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Providing meaningful support to find great careers faster.


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Providing meaningful support to find great careers faster.






082 Coaching and Supporting Others in Job Search

Show Notes Do you want to help your network find jobs? Many of us do! Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how you might be able to help your network that is productive. Learn some strategies and tips on how to support job seekers from Andrew and Scott in this episode. Don't miss these Topics: What is coaching and how can I coach others. How to be available and supportive. What to do when people ask for your help to find work. When to ask questions and when to give advice. Side effects and...


081 Overcoming Self Doubt In Your Job Search

Show Notes Your job search not going the way you want? Feeling like your skills aren't up to snuff? Scott and Andrew discuss ways to mitigate your self doubt. Don't miss these Topics: Remember this: You have value! and.. Everyone has doubt! Identify and manage your self doubt. How to think about job postings when you don't fit because you are either under-qualified or over-qualified. Build resilience by taking productive breaks in your search. The danger of absolutist with your mindset and...


080 Making Career Decisions Without Fear

Show Notes "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear." - Franklin D. Roosevelt Don't miss these Topics: Can't eliminate fear, can only manage it. pros and cons review action and non-action alternatives getting out of your own head by helping others get out of theirs thinking about the things you fear on paper turning fear into self-advocacy reaching to outside resources like a coach, therapist, or EAP. Understanding...


079 The Art of Being You in a Job Search

Show Notes Authenticity is a characteristic that can often go out the window when looking for work. In the harried and eager interest to meet the employer's needs and expectations, the job seeker can lose themselves. Andrew and Scott share strategies and tactics on how to be genuine and stand up for the strengths that job seekers bring to a role. Don't miss these Topics: Being "you" in a job search focused on your strengths. Mindset of truth to yourself over pretending to be something you...


078 When The Job Advice Runs Out

Show Notes Job search can be a challenging and rewarding experience. When you learn new techniques and try them out, some may work others might not. What happens when you get to the point when you have tried everything. Nothing seems to be working! Don't miss this episode where Scott and Andrew discuss strategies to invigorate your search. Don't miss these Topics: Taking in and evaluating the advice you are receiving. What to do when everything you have tried doesn't work. Mindset and...


077 How To Get On The Radar of the Hiring Manager

Show Notes Getting noticed by a hiring manager can take some effort. You have interest in a company or even a specific position, but are unsure about how to get on the radar. Scott and Andrew discuss some strategies for finding hiring managers and getting their attention. Don't miss these Topics: Getting around the applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment processes. Reverse engineering the roles and industry trends based on research to craft attention grabbing mindsets. Leveraging...


076 The Absolutely Best Ways to Cope with Impotent Leaders

Show Notes Dealing with a boss, a manager, or a leader that is toxic can be an emotional powder keg. Coping with this very common situation can be challenging. Scott and Andrew share ideas around coping with impotent leaders in sometimes toxic work environments. Don't miss these Topics: Strategies for coping in a healthy way. Perception and reality - understanding the current state and the truth. Qualifying job opportunities to confirm toxicity. Concurrently performing and coping. Seeking...


075 Top 4 Things You Can Do To Find Meaningful Work in a New City

Show Notes Moving to a new city can be a shock in itself. Even more so when you are talking about a new country. Scott and Andrew discuss high-value methods to finding meaningful work in a new city. Top 4: Networking that includes a perfect excuse. Flock together with affinity groups. Leverage your spouses relationships. Join things. Resources (including affiliate links) ToastmastersEventbrite Meetup Yelp iTunes: Rate and Review Raw and Unedited Transcript View Transcript 00:00:01 - 00:05:11...


074 The Top 10 Worst Assumptions You Can Make In Your Career

Show Notes You know what assumptions do? Make an a$$ out of you and me. You've probably heard that one before. Scott and Andrew discuss the top career assumptions that can impact your career negatively. Top 10 Worst Assumptions: Leaders will see your performance and promote you for doing a good job. Your coworkers have the same values that you do. Everyone works just as hard as you do. Don't need to learn anything new to be successful. No one knows more than you do. Everyone communicates the...


073 The Number One Hidden Secret to Career Success

Show Notes With all the job gurus and career pundits telling us what is right and good and true - it's hard to know where to start and what to do. Scott and Andrew discover, with all the noise, what the #1 hidden secret to career success is for all of us. Don't miss these Topics: Measuring success. Taking stock of what works and what doesn't Measurements to consider for resume, networking, and job search tracking Building perpetual career communities Resources (including affiliate links)...


072 Managing Your Expectations When You Are Networking for Jobs

Show Notes Getting results from your networking starts with understanding what to expect from the activity. Managing your expectations can lead to better results, interviews, and many other positive next steps. Join Scott and Andrew as they discuss the ins and outs of expectations and how things might go wrong. Don't miss these Topics: Establishing expectations based on your situation and audience. What is the difference between delighted and disappointed. The role of mindset, trust and...


071 The Role of Culture in Your Career

Show Notes Culture is the environment, including common values, vision, and mission. Does every organization have one? Likely, yes. Does the organization live their values? No, not always. Scott and Andrew share thoughts about identifying your cultural values and how alignment with company culture is a critical exercise for your career. Don't miss these Topics: Researching corporate values. Filtering corporate values against your own values. Investigating first hand through networking and...


070 Top 9 Ways to Get Networking Done

Show Notes You know you should network. You know many people find jobs and get promoted through networking. So what's the hold up? Sometimes knowing how to network is the hard part. Scott and Andrew share the Top 9 Ways to get your networking Done. Don't miss these Topics: Top 9 Methods to Get your Networking Done Best practices for networking to make it easier. Resources (including affiliate links) What Color is Your ParachuteNetworking: Insiders' Strategies for Tapping the Hidden Market...


069 Maintaining Momentum In Your Career

Show Notes Keeping and staying on track with your search whether you are working or not requires some momentum. Expand and grow your career with networking - continually. Don't miss these Topics: Keeping a perpetual mindset without judgement. Realistic expectations regarding loyalty to your organization and yourself. Level of physical and mental health that relates to working in the right role and culture. Being open to any opportunity with objectivity. Stay current with industry,...


068 Balancing Cultural Fit With Urgent Need For Employment

Show Notes Urgent needs for income can cloud the judgement relating to company cultural fit. Scott and Andrew discuss strategies for working through the process of recovering from desperate needs for employment. Don't miss these Topics: How to stay true to your values in challenging situations. Taking inventory of your work styles and matching with chosen employers. Focusing your mindset on your strengths to perform well on interviews. Building the right branding presentation. Identifying...


067 How Do I Know That Networking Will Lead To A Job

Show Notes Finding the way from a networking conversation to an actual job can be anything but a straight line. Knowing how to guide conversations depends on your expectations. Andrew and Scott share ideas that will up-level your networking success. Don't miss these Topics: The outcomes you should expect from a networking conversation. Mindset for network conversations. Resources (including affiliate links) StrengthsFinder 2.0StrengthsQuestWhat Color is Your Parachute iTunes: Rate and Review...


066 What To Do When You Feel Stuck

Show Notes What happens when you can't seem to get unstuck? Seek advice and information from trusted sources. Andrew and Scott answer your toughest questions. Don't miss these Topics: How to start a career with a worthless law degree. Overcoming 2500 applications and no interviews after 6 years of looking. Keeping an open mind when it doesn't feel natural or normal. Having an outlet for pressure and coping mechanisms during challenging times. Transitioning from owning a business to working...


065 What To Do When You Just Can’t Find Full Time Work

Show Notes The jobs reports don't always tell the whole story. There are a myriad of situations that individuals have endured that are not reflected in the data reporting. Scott and Andrew have your covered! Talking about situations when you have been looking for awhile and just unable to secure the right full-time job. Don't miss these Topics: The data tell a story. What to do about your individual situation. Getting out of the situation you are in. The value of self-care. Different types...


064 How Do I Know What Job To Apply For

Show Notes With millions of jobs posted online and available at all times, it's hard to know what jobs to apply for (or not). Not to mention the when and the why! Scott and Andrew discuss the strategies around applying for the right jobs. Don't miss these Topics: Value of assessments. Effective ways to find jobs. How to keep track of what resume you sent to which company and role. Power of instant gratification. Using creativity to understand different perspectives. Resources (including...


063 The Number One Secret to Job Satisfaction

Show Notes Understanding your satisfaction is within your control can be liberating. Scott and Andrew discuss the Top Secret, that #1 thing you can do, to ensure your job satisfaction. Don't miss these Topics: Being an advocate for your own satisfaction. The difference between fitting in and being in. How language and identity can work together. Consistency in your brand presentation. The value of a cover letter. Defending your own needs without being defensive. Identifying Key Factors of...