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029 Question and Answer Volume 2

Show Notes You the listener takes over the podcast. This is our 2nd episode where we take and answer your specific questions. Don't miss these Topics: I'm a college senior, how can I find my passion and where do I begin? How do you handle privacy for job search online? Is it cool to apply to a job that I don't want just to get the interview practice? I have a boss that made promises for advancement but won't pull the trigger, what should I do? Resources (including affiliate links) What...


028 Networking When You Just Don’t Know Anyone At All

Show Notes Have you ever heard or said: I just can't seem to find anyone to meet? Or, I don't really know anyone in my professional area? Or I just don't know anyone? Today Andrew and Scott uncover some ideas about how to network when you just don't know anyone at all. Don't miss these Topics: Change Begins at the End of the Comfort Zone Choices and Decisions to Make Change Management: Why, Value, Build Desire Title Targets Request for Help: Trusted People in your Circle Value of Scripting...


027 What to Do When you Get Laid Off – Where to Start

Show Notes Andrew and Scott have been displaced a combined 9 times in their careers. We share ideas about processing and coping with a recent job loss from a layoff. Don't miss these Topics: How to process after a surprise layoff. Processing the grief. Approaching the mental and emotional processing. The power of time and how to manage it. Seeking helpful coping mechanisms. Where to find support organizations. Strategies for doing networking when the layoff is "fresh" Things I wish someone...


026 Dealing with Ageism and Feelings of Age Discrimination

Show Notes Bias does exist in the job market. How it presents itself can be more unknown than obvious. The bigger question is what to do when you feel discriminated, or victimized by ageism. Don't miss these Topics: Self-Talk and Mindset. How to position your experience. Networking for "Seasoned" workers Addressing feelings of being overqualified. Branding your wisdom. The Importance of Value, Reputation, and Relationships. Resources (including affiliate links) 025 Looking for Work After a...


025 Looking for Work After a Long Break

Show Notes Finding a job after a break, whether from raising a family, a medical issue, to care for a family member, or any other reason can have it's unique issues. Launching your search with confidence is the topic of this episode Scott and Andrew provide insights on how to approach situations where you have not been working for awhile. Don't miss these Topics: Mindset of Strength Personal decisions and what to share Maintaining positive self-talk How to make a recovery and remain...


024 Using Facebook For Job Search

Show Notes Most everyone searching for work has a LinkedIn profile. What happens when you have a LinkedIn profile but you never used it? Don't ignore the value of leveraging Facebook if you don't have a LinkedIn presence. Scott and Andrew share some ideas about how to leverage your current Facebook friends list and the resources on the platform you likely weren't aware of! Don't miss these Topics: Using Facebook for networking Searching for opportunities and people Following company pages...


023 Mapping Your Career and Getting Promoted

Show Notes Getting stale in your job and not knowing which way to turn is something we all face. Moving from where you are to where you want to be is the topic of this episode. Scott and Andrew discuss ideas about how you can map your future career and improve your position inside your current company, maybe even getting promoted. Don't miss these Topics: Where did the mojo go Where am I going? Is this the right place for me? Transition is an opportunity to look at fresh direction. First...


019 6 Must Do Daily Activities for LinkedIn Job Search

Show Notes Getting into a rhythm with your LinkedIn interactions requires some deliberate actions. In this episode Andrew and Scott talk about a handful of things that can make all the difference in building your presence on LinkedIn Covering the Top 6 Activities that are Must-Do, leave your comments below. Don't miss these Topics: Make Connections With New People Say Something Intelligent To Demonstrate Competence Send Messages to Schedule Meetings Make Introductions for Your Connections...


022 Dominating Career Fairs

Show Notes Career Fairs are a great opportunity to find companies and fellow job seekers to collaborate with afterwards. In this episode we provide some ideas to maximize the time you spend at career fairs. Don't miss these Topics: The winning mindset for career fairs How to have a great experience Getting connected with recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers The best things to bring with you to a job fair. What questions should I ask Resources (including affiliate links) Cleon Cox...


021 The 6 Ways How Job Seekers Can Maximize Linkedin

Show Notes Networking is the #1 way to find great new career opportunities quickly. LinkedIn is a big part of being found and finding the right people. In this episode we talk about the ins/outs of LinkedIn and how you can use it to your advantage.. Don't miss these Topics: Why LinkedIn is the Best Job Seeking Tool How Should Job Seekers Use LinkedIn? 6 Ways, reasons why, job seekers should be using LinkedIn. How to protect your data and privacy. The art of introductions on LinkedIn...


020 Listener Question and Answer Volume 001

Show Notes You ask and Scott and Andrew answer. Handling some unique and interesting questions from you the listening audience. Don't miss these Questions: What are some Entry Level Jobs that I can apply to? What potential career options are there for a person who really loves listening to music? or a Car Enthusiast? I have two job offers, which do I choose? Where do I start when thinking of a new career? How do I find out what field I belong in? How do I transition out of social work to...


018 The Ask – Anatomy Networking Conversation Part 4

Show Notes Part 4 on Anatomy of a Networking Conversation relates to ending the conversation with a call to action. All "good" networking interactions should have an ask or outcome to get you one step closer to getting hired. In this episode Andrew and Scott cover the most overlooked part of the networking conversation. Don't miss these Topics: Getting Introductions to More People Effect of Missing The Ask How to End Gracefully What Information to Ask For When the Ask Starts How far is far...


017 The Question and Answer Dialog – Anatomy Networking Conversation Part 3

Show Notes The art of networking comes down to your ability to ask great questions. Continuing the series on the Anatomy of the Networking Conversation, Scott and Andrew discuss the importance of the question and answer (Q&A) phase. Learn some ideas and techniques for driving your conversations to a successful destination. Don't miss these Topics: Guiding conversations through questions. What kind of questions you need to ask and when. The importance Planning, preparation and practice....


016 The Ice Breaker – Anatomy of a Networking Conversation Part 2

Show Notes Part Two of the Anatomy of a Networking Conversation. You have set the appointment for the networking conversation, you are now going to "do" the conversation! This episode revolves around relieving anxiety and taking simple steps to get the conversation started with momentum. Don't miss these Topics: Mindset for Starting Conversations Ice Breaker Design and Relieving your Nerves Dating? or Networking? What's the difference? How to know when you are in rapport Ideas for Building...


015 How to Reach Out – Anatomy of a Networking Conversation Part 1

Show Notes Networking is the #1 way to find great new career opportunities quickly. How do you do it? Reaching out to people for the purpose of "networking" can be stressful.This is the first in a series of episodes on the Anatomy of a Networking Conversation.Don't miss these Topics:How to change up your search if you aren't getting interviewsThe Approach for setting up and scheduling successful meetingsThe value of LinkedIn search and finding the "right" people.Keys to reconnecting with...


014 Networking: What it is and isn’t, separating facts and myths

Show Notes Networking for jobs is the #1 way to find with "right" career opportunities quickly. We all seem to know this to be true but somehow are unsure of how to do it well. Scott and Andrew tackle the do's the don'ts and ideas about how best to approach the art of professional networking and the skills to develop networking success. Don't miss these Topics: How do you define networking? Setting expectations to get the best results What mindset you need to network well How to built...


013 Never Heard Anything After The Interview

Show Notes You did the networking. You made the application. You might have even done a cover letter. You prepped and practiced for the interview. You performed really well. And then it come. The sound of silence. No response. No one answering your calls for status. What do you do? Don't miss these Topics: Is not hearing back normal? How to deal with the quiet after the interview Post-interview Strategy Pre-interview Preparation How to make the interview quiet productive Controlling the...


012 The Follow-Up Process That Will Double Your Networking For Jobs

Show Notes Networking is the #1 way to find hidden opportunities that go unadvertised. Follow-up becomes the most critical part of the networking process. .By feeling grateful and demonstrating the gratitude in your words and actions - you will double the effectiveness of your search..Don't miss these Topics:Gratitude, the attitude and approach, the mindset Post-meeting strategies and ideasHow to create an audience experienceOthers-focused contribution and offers of helpThe Job Search...


011 The Future of Resume

Show Notes What is the future of resume? How is it used today? Understanding the role, purpose and future of a job seeking device known as the resume. Don't miss these Topics: Use the resume that gets you calls Who is seeing the resume, and what do they want? Getting Confidence and Clarity in the Search Interview generating activities Why Content is King and Progression is Productive Where does your resume go? Who's going to see the resume? Who owns your resume? When do you introduce it?...


010 Interviewing with Confidence

Show Notes You work so hard to get an interview. Here are some thoughts about how to prepare well for the conversation that is coming. Don't miss these Topics: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail Building Confidence Understand company, people, your skills and the role. Identify and have quality questions to ask the hiring team. The Value of an Insider Gathering Interviewer Profiles from social media Find common questions and practice answers How to tailor your answers to interviewer's...