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It’s DO-BE Time is for entrepreneurs who believe that their business exists to support them in achieving a personal vision. Tony Carnesi (DOing) and Brian Gorman (BEing) and their guests address the challenges that business owners face and what is required to move through them successfully.

It’s DO-BE Time is for entrepreneurs who believe that their business exists to support them in achieving a personal vision. Tony Carnesi (DOing) and Brian Gorman (BEing) and their guests address the challenges that business owners face and what is required to move through them successfully.


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It’s DO-BE Time is for entrepreneurs who believe that their business exists to support them in achieving a personal vision. Tony Carnesi (DOing) and Brian Gorman (BEing) and their guests address the challenges that business owners face and what is required to move through them successfully.






050: Charlotte Lockhart, Co-Founder and CEO of 4-Day Week Global (1 of 2)

Charlotte Lockhart, Co-Founder and CEO of 4-Day Week Global joins Tony and Brian to discuss the intersection of the Great Resignation and the world-wide movement to shorten the work week. In the first part of this two-part podcast, Charlotte describes how she and Andrew Barnes successfully implemented the 4-Day Week in Perpetual Guardian and some of the critical lessons they learned. Like the Do-Be’s 4-Day Work Week, the global 4-Day Week movement is not to be taken literally. It is an...


049: Everybody Matters

In the third part of our Blabbit interview, Tony and Brian discusses with hosts Paul Geiger and Glen Ingram the importance of recognizing that every employee matters as you define your New Normal 2.0. We also look at the contributions that a hybrid and/or 4-day work week makes to the environment, the economy, and personal health.


048: Define Your New Normal 2.0

With the “great resignation” underway, some industries are leading the way while others cling to failing paradigms. Your New Normal 2.0 has to be tailored to your customers, your employees, and your business. In part two of our Blabbit conversation, Tony and Brian discuss with hosts Paul Geiger and Glen Ingram how business owners can successfully define their New Normal 2.0. Acting now is critical to keeping your best employees and giving you the ability to hire the best employees from...


047: The Great Resignation, New Normal 2.0, and the 4-Day Work Week

On August 20, Tony and Brian sat down with Blabbit hosts Paul Geiger and Glen Ingram to discuss the Great Resignation, New Normal 2.0, and the 4-Day Work Week. In this, the first part of that conversation, we discuss our own evolution of our 4-day work week belief and approach. We also lay the foundation for exploring the alignment between the great resignation, the new normal 2.0 that is beginning to emerge, and the 4-day work week.


046: Addressing “The Great Resignation”

In this episode of it’s DO-BE time, Tony and Brian continue their exploration of the disconnect between business owners and leaders and their workforce. Taking the right steps now can be a competitive advantage in both retaining your best employees and attracting the best from your competitors. Taking the wrong approach can result in undermining all that you have worked so hard to build. Listen as we discuss what you need to be doing, and who you need to be being, to successfully address the...


045: The Economics of the 4-Day Work Week – Replay

Although the voices of many corporate leaders continue to proclaim the importance of everyone returning to the office, the data doesn't support that conclusion. While they may not like having empty offices or not having management eyes on workers for 8 hours a day or more, "in the office" is not what drives performance. As one recent guest said, "just because people are at their desks it doesn't mean they are working." While the outbreak of Covid-19 certainly caused a disruption in...


044: Coming “Back to Work” is Not the Answer

If you are expecting your employees to come back to the office or workplace, the commute, the hours, the stress, take a minute to stop and think about it. In large numbers, that is not what the workforce wants. In this episode, Tony and Brian begin by looking at the 2016 findings of Gallup when they researched what Millennials want from work. As Millennial turnover has long demonstrated, it isn’t what the traditional workplace was providing. As we emerge from the pandemic, many Gen-X and...


043: If You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

Now is not the time to make decisions about the future of your business without consulting your workforce. In this episode, Tim Morton, Founder and President of Prompta AI, shares what the data is saying about employee sentiment as more and more companies call for some form of “back to normal.” Tim discusses with Tony and Brian why back to normal is being rejected by so many people and how real time data is helping employers make better, more informed decisions and co-create the future with...


042: Forward to Normal 2.0

Futurist, author, and speaker Joyce Gioia shares the workplace trends she is uncovering as we emerge from the disruption of Covid-19. Work from home has driven a major re-evaluation of values, creating a significant gulf between employers who are calling for a “return back to normal” and employees who are seeking to move forward to Normal 2.0. Joyce describes Normal 2.0 to Tony and Brian as “flex place, flex space, and flex time,” aligning with the Do-Be Associates own version of the 4-day...


041: Navigating the Challenges of Today’s Work Environment

In this, the second part of our conversation with Ira Wolfe (Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization), we explore ways to navigate today’s change challenges. In the course of the conversation, we uncover some of the risks of black and white thinking (work from home vs. return to the workplace); challenge assumptions that many leaders are bringing to their decision-making; and discuss some of the factors that should be explored to inform decisions about whether to move to a hybrid (workplace and...


040: VUCA, Never Normal, and the Challenges of Change

Ira Wolfe (Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization) joins Tony and Brian in the first segment of this two-part podcast on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders as pandemic restrictions are lifted. In this episode, Ira discusses VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), the ever-increasing pace of change, and the dynamic disruption of the past year as he and the Do-Be’s begin to explore what all of this means for you and the future of work.


039: Are You Ready for a 4-Day Work Week?

This week, Tony and Brian raise a series of key questions that business owners and leaders should be asking themselves as they consider how to successfully move their organizations into a post-lockdown world. While providing some examples of what some businesses are doing, this podcast asks you to reflect on what you are seeing and hearing from your customers/clients, your employees, your family and friends, and your gut. Is there a version of the 4-day work week (less hours worked + more...


038: It’s Time for a Leadership Evolution!

If you are pushing to get your business “back to normal,” beware! It’s possible your employees are ready to return to the commuting, the chats around the coffee pot, and the endless hours in face-to-face meetings. It’s possible that they are content missing the time with their partners or spouses and their children that the pandemic offered. It’s possible that they would rather eat take-out at their workstations than take the time to sit down and eat with their families. It’s possible. But...


037: Health, Happiness, and the 4-Day Work Week

The 4-day work week has the potential for significantly impacting not only the financial success of your organization. It has also demonstrated beneficial impacts on health and happiness. In this episode, Tony and Brian discuss some of the research in this area and talk about how some of our clients are applying lessons from the pandemic to preparing for a 4-day work week.


035: Wellbeing and Working From Home

In February 2020, most employers and their employees would have said, “Work from home? No way!” Fifteen months later, it’s a very different story. While some businesses want all of their employees back in the workplace, in this episode, Tony and Brian encourage a more intentional approach. We discuss some of the key factors to consider including ways in which working from home has proven to benefit the bottom line, employee wellbeing, performance, and job satisfaction. Simply put, there is...


034: The 4-Day Work Week. Why? Why Now?

Since 2018, the Do-Be Associates have been focused on how business owners and their employees can create greater life/work balance while increasing profitability in a sustainable way. By 2019 we were sure that it was possible and had begun to develop a program for helping others to make it happen. That year we trademarked 4-Day Work Week™ with the intention of launching the program in the Spring of 2020. Covid had other ideas. But now is the perfect time for you to consider the 4-day work...


033: It’s Time for Your 4-Day Work Week!

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on how, when, and where you do your work. For many, this has made it difficult to separate work and home lives, to run their businesses successfully, and to meet their business goals. Last fall (Episode 20), Do-Be Associates Tony Carnesi and Brian Gorman introduced our approach to a 4-day work week™. With this replay, we begin our roll-out of a program designed to help you return to – or gain for the first time – the balance between your professional and...


032: Your Path Through Change

On December 6, 2020, Do-Be Associate Brian Gorman (“Mr. BE”) gave a talk for TEDx Hartford. Through the story of his own life and his work with clients facing change over the past five decades, Brian has come to understand Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as the path we take on each change we move through. He shares how to improve the likelihood of successfully moving through change, some of the risks you face along the way, and how to address them. This podcast is a re-broadcast of Brian’s...


031: Business Success Isn’t Just About Selling

When she started Jillian’s Circus, Jillian Weston thought that her job was to sell social media marketing services to prospective clients. As she discusses with Tony and Brian on this edition of it’s DO-BE time, she was wrong. In fact, Jillian is an educator. By bringing an understanding of social media to clubs, libraries, schools, chambers of commerce, and elsewhere, she is creating a deeper understanding of the world of social media marketing. In doing so, she has become a vital member of...


030: Update on PPP and Other Relief Programs for Business Owners

With Congress’s authorization of a second round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Joel Brach (JD Capital Strategies) returns to the it’s DO-BE time studio with Tony and Brian. In this podcast, Joel discusses the significant ways in which the second round of PPP is different from the first and more accessible to smaller business owners. He provides an update on first round PPP forgiveness and the EIDL program. Joel also offers insights on programs for business owners offered by New...