - We want to know a customer’s problems to help them solve them, but we are strangers. We need to be grateful that they want to share. [24:21] - The three steps are to welcome, empathize, and ask questions to understand. [25:19] - An objection could actually be the thing that pushes the conversation forward. [27:29] - Your emotional state is so important. [30:26] - Connect with the emotion that you want to convey in a conversation and say it outloud. Visualize the outcome. [33:10] - We have a lot more leeway in conversations and can make humbling disclaimers. [35:20] - You can be fragile, robust, or antifragile in your responses. [37:50] - The Practice Lab offers a lot of opportunities and Jordana shares what they are and how they can benefit your process. Connect with Practice Lab: The Practice Lab’s Website The Practice Lab on LinkedIn Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


292 - Branding Essentials for 2023 with Nadine Hanafi, Founder of Digital Brand Kit

My guest today is one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met when it comes to branding and visual design. I met Nadine Hanafi years ago when we were both partnered with the same company, and at the time I was in that frustrating place many of you may be able to relate to where you know you have an incredible product or service, but you don’t feel like your brand accurately represents it and so you’re almost embarrassed to go out and do presentations or share your brand materials because you know they’re not doing you any favors. After I met Nadine I got introduced to this most incredible product she had created called Digital Brand Kit, which is an incredible plug and play system for female entrepreneurs to create gorgeous visual brand assets for a fraction of the cost of what they would pay a design firm, and look great doing it. Nadine Hanafi is the founder of an award-winning design firm called We Are Visual, author of an internationally recognized book and training program called Slide Therapy and the creator of the most epic branding system on the internet called Digital Brand Kit. She is a certified branding expert, Fortune 100 design consultant and professional cheerleader for women with big dreams. Nadine has over a decade of experience working with c-suite execs at companies like Disney and Verizon and bestselling authors like Lori Harder and Sarah Knight helping them share their messages through inspired visual stories and head-turning visual branding. Show Notes: [3:51] - Nadine shares the things that fell into place that led her to create Digital Brand Kit. [5:27] - She discovered that using complicated programs like Photoshop was not for her and even with her background, she knew she didn’t want to waste time learning them. [7:20] - Her niche originally was working primarily with speakers and creating artistic PowerPoint presentations for them. [9:38] - The most common mistake Nadine sees entrepreneurs do is spending tons of money right away on branding. [11:08] - In the beginning, your brand should be fluid until you find your niche and who the ideal client is that is attracted to your brand. [12:23] - DIY isn’t always a bad idea, but piecemealing everything together does not make a cohesive brand. [14:06] - Be proactive and make a list of every single asset your business will need. [16:25] - It is your responsibility to give creative direction to junior designers. [18:43] - When determining your brand design, find colors first. [20:25] - Nadine is launching a new workshop and offers services to help you determine the colors that are a match for your brand. [22:55] - Colors make a huge impact on your brand and having the clarity of what is congruent with your brand and who you want to attract is crucial. [24:15] - Colors invoke a lot of emotions, so it’s important for your audience to connect with them the right way. [26:11] - Digital Brand Kit is the first of its kind, turnkey branding system solution that is made for personal brands and women entrepreneurs. [27:29] - Nadine lists all the things included in the Digital Brand Kit, including podcast elements and social media posts. [29:06] - The brand elements are all provided in PowerPoint so they are user friendly. [31:40] - Go to and use the code Elyse10 to get 10% off. Connect with Nadine: We Are Visual Website Digital Brand Kit Nadine Hanalfi Website Instagram LinkedIn Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


291 - How to Embody Vixen Energy with April Roberts

If you want to step into some serious feminine power, this episode is for you! My guest today is April Roberts, founder of the Vixen Gathering. April did all the “right things” for career success like attending law school, becoming a highly regarded financial planner, and getting entrenched in very masculine dominated industries. A hard-working, fearless leader, April and her team believed in a relational approach that puts the goals and desires of the client above all else. She always felt a great responsibility to help people, to empower them to change their lives. April thought she was doing that by giving them financial peace of mind. She didn’t realize that in giving so much and refusing to receive, she was slowly losing her feminine power. Several years ago, she found herself at a crossroads of continuing down the expected path for success, and choosing real fulfillment and happiness. She chose to make a complete life pivot to follow her passion and help women return to their true selves so they can live their best lives. Show Notes: [2:16] - What makes people step forward? This question has been important for April. [3:34] - April describes her experience in law school, at a top law firm, and how she realized it wasn’t the fulfillment she expected. [5:56] - When she found herself living in Italy and wasn’t able to practice law anymore, she had a lot of searching to do as her entire identity had been wrapped up in her work. [8:06] - She was able to speak Italian, but there’s a difference between speaking a language and really communicating with it. [10:44] - Being available to listen was an impactful skill that April learned she had. [11:46] - We all will have a crossroads moment when it comes to fulfillment. [12:46] - April shares how she learned about feminine energy and how she integrated it into her life. [15:02] - The first time she learned about the ripple effect of her energy was when she took her mother to a concert that was really important to them. [18:02] - What does the word “coach” mean? [19:24] - April explains the reason behind the name The Vixen Gathering. [20:51] - If you are experiencing burnout, you are probably working in your masculine energy. [22:19] - There are several feminine superpowers that are all things the world needs right now. [24:10] - When it comes to meeting with clients, April recommends taking the time to focus on the feminine energy. [26:30] - Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Even taking a short walk is impactful. [28:36] - Microtraumas in our past cause us to disconnect and we don’t even notice it. [30:50] - Make sure that you have pleasure scheduled into your week. [32:21] - Oftentimes the topic of self-love is perceived as a “soft” topic but April emphasizes its importance. [34:27] - If you are feeling exhausted and like you have nothing else to give, then you are definitely not focusing on self love. You have to practice self forgiveness. [38:29] - April describes the Vixen Gathering and what you can gain from joining the groups and masterminds. Connect with April: The Vixen Gathering Website Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


290 - How to Build Your Startup Sales Process with Belal Batrawy

If you are a solopreneur, startup leader or founder who needs to build out a high converting sales process, or if you simply want to improve your existing sales process, this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Belal Batrawy, a seven time startup seller who’s typically joined as one of the first, if not the first, sales hire. I met him through the Salesforce Top Sales Influencer program and immediately recognized how amazing he is. He’s also been hugely recognized and awarded by LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Salesloft, and a lot of other organizations as a top sales leader to follow. Belal is all about no fluff, so this episode is full of tactical tips you can use today to grow your sales! Show Notes: [2:24] - Belal explains how he began working with startups and how he discovered this passion. [4:58] - With startups, there’s more to do than time to do it and more questions than answers. It’s easier to know what not to do. [5:48] - Small is better even when you are feeling the fear of missing out. [8:01] - There are ways people set themselves up for failure when it comes to startups. [9:05] - The best thing that can happen is a quick failure. Belal recommends building fast to fail fast so you can use your time wisely. [11:09] - The fear of failure holds us up in a lot of ways, but it’s a success to fail quickly and change for success. [14:11] - How do you sell a vision for something that isn’t built yet? [16:08] - Emotionally charged messaging is key. [17:50] - Everybody focuses on the messaging but the messaging means nothing if you don’t have the right audience. [19:58] - If you are giving someone something of value, then they will expect to pay what it is valued as. They become skeptical if it is priced too low. [21:17] - Belal has always surrounded himself with coaches and mentors and attributes a lot of his success to his belief in seeking counsel. [23:07] - Perfect pricing is actually just slightly above what the budget is. Rather than negotiating the price, you negotiate the difference. [25:04] - When something hasn’t been built yet, how do you price it and what do you say to pitch it? [27:04] - Sometimes you have to walk away from bad customers early on because it can be dangerous to keep them around in the long run. [29:53] - How do we find the right person as the first seller? Sales will drop when you hire initially and Belal recommends hiring in pairs. [32:15] - Instead of setting goals, Belal sets minimums. Instead of creating a ceiling, set a floor. [34:42] - Belal’s faith and spirituality is important to him and he shares what he has learned to bring meaning to the money that drives him. [36:48] - Belal shares what he has learned from his relationship with his wife. Connect with Belal: LinkedIn Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


289 - How to Be Unapologetically You in Your Business

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the car, so today I’m bringing another important reminder for you from behind the steering wheel. As I am working with amazing clients, I’m seeing myself mirrored back at me. And sometimes that feels uncomfortable! I credit a lot of my success and happiness to becoming aware of how I was hanging on to old patterns through the inner child work I have done and continue to do. But no matter how much work I’ve done, my inner child pops up for me. Has this ever happened to you? All of a sudden, those old needs to fit in, to be validated or accepted from the outside, just come out of nowhere! So this episode is all about what I do in the situations that these old patterns still come through and what you may need in those moments the most. Show Notes: [1:29] – Initially when Elyse did inner child work, she was skeptical but remained open to it. [4:01] – Although she credits a lot of her success to the inner child work she has already done, Elyse explains that it is a continuous journey and things still pop up for her. [5:48] – Elyse shares some of the details of her upbringing that impacted her mindset. [7:17] – There was always a part of Elyse that wanted to fit in but she felt like she couldn’t when she was growing up. [10:03] – No matter how much work we do on ourselves, these things can still come up but maybe in more subtle ways. [11:17] – The transformation is an inner shift. [14:08] – When this desire to fit in or things you are seeking from outside of yourself, you can acknowledge your inner child and tell her that it’s okay. [16:05] – Sometimes Elyse sees herself mirrored in her clients, especially when she sees other women seek validation outside of themselves. [17:20] – The tactical part is the easy part. It’s the inner work that makes the quantum leap and it is much harder. Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


288 - How to Permanently Stop Scarcity Thinking

Scarcity thinking is ingrained in so many of us and believe me when I say that it has been an ongoing journey for me to shift this very deeply set way of thinking. But as I’ve gone through this journey and continue to experience breakthroughs, it’s time to specifically talk about how to make that shift and where to start. It all starts with expansion vs. restriction and which one you are living out. If you’re ready to permanently stop the scarcity struggle, experience next-level financial flow and abundance in your life, and finally feel like you can trust yourself to earn, receive and spend money the way you desire, head to to get registered for the live 3 day experience I’m hosting Feb 20 - 22. Show Notes: [3:45] - Think about what expands and what restricts you. [5:22] - Elyse has had a journey from restriction to expansion in three areas in her life: health, relationships, and money. [7:02] - When it came to health, Elyse dug deep and realized that her restrictions were hurting her. [9:53] - Elyse shares some challenges in a previous relationship that were restricting to the relationship itself. [11:37] - You will ever restrict your way to expansion, especially when it comes to money. [14:53] - Making this shift takes a willingness to re-evaluate everything you have ever been taught. [17:01] - A new sales script isn’t what got Elyse more and her process of shifting her mindset took time. [18:59] - It’s always an inside game first and it is an ongoing learning experience. [20:24] - Things can shift radically and quickly for you if you make the decision that you are no longer available to struggle in this area. [21:18] - The first step for Elyse was to start trusting herself. She had to look at other areas in her life when following her gut instinct had played out. [22:53] - Drop the ego. Everyone is special and no one is special. [24:38] - Shift how you talk to yourself and recognize how powerful you are. [25:31] - Practice feeling abundant first. [26:34] - You don’t have to be perfect in this. Even the smallest shift can have a big impact. [27:41] - Ask yourself if your thoughts, decisions, and actions are restrictive or expansive. [31:43] - Money scarcity is a very well disguised and clever way of playing small and staying stuck. [33:43] - So much energy is wasted on small and scarce thinking. [35:22] - The Aligned for Abundance Incubator is a three day live coaching intensive designed to melt away what’s blocking your next level. Click here to register. Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club DM me on Instagram @elysearcher


287 - My 3 Huge Takeaways From Our Sedona Retreat

This year’s Sedona Retreat was one of the most profound experiences of my life. And although it was a week ago, I have been sitting quiet with my thoughts and the experience as I decompress before bringing this episode to you. I continue to give myself permission to record when I’m inspired to share something with you, which was a tough concept for me to get over, but it feels so right. So, today, I’m sharing my three biggest takeaways from the retreat and an announcement you don’t want to miss. Show Notes: [1:41] - It was tough for Elyse to give herself permission to record when I’m inspired. [3:33] - We are too busy and there is too much content out there for us to listen and see content that isn’t inspired. [7:00] - Elyse and her husband have been back from the Sedona Retreat for about a week and have had time to decompress. [8:29] - Elyse shares the team members and their energy during the retreat to help facilitate the event. [10:27] - Honor what your body needs, especially when it comes to rest. [11:14] - Continue to allow yourself to dream bigger. [13:21] - So often we don’t see ourselves. Other people may see us and think we have it all together. We don’t always get to experience all the things we’ve created. [15:15] - Follow the nudges of your heart and continue to expand the container of what is possible for you. No one is going to come pick you. You have to pick yourself. [17:16] - Having her husband and son with her during the retreat was something really special and changed her perspective. [20:09] - The retreat was special and luxurious at the location in Sedona. [21:22] - Elyse shares the experience with flying out and the drama of it all. [23:04] - Get yourself in environments that feel expansive to you. [25:13] - There is real magic going on in the She Sells community right now that Elyse is blown away by. [26:47] - One commonality between the women in this group felt like they didn’t have quality female friendships prior to becoming a part of this community. [28:02] - It is crucial for you, in your quantum leaps, to step into the ability to receive. [30:42] - There’s no number or goal that signifies that you’ve “made it”. Everyone has different steps in their journey. [32:14] - When you are in a community with people who are driving their goals, it can speak to and activate a part inside of you that has felt uncomfortable saying what you actually want and going for it. [34:35] - There is so much power in being seen and supported in a community. [36:12] - During the retreat, Elyse taught the elements of quantum leaps. [38:30] - The framework she created as a result of the quantum leaps she has experienced in her life is what she teaches using evidence from her life. [40:23] - It is important to trust your own consciousness. [41:10] - The quantum leap isn’t about working harder or for more hours. [42:22] - When you can ask yourself questions from the perspective of someone else, you will be able to think in your goal. [44:35] - We need to be very disciplined on how we think and the questions we ask ourselves. [46:32] - It’s not about checking boxes and doing more of the same. No one has time for that. If you are ready for a big shift, it’s about shifting the way you think. [47:56] - Elyse is expanding the way she creates for the community and has recorded the retreat. This will be opened up as an on-demand course. [50:12] - Elyse describes some new offering and sale prices that can be found here: Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K ClubApply for the $50K Club


286 - Things You Think You Have to Do to Sell But Are Actually Losing You Clients (Controversial)

Lately, I’ve been really thinking about making things work as they feel good and feel in alignment. This could be a small thing, like recording this episode from my car. But it can also mean the big things, especially as entrepreneurs making sales decisions. This topic might be a little controversial because everything I share goes completely against sales strategies that are often taught to us. Through my experience, I have found that the energy I had when making discovery calls and constant follow ups was a repelling energy and it’s simply not sustainable. So what is there to do instead? Listen to this episode to find out ways you could be losing clients and sales and what you can do to change that. Show Notes: [2:58] - Today is all about sales and being open to things being far easier or different than you think they need to be to be successful. [4:06] - Elyse gives an example of how sales take you out of your power. [5:07] - So much of what is taught in sales is to chase prospects. [6:08] - This energy doesn’t work and it is uncomfortable to go against what is taught. [6:57] - Any time you feel like you are chasing through a follow up, that is a repelling energy. [8:20] - Elyse describes the difference your energy makes on the result of a follow up call. [9:12] - Any time we are in the energy of questioning if the action is good enough, we are questioning and doubting ourselves. [11:41] - Discovery calls can be successful but sometimes they feel manipulative. [12:58] - Is it always necessary to run people through a discovery call? [14:34] - How does it feel to make discovery calls? Are you doing them because you think you have to to be successful? [16:10] - Anytime we try to manipulate or force results, the results won’t be what we need them to be. [17:33] - When we do the inner work first and are very clear about our boundaries, the right people and the right scenarios show up but you have to take action. [18:46] - Practice what feels good to you in your business and your life. Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K ClubApply for the $50K Club


285 - How to End Codependency with Your Clients

I am recording in a new way today because I’ve given myself the permission to know the season I am in. What I’ve learned is that I am much more inspired when I’m not in the home office so I’m driving! Today’s episode was inspired by a recent mastermind conversation and it’s something I’m no stranger to. In any client relationship, there is sometimes a level of codependency. Sometimes, it doesn’t really impact us in a major way, but it’s truly unnecessary. So in this go-with-the-flow episode, we’re diving into what causes that codependency and what we can do about it. Show Notes: [2:28] - If you are doing a good job at what you do and you are serving people, it is normal and expected that your rates will increase. [4:06] - You may come across clients that are triggered by how you run your business and if they have an issue, they are just not your client. [5:45] - There are unnecessary elements of codependency in the client relationship. [7:25] - Elyse has had the most income, the best clients, and the most in flow, it was when there was nothing that needed to be rearranged when it comes to boundaries. [8:56] - We do not own our clients. [10:03] - Our only job is to show up and deliver our best. [11:49] - When we understand that clients are not a source and you are in your inner power, if a client leaves, the money is going to come in another way. [13:50] - We need to sell from wholeness. [14:59] - So much of Elyse’s self worth was tied into her success in sales. [16:42] - When we approach our clients from a place of loving our own lives, then you’re going to naturally draw people in. [19:30] - Elyse lists the things that will happen when you are in this energy. [20:54] - Let Elyse know if the vibe of this unique podcast was something you’d like to hear more often. Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K ClubApply for the $50K Club


284 - 5 Reasons Money Isn’t Flowing How You Want in Your Business and Life

As we navigate the beginning of a new year, money is the hot topic. Going through previous episodes and noting the conversation topics that were the most sought after in this community, it is clear that we want the energy, the mindset, and the money. Who doesn’t? Maybe you feel like money isn’t flowing how you want in your business or your personal life. This is such a frustrating feeling, but there are reasons this could be happening that you are in full control of. So, in this episode, you’ll learn five reasons you could be experiencing this concern and most importantly, things you can do to help yourself out of this rut. Just remember, that seasons can be short and that sometimes a pause is exactly what you need. Show Notes: [1:54] - Any time something starts to feel like a should, it might not be aligned anymore. [4:19] - Always show up for you and give yourself permission to have seasons in your life. [5:35] - If money isn’t flowing the way you want it to, what can be the underlying things you can shift to get that moving again? [6:25] - Notice if you are gripping in any way to money. Are you wanting a lot to come into you but you don’t want to give or invest in yourself? [8:13] - Are there ways that you are not valuing yourself enough? [9:18] - Sometimes clients leech energy and ask for more than you can give. Be clear about your boundaries, even though there is a level of fear. [10:33] - Look for the areas in your life where your boundaries need to be set. We are what we are available for. [13:10] - Once you increase your expectations for yourself, you’ll start to notice shifts because you get what you believe to be true. [13:40] - The flow of money is slow if you are strict about how it comes. [14:49] - You could be cutting off possibilities. [15:42] - Your thoughts are those of someone who doesn’t have it already. [17:22] - The work you do on yourself can align yourself as the woman who already has the money. [18:47] - We become someone new by catching the old thought patterns. [20:51] - If you are tremendously intentional about this, it doesn’t take long to see results. [22:01] - What if you went all in for the next 60 days? [23:27] - Consider what you would be thinking about or focused on if you weren’t focusing on the flow of money. [25:25] - Sometimes before a large amount comes in, there is a bit of a pause. [27:30] - Pause and turn inward. [29:07] - There are other reasons this could be happening, but know that everything is happening for your good and everything is an invitation for you to uplevel. [30:30] - Look into the two communities available to you that can help you level up. Links and Resources: Your First Six Figures Masterclass Join the $10K ClubApply for the $50K Club