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Welcome to Inter:views. My name is Laurent Notin, I am on a quest to crack the entrepreneurship code. I created this podcast to give a voice to passionate small and medium entrepreneurs around the world. I hope that the stories, practical tips and advice my guests share will inspire you to better navigate your own entrepreneurship journey.

Welcome to Inter:views. My name is Laurent Notin, I am on a quest to crack the entrepreneurship code. I created this podcast to give a voice to passionate small and medium entrepreneurs around the world. I hope that the stories, practical tips and advice my guests share will inspire you to better navigate your own entrepreneurship journey.




Welcome to Inter:views. My name is Laurent Notin, I am on a quest to crack the entrepreneurship code. I created this podcast to give a voice to passionate small and medium entrepreneurs around the world. I hope that the stories, practical tips and advice my guests share will inspire you to better navigate your own entrepreneurship journey.






Inter:views 45 | Laxmi Gandhi | Beyond Your Data | USA

Help Your Clients Make More Money If you want to understand the importance of finding your purpose, and how to find it, then listening to Laxmi, the founder of Beyond Your Data, is a MUST. She tells us about how personal your journey on the path to your why gets, how it connects with your business, and how it'll create value for your clients, hence eventually help them make more money. A lesson about being human and entrepreneur at the same time.


Inter:views 44 | Ilya Brotzky | VanHack | Canada

Take Hiring Seriously VanHack specializes in placing tech talents and relocate them. Ilya started the company because he truly listened to what people needed. In this episode we talk a lot about HR: the importance of hiring the right people, how to hire correctly (have you thought about your interviewing process for instance?) and why recruiting is 100% marketing and sales. Ilya's goal? Make VanHack the largest tech recruiting company in the world, not less. He definitely has some...


Inter:views 43 | Danielle Tichner | W-Source | Israel

Think Outside Of The Box Meet Danielle, the founder of W-Source. Her specific entrepreneurship touch as she describes it: Thinking outside of the box. That's what we do in this great conversation. We talk internationalization (with little budget), cultural influences, humility, and she gives us practical tips to keep high level of self motivation. Until she reversed the roles and started asking me questions! This episode is supported by Impulse 4 Women, a non profit organization aiming...


Inter:views 42 | Eli & Kyle | Results Imagery | USA

We Know The Power of 2 Eli Libby and Kyle Nelson know the power of co-founding their company Results Imagery, I know the power of a conversation full of value! Of course we talk about the advantages of having a co-founder, the yin and the yang as they explain it. We also cover topics such as the importance of building the right foundations from the beginning, accountability, leadership and mentors. 1+1 =3


Inter:views 41 | Natalija Rodionova | IT Academy STEP | Cambodia

Be Very Active With Sales What can I say? Another very inspiring conversation with Natalija, the founder of IT Academy STEP and Sisters of Code in Cambodia. From the corporate world to the entrepreneurship life, from Latvia to Cambodia, there's a gap that she bridged. She learned one expensive lesson along the way: focus on sales! Also in this episode: starting a business in an emerging market, the importance of hard work, and why entrepreneurs shouldn't be afraid of making...


Inter:views 40 | David Blinov | The F Company | Finland

Make The World Know That You Exist David started his entrepreneurship journey at the age of 16 with 10€ on his bank account. Fast forward 15 years, he's the Managing Partner of The F Company a B2B growth marketing agency. In a nutshell: amazingly valuable content! We talk 101 growth marketing (I finally understood it!), the importance of using data, failure, knowing when to let go and get new people on board, and most importantly why being visible is a must-do for every...


Inter:views 39 | Maria Frangieh | SocialPrise | Lebanon

You Need To Love What You Do What a conversation! Full of practical tips and insights into building SocialPrise as a remote company. Maria's entrepreneurship adventure started 15 years ago in the mountains of Lebanon. We talked about how blogging launched it all, the importance of loving what you do, of learning, of building a team, being patient and saying no. There's so much I could say that you know what? Just listen to it, 100% worth it!


Inter:views 38 | Dre Baldwin | Work On Your Game Inc | USA

I Knew I'd Become and Entrepreneur Dre is a former professional basketball player who turned entrepreneur. He created Work On Your Game Inc to help people apply what sports had taught him into their lives and businesses. The story started back in 2005 when he published his first video on a brand new platform called You Tube. We talk about how social media and the Internet have transformed the business landscape, how they helped me become who he is today and why entrepreneurship makes so...


Inter:views 37 | Maria Tanjala | FilmChain | UK

Having Conversations Is Absolutely Key I love learning new stuff. Maria, co-founded FilmChain to solve an issue within the film industry that I would never have imagined existed. You'll have to listen to find out. One thing I can tell you though: once again, purpose shows its true power when it comes to entrepreneurship. Also on this episode: the importance of having conversations, finding the right co-founder and hiring the right team, as well as how designing a road map (2 actually) is...


Inter:views 36 | Oliver Weiss | Co-Founder, Mecasa | Germany

What I Do Feels Goddam Right! I'm on a quest to crack the entrepreneurship code and Oliver is on a quest to build an online platform that matches seniors with caregivers all across Europe. Oliver co-founded Mecasa in 2016 and has been bootstrapping it with public funding since. In this episode: why finding your purpose feels good, how to create an environment of trust, the importance of data collection and what's it going to take to scale the business up to 200 people. Another passionate...


Inter:views 35 | Veronica Mihai | Entrepreneur & Investor | UK

I Found Freedom Veronica started her entrepreneurship journey more than 12 years ago because she had to survive. She was immediately hooked. In this episode, we talk about the importance of finding your skills, cash management, relationships and we go deep into the power of resilience. Bonus: Veronica demystifies blockchain and cryptocurrency for the ignorant like myself.


Inter:views 34 | Andries De Vos | Slash | Singapore

Make Your Business Investable Would you like to understand how to successfully raise money for your business? Should you go after a VC, an angel investor, or other types of investors? Then listen to Andries De Vos, the co-founder and CEO of Slash, an hi-tech Startup Studio. We also talk about the importance of the founders' vision, operating a business remotely as well as the challenges associated with partnering with your spouse. A no-fluff conversation.


Inter:views 33 | Kashmira Mody | Learning Essence | India

Give Yourself The Permission To Fail This week, we're going to India to meet Kashmira, Principal Coach and Founder of Learning Essence. From electrical engineering to coaching, there's one gap that she bridged. We explored emotional intelligence (especially permission to fail and power within oneself) as well as the entrepreneurship differences between emerging markets ("need to survive") and advanced economies ("need to thrive"). A beautiful conversation, really.


Inter:views 32 | Adam Posner | NHP Talent Group | USA

You Need To Crawl Before You Walk 3 years ago, Adam Posner founded NHP Talent Group, a talent access consultancy, and he's been on a mission to succeed since. Once again, there's tons of good and practical stuff in this episode. We talk: recruitment, business development, coaching (Yes!), tenacity, and how to be invaluable. Bonus: If you're from a time when telephone still had cords, you're going to enjoy it.


Inter:views 31 | Roxana Nasoi | Strategic Advocate | Romania

Build Things That Make You Proud of Who You Are Roxana is a busy entrepreneur. She started as a free-lance consultant and eventually founder her start-up in the health care industry. She tells us about the differences between working in a service industry as a solo-preneur and building a product with a team. She's also very active in promoting women entrepreneurship, and I was really happy to discuss gender issues with her. We also talked about time management, finding clarity and life...


inter:views #30 | Nicholas Henrichsen | WithClutch| USA

You Need A Different Motivator Than Money Nicholas has just started his second venture WithClutch, in the fintech industry. He sold the first one 4 years after setting it up. In another life, he was playing on the German Golf National team. This time is different now. This time, he's driven by a real sense of purpose. I love talking to all these entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place, one problem at a time. Nicholas shares his journey in 35mn. Enjoy!


Inter:views 29 | Anita Toth | Churn Consultant | Canada

Customers Just Don't Leave For 1 Reason Meet Anita Toth. She specializes in churn and help B2B SaaS companies grow. If you want to know about customer retention then you should tune in. The secret: listen more to your customers and understand their WHYs. She also shares her adventures of ups and downs on the way to become who she is today. More about her consulting business:


Inter:views 28 | Brian Mac Mahon | Expert Dojo | USA

It's All About Communication Warning: this podcast is full of content that every entrepreneurs should listen to. Meet Brian Mac Mahon, Head Honcho at Expert Dojo, an early-stage accelerator. He tells us about the realities of building and successfully growing a business, and how communication - as well as an amazing product - is key. More about Expert Dojo:


Inter:views 27 | Zuzana Dobrovolna | | UK

A Product Is Never 100% Ready Zuzana Dobrovolna was born a communist kid. It has taught her to continuously step out her comfort zone in life and at work. It has definitely influenced her career as a Design Thinker. In this episode, she talks about the importance of developing resilience by exposing oneself to new "flavors". We also dig down into the principles of design thinking and why a product can never be 100% ready. More about Zuzanna: If you'd like to be a...


Inter:views #26 | Carsten Ley | Asia PMO | Vietnam & Region

KPIs Are Boring! It's amazing the journeys some entrepreneurs can have. Carsten Ley is one of them. From Germany to Vietnam via Mexico, from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, Carsten now specializes in experience management. In this episode, we talk about the benefits of OKRs vs. KPIs, why managing experience start with listening and the advantages of being an entrepreneur. More about Asia PMO: