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Just a Dude With a microphone talking to awesome people. we explore everything from business to the deeper layers of life. and so much more! Come and join me and this wild adventure.

Just a Dude With a microphone talking to awesome people. we explore everything from business to the deeper layers of life. and so much more! Come and join me and this wild adventure.


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Just a Dude With a microphone talking to awesome people. we explore everything from business to the deeper layers of life. and so much more! Come and join me and this wild adventure.








The Future of Finance Compliance | Shiran Weitzman

Shiran Weitzman is the CEO and co-founder at Shield, a regulatory technology software company specializing in eComms record-keeping and compliance data analytics. Shield helps organizations reduce the risks associated with electronic communications and uncover hidden insights, such as inside dealing, unlawful behavior and privacy matters, resulting in greater operational efficiency and reduced costs. The technology is currently being used in top-tier banks, leading tech companies and large...


How to love and live a adventurous life | Scott Rowley

on the show with Scott we talk about discovering your soul purpose, how to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your dreams and goals, and finding the work that aligns with your authentic skills, strengths, and passions. Over the last two years, I hiked to Mt Everest Basecamp, built a business around my purpose, helped over 100+ men do the same, and am now living in the mountains of Whitefish, Montana with my amazing wife - and it all started with a...


It's the Question That Sells | David Angel

David is a seasoned sales coach who specializes in helping professionals increase their results through modern skills: frameworks and SOPs that deliver high-end results. He is the key choice for professionals who have spent their lives developing their level of expertise and are now looking to monetize this knowledge in a streamlined and professional way. David takes those looking to get their first clients and helps them become seasoned experts looking to build out a team and scale out to...


Exit Rich | Michelle Seiler Tucker

5/2/2022· LinkedIn Business: Seiler Tucker Personal: Michelle Seiler Tucker MAMI · Facebook Business: @michelletuckerinternational Personal: Michelle Seiler-Tucker · Instagram @michelleseilertucker · Twitter @MSeilerTucker Support the show...


How to have a long and Happy Marriage | DR Micheal and Dr Barbara

Dr. Barbara R. Grossman uses her intuition and experience developed over forty years and 70,000 hours of counseling individuals and couples. She is a master at seeing a couple and knowing the next steps needed for their successful journey together. Dr. Michael J. Grossman is an M.D., #1 best-selling author, a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and an integrative- regenerative medicine and meditation expert. His office specializes in reversing the aging process. Dr....


How to Hire a Good Employee | Mitch Gray

Mitch Gray has combined over two decades of experience as a former pastor, life coach, entrepreneur, community developer, and creator to develop a brand of leadership that is at its deepest level- human. Taking his heart for inspiring others and his passion for empowering leaders, Mitch creates the space needed to consider a new way of leading. Mitch is the creator and host of The Mitch Gray Show and How to Hire and Keep Great People podcasts, author, consultant and a highly regarded...


How to add value to your Business | Justin Varuzzo

Justin Varuzzo is a successful marketing professional with over twenty years of sales and marketing experience. With a heart of a teacher, Justin is working at building a community of like-minded marketing and sales professionals, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs through his “” podcast. Justin’s passion and focus is at the intersection of marketing and customer service – it’s here where he believes organizations can build the strongest relationships with their...


How to Market and grow your Income | ken woods

Today on the show, we have Ken Woods. Awesome dude. He explains to me all the different nuances of marketing but actually in a non-boring way. He explains it as if it's almost a story. And then also explains the sale process and how to effectively start growing your business or your marketing as soon as next week. Truly eye-opening. I was dumbfounded and just in awe of his good knowledge; you definitely will enjoy it. Support the show (


How to Shift your thoughts more Effectively | Adele spraggon

Adele Spraggon is an award-winning author, a thought leader, and an international speaker and trainer. Her book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment has won three awards and is sweeping the globe, transforming how people set and achieve their goals. Adele received the award of 2020, Woman of Inspiration Award, and in 2021, Adele also was recognized as the Top Behavioural Expert of the Year. After decades of feeling stuck in patterns of procrastination, avoidance, and quitting, all of...


How to become a Millionaire | Howard Dekker

Today on the show we have Howard. Awesome dude. We chat about how to become a millionaire while working a 9-to-5 job tips and tricks on how to save and pay down your debt and use good debt to grow your wealth! We even get into pickle ball. I didn't even know this was a sport and he explains this to me. All around good thought-provoking and mindset show today. Support the show (


Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level! | Tim Redmond

For over 35 years, Tim Redmond has been growing highly successful businesses, which includes his work at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, growing a software company from two to 400 employees then selling it to Intuit, Inc., and also helping thousands of business owners gain time and financial freedom. Tim is an author and speaker, with leadership maxims that have been featured in John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. He currently leads one of the most successful business growth coaching...


A Marketing Genuine and an NFL Referee | Peter Shafer

Peter Shafer is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Everest Communications. Everest is a digital communications firm that provides counsel and program execution support to companies in the areas of analytics, social media strategy, and digital reputation repair. Having worked for prestigious polling organizations such as Gallup and Harris, as well as large global PR firms, Peter is the ideal person to shed light on how using data effectively can vastly improve your digital marketing...


A Patreon Member chat and is my Father | Bruce Bolton

Today on the show, I chatted with my Father about his podcast and its goals; we also are both a few beers in and have fun chatting about random topics from podcast coaching to a house in Washington that may or may not be haunted. All-around fun! Enjoy! my personal youtube my father's podcast side and its RSS feeds the new episode we chatted...


Running a Martial Arts Business During COVID-19 | Brian Debes

Brian Debes is a martial arts professional and anti-bullying advocate. He is the founder and owner of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Beaumont, a martial arts school developed by renowned instructor Eddie Bravo, where he coaches children and adults to overcome obstacles like shyness, anxiety, and bullying. Through the philosophies and practices found in Jiu-Jitsu, Debes instills confidence and self-esteem, preparing students with the know-how and strategies to defend themselves mentally, emotionally,...


D&D and Bagels | Kylie DeWitt

At the time of writing this, I currently run everything for the shop. From design to handmaking the journals to marketing and running the website, I do it all. Though the goal is to increase the employee number soon! I work out of my home near Pittsburgh, PA. I'm a dungeon master, a player, a cat-lover, and an all-around nerd. When I have free time, I love playing video games with my husband or my niece and nephews, reading a good book, or designing new ways to destroy challenges for my new...


What a Good Relationship Should Be | Andre Paradis

Andre Paradis is a relationship coach, NLP coach, educator of effective communications, published writer, public speaker, and ordained minister. Though he grew up in Canada, he once went on a vacation in Los Angeles where he was scouted, got an agent, auditioned, and booked work that led to a life of unforgettable experiences dancing with legends including Michael Jackson, Prince, Paula Abdul, and Julio Iglesias, to name a handful. He met his wife, and they settled in LA where they opened...


Think Like a Bank | Sarry Ibrahim

Sarry Ibrahim is a financial planner and member of the Bank On Yourself Organization. He helps real estate investors, business owners, and full-time employees grow safe and predictable wealth, regardless of market conditions, using a financial strategy that has been around for over 160 years. Sarry started this journey when he was in grad school completing his MBA. He worked for companies like Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna Healthspring, and Humana before founding Financial Asset...


Finding your Way in life! | Matt Gardiner

Today on the show, we have matt, an awesome chill dude. We talk about working retail and leaving the rat race. Music, food waste, and music! so buckle up and get ready for an awesome chat! Support the show (


Saving the Environment Can Help Fill Your Pockets Too | Dr. Dionne Payn

Dr. Dionne Payn is the founder and CEO of High Impact Property Investments. Dionne specializes in raising capital for organizations that create ethical property developments in Australia and the United States. Dionne is a speaker, author, and property coach who loves creating win-win outcomes for as many people as possible. Dionne has a Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry, has project managed a number of property developments around Byron Bay (NSW, Australia), and has helped over 30...


Love Is the Answer to Everything | Juan Lee

I have seen the message of love made so difficult that it's confusing. I remove the confusion by making it very simple. I neutralize religions and make the message of love universal. I find the things that we have in common instead of looking for the things that divide us. In religion, the vehicle is God and the message is love. Apart from God, the vehicle is humanity and the message is love. We all have love in common. I show how we first learn to love ourselves and then love others. I...