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Welcome to It's Not Just Business Talks with Sonja where we get down to the real business of how great leaders dug through some of their own trenches and climbed some epic mountains to get where they are today.

Welcome to It's Not Just Business Talks with Sonja where we get down to the real business of how great leaders dug through some of their own trenches and climbed some epic mountains to get where they are today.


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Welcome to It's Not Just Business Talks with Sonja where we get down to the real business of how great leaders dug through some of their own trenches and climbed some epic mountains to get where they are today.





Nathan Bettger is a board-certified hospital chaplain and spiritual director from Oshkosh, WI, where he lives with his wife (Kat), his two sons (Brendan Arthur and Owen Raine), his welsh terrier (Wendell), and Brendan’s service dog, Harley. Nathan is committed to nurturing connection and community through our relationships, our bodies, our sense of self, the land that we live on, and our experience of the Divine. Deeply grounded in contemplative and mystic Christianity and nature-based...


Approach - Love One Another

Daron Jagodzinske is the founding pastor of Alive Covenant Church. Born in Welcome, Minnesota (that’s right, the sign said “Welcome to Welcome”), Daron spent his first 18 years growing up and working on the family farm. He and his wife, Kristin, have five children: Justus, Greta, Ella, Fia, and Kwame. Daron loves seeing God at work in people’s lives, sharing life with Kristin, being a dad, playing basketball, beating his buddies in fantasy football, laughing at Will Ferrell, fishing for...


Change & Meaning

Sally Kennedy is the Creative Director and Senior Graphic Designer for Red Barn Design. Her mission is simple — be real, be good. To Sally, that means being mindful of all stakeholders in whatever she does. It’s not only thinking about profit for shareholders, it’s also caring for staff, customers, the environment, and the community. In her spare time, Sally loves to experience new places, hike remote trails, eat ethnic foods, enjoy great movies and books, and play with family and...



Chris Dungworth is the Managing Partner at Ro Morrison & Associates, a speakers bureau designed exclusively for the financial services industry. Chris has over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Before co-founding Ro Morrison & Associates, Chris held multiple leadership positions at Allianz Life, including Chief of Staff and Sr. Director of Sales. In this episode… You just attended a conference and walked away totally blown away. The speakers sparked inspiration...


Science and Faith

Dr. Ted R. Anderson earned a BA in zoology from the University of Kansas and a PhD in biology from Saint Louis University. His primary research interests are community ecology and the reproductive biology of the House Sparrow. He retired in 2004 after teaching for 32 years at McKendree University as a Professor of Biology. Dr. Anderson is the author of two books, Biology of the Ubiquitous House Sparrow: From Genes to Populations (2006) and The Life of David Lack: Father of Evolutionary...


Whole Health

Dr. Ravi Komatireddy is a physician and digital health entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Motiv Health, a startup passionately focused on using human and AI coaching for health, behavior change, and prevention. He is an internal medicine physician who trained at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the University of California. Additionally, he was the first wireless digital health scholar at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, where he earned a master's in clinical...


Somatic Healing

Jennifer Jeffcoat is a PPN-Somatic Therapist holding space from preconception to family dynamics. Her works are interwoven with pre and perinatal birth psychology, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, somatic and spiritual psychology, neurosensorimotor reflex integration, cranial sacral therapy, mindfulness, and conscious studies. Jennifer has been serving individuals and families for over 28 years. In the last 10 years, she has embodied her works as a doula and midwife assistant, attending...



Patrick Daugherty is a seasoned marketing and creative veteran. He has more than 20 years of experience leading and developing powerful CPG marketing teams and strategies across a variety of brands and channels. Patrick is the Principal at ​​BrandCraft Collective, a consultancy specializing in branding strategy for small to midsize CPGs. Dan Kiefer is a creative with deep experience on both the agency and brewery sides. He is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Ahead of the Curve...


Space Between

Dr. Alan Nasypany has completed dozens of cutting-edge treatment intervention trainings and is a Master Instructor for Primal Reflex Release Technique. He was the first in the nation to develop a doctorate program in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) at the University of Idaho, where he is the Director of two graduate programs. Dr. Nasypany has over 20 years of experience as a healthcare professional specializing in sports medicine, chronic pain, and unresponsive health...



Joshua Rood is the Co-founder and CEO of Dr Hops Real Hard Kombucha Beer. Dr Hops combines alcohol-tolerant kombucha cultures with the world’s finest organic, fair-trade ingredients for a great-tasting, health-conscious alcohol. Dr Hops contains no extracts, “flavorings,” GMO ingredients, glutens, or pasteurization. Before founding Dr Hops, Joshua was an Assistant Store Manager and Community Team Lead for lululemon Athletica and a Course Supervisor for Landmark Education. Joshua has worn...


Financial Fear

Sharon Duncan is the Founder of Infinite Assets, a financial consultancy. Sharon combines 30 years of financial expertise with her practice as a yoga instructor to help clients develop healthier relationships with money. At Infinite Assets, they examine the personal history and triggers that feed negative money habits. They work through an honest assessment of the client’s finances and then build a new plan founded on hope, purpose, and meaning. Sharon offers multiple services, including...


Leap of Faith

Dr. Matthew Smitley is the Clinical Assistant Professor and MSAT Program Director for the Athletic Training Program at the University of Idaho. The University of Idaho’s 24-month Athletic Training Program places students in real-life clinical situations to give them the needed experience to hit the ground running after graduation. Dr. Smitley first joined the faculty as a Graduate Teaching Assistant while pursuing a Doctor of Athletic Training in 2017. After receiving his degree in 2019, he...



Dean Newlund is the Founder and CEO of Mission Facilitators International, a boutique training and development firm. The team at MFI helps organizations become more connected to their purpose and their people. Founded in 1992, MFI is home to more than a dozen professional coaches, trainers, and strategic planning facilitators. Unlike most other firms where consultants work with their clients, MFI members work as a team in facilitating growth for leaders and organizations. Dean Newlund has...



Sonja Anderson is the Director and CEO of zo agency. zo agency acts as the marketing arm or extension to a marketing department for small to midsize businesses. They are a full service agency and offer every manner of skills including branding, logo, web design and development, social media, SEO, paid digital, public relations, traditional media buys, production and so much more. zo agency helps America’s businesses grow from small to thriving organizations that serve, employ, nurture, and...